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  1. Unf! Writing on a story makes me permanently horny! 🍆

  2. Holy sheeeet! Just finished reading. The story is so damn hot and the narrator's mindset is so much similar to mine it's eery! He's literally living exactly my dreams and fantasies. And James is exactly how would I imagine my perfect muscle freak! I appreciate that he's rather short and you didn't make him grow in height additionally like many authors do. And as a lover of roid guts, I love that you mention this side effect, too. Can't wait for the great finale!
  3. Did anybody ever have or see stretch marks on calves? I just did - like that guy wasn't hot enough already 🤩

  4. I just started watching Stranger Things (pls no spoiler!). The strangest thing is my attraction to the Sheriff. Usually he would be far from being considered as hot. And yet...

    1. muscleaddict


      I kinda get it! 😅

  5. guy in gym: *makes eye contact for more than 2 seconds*

    me: omg I'm getting married! 

  6. Visited my Cousin yesterday. Her husband, who had always been chunky, quit smoking and blew up to 130 kg/286 lbs! He ran around in shorts and boy, his calves! Those monstrous balls of meat! They were bigger than my thighs for sure! I couldn't stop ogling them the whole evening 😅

  7. Does anybody else get distracted by his own horniness when writing a story? It's a constant struggle being horny enough to continue writing but not getting SO horny I have to switch to pornhub and j/o

  8. Sooo, my strange social media/porn detox is finally over. I must admit, it didn't work out as well as I hoped. The first 6 or 7 seven days is was pretty disciplined but after one "juicy" relapse (3 times!) my ambition was severly damaged. The thing that still worked best was my abstinence from FB, which was much easier than I thought. I didn't make any contributions to tumblr or this forum, too, but kept watching it a lot. And IG didn't work at all. However, I had the time to get plenty of ideas of topics for this forum I'll release soon.  ?

  9. Guys, I love trading pics and ideas here. However, I think that I’ve spent a little too much time in
    front of the computer or smartphone screen with an erection in my pants during the past months.

    So I’ve decided to make some moderate digital/porn detox. I've uninstalled FB, IG and Tumblr from my
    phone. Every explicit porn site is taboo. FB will only be used when I receive a notification via E-Mail
    (it’s actually a (very small) part of my job to check it). In addition, I will be away from this forum, as well.
    As sure as I will miss you, I think it’s necessary.

    So long! I shall return on the first day of March, cleansed and pure!

    PS: Yes, I am aware of the irony to state my refrain from social media via social media.

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      You are leaving for one month? I know you won't read this until March, but that is only a break. LOL

      Well at least you will be building up a nice load over the next few weeks. ;)

  10. Trippin

    Gene Hack

    The day he posts a sequel, I‘ll light some candles, play some smooth jazz, slip into my bathrobe and pour a glass of red wine before finally sitting down in front of the monitor. I won’t read this story, I will make love with it.
  11. Holy mottherf***ing shit! How could I overlook this masterpiece of a series for 4 years! Eddie's character was perfectly written! And the homoerotic chemistry between him and his cousin was so authentic! It could've only been topped if the cousins had given in to their desires: F(orce f)eeding Eddie, watch him juice (even more), muscle worship, sex... but this is some high level complaint! Still some of the best stories Ive read for months! Congrats, dude!
  12. Trippin

    Gene Hack

    I definetly want to some fairy tale happy ending. Don't you just want to leave the story with a good feeling? ? So pt. 2 could be still the flashback, with Tom growing bigger and bigger and bigger (getting horny just thinking about it). Pt. 3 would be set in the present, shortly after Alex' and Adi's dialogue from the beginning when Tom's growth became life threatening. The growth continues a little bit but eventually they find a way to stop it or make Tom control it or something else. But that's just how I would write and like it. It's all up to you, Mikey,. I'm sure, you'll do great work anyway. ?
  13. Trippin

    Gene Hack

    Oh boy you play my fetishes like an upright bass.
  14. When you just found out that your bf was a classmate of Sascha Zalman :-D

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      So he is German?

    2. Trippin


      I knew that before and I knew he lived in Northern Germany. But this....! Mind = blown! And my bf did not know Sascha is doing gay porn! :D

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