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  1. FerrenWolf

    Some magic and frozen time

    I remember reading a story where the protagonist was in a shop or cafe with his muscular love interest. Another bodybuilder entered the place and after a small scene, time suddenly stopped for everyone except the protagonist. The protag, intrigued by the sudden time stop, pounds the entering bodybuilder's vulnerable ass. When time resumes, the bodybuilder later gets his revenge (because he was still aware of what was happening) on the protagonist. And if I remember correctly the reason time froze was because the love interest, the bodybuilder, and two of their buddies had flexed at the same time which triggered some kind of magical spell. I'd be interested in reading this story again but I've had trouble finding it. I do remember other story details but I'll withold those for now because they're spoilerific. Hopefully somebody knows what I'm talking from the details above.
  2. FerrenWolf


    Great story! I loved the interaction between Ted and Teddy, and how you presented the instant change after Teddy uses the syringe.
  3. Nice profile photo! Wonderful thick arms on that guy. I wonder what's the context there.

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      Nice! Love that expression. He's really into it!

  4. Thanks for the follow!

  5. FerrenWolf

    Hulk Hunter 2: Hulk Spawn

    Great story, Jaypat! Using the same universe but focusing on the relationship and the emotions between two characters was a wonderful direction to go. I look forward to the next installment, even if I have to wait a year!
  6. FerrenWolf

    Wild Love

    Thank you! I'm glad that element came across clearly. Thanks! Will be sure to keep writing and posting here!
  7. FerrenWolf

    The Dildo of the Demigods - II

    Yes, yes, yes! This is a great sequel to "The Dildo of the Demigods". I loved the back and forth between the narrator and Fabian, each one growing bigger with each dildo use. I also liked the added depth to the dildo's mysticism, with how it's always stolen. And of course your descriptions of the growth and powerful feeling of being ginormous is always spot on. If you are planning another chapter to this series, I can't wait to read it!
  8. FerrenWolf

