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  1. So, the FIBO is over. I was browsing the web but I couldn't find one decent page with a gallery in it. Did nobody take a picture this year?
  2. It's not down, its just set to "private" that means he cannot be found anymore. BTW: The other day I found a Tumblr page that was like "Carlitoxxxlofficial.tumblr" or similar. Due to technical circumstances I cound not accpet this page and eventuelly lost track of it. Does anybody got the link?
  3. Sooo, my strange social media/porn detox is finally over. I must admit, it didn't work out as well as I hoped. The first 6 or 7 seven days is was pretty disciplined but after one "juicy" relapse (3 times!) my ambition was severly damaged. The thing that still worked best was my abstinence from FB, which was much easier than I thought. I didn't make any contributions to tumblr or this forum, too, but kept watching it a lot. And IG didn't work at all. However, I had the time to get plenty of ideas of topics for this forum I'll release soon.  😅

  4. Guys, I love trading pics and ideas here. However, I think that I’ve spent a little too much time in
    front of the computer or smartphone screen with an erection in my pants during the past months.

    So I’ve decided to make some moderate digital/porn detox. I've uninstalled FB, IG and Tumblr from my
    phone. Every explicit porn site is taboo. FB will only be used when I receive a notification via E-Mail
    (it’s actually a (very small) part of my job to check it). In addition, I will be away from this forum, as well.
    As sure as I will miss you, I think it’s necessary.

    So long! I shall return on the first day of March, cleansed and pure!

    PS: Yes, I am aware of the irony to state my refrain from social media via social media.

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      You are leaving for one month? I know you won't read this until March, but that is only a break. LOL

      Well at least you will be building up a nice load over the next few weeks. ;)

  5. So I'm having my share here, too: I had my first and only muscle worship with an escort back in Nov 2012. He had an escort profile on PlanetRomeo. He was around 85 – 90 kg / 190 – 200 lbs but due being rather short (around 1,70 m – 1,75 m / 5’7” – 5’9”) he was more a “pretty muscular” not a “real massive”. We clarified the GOs, which was beside the actual muscle worship almost everything, including kissing, b/j (both) and fucking (him). The price was between 120 and 150 € for… an hour, I think, not sure about that anymore. I came to his house (he rented a room in a shared flat). When he opened the door in a tight white t-shirt, my dick already jumped with joy. Then I stood in his room, shy and awkward: “So… uh… what about the money? Am I supposed to give it to you in advance or-” “Just put it on the dresser, so we don’t have to think about it anymore.” he said, and so I did. Then he pulled me close and started kissing me, my hands wandering up his arm, grabbing his biceps and all concerns were gone… We kept having all the fun in his bed and as I eventually jacked him off he started cursing in Russian as he came - which was surprisingly hot (alas, I came minutes before)! While we were dressing again, we had a little small talk about working out and how great it supposedly is to jerk off while being high (never tried it tho, can anybody confirm?). I wrote a very positive review in his profile’s guestbook, which he thanked for and told me, he enjoyed it, too. Some months later, he wrote to me: He was in town again soon and if we wanted to meet. However, I had no time, which really seemed to sadden him, emphasizing again, how much fun it was the first time. Shortly after that, he deleted his profile and I never saw him again. However, I made some screenshots of his profile back then So overall, it was a great experience I do not want to miss. At no point he gave me the feeling I was just a client he had to work off. It might just have been professional behavior and not “real” but even if so, it was credible and left me with a good feeling, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
  6. Trippin

    Gene Hack

    The day he posts a sequel, I‘ll light some candles, play some smooth jazz, slip into my bathrobe and pour a glass of red wine before finally sitting down in front of the monitor. I won’t read this story, I will make love with it.
  7. Holy mottherf***ing shit! How could I overlook this masterpiece of a series for 4 years! Eddie's character was perfectly written! And the homoerotic chemistry between him and his cousin was so authentic! It could've only been topped if the cousins had given in to their desires: F(orce f)eeding Eddie, watch him juice (even more), muscle worship, sex... but this is some high level complaint! Still some of the best stories Ive read for months! Congrats, dude!
  8. Trippin

    Gene Hack

    I definetly want to some fairy tale happy ending. Don't you just want to leave the story with a good feeling? So pt. 2 could be still the flashback, with Tom growing bigger and bigger and bigger (getting horny just thinking about it). Pt. 3 would be set in the present, shortly after Alex' and Adi's dialogue from the beginning when Tom's growth became life threatening. The growth continues a little bit but eventually they find a way to stop it or make Tom control it or something else. But that's just how I would write and like it. It's all up to you, Mikey,. I'm sure, you'll do great work anyway.
  9. Trippin

    Gene Hack

    Oh boy you play my fetishes like an upright bass.
  10. Reviving this old thread as I stumbled over this videos on pornhub the other day: I knew several of Dennis' GYMM (German Young Muscle Master) videos and it was a nice variation to see them on pornhub: https://de.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5843ced134975 https://de.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5843cfe771b28 But THEN I also found THIS gem (NSFW!): https://de.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph582281bb287d2 Holy smokes! I didn't know Dennis does/did those explicit movies! However it was pretty... ahem, pleasing to see!
  11. This one (in HD): Somehow this one never fails to have the desired effect. Yeah, there are hotter guys and hotter videos, even to me! But whenever I need to, uh... speed things up a little bit, I recall this video and - success!
  12. When you just found out that your bf was a classmate of Sascha Zalman :-D

    1. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      So he is German?

    2. Trippin


      I knew that before and I knew he lived in Northern Germany. But this....! Mind = blown! And my bf did not know Sascha is doing gay porn! :D

  13. Totally into huge calves and foreamrs - they even don't have to be vascular, just big!
  14. Yes you are right, there are just too much results and they're all not satisfying, at least not those I clicked on... ugh... thank you anyways!
  15. Hey guys, I have something real off-topic, like, it's totally not muscle related! So some of you might just move on So here is my question: I was wondering if there is a webpage, a froum most likely, where you can "hire" people to search something in the internet. No, I am not too dumb to use google, but all my searches weren't successful yet. And no, I am not searching for something illegal, not even indecent! I just want to write down what I am searching and one or more people start browsing the web for it and contact me, when they've made a find. - Gosh, it sounds terribly stupid, while I'm writing this, but maybe someone knows what I mean and if it exists.
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