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    Discord: Scrawn #2149
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    Land of ice & snow
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    real profile.
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    Not Telling
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    muscle growth, lifting, reading, hoping to start creating content...
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    scrawny (too scrawny)
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    muscle growth, friends, text based role-playing
  • Favorite Stories
    The Swimming Hole by Jaypat<br /><br />
    Mike Gets Huge<br /><br />
    Addicted to STUDD<br /><br />
    The New Man Initiative<br /><br />
    Blue Pill<br /><br />
    My Twin Moves On<br /><br />
    The Salt<br /><br />
    The Case<br /><br />
    Sugar Packets<br /><br />
    Twenty Something Inches
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Seth Feroce <br /><br />
    Dallas McCarver<br /><br />
    Reagan Grimes<br /><br />
    Jacob Burton(!)<br /><br />
    Joel Thomas<br /><br />
    Aaron Clark<br /><br />
    Jeff Nippard<br /><br />
    Alexey Lesukov
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    muscle growth, muscle theft, growth against will, muscle in public/work/school/gym, muscle on/in Second Life, the practical implications of getting huge- not fitting in cars, clothes, through doors, etc

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