    Wild Love

    I'm excited to post my first story after years of following this forum. This story involves two of my main loves: muscle growth and werewolves. So I hope you enjoy! (PS I had to rush a bit to try and meet my deadline, so I apologize that it's unpolished) Wild Love Written by Ferren Wolf Story by Vertical and Ferren Wolf He must have been the biggest man she’d ever seen. Meredith had come across all sorts of characters in her years working at Olad Shepard Bank but never a bodybuilder. At least, he had to be a bodybuilder, she thought. Sure she’d seen some fit people, gym goers who built a nice physique, but this customer blew all of them out of the water with his size. None of them had shoulders so immense and so wide that they looked could almost reach the edges of her station. And she had never seen someone with arms so massive they reminded her of the giant cans of tomato sauce she saw the store. And the the tank top he wore did little to hide the man’s chest. The low neckline revealed sculpted pectorals that she only saw in action movies. Except the difference between the heroes in those films and this man was the hair that covered his body. Meredith was surprised that this customer exposed his body hair in public. She could easily compare it to fur with the amount he had, which wasn’t the most flattering look. But the man wore it well, exuding confidence in his appearance just by his natural swagger. What also added to his poise were his handsome looks. A strong jawline, prominent cheekbones, and a deep set of brown eyes just radiated masculinity. The man also carried a short, yet thick, full beard and eyebrows, pointed and bushy, to help further distinguish him from anyone else in a crowd. Well, if his size wasn’t distinguishable enough. Because if there was a light shining on this customer’s back, Meredith would have been engulfed by shadow. The man’s wide proportions was matched by his height. At least six and a half feet tall, she estimated. How on Earth did he fit inside vehicles? “Good afternoon, sunshine, how are you doing today?” The man greeted her with a deep, yet friendly voice. Meredith did a double take in her head. She knew she shouldn’t judge a man by appearances, but she didn’t expect such a warm greeting from someone with his daunting size and face. She turned her head away and coughed a few times, giving her time to recompose herself so her previous staring didn’t seem so obvious. “Good afternoon, sir,” she then replied, in her usual tone of voice, “how can I help you today?” She repeated in her head to focus on his eyes and not his body. The man scratched his beard. “Well, actually, I’m kind of new at this. My partner is usually the one taking care of the financial side of things, you know? But today he’s busy and he’s asked me to get a money order. I’ve never got one before, so would you mind walking me through the steps?” “Of course. Just slide your card there and put in your pin.” Meredith couldn’t help staring at the customer’s thick, veiny forearm as he slid his card. She didn’t even realize forearms even had that much muscle. Her screen refreshed, showing her the customer’s relevant information. “Thank you...Mr. Harson.” Meredith proceeded to assist her customer, confirming the amount needed and then pulling the money from his account. Once she printed out the order, she handed it to Harson, while explaining what each part of the order meant. “That’s the amount, and there’s where you need to sign, and that’s a receipt for your records.” “That you very much, ma’am. You’ve been a big help,” Harson said, holding up the order that appeared comically small next to his massive body. As he left the booth, Meredith followed him with her eyes, taking a last look at his impressive form. She got to see his legs, which she couldn’t before from her behind her desk. To no surprise, those were just as thick as the rest of his body. She imagined two, maybe even three, of her arms wouldn’t match the width of one of his thighs. She sucked in breath in amazement. She turned her chair to grab her water bottle and caught the eye of her coworker, Beth. She, too, had been gazing at Harson as he walked away, her astonishment at the man’s physique a little more telling to other people. Once Harson was definitively out of earshot, Beth leaned in and whispered, “He’s got to be a werewolf, right?” “I’m back!” Amos Harson called out as he turned his body to comfortably fit through the front the door. He set down several bags of groceries that he carried in both of his hands. “Perfect timing,” came the reply from the kitchen followed by the sound of the sink shutting off. Then his husband came out of the room, wiping his hands on his red and white apron. Jakob grinned and hugged Amos, the juxtaposition between the two as dramatic as black and white. Jakob’s head only reached up to his husband’s chest, a pair of thick bowling balls Jakob was only too eager to stuff his face against. His skinny frame looked like a toothpick next to Amos’ broad torso. And his arms could only reach so far around his husband’s wide, expansive back. Jakob took a step back, his heels hitting the floor after tiptoeing the hug. “I was just about to start dinner. I take it you found all the groceries okay?” Amos nodded, then pulled out the money order from his back pocket. “Got this, too. The teller helped me out a ton. She was sweet.” “Well, no one can resist your irresistible charm,” Jakob said, scratching the underside of Amos’ chin. “Heh, she and her coworker were staring at me like they’d never seen a bodybuilder before.” “Maybe they like big muscles, too. You never know...oof!” Jakob tried to pick up all the bags of groceries and nearly pulled his back. Amos had to take them