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    Earth, Solar System, Orion Spiral Arm, Milky Way
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    real profile.
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    Too many to list.
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    6'1" 190 lbs
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    Power. Unconditional loyalty. To be worshipped by a bodybuilder. My family has always raised horses so the thought of applying the same techniques to a bodybuilder intrigues me.
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    More. I'd be happy at a sleeve-straining 220 pounds.
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    Several. They are too complex for a text box, but the gist of them involve the adoration and unconditional loyalty of massively muscled men rewarded with "gains" as the muscle bros say. Less of a master and muscle slave type thing and more of a recognition as an enlightened, benevolent despot.

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  1. I love the cadences you work into your stories.
  2. This sounds fascinating. Almost like the best minds of this forum infiltrated Spectre and took over. Best of luck.
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