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  1. please stop selecting the white font. It's automatic This is how your post appears to us with the white background: a white wall of nothing instead, if you don't choose the font colour, for us it would become automatically black
  2. Text is light grey on white background
  3. I feel it very difficult to read white text due to a eye condition I have. Don't you think I would have done it already, if I had the chance?
  4. It's not that I don't know how to change the theme. It's that I can't. I have an eye problem and reading white-on-black is very hard for me (hence why reading black-on-white is perfect!)
  5. you also have another formatting issue: it's unreadable for everyone who - like me - have the white theme (with white background) and can't switch to the dark one
  6. I don't like the dark theme, but I can switch it back. What I don't like is people posting deliberately with white font, that basically make the topic unreadable for everyone (like me) who has the white background! Please understand that if you don't change the font colour, IT GOES AUTOMATICALLY WHITE for the dark background, and IT GOES AUTOMATICALLY BLACK for the white background.
  7. that's because you manually altered the font colour. if you leave the default one, everyone can see it (it changes the font depending by the theme the user has)
  8. That's what I see of your post. Did you post it by any chance with white font? WHY???
  9. Hello all, I am not sure I have read it here or on MetaBods / NCMC, but I am looking for a story where a guy makes a "pact" with some sort of demon, and that demon gives him an ability to absorb everyone he has sex with. While having sex, some sort of "umbilical cord" would go from his cock to the partner's ass, basically "sucking him in", and the partner has pleasure doing that. On top of that, the guy who absorb, get some of the "attributes" of the absorbed (such as dark skin, built and so on) Help me guys, I know you know this story!
  10. What about Naked, on this forum?
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