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    real profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    I love lifting, reading and seeing movies with friends.
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    I'm 5'10 218lbs yes that is my chest in my profile picture
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    Anything by Chipmasterson
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    Lee Priest, Antoine Valliant, Eddie Robison, Evan Centopani, Lou Ferrigno, Arnold, Andrew Bryanarski, Roman Fritz
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    Super Strength, Domination , Bending Steel, Lifting Cars, Pec Bouncing , Flexing my muscles and being felt up. Lifting People

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  1. I'm ibendsteel on discord if sent to talk on there
  2. Hey everyone interested in this topic I found a way to access sites at certain time periods if you follow this link the musclesnuff geosite will work and you're able to read the stories https://web.archive.org/web/20090728171459/http://www.geocities.com:80/WestHollywood/Park/4728
  3. Is there a link I'm missing where all stories are stored?
  4. I'm into the darker stories or brutal muscle stories
  5. Hey any recommendations? What does MM tag for?
  6. What is m\m mean for a tag. I like the superstrength more violent type stuff (don't judge me lol) any recommendations?
  7. You post great content... But when are you going to live up to your name and show up some pics/vids of you bending steel with that magnificent chest of yours? :)

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