back before Jakob could hurt himself seriously. “I’m the strong one here, let me take those.” He held the bags effortlessly and followed the sheepishly smiling Jakob to the kitchen. “I’ve got the steaks seasoned, the water boiling for the quinoa, and I was washing the spinach before you came in,” Jakob said, explaining his dinner preparations. “I can’t wait to eat. I’m starving and I’m going to need that protein for tonight.” Jakob nodded, pulling the groceries out of their bags. “Speaking of, are you all set for the night?” He giggled and squirmed as Amos playfully ran his fingernails down his back. “You know I’m always ready for a full moon,” Amos said, adding a little growl to his deep voice. “No friends, no family, no work. It’s just you and me.” He bent down, sticking his nose against Jakob’s neck, taking a long sniff like a predator playing with his prey. Jakob pulled away from Amos and pointed out towards the hallway. “Alright, you hungry beast, save it for later. Get yourself showered and I’ll have dinner ready soon.” Chuckling, Amos complied to his husband’s wishes and let him continue cooking. He would have him later on, after all. Amos felt his mouth water as Jakob served the grilled steak on his plate. He rested a finger on his fork, ready to devour it that perfectly charred piece of meat once Jakob settled in. “How’s your trip preparation going, hon?” he asked in the meantime. “It is going so well, oh my gosh. I got the room booked. Oh, get this, they had everything booked for the weekend, like literally nothing was left, but ten minutes before I called, one room canceled, can you believe it?” Jakob practically squealed as he relayed his story, almost forgetting to serve the sides for the meal. “I’m glad to hear that.” Amos tried to give a genuine smile, but his attention focused mostly on the incredible smelling dinner in front of him. “So you’re going up Friday morning with Travis?” “Sure am! Are you sure you don’t to come with? I think you’d have a lot of fun.” Amos did his best not to roll his eyes. Jakob had been asking if he’d go every other day. He was sure it was to get him to dress as the Hulk while he and his friend dressed as two other superheroes he didn’t know the names of. “Gonna be a hard no for me, hon.” “Aww, why not? Don’t want to be seen with a bunch of nerds?” Jakob said, teasingly. Amos chuckled. “I don’t think I’ll understand comic book culture. I’ll let you handle all that.” “Fine, fine, but if I see cute, buff guy in costume, you might never see me again!” “Really? You’re going to leave this?” Amos pushed his chair back and brought his arms up into a double bicep pose. His bloated arms thickened instantly, biceps transforming into hard mounds. “Mm, you make a good point, I’d missed that for sure.” Jakob then dug into his steak, letting the conversation topic go. Amos dropped his arms down feeling smug about his body’s influence on his husband. Then he realized: Jakob wanted him to put on that brief gun show. Who was influencing who? That’s something the two could debate on a little later tonight. In the meantime, he had a steak to devour. He stuck his fork into the center and lifted the whole piece up to his mouth, the smells of the juices and the seasoning wafting up to his sharp nose. He took a large bite, moaning through tight lips as the soft tender meat released its rich juices. “Wow, honey, this is fantastic.” He examined the remaining steak, happy to see the dark red making up the inside. “Just the way I like it.” “Rare for you, as always.” Amos grinned, revealing his sharp canines. “Sometimes a beast likes his meat raw.” “Beast, huh? Are you sure not a pup?” Jakob snickered, which Amos ignored. “Oh and speaking of beasts, I read an article about you today.” “Oh? Reading up on me?” “Well you know, these websites take such great photos of you,” Jakob said, eyeing his husband’s body. He gave him a wink then continued. “But really, I just wanted to read a recap of your last win. I wasn’t able to see you best the other bodybuilders, you know.” Amos smiled, remembering the whole competition. He heard he won over the judges overwhelmingly. And his routine got a ton of hits on Youtube, stroking his ego even more. His pec twitched, eager to flex and show off again. “Anyway, the writer was talking about you, wondering how you have great size and form. And…” Jakob paused to chuckle. “...he suspects that you were possibly a werewolf, can you believe that?” Amos smiled, adding in his own snickers. “But only suspected, right? Nothing confirmed?” “That’s right. But you know, if you keep this up, someone’s going to find your secret~” he sang that last part. Amos waved off his warning. “As long as I keep silent, no one should figure it out.” He flexed an arm, thick muscle bulging out. He mentally compared it with the size he had at the last competition. Hardly any difference, he thought. As he stared at his flexing bicep, he noticed the changing light through the window. “We should finish dinner though, sun’s just about gone.” Jakob agreed. “Gotta get you prepped.” Amos and Jakob finished their dinners then got themselves ready. They changed their attire, Amos wearing an old tank top and faded jeans and Jakob putting on a plain white shirt and stained khakis. After that they headed into the basement. The lights hummed when they flicked on, illuminating the basement with a dark orange hue. Jakob stepped down the stairs first, his feet hitting the wood with small taps. Once he made it halfway down, Amos locked the entrance door, setting the key onto a shelf on the adjacent wall. Then he followed his husband down, the stairs groaning and creaking with each heavy step. Their basement wasn’t large, but it was roomy enough. It was about the size of