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    I really like a good confersation, walking in the mountains, a romantic diner, writing a story in the park during the summer, listen to music, swimming. I always like to meet new people.
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    The only thing I want to tell is that I'm 21 and having a random body. Sorry, but I try to shrink the private things I tell
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    I looking for friends who take me as who I'm, and not everyone want me to be. I've been bullied my whole childhood.
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    Dreaming can be as big as you want. My dream man would be a anthro, muscular lion who save me when I being attacked and then protect me my whole life. What? They ask for my dream stats. So.. a nice boy who like to talk, take me as who I'm, try to be intresed in the things I like and accepted all of the things you get with my, like my fursuiting and my autism
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    One thing I would like to try if pecs fucking.

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  1. LorneLyon

    Papa Bear

    Sir. This story was a real masterpiece. It had the streght of a bodbuilder, the love of a young couple and the crativity of a craftman. I hope there will be other great stories. This story is a treassure, a pearl. You did an amazing job and it turned out like I wish it would. Please, make more of these, because we need these stories.
  2. LorneLyon

    Markiplier/Jack Muscle Growth story

    I don't know if I love this, or being scared for it.
  3. LorneLyon

    The Janitor's Secret (Furry)

    Please go on.
  4. LorneLyon

    Dad's Growth (Furry)

    Please go on.
  5. LorneLyon

    Demon Brand Jeans

    I fucking enjoy the idea and the story. Please write a next chapter. Maybe they can make a trio.
  6. LorneLyon


    Hey there. Ik leef ook in Nederland, in Arnhem. Leuk om hier andere Dutch People te zien.
  7. LorneLyon

    Office of the boss

    I was very scared when I knock on the door of my bosses office. 'Come inside please.': his deep, manely voice say. I hoped the door and walked inside. My boss was standing by the window, looking outside. He was always intimidating, with his big muscles and angry face. My boss pull a cord and closes the curtains. He walk to me, beside me and closes the door, putting the key into his pocked. 'I don't want anyone borther us.' He walked to his desk and sits on the egde. 'Well. I'm glad your here. I hear storie about you, intresting stories.' I bite my lip. I hope my boss didn't discover my hobby. My secret hobby of muscle worksipping in the gym. My boss tiltle his head and say: 'Tell me. How is work going?' 'Okay... I think. I can rease all my targets.' 'And your personal life.' I gulped. 'Also.. fine. I think I got every thing on track.' My boss walked to me again an walked arround me looked to me from top till toe. 'Are you going to the gym son?' 'No sir. I don't have time.' 'Got a partner? Or someone waiting for you when you are home. Someone to cuddle with?' 'N...no sir.' I was more fright with every passing second, where was this going to. Suddenly, my boss placed his hand on my shoulder, with some kind of careness. 'Boy, you remember me of my son. He was always busy with work and never had time for the great thing called love. I wish I could helped him that time, but I couldn't. Now he's somewhere where I can't reash him. Not be able to talk to him anymore.' 'Forgive me... Is he death sir?' 'No, he's topman in Japan. It's distroying him. But he don't want to hear anything about it.' My boss walk to the front of me and kneeled a bit, so we where looking eye-to-eye. 'Your my best man. But I see your going the same way. I don't want make the same mistake twice.' 'How do you mean sir.' 'Listen. I know it... about the gym. Please, trust me. I never gonna tell anybody about it. Actually, I wish I had the courage to go there and have your magic hands on my own body.' 'Wait... what?' My boss taked my hand and place them on his chest. 'Boy, from what I heard you a pro work shipper and I was envy. Envy on every man who had the luck to have your hands on there bodies. I wanted to murder and beat them all. I wanted to distroy them... I, actually, want you.' I was silence for the longest second in my life. My boss, my mighty, dominante, musculair boss was showing love and careness, at me! 'Please': he whispered 'Tell me I didn't have screw it up.' 'No... I'm actually... surpriced. I always tough...' My boss looked me right into the eyes. 'I'm not the scare man like you all think. Specialy for you. I feeled myself like the king the day I reallise I loved you. Your beautiful eyes, you friendly person and your body.' 'I'm not as good as you.' 'You are. Your perfect, but... I maybe can change that.' 'What do you mean?' 'I got... a little something. Someone slipped it into my bag when I was shopping. There was a tag wrapped to it: You can give this to him and he will be great.' 'Okay, let me see.' My boss run to his desk and taked something out of the drawer. It was a little bottle, with something look like water. 'I think you must drink it all.' I didn't know what it was, put I put the bottle on my mouth and drank the whole bottle in one zip. Suddenly, there was a mighty rush into my body. I feel a pleassure I never feel. My whole body started to pump himself. First my chest, it ripped my best suit jacked like a paper towel. Two mighty,, enormous, breats like pecs, with silver dollars nibs, where show. I fel on my kneed and started to twitch the hard points, a rush of pleassure runs threw my body. 'FUCK!': I yelled, the moment my sleeves sheddered from the beach ball biceps suddenly showing up. I feel like I could crush a bike between my biceps and triceps. Then, I started to growth in hight, till I was two head bigger then my boss. My belly was melted away and showing some brick abs. A second later, my pants ripped, showing the biggest tights anyone has ever seen. They where almost as big as my new biceps, my feed had the size like sleds. Only thing still in fabric was my member. But I feel all the rush going there and in one enormus blasted, be fabric ripped open and show a member who get to the lower part of my pecs. I sigh depply and looked down. My boss has opend his pants and was jerking off. 'Boy.. you look great. ': he moamed. 'A dream guy.' I start stroking my own member. 'I must... I need...' My boss runs to me and started licking my member. He sucked it like a pro. My soccer like balls where getting attention by his hands. I moam deeply from all the attention. My boss was doing a great job and it didn't take to long for my to reach my peak. I roar so deep a window broke and released my spunk. It hitted the cealing and the other side of the room. When my member was done. I felled onto the floor. Total out. My boss walked to my head and softly kiss me. 'How about I take you out for dinner?'
  8. LorneLyon

