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  1. grywlf

    What started this for you?

    i was 8 when the hulk came out with lou ferrigno i love that show and want to be strong like him
  2. I had a small molar extracted Wednesday. I asked the dentist how long before lifting again. The dentist said 24 hours which seemed a bit fast , and her assistant said a week . Now i am really confused. It was very small tooth and there was no problems with the extraction.
  3. grywlf

    Tall Guys

    i'm tall as well and was an avid lifter for over 10 year i found i struggled to excel in benching but i did very well in deadlifting rows military presses and curls i've had set backs in the last 6 years but i still belive i can benefit from lifting although i'm not as strong as before i hope someday to be but back on the subject my shorter friends around 5"4 can press 50 lbs more then me but i keep pointing it out at 6ft43/4 i push it twice as far in my reps then him so i seem to do better with doing 6-8 reps instead of 10 but i've tried everything even chains which helped alot

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