their living room, which was a decent size due to Amos’ large stature. Goosebumps rose along Amos’ arms as the air got colder and drier. Plastic lined the floor, some areas discolored and ripped, and the only piece of furniture was a mattress two thirds in. Jakob already had the cuffs and chains ready by the mattress. “All ready to go, stud,” Jakob said, holding up one of the chains. “Time to get leashed.” “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Amos laid himself on the mattress, spreading out his arms and legs. One by one, Jakob attached a cuff to each wrist and ankle, limiting the bodybuilder’s mobility. “Every single second. Not too tight, is it?” Amos pulled on each chain. He had about a foot of slack and the cuffs didn’t dig too hard, either. “Nope all good.” Jakob nodded then checked his phone. “Looks like it’s time, you ready, big boy?” “Oh, I’m itching to get started.” Jakob chuckled and scratched Amos’ beard. “Cute.” He set his and Amos’ personal items on the stairs then walked about ten feet from his husband’s supine form. “Well, then,” he said, rolling his shoulders. “Let’s get hairy.” With a blink, his eyes turned a yellow hue. “Ugh!” The skinny nerd fell to his knees and clutched his stomach. His arms gripped himself tight as bolts of pain ran through his body. He fell forward, using one arm to prop up his body. His white shirt clung to his frame, soaked from sudden sweat. The bones in the hand that help up his body popped, then cracked as they shifted, growing longer and more disfigured. Sharp nails sprouted from his fingertips, piercing the tarp as they grew over an inch long. The fingers clenched and trembles as small dark hairs sprouted on his hand, then spread like a wave up his arm. “Aagh!” Jakob grunted as more pain burned through him. He put his other hand on the ground, his left arm mirroring the changes to his right. More bones shifted, this time in his back, as his spine lengthened and ribs expanded, making him taller and wider. His growing torso lifted his shirt higher, exposing his furry stomach. Amos could only watch from the mattress, his head tilted up so he could follow every step of his husband’s transformation, a smile on his lips from the anticipation. He stared as fur covered the rest of Jakob’s’ body, some patches even poking through the fabric of his clothes. Then he saw his husband fall forward onto his stomach, one hand clutching his leg as they popped and shifted, lengthening and giving Jakob more height. Just like with his hands, Jakob’s feet then grew longer and more animalistic, with claws poking out the tip of his toes. With a hoarse yelp, Jakob turned onto his side, his body clenching up again. His face, already scrunched up in pain, became even more disfigured as his nose and mouth extended out of his head. Jakob twisted his head side to side as they pushed forward slowly, inch by inch. The longer his new muzzle pushed out, the more his new, sharpened teeth became exposed, until finally it fully formed and Jakob could take heavy breaths again. His head twitched as his ears grew pointed and shifted to the top of his skull. Finally his head resembled that of a proper wolf. Jakob collapsed in a heap, the only sounds of life coming from his heavy breathing. The newly transformed werewolf had his eyes closed, recovering from the pains of change. An outsider would have chuckled at the sight, a werewolf wearing too-small clothing. Nearby, Amos leaned his head back on the mattress. His cock was fully stiff under his jeans, a wet spot slowly increasing as each minute went by. There wasn’t anything he could do about it yet so he waited patiently, eyes closed and thinking. That is, until the werewolf yelped out of nowhere, leading Amos to smile. He tilted his head back up just in time to see Jakob get up on all fours. “Grrf!” The werewolf let out another grunt, but this one sounded different from before. Instead of pain, Jakob seemed to be experience pleasure. He kept grunting and growling, his form quivering in place. “Grooaar!” The werewolf suddenly reared back and thrust his chest out. Schrip! His tight shirt obliterated into pieces as muscles erupted from underneath. Huge slabs of meat burst through, thick nipples forced down as pecs boomed larger. His shoulder blew up like into hard wrecking balls and his traps thickened into view. Muscles bulged all over his back, forcing the werewolf to shift left and right as continuously pushing the beast. Soon his overgrown upper body looked strong enough to take on a tank, but his growth was only just starting. To his sides, his arms trembled then swelled, growing inch by inch and pound by pound. His biceps got so big the peak reached halfway up his forearm, which also thickened with hard muscle. An invisible stomach became defined, abs forming into view and solidifying into bricks thick enough to see through his fur. “O-oh god…” Amos moaned, his cock throbbing hard in his jeans. Watching his skinny husband hulking out into a monstrous beast always got him going. He thought of it as Jakob letting loose, with Amos getting to benefit just as much as Jakob. With another groan, he pushed up with his hips, getting his cock to rub against the denim. Meanwhile Jakob clutched his thighs, letting out a pleasurable growl as his quads surged out with mass. Like with his shirt, his khakis shredded under the pressure of his mammoth muscles. The werewolf jerked then got down on all fours again, giving his legs more room to grow. Amos could see the wave of growth as Jakob’s calves grew larger next, splitting more seams in his pants. Thick, striated muscles expanded, giving the werewolf extra power to his legs. Jakob shook off his ruined then peered down. Amos knew what the wolf was looking at, because