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  1. Thanks for the positive comment on my posting.  You and I might have a great deal in common.  Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] I'm looking for someone to team up with for extreme results.  No limits, bud!

  2. Hey man I'd love to rp kik me at _Johnsmith210_

  3. Muscle growth generator

    After absorbing mass, Jim soars like nothing into an enormous beefcake with a bulge as tall as he is, and the universe wont be able to contain him. I like it
  4. dumb jock transformation stories

    buffuy31264 on yahoo IM
  5. dumb jock transformation stories

    I am up for that
  6. Love a good RP

    1. buffguy31264


      also on AIM [email protected]


  7. Happy Superbowl! too bad they are puny football men

  8. Can the bodybuilding contest be changed?

    naked bodybuilding is hot for me
  9. Can the bodybuilding contest be changed?

    I like the INFB
  10. Arnold Expo 2015

    I want to go
  11. Big cocks with big pecs maybe some foot fetish, and horns and freakish muscle growth
  12. Happy Birthday, CMiller!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  13. Bodybuilder Flexing Vid what do you think?

    nice muscle dude
  14. Always looking for an RP chat

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      Always loving your profile pictures! So damn hot. :P

    2. buffguy31264


      AIM [email protected]