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  1. NeedSize

    Homoerotic Wrestling

    @Kamaswami Try: bgeast.com / muscleboywrestling.com / blackwrestling.com / nrwrestling.com / Can-am.com Muscleboywrestling.com has some nice previews Personally I'm into Pro Style
  2. NeedSize

    Thoughts on Bulking...

    Personally I'm one for calorie excess - 10% in my mind is probably doable with gear but I'd float up to around 15% easy, adding muscle. Your 15-18 week diet will knock any of that fluffiness off. Regardless of what you choose you look great
  3. NeedSize

    Support from you partner?

    My view is that if you are truly soul mates and you don't want to break-up then it's a matter of finding a path forward. Most bodybuilders I know are obsessive with food + workouts and generally have a routine that's not flexible to the point of being a little OCD. That commitment can often result in a partner feeling slightly neglected. Your challenge is listening, paying attention to your partner and what's going on in their life. Meal issues can be an issue so I'd let him eat what he wants and you stick to your diet. Usually I find if you cook something and spice it up they will eat what you have. I've always found that with previous Bfs and my partner that their diet is cleaner when they are around me - like osmosis. Keep talking it all works out.
  4. NeedSize

    Looking for some guidance for grow!

    I thought you had that down xboy? Step 1 - All about the fridge and whats in it
  5. NeedSize

    Looking for some guidance.

    @KeychainThanks for the kind words. Passing on knowledge and helping others is what this site is all about "Community"
  6. NeedSize

    Looking for some guidance.

    Congratulations on making a change. I'm happy to say that 58 isn't late at all - well maybe if you want to be Mr Olympia Diet is the hardest part to nail for sure. Step 1 dump empty calories - eg Fritos. 2. Dump your sugars Dew etc. On the good side you like chicken. My advise is manage 1 meal at a time. Drop me a message if you need more ideas. NeedSize
  7. NeedSize

    Having someone believe in you

    Trainer or otherwise - if you've been around bodybuilding long enough you can pick out potential easy. Put him to work now and follow through. Nothing wrong with people throwing you a little attention as you morph Good Luck!
  8. NeedSize

    Using clothes as motivation

    I'm cheap no more than 15$ for a tee. My cash goes to other muscle essentials. Ninety percent of my wardrobe is classified as Grow-and-Throw
  9. NeedSize

    Make 350+lbs

    I could live with that size. Damn!
  10. Very inspiring sir as always you were motivation for me to cut although not where I want to be yet (down to 17 percent) I will be getting a trainer to get closer to 10 then begin building again 

  11. Something about rack deads gives me a boner. Nice look when you are wearing tights :)

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    2. NeedSize


      Ha! Well I need to add a few inches to my dick to make it truly impressive :) Happy NY Rick!

    3. ShortMusclStud


      Bet it is a nice look! Deads are the best

    4. muscledoz


      I'll second ThickRick.


  12. Quads crushed! Growing for sure. Now if only my chest and arms would keep pace. Ugh.

  13. NeedSize

    weak spots

    @ffa21mars - I don't really think you have any weak spots. I'd say you are right on track to look like that physique guy that you posted. Your issue is that you've only been training for a year! Give the body a chance. Keep training hard, keep as solid diet for lean look and get lots of sleep. At your age you can't help but grow. For you its probably way more about food than what you are doing in the gym - make your selections wisely.
  14. Blue Mystique posers shipped. Can't wait for the test run.

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    2. ShortMusclStud


      Thanks! American here so not a problem in that regard. Will look into it. Local store that fits them would be great to find as well.

    3. Gymaddict78


      Mystique? As in the X-men? Do they change shape?

    4. buffguy31264
  15. NeedSize

    Plateau Busting

    On the positive side you are probably in better shape than 90% of guys your age. It’s difficult to comment on your previous diet/training and the overhauled versions without knowing details. I’m making a few generic comments. First off – A male 193# on one diet can be totally different 193# on another plan. Key here is get a mirror and watch for changes. IE – waist tighter/bigger arms or worse my waist is bigger. You should always have a visual queue. Yes you do want to monitor your weight. With a decent scale (after morning pee/before breakfast) take your weight 5 days per week. The mean between the 5 days is yur +/- weight for the week. (over a few weeks you want it going up or down based on the goal) Food – so you have totally revamped the diet. That’s awesome the body likes varied foods. If your weight stays flat and you changed your diet (possibly all foods) which seems like a huge change but possibly it’s as simple as the caloric makeup ended up similar to your previous diet. (Switching Chicken to Turkey etc – the body doesn’t give a shit – it’s just energyJ) I can pretty much bet that the majority of this is a kitchen issue not a weight room problem. Hopefully something in my ramble helps. NeedSize