he was staring, too. Without clothes, Jakob’s hard cock was fully exposed. With a guttural moan, the beast ran a massive paw across his rod. His cock jumped, throbbing to life as though activated by a switch. Spittle flew out of the werewolf’s muzzle when his cock lurched again, this time inflating like a balloon. Each throb made it longer and thicker, getting larger than a standard water bottle. A long tongue stuck out as the werewolf gave himself a few strokes. His body trembled, trying to control the pleasure coursing through it. Jakob in human form would be stupefied if he had a cock as long as his forearm, Amos thought. The werewolf suddenly cried out, letting go of his cock to pound the ground with double fists, causing the room to shake. Another growth spurt hit the beast, muscles exploding all over his body. Shoulders spread further apart, abs hardened into cobblestones, and pecs blew up into beach balls. Even his cock grew again, the tip reaching his chest, at least eighteen inches of hot, heavy werewolf flesh leaking precum and emanating strong, powerful musk. Tension released from the werewolf again, though this time he kept himself up on his knees. The beast panted heavily, his chest heaving up and down as he tried to reorient himself. He slowly stood up, getting used to his new weight, and as he rose to his full height. Jakob had turned into a veritable wall of muscle. Over eight and a half feet tall, and close to that in width, the beast could be his own one-man army. Or his own Hulk, as Jakob would be more inclined to be compared to. Amos couldn’t help but moan sensually at his Jakob’s new size. He had seen his twinky husband transform many times, but the sight of his skinny body turning into an enormous heavily-muscled brute never ceased to excite him. His jeans were soaking wet, his cock painfully trapped under restrictive fabric. Amos pulled at his chains, his hands wanting to grope and explore the werewolf’s massive form. For a moment there was a stillness in the room. Amos was locked into a position and could only stare at Jakob from the mattress. And Jakob merely stood a few feet away, two paws caressing his massive shaft, as focusing on just pleasuring himself as if he had forgotten where he was. “Jakob,” Amos finally called out. The werewolf’s ears twitched at the name, yet he didn’t move. Jakob didn’t keep his full conscious mind in wolf form, but his memories hid in his subconscious thought. So the werewolf knew Amos’ voice and his name were familiar. “Whatcha waiting for, hon?” Amos continued, shaking the chains to make them rattle. “I’m right over here.” Sometimes Jakob remained docile after transforming and needed a little push to really let his wild side through. The werewolf got down on all fours, taking a few sniffs. His nostrils flared as he took in the scents in the room and his eyes narrowed as he analyzed the man on the floor. He circled around the helpless bodybuilder, a trail of precum following Jakob, whose cock throbbed at the prospect of “attacking” prey. Jakob eventually approached Amos towards his head. The bodybuilder stared as the werewolf’s big muzzle entered view and started sniffing his body. Starting from his neck, Jakob’s nose explored and smelled Amos’ scent, going down to his chest, his armpits, his stomach, and further down. He stepped over the chained man, so the farther he went, the more Amos got to see of his husband’s monstrous body. Normally the larger of the two, Amos dominated Jakob in the bedroom. But on full moons, Amos became the subordinate. Jakob’s massive werewolf form controlled the scene, while Amos was merely a defenseless, vulnerable servant to his husband’s desires. And he loved every minute of it. He enjoyed being chained and letting Jakob tap into his beastly side, indulging in acts he wouldn’t and couldn’t normally do in human form. The bodybuilder let out a groan when Jakob’s nose reached his tented jeans. He could hear the beast taking deeper sniffs, having located the source of his strong scent. While the wolf’s nose buried into his crotch, Amos used the mobility he had to reach Jakob’s massive thighs, getting a small squeeze in. The werewolf pulled up and growled with warning at Amos. He was the predator. He did the touching for now. To make his point he oriented himself so his body faced the same direction as Amos’. Then he took a massive paw and placed it on his husband’s torso. Amos grunted as his body held up the heavy weight. Then he yelped as Jakob grabbed and tore his shirt in one motion, some of the claws scratching his skin. The paw returned to his body, now pressing in and rubbing at the bodybuilder's muscles. Even though he was now larger and more muscular, the werewolf could still enjoy other men’s bulging frames. Jakob dipped his muzzle onto Amos’ chest and traced the man’s bloated pecs, his nose twitching as it navigated the hairy space. Satisfied, the werewolf moved back over to Amos’ lower body, his paw dragging over to the bodybuilder’s tight jeans. Two fingers slipped under the waistband, and before Amos could say anything, Jakob yanked hard, button popping and zipper tearing apart. It took more effort this time rip that piece of clothing, denim a lot tougher than cotton. But no fabric could stand a chance against the tank of muscles and soon Amos was just as naked as he. A pleased growl greeted Amos’ hard ten-inch cock. Jakob eyed his prize hungrily while Amos just watched, wondering what his husband would do next. A wet nose sniffed at the thick rod, the bodybuilder’s musk no longer held back by clothing. Hot, heavy breaths warmed up the leaking cock as the werewolf basked in Amos’ masculine scent. “O-oh, fu-uck!” A long tongue met Amos’ cock, riding up the entire length