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    bodybuilding, reading, cooking, eating, finding clothes that fit. I also occasionally compete in powerlifting contests.
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    I have managed to blow up to just over 330lbs at around 10% bodyfat. My goal is to take my weight as high as possilble while staying under 12% bodyfat.
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    People to share lifting advice, goal setting, and diet advice.
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    This year I want to fill out and thicken up bigger than ever. I will know when I get there. Filling out may be an understatement, blowing up like a balloon is more like it.

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  1. How do you see yourself?

    I feel big, but I think I need to get bigger, that's not the way my friends and co-workers see me, they are shocked at my size. I think I need to get bigger and they are horrified.
  2. Advise on my workout plan

    If you are going to do a full body workout, you should try doing the same workout for at least 4 workouts in a row, and then start mixing it up once in a while, but a routine seems to work best for most people. Routines have always worked better for me than a different workout every day. Keeping it simple, it may be boring but you will notice your progress as you perform the same routine with greater intensity.
  3. GOMAD diet is not for everyone, but it is working for me.

    1. cutlerfan


      Chug that Milk!

    2. GymWolf


      Good man... though I definitely won't be able to hold 3.8L of milk lol. Having said, I've been doing near 1000 calories from consuming Mutant Mass daily, and with milk to mix.

  4. Heads will turn when you are the only bodybuilder at the pool

    1. cutlerfan


      Only problem is there might not be enough eye candy for you.


    2. hungry4muscle


      Would be a fantasy come true to see your blown up muscle at the pool... my pool!

  5. Too many calories?

    When people ask me about my diet as if they would like to copy it I think they do not understand themselves. Everyone has a different metabolism, so you have to figure out what works for you and to do it gradually or else your gains will only be fat. As you get larger you will need more calories just to maintain that size and growth will take a greater amount of calories.
  6. Chiropractic is helpful

    My workouts are very heavy, especially squats and deadlifts, I have been going to a Chiropractor once a week for the last year and I must say the aches and pains that I was having are now minimized to simple muscle soreness. I highly recommend going to a Chiropractor if you lift heavy.
  7. Pecs - Different exercises necessary?

    Different exercises for pecs are a good idea because mixing up a workout will help stimulate growth in strength and size. I am a big fan of dips, and although they can be more of a tricep exercise they are a great pec builder. Of course bench press is still king of chest exercises but I would say that dips are a close second.
  8. This week I started consuming a gallon of double cream milk a day along with my diet, thankfully I am not lactose intolerant.  

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    2. flamedelft


      Damn, yeah, that'd be impossible with lactose intolerancy.

    3. JDdefiant


      holy shit dude!!

    4. blowingupmassive


      It's actually easier than I thought it would be, just a glass of milk here and there throughout the day is the way to do it.  

  9. Advise on my workout plan

    I would keep squat days, squat days, put deadlifts on one of the upper body workout days--start your workout with deadlifts on those days. Deadlifts are also a leg exercise as well as an upper body stimulator.
  10. Eat more and get bigger, harder than it sounds.

  11. Ibuprofen & other NSAIDs may inhibit muscle growth

    Dealing with soreness is a common part of lifting and bodybuilding, real pain should be dealth with therapy or a doctor's visit. I try not to use NSAIDs very often, I deal with general soreness as part of my reality, and I go to a Chirorpractor regularly to keep real pain away.
  12. How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    Intensity matters more than duration. I spend less than an 90 minutes in the gym, usually about 1 hour is good intense workout. I go to the gym 6 days a week, and two of those days are ab workouts and posing practice. The day I don't go to the gym, I still do a 30 minute ab workout.
  13. Clothes that fit do exist!

    1. Hialmar


      Be happy. I haven't found any jeans lately. And I'm just average.

  14. Easy ways to get extra calories in?

    Add that extra egg when you can, drink that extra glass of whole milk, upping the caloric intake needs to be more protein and fats and not all sugars and simple carbs.
  15. Off days at the gym are no longer off days they are ab days.