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    bodybuilding, reading, cooking, eating, finding clothes that fit. I also occasionally compete in powerlifting contests.
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    Looking like a muscleblimp now at 354lbs just under 13% bodyfat. Going to let my bodyfat percentage climb as high as 20% to see how heavy I can get this year.
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    People to share lifting advice, goal setting, and diet advice.
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    This year I want to fill out and thicken up bigger than ever. I will know when I get there. Filling out may be an understatement, blowing up like a balloon is more like it. I plan on getting extremely heavy before I cut back down to 8%.

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  1. Me to my wife, "Feed me I need to grow"  


    1. ravenweremuscle


      Maybe you could provide some photo evidence as to how big you are actually. (I see in your profile that you are over 350!)


    2. hungry4muscle


      Want to see you in tight clothes and watch you flex out of them dude!!

  2. blowingupmassive

    Healthy Foods for Healthy Weight Gain

    I am at the far side of morbidly obese according to BMI scales, however my bodyfat percentage is fairly low and I train like a madman in the gym. I also eat like a madman at the dinner table. I like being big and I have regular check ups and I always astound my doctors on how healthy I am.
  3. Popped a button off my shirt, split my pants and broke my office chair all in one day.  My colleagues had a good day teasing me about my weight gain.  

    1. Hialmar


      Congratulations! All muscle mass, I presume?

    2. ravenweremuscle


      WOW, you need photo evidence of this! That description was too hot! :P

  4. For my birthday it's Leg Day followed by lots of eating.  This is how I celebrate.

    1. 228lbs


      Happy Belated Birthday big man

  5. Heading out for a business dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse--time for a protein overload.  Eat Big, Lift Big and Get Huge.

  6. Mainly getting rid of weak cheap chairs, I fear cheap folding chairs because I have broken them, so we threw out all of ours. We had an old antique bed, but I broke the frame so we had to get a better bed. We live in a pretty solid old house, with big doorways and strong wooden floors, the house could handle an elephant walking around in it. I have gotten extremely heavy but not elephant heavy.
  7. I am already beyond what I ever dreamed I would achieve. Any additional progress is just frosting on the cake.
  8. Thicker Rounder Fuller is my mantra these days

  9. You have to eat big to get big.  Training is important but lots of food is the key to muscle mass.

  10. blowingupmassive

    Losing Weight vs Gaining Muscle

    Get your bodyfat percentage low enough to see your abs, then start bulking up. It will be difficult to gain muscle mass if you carry too much fat.
  11. I am so lucky to get a substantial clothing allowance through my work.  I reached the point again where I am pressure testing my dress clothes.  Time to see the tailor.

    1. hungry4muscle


      Wish you were my neighbor dude!  Save some of those old tight clothes to rip out of!!

  12. Easter feast starts Sunday morning, and will continue well into Sunday night--looking forward to eating enough food to feed a small village.  Upping the caloric intake!

  13. blowingupmassive

    Can you scratch your back?

    Scratching my back that is what corners, spouses, and friends are for, I bought a back scratcher it helps. I feel your pain, I work as an engineer in a firm where everyone in very thin. Some people are athletic but nobody lifts, or trains for size except for me. People are simply amused at my size and really do not understand the obsession that is bodybuilding. I do have a supportive CEO who tells me that clients appreciate the non-egghead aspect I bring to the firm. Actually I am just as much as an egghead engineer as the rest of my colleagues but muscle mass seems to put clients at ease that I will explain things in layman's terms.
  14. Damn I really love offseason bulking, I am not looking forward to cutting.

  15. Brazilian steakhouse so much beef, I think the waiters had fun trying to keep me well fed.  My colleagues were shocked at how much I can eat.  

    1. JTSwole


      Brazilian steakhouses are the best to fill up on meat. So good and so much!