of his rod. Amos squirmed on the mattress, the strange yet pleasurable sensation sending heavy waves of endorphins. More pre spurted from the tip, which Jakob lapped up hungrily. Amos continued thrashing about in place, chains pulling taut as he tried to contain his release. Sensing Amos’ near orgasm, Jakob pulled back and let the bodybuilder relax. As he came down from his close release, Amos tilted his head up. The werewolf was staring at him, and he could tell that the beast was smiling. Jakob was toying with him. And he wasn’t done yet. The immovable tank changed Amos' position, pulling up on his legs, getting them to bend and then spread out to the sides. His prey groaned, knowing what was coming next. Jakob had been ignoring his own cock, and it had been standing at attention all this time. The leaking rod made Amos’ tool look like a nail in comparison and it was raring to go. “Easy, go slo- oh fuck!” Amos cried out as fourteen inches of thick werewolf meat tried to enter him. Enormous paws wrapped around the bodybuilder’s waist, tugging hard to brute force the werewolf’s cock into Amos’ ass. The chained man looked like a doll, powerless to defend himself against the beast’s might. Each thrust brought sharp pain, but even as Amos endured the torment he couldn’t help admire the muscular beast on top of him. He could see each hard, defined muscle tensing, bulging larger as Jakob used his primal strength. Just being in their presence made this wild ride worth the agony. “Ah! Fuck! Fuck! Ooh! Oh, oh yes!” Cries of pain transitioned into moans of pleasure when Jakob finally got his cock in deep enough. But that didn’t diminish the werewolf’s efforts. In fact, the beast only thrusted harder now that Amos’ tight ass provided stimulation. His cuffs dug into Amos’ wrists and ankles, but he hardly noticed while he had one of the best fuckings in his life. The beast expressed satisfaction, too, aggressive growls turning into sensual moans and lustful grunts. He couldn’t fit his entire length inside - as if there was any chance he could - but he was deep enough to feel the pleasure coursing through his body. Even with Amos’ cries and clenched body, he continued thrusting unabated, dominating the bodybuilder with his strength. “Fuck, harder! Yes! Yes!” It felt so good to Amos to be on the other side for a change and getting his ass fucked. He could feel Jakob letting his animal instincts run wild, the skinny nerd being the aggressive top this time. “Oh, f-fuck!” He climaxed so hard he could see white. His cock sprayed like a wild hose, getting all over his body and some even flung at the beast. The gratification that the werewolf got by dominating his husband became too much and with a loud roar his cock seized up and fired into the helpless bodybuilder. Load after load filled up the man, eventually it became too much that Jakob had to pull out. The thick cock was still firing as it popped out of Amos’ ass, ropes of cum shooting out and raining down all over. Amos yelped as werewolf spunk landed on his face multiple times, and he ended up swallowing a good portion of it. It wasn’t long before his entire body was completely drenched, like he’d just walked underneath a white waterfall. Eventually the beast’s orgasm did fade, and the exhausted werewolf lied down, exhausted. His ears twitched when cum dripped from the ceiling, landing on his head, but Jakob was too tired to move. Meanwhile, the bodybuilder was squirming on the mattress. After swallowing a good amount of the beast’s load, his body warmed up until his muscles burned. Amos could feel his body tense, each muscle flexing, except none of them deflated back to original size. He turned his head to look at his arms, and he could tell he added another inch in size, much to his satisfaction. Jakob woke up, picking his skinny, human body up slowly and trying to understand where he was. Vague images popped in his head as he surveyed the mess around him. Torn clothing, sticky fluids, and a chained man. He grinned, understanding what a great time last night was. He crawled up to his husband and patted his leg. “Hmm...what?” Amos stirred, opening his eyes to see his Jakob next to him. “Well hey there, you big beast. How’re you doing?” “Exhausted, but feeling pretty good.” Jakob lifted up a corner of the mattress, grabbing the key for Amos’ cuffs. He proceeded to free his husband of his restraints. “I take it last night with the wolf went well?” Amos grinned. “I had a howling good time.” “Har har, I bet the wolf showed you your pl- hey wait.” Jakob examined his husband’s body. “You look different. Did you - you didn’t!” Jakob stood up to get a better view. “We agreed you wouldn’t consume the wolf’s seed this time. Someone’s going to notice that you’re gaining too quickly!” “Hey hey hey! It wasn’t my fault! You just sprayed your spunk everywhere!” Jakob huffed.“You could have chosen not to swallow it!” “Hm...I suppose you make a good point. But you know how much I enjoy getting bigger!” He flexed his arms, showing off his engorged biceps. “As I recall you enjoyed it, too, wolfman.” He gave his million dollar smile and Jakob couldn’t help returning one. “Ugh, someone’s going to find out if you keep growing like this. So no more growing for a year!” “What?!” “It’s for your own good. Unless you want someone digging deeper into how you got so big!” Amos sighed and rested his head back on the floor. “Fine. At least you can still take me in the ass okay. Speaking of, I think your monthly escapades could improve if we had more space. Could put in some worthwhile additions.” Jakob smirked. “Why do you think I had you pick up the money order?” He yelped as Amos pulled him down, ready to thank him with a good morning fucking.
  9. FerrenWolf

