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  4. Jeff stared nervously down at the watch on his bulging forearm- he could feel the band becoming increasingly tight on his wrist. They had warned him that the timing of his next dose was critical, too early and the formula would back-fire, causing a complete reversion to his previously skinny-weak self, while taking it even a fraction of a second too late and he could possibly go into what they had called "over-growth"- a completely uncontrollable state in which the formula, now unregulated, would run wild through his system causing massive and unpredictable increases. Of everything. Feeling his already constricted shorts begin to strain even more, he smiled to himself as he watched the seconds tick by...
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  7. I want to be a hardtrainer01 morph

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    Stashed Gainz

    Stashed Gainz - Part 1, cont'd Cole felt his large 8.5” start to swell in his compression shorts as he and Myles continued hitting poses in front of the mirrors. He had a shit-eating grin on his face as he continued to flex, this was not the first, nor would it be the last time that Cole would get off on his own reflection. “Dude, keep ‘the monster’ under control man, we haven’t even started practice and that thing already barely fits in your singlet!” Myles said, looking pointedly at the increasing large bulge Cole was currently sporting. “Cut me some slack- I haven’t fucked anyone or anything since Wednesday night!” Cole replied as he absentmindedly rubbed a hand over his rapidly swelling package. Myles rolled his eyes and turned away from Cole, who was clearly enjoying himself, and walked towards the lit up board at the far end of the locker room. The board listed the weights and stats that the coach had decided for every member of the wrestling team in advance of the upcoming meet. Myles stepped up in front of it and waited for it to register his presence. On cue Myles felt the light-vibrating and slightly-disorienting feeling run through his entire body that he got each time he stood before the board- a process he had first experienced during his freshmen year. It was the strangely pleasurable feeling of the tingling you get when your arm falls asleep combined with the run-up to a really great orgasm and lasted all of 30 seconds before it stopped and the board lit up with its results. Myles grinned as his numbers appeared on the board and being a veteran of the process his mind only skimmed the important ones: he would be wrestling up for the weekend’s meet- height read 6’1, weight – 189lbs, and most fun for Myles, cock (really listed as “PS”) was 9.5,” the coach really was believer in the intimidation factor as a part of the wrestling team’s success. On either side of the lit up stats board were what looked like radically oversized glassed in shower stalls. Myles stripped off his compression shorts (no sense in risking ripping them apart) and stepped into the one on the left side. As soon as the large glass door clicked shut, Myles, standing naked in the center of the stall, closed his eyes, focused, and waited for the process to begin.
  9. This story is so great!!! Keep it going! Hoping for a massive Jed growth spurt...
  10. Cool, didn't know about his tumblr! Thanks!
  11. High School Development by Aardvark - one of my all time favs
  12. scrawn

    Stashed Gainz

    Long-time lurker here, first time attempting writing... Stashed Gainz “Fuck!” I was over halfway back to my dorm room when I realized that I had left my phone sitting on the bench in the locker room of the university’s rec center gym. Now admittedly that would not be too big of a problem, except that the it was almost 3:00pm on Friday- the exact time the gym was closed to everyone else on campus except for the roided-out douche bags that made up our university’s vaunted wrestling team. Knowing that the gym wouldn’t re-open until Monday afternoon, I turned and started sprinting back towards the rec center. I made it through the campus gym doors with seconds to spare and heard the automatic lock engage as the door clicked shut behind me. The usual front desk staff had already cleared out for the weekend, so I walked through the empty main lobby and headed back towards the men’s locker room. A wave of relief washed over me as I spotted my phone sitting on the bench exactly where I had left it. I reached down and picked it up, turned to leave, and came face-to-pecs with a wall of near inhuman muscle. A huge hand clamped down on my shoulder. “Myles,” an incredibly deep voice boomed, “I think I may have just found a solution to my ‘big’ problem.” 10 minutes earlier… Cole and Myles sauntered into the wrestling team locker room, threw down their gym bags and stripped down to just their compression shorts. While making the idle chit-chat that jocks do in the locker room, both men took the opportunity to check themselves out in the giant mirrors that lined the walls. Myles, the blond Adonis and senior captain of the Middle State Mustangs Wrestling team, smiled as he took in his current form- standing 5’10 and an impressive 175lbs of ripped to shreds muscle. Cole bounced his bulging pecs and threw up a double bi as he took in his reflection- dark brown hair, killer smile, and while only being 5’8, he more than makes up for it; both in the sheer size of his muscles and due to the fact that he was packing quite a lot below the waist. An often repeated joke among the team and in fact, around the university, was that Cole had been the model that the Mustang’s mascot was based on- an insanely jacked horse, nearly bursting out of its singlet. “Horse Cock Cole” was a nickname he greatly enjoyed and had definitely earned.
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