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    bodybuilding, wanna be huge, 21 and 102kg curently
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    21 yrs old, 5'9 102kg 18.5A 49C 35W 29Q 19 calves
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    If you want to sponsor me and help me GET HUGE!! then send any donation to my patreon account > https://www.patreon.com/user?u=401144&ty=h&u=401144 any donation brings me one step closer to becoming a total muscle god ;)

    offer cam shows, which is what the skype add is for, if people want to just chat its better to just do it here. PM me if you want my add for a cam show
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    no limits!
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    jay, lee, flex, alexy

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  1. Hey, so instead of calling me a “homophobic douche” from your blank profile, have the courage to show who you are, I’m gay so why would I be homophobic, you’re more likely to be the homophobe. 

  2. So I’ve checked Welshy on the site and some people obviously have some things they didn’t have the courage to just say to me, if you think I’m horrible for whatever reason to you, ask yourself why because I’ll only treat you how you treat me. 

  3. And I’m back! Check out my first ever morph video! https://youtu.be/7SsFOkVx6bI

    1. Dentistclark


      Damn mate, I love it!  There are many of us, myself included who would love to see you that big!  You’re well on the way, bet you can turn art into reality!

    2. Yonker


      ooohhh I love it!! welshy!! give us more! 

  4. Watch me take on a cheat day mukbang 


  5. keep growing Welshy, you are close to weighing 130kg you can do it! i love you! ? 

  6. Awesome physique bruh!

  7. Check my OnlyFans.com/mrwelshy for regular exclusive nude vids and pics and help support my growing all in one!


    1. musclelovingtwink


      God that is a view to die for

  8. new onlyfans videos and pics, exclusive and xxx onlyfans.com/mrwelshy

  9. Check the full photo out on http://OnlyFans.com/mrwelshy 

    lots of other pics and vids there too 


  10. opened an onlyfans page, if you were ever wondering if my size was to overcompensate for anything, now you can find out...hint, its probably not ;)http://Onlyfans.com/mrwelshy

    1. muscleterry


      I’m a fan and gotta say there’s no overcompensating... huge all over :)

  11. https://www.patreon.com/Mrwelshy help keep me growing and doing videos on youtube via patreon, includes rewards 

  12. DID YOU KNOW I also have a gaming channel? 


    1. musclelovingtwink


      Damn is anything about you not awesome?

    2. Welshy


      the rent i have to pay 

  13. Dude it’s a story....chill out jeez, killjoy.
  14. Hey guys. A man by the instagram name of weiss.sean has been writing a story about me, check it out and check out his profile on insta, mine too mrwelshy We are not supposed to judge a person by the shoes worn. He has an innocent and sweet face, he is one of those people that you immediately trust once you look in the eyes but, what he can do with his body nobody else is capable of. He is a 25 Welsh guy. A guy that put his life into the discipline of Iron, a man that is sculpting his body to reach levels of perfection. A bodybuilder. His body is pure perfection, a sweet face set on a muscular and ripped body. Trained in MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing. What else could man of that age request for more? Why building a body with those masses and then training for fights? Welshy, his name. His innocent face does not match to whom he is in reality. He is so perfect in every way that he might be compared to a war machine. He is powerful, strong and agile at the same time. He could put any bodybuilder down in seconds and end their careers for good. Welshy’s presence on the stage was well known as he was an amazing poser full of energy that could amaze an entire crowd even without music and his body was stunning. His most muscular hit pose was a feast for the eyes. One, two, three movement followed by a grunting “boom” to show such power. Anytime he hit an abdominal and tights he used to scream out a very loud “yeah”. He was pure beauty, an intimidating element for his fellow competitors. He was cocky and arrogant, always keen to show off his body to the others and ready to mock all those bodybuilders that were not at his level. He of course won that competition but he couldn’t imagine that he was about taste something completely new in his own career, “fall, dominance”, he the one whom used to dominate men with his body.. A guy that could end up Branch Warren’s life with a bearhug. Welshy, the guy able to put Conor McGregor to sleep with a punch but as said before, never judge a person by the shoes worn. Welshy will soon teach the quote “the bigger they are the harder they fall”. Welshy was in the locker room and the only one person with him was “skinny” Denis as named by Welshy. Denis was not even close to half of Welshy’s body structure. Denis was not ripped or as huge as Welshy. No comparison could have been even spoken. Huge Welshy started moving in circle around Denis, in his classic cocky way. He finally approached Denis and whispered in his ear “Look, a retirement would be mandatory if I were you, maybe try to be a personal trainer, you’re not worth as bodybuilder, not at all”, gently but arrogantly he slapped Denis’s face. Suddenly Denis grabbed and squeezed Welshy’s testicle, Denis “got Welshy by the balls” literally. The Welsh Dragon was in pain and doomed by Denis. The pain was unbearable. “Before, I rip them off, leave me alone” said Denis to Welshy. “OK, ok, I got it, sorry, sooooooooorry” screamed Welshy. Denis released the grip. Welshy was heavily breathing, holding the crotch for the pain, shocked eyes appeared in his face. Welshy was in pain but full of anger. Welshy threw a right punch to left Denis’s chin with all the power he had in that moment. A punch of that power should have broken anyone's chin but Denis’s head did not move of a single inch hence a smile appeared in his face. -You thought, you could hurt me, didn’t you Welshy? Let me tell you a thing, I am going to break you, you'll be food for my dogs shortly, but first look at me- Welshy stepped back of few inches and in the meantime Denis’s body started changing. His body chsnged, what Welshy described previously as a “skinny” body type turned into the most shredded body Welshy has ever seen in his life. That body was absolutely huge and demonly defined. Denis hit a double bicep, showing the Welsh Dragon his “improved ” body, screaming a very loud “boom”. -Try again Dragon if you dare!- Welshy blew another punch towards Denis’s face but the other bodybuilder, faster, grabbed the Dragon by his throat and lifted him up off the ground. Welshy was trying to free himself from that grip, kicking against the mole, trying to catch a breath simultaneously with Denis’s taunting. He has never experienced such strength in his entire career. “Welshy, you encountered the wrong person to play with. I’ll show you what being strong really means then I will fuck you”. The Dragon kept on try to get free and the air became gold, unreachable. Denis released the old making the victim slips into his arm in a bearhug. Denis held Welshy by the waist, with his arms wrapped as a python and started squeezing. Welshy realized how hard Denis’s body was, metal around his waist. Denis’s pecs were pressing against Welshy’s abdomen and the Dragon could feel how rock hard those pecs were. Welshy suddenly had a semi erection thinking about his cocky sliding up and down between them. He came back immediately on earth when he felt the pain in his ribs and backbone. “You know I can squeeze the life out of you, don’t you Welshy?” said Denis. “Please stooop, you, aaarrrghhh, you...killing me” moaned Welshy. “This is just the beginning, pain is what you need then you will worship me and afterwards, I’ll literally fuck you up” replied Denis. Denis dropped Welshy onto the floor like a bag of potatoes. The Dragon was lying on the floor, in pain. Denis approached him and pulling his hair, brought his face to his muscle quads, forcing Welshy to lick them. Welshy was kicking and feeling the mole’s body with his hands. He seemed like touching granite. Every inch was rock hard solid. Denis’s quads were huge and ripped, strong and powerful, capable of squeezing a stone between them. Welshy was in full erection. Denis lifted him up from the floor pulling his hair and what Welshy was imagining when in the bearhug happened. Denis placed Welshy’s cock in his hard rock pecs and started wanking Welshy with them. Welshy face was priceless. Welshy cock was moved up and down. “Let me see if you can resist without coming after 3 minutes” Denis asked Welshy.
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