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    Also The Start of Something Good, Curious Cats, More Than Expected, The Hike.
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  1. I'm looking for a story that was written in the past year or so. I first saw it on tumblr, and I think it might have been on metabods too, but I can't remember the name or the author or anything. The protagonist ends up in this cell, which opens once a day, allowing him a chance to escape. In the halls, there are enormous musclemen patrolling that will chase him down. If inmates are caught, they become like the guards. I'd really appreciate a link or title or anything else.
  2. I've seriously been considering this question all day. The guy had a family, presumably. He had a job, friends. He used to go "out on the town". Then he took a gym buddy and started down a one-way path. Not fitting in airplane seats wasn't even a preview of things to come, and up until 30 seconds before he had no idea what he was about to happen to him. It had been so relatively gradual and then over in an instant. Would some of us here do the same? Basically destroy the people we are, become dead to everyone we've ever know, just to live out our fantasies. Not only become something inhuman but lose all humanity. There's a shred of fear and doubt in my mind when I think about it, but I know I'd make the exact same choice our hero did. I wouldn't hesitate to give that fear or doubt even a second to let me reconsider. I would do it and never look back.
  3. Wow, this was incredibly hot, and a lot of refreshing changes. At first I was thinking "jock's arrogance grows in proportion to him", then "rival overtakes and humiliates", but the journey hit so many notes from my favorite stories. Kept me guessing and desperate to see what came next, and then the climax ended up being my strongest fantasy ever. Top notch storytelling and hot as hell.
  4. nylter

    Match the Quote

    #1 Is A Perfect Revenge, by FanTCMan. Don't know it from here, but he's my favorite author on Metabods. Great story.
  5. I think I've seen your pics on tumblr! Great progress, man!

    1. nylter


      Thanks! Yup, I'm on there :)

  6. Wow, hugely enjoying this. Can't wait to see where it goes next. Such great conflicts emerging, and I love how relatively realistic it seems.
  7. I consider it a perversion. There are gainer progress pics / vids out there of some really trim, fit guy, with a decent six pack ballooning up to 350+ pounds of pudgy fat. It's tragic and disgusting and weirdly arousing. I call it a perversion because that's what it is; the beautiful, physical ideal is perverted into something obscene, disgusting, and totally undesirable. And I find that kinda hot, because apparently that's how humans work. I wouldn't want it for myself or for my partner, but it's fun to think about.
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