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  1. Great to see this story continued! Keep up the good work!
  2. Great to see this story continued! Thank you! Can't wait to read more!
  3. You got me shivering with this anticipation as well. Superbly written and extremely hot, I'm incredibly curious to see where this will go.
  4. It was Marquis de Rent's story, I remember it perfectly, but it disappeared when he took down all his content.
  5. What an unexpected plot twist! I'm loving this story more and more! The characters and the descriptions really hit all my buttons. Looking forward to part 5 and to hear more of Sven!
  6. This was AMAZING. I always had a soft spot for your stories, since I seem to have a certain affinity with your fantasies, but I think this one is your best one so far. I love the unpredictability of it all and the yearn for growth and power that permeates. I can't wait to read what's next, I have a feeling we'll witness the rise of a very dark soul.
  7. Very well written, @Newmassaddict, I'm loving this story! As always, I end up rooting for the bully, so, even though it's unlikely, I would like to see Mark grow really huge and give Jacob a run for his money (or even win, why not...). But that's just my twisted fetishes talking.
  8. @Florida20 I hope you're still planning to someday continue this one. It's too good a story (as are all of your works, imho) to leave it hanging!
  9. Oli's deepest desire is to become an evil being made of pure power... ...yeah that's my darkest fetish talking. Can't wait to read what happens next anyway.
  10. Great new chapter, now I'm curious to read what Cris has been up to! I feel like we're in for a suprise
  11. I think it's high time for a bump! I'm faithfully waiting for next chapter.
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