    My Cell Mate

    It was a great story. I wait for the next chapter. I hope Tiny is one of those protecting beasts.
  9. LorneLyon

    Grow For Me

    I was flabbergasted. I fread this... and I looked like if you where into my mind. This could be mine. Good work.
  10. LorneLyon

    Unbridled Domination

    I loved to read this. I could feel Simon and Brandon like they where standing behind me. I hope you post to next chapter soon. And please, let them growth some more man.
  11. LorneLyon

    Mr. Muscle Daddy's Prize

    Nice Job. I would love to see how this wil go. I love to see MD use his muscles in a romantic way. Question. Does MD lover little man really? Or is little man Just a price?
  12. LorneLyon

    Family secrets: Talk

    It was like half an hour after the boys arrived at the farm and saw their father and Grandfather all bulked up. On the side of that, Robert and Tyrone were surprised to see the handsome, buff boys. Their were sitting in the kitchen, drinking some tea. They hadn’t spoken a word for like 10 minutes. None of the four handsome men knows what to say. They all had expected anything but this. Robert knew it would be a lot harder to get the boys into the little beds he had made up. On the other hand, he was secretly happy. Maybe it would be easier to let all of them use the fourth-person bed. Tyrone was the most confused of all. He always had loved his boys. And knew he now even love them more. Colin was only staring at his cup. All kinds of toughs were flouting threw his head. Horny, happy, sad and confused. Fred only most use all of his willpower not to dive into his grandfather and dad. When another ten minutes were passed, Fred was the one who said something. He had to. ’Dad, I must… do something.’ Robert and Tyrone looked up. ’What is it boy?’: Tyrone asked, happy someone talked. Fred picked his milking cups. ’Hope your okay with the fact I must empty myself.’ Robert looked to the cups. ’What…. Actually happened?’ Fred sight, happy someone finally ask. ’Can I first…?’ Robert nodded: ‘Yes, of course. Your health is important.’ Fred confirmed the cups. It was the first time, since he came back from campus, Colin didn’t suck him. But he didn’t want to force things. It felled a bit unreal when the cups were around his chest. Robert and Tyrone were looking how Fred empties themselves. Robert felled his boner against his leg. Colin was still looking to his glass. Because it was to silence Fred started to tell about his life in college. He skipped the part about his life with Colin, to save him. He doesn’t want his father and grandfather to think bad about Colin. ’But, why does Colin also looks so buff?’: Robert ask. He realize Fred try to protect Colin, he wasn’t stupid. ’Well, my milk must be held cool. I think I swapped the real and the muscle milk one day. Then Colin starts to growth. It wasn’t his fault. My milk just had a big effect on him. I write my teachers at college a letter to ask what to do. They say we must wait till the milk is out of his system.’ Tyrone looked first to Fred and then to Colin. ’Colin… is that true? You can tell the truth boy, we are family.’ Everyone in the room looked to Colin, who still didn’t look back. ’I…. I can’t tell.’: Colin whispered. ‘It’s a secret.’ Colin suddenly feel like a little boy who couldn’t tell his brother has a girlfriend. Tyrone puts a hand on that of Colin. ‘Boy, please tell us. It would make us easier to help you.’ Colin started shaking from all the pressure. He was total confused. Suddenly he stood right, his cup fell on the ground, and he runs upstairs. Fred pulled the cups from his pecs and followed him. Tyrone wanted to go to, but Robert holds him. ’No, