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    Earth, Solar System, Orion Spiral Arm, Milky Way
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    Too many to list.
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    6'1" 190 lbs
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    Power. Unconditional loyalty. To be worshipped by a bodybuilder. My family has always raised horses so the thought of applying the same techniques to a bodybuilder intrigues me.
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    More. I'd be happy at a sleeve-straining 220 pounds.
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    Several. They are too complex for a text box, but the gist of them involve the adoration and unconditional loyalty of massively muscled men rewarded with "gains" as the muscle bros say. Less of a master and muscle slave type thing and more of a recognition as an enlightened, benevolent despot.

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  1. anticrombie

    Forced to be bro

    I love the cadences you work into your stories.
  2. anticrombie

    Homo titanicus saga - Intro

    This sounds fascinating. Almost like the best minds of this forum infiltrated Spectre and took over. Best of luck.
  3. Thanks for the follow mate.

  4. anticrombie

    Additional Hobbies or Talents

    I keep fairly crazy hours for work, but when time allows my hobbies are: rowing and sailing, watch collecting, and cooking. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of British roadsters and architectural styles. As far as talents, I'm fairly good at sketching building perspectives and I have almost perfect calligraphy.
  5. anticrombie

    Chat on Kik

    I'll give this a go. anticrombie88
  6. anticrombie

    Adam gerber chest tattoo

    I've been fascinated by his chest...tattoo ever since I saw it. Looking at it, I always got the impression that it was either a prayer or poem because there is a perceptible meter. I can only make out certain characters. Clearly, we should mount an expedition to get a transcription. The best technique for getting a clear transcription would be to finger paint over each character and then press something against it. Provided that Mr. Gerber approves, I volunteer to lead it. The finger painting will likely require many coats and we should probably make several copies.

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