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  1. thx for the follow, big guy.  great guns there.

  2. Looking great, man.  keep it growing!  

  3. Great work. Keep it up

    1. growingbiceps


      Thanks buddy!! 

  4. For World Complement Day, I just want to tell you that you are a f*@king marvelous beast - keep that sh!t up! seriously. (Happy World Complement Day)

  5. to inspire you!  NO LIMITS!


  6. Fuck man, you are one in a million.

    1. growingbiceps


      Thanks big guy - back at ya! 

  7. Thanks for the reputation add. you are looking good there man!

    1. growingbiceps


      Thanks buddy, same to you. Looking HUGE. 

  8. What's up big man?

    1. growingbiceps


      Doing well, buddy. First day of summer break. Let the summertime festivities begin! :) 

      ...But first, quads and calves!

  9. Would definitely like to finally get a chance to chat

  10. what took you so long, that pic has been posted for at least a whole minute...thanks for the prop Big Man!  Just noticed...belated Happy Birthday!


    1. growingbiceps


      Haha, thanks Tom! Hope you're enjoying the beginning of your weekend.  

  11. .

    1. growingbiceps


      Thanks so much! That means a lot to me! 

  12. So amazing to look at. Keep it up man

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TheOnceandFutureFreak


      Thanks yea leaning right now down to 275 and aiming for 260 currently.

    3. growingbiceps


      Nice! Keep at it, slow and steady. You'll do it. 

    4. TheOnceandFutureFreak


      If you're on a messenger I definitely wouldn't mind chatting big man

  13. I don't quite know why, but your double biceps pose makes me want to put my face and cock into your pits.  They look sweaty and I'm assuming somewhat musky. 

    1. growingbiceps
    2. Muscleinatl


      That's only some of the ways I like to worship muscle.  Of course I like it when others worship me, too, but my being only 5'7" tall limits finding smaller gym-type guys wanting to worship me.  Guys who don't work out don't really know how to worship.  They don't get the thrill we get from being worshipped.

    3. Muscleinatl


      I see you're about my height, though.  How did you get the muscle pounds on you?  We're you always a muscle jock?  I was a short  toothpick who maxed out at 5'7" weighing only 110 pounds.  I'm up to 140, but I can't seem to get any bigger.

  14. Great story! The descriptions were on point!
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