    The Cult of the Muscle Beast

    Great story, loved the plot with the twists and especially the epic growths. Like man, he got big, haha! Love those moments in your stories. I also thought the tie-in with the Dildo of the Demigods was clever. This is more wishful desire, but I think the story would be even sweeter if we saw the resistance group have their 15 minutes of glory when they try to drain Branson. Then when Branson makes his comeback it'd feel really satisfying for him to overcome them. I thought the part where he resists the ritual proper went a little too quickly but I know you were trying to reach the next plot element quickly. Still, awesome story and I'm curious if you'll continue building this universe!
  10. FerrenWolf

    Cum muscle growth

    It's "The Perfect Drug" by Redman https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/5535-p1.html There are no links to the next story parts within each chapter post so I'll link the Google search results that lists the chapters: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Aarchive.muscle-growth.org+the+perfect+drug&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1
  11. FerrenWolf

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    I'd like to take a shot at this. I''ll go with April 17 please.
  12. FerrenWolf


    I'm with you the weebing. I'm diving into Persona 5. Also playing way too much baseball withe MLB the Show.
  13. FerrenWolf

    Hulk Hunter

    I enjoyed this story a lot! I liked the backstory of the incident and Hunter's history dealing with the hulk. I got to know just how much of an impact the hulks had to the world. Your description of the hulk's description is on point. I could imagine how devastating the rampage was and why hunters were needed. Your ability to write growth is always fantastic so no need to delve there. My only critique is for the scene at and after Ollie's hulk out. Hunter's a veteran hunter, having dealt with hundreds of hulks. It seemed strange to me that he wasn't able to come up with a game plan to counter Ollie's moves. Obviously, being held by monstrously strong hulk makes it difficult to escape, but after hundreds of encounters with hulks, I'd imagine Hunter had been in similar situations like this one. I think if there had been more of resistance by Hunter that would have made for a stronger ending when he does become a hulk himself. Still a great story and I can't to see what you write next!
  14. Great progress, Waffle! Here are some things I've noticed so far: There's a line saying "<<if>> bad condition: PlayerMuscle not defined" in the story choice after choosing Casino for the first time. Sometimes the "Windows" option at home is available and sometimes not. Seemingly at random, clicking on the other interior choices either reds it out or brings it back in. After choosing the middle options in the prologue and then clicking [He said "Mmm! Now these are the balls I expected!"], the next story part appears twice, including the choices. The first time, my name is $PlayerName and the second time the name is written correctly.

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