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    Owensboro, KY
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    Biceps, lift and carry, chat. I’m not into role play. I’d rather talk muscle, swap pics, and flex on cam together.
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    5’9”, 160 lbs.
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    Chat, mutual cam flexing, trading pics, mutual muscle gain encouragement.
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    172 lbs, 4% bodyfat
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    Lift and carry stories in real life muscle growth
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    Jake Burton, Connor Rudelhoff
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    Lift and carry, throat lifts, Murphy press, being used to show strength in a way that leaves me utterly in control of a muscular man, Domination (as sub,) and Biceps especially. Flex a bicep into my neck, around my hard cock, or slowly so that I see the fibers flex and the peak form and I melt.

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  1. Flexing while fucking?!? YES!!!

    1. Mitzelgin


      Hell Yeah.... 

  2. That memory triggered a more recent one. I used to hang out with a small group of musicians in my former church. The bass player on our worship team was tall, one of my weaknesses, and had beautiful biceps. We started working out together regularly on my home gym equipment. During a bicep workout, I couldn't resist watching his peaks grow and harden on the preacher curl. I mentioned how great they looked and asked if I could put my hand on one. He said I could and I cupped one of his biceps (and fought to hide my growing erection) as it's peak rose and hardened with each curl. They were noticeable unflexed, but forced my fingers to spread open as they swelled. About a year later, he surprised me by asking if he could stay the night. I thought nothing of it until he requested sleeping next to me. He woke me in the middle of the night and fucked me, during which I felt his arms at length as he flexed them for me. Best fuck of my life.
  3. Several years ago, I approached the cockiest guy in my gym. He wasn't the biggest, but was among the cuttest and usually strutted around with a gaggle of guys working out with him. I noticed him doing hammer curls and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I asked what that kind of curl does for you, even though I knew full well, and he explained as he flexed his bicep in my face. To emphasize the effect of hammer curls, he turned his wrist while flexing his bicep as I watched his peak change as a result. He told me to touch his bicep to feel the effect. While I love feeling biceps, feeling one as it is flexed, the peak growing and hardening, really gets me going. His peak was amazing, very similar to @CANNONSboy's biceps.
  4. To dom or be dom’d? 

    1. bkmutt


      to dom ;)

    2. Ghunnerflex


      Ah, yeah. 


  5. Muscle growth not cap’d yet  😉






    1. GrowingRyan


      Nice man! Cant wait wait to see you grow even bigger! 💪🏻

  6. Nate Morton, @inva1234?!? Wow. What was he like? He was my favorite strengthnet guy, second only to Jake. I loved Nate’s cool, collected cockiness.
  7. Six weeks in. So much more growth to come!


  8. Woof! I admire you and would love to worship you. 

  9. Little by little!





  10. 200 pushups for five weeks. Started 400 pushups a day on Saturday. Let’s see where it takes me. 


  11. 400 pushups yesterday. 😳

    Now I have to do that many every day. 💪🏼

  12. Damn hot, man! Would love to share body contact with that much muscle. Mmm

    1. tomofutah


      Appreciate the kind words bro!  I sure wish I could see more progress in the mirror, but I'll take a compliment like that any day.  And a little body-contact is ALWAYS welcome !! tom

      11 11 18  w1.jpg

  13. There’s something there. Gotta make it grow!


  14. That bicep is looking good!

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