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    Bodybuilding Muscle growth gym science
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    5 foot 5 inches 155lbs 15 inch arms 29 inch waist 41.5 inch chest about 12% bodyfat
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    I'm looking for a sponsorship to reach my goals, i want to grow huge turn into the best and hugest bodybuilder in the world, i want to compete in a Mr. olympia.
    I'm also looking for friends and why not something else ?
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    Flex Lewis, Eduardo Correa, Lee Priest, Arnold, Phil Roelly Winklaar
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    Muscle growth furry muscle

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  1. Hey guys help me to get huge, i will reward your support if you know what i mean xD

    1. Bratt


      Hola bombón, estás soltero? ;D

    2. streams


      jajajaja sabes que s

  2. Can somebody help me to grow huge muscle on me?

    1. roboprobo


      If I hand you a dumbbell, will you get mad? :D

    2. streams


      Of course not i can't get mad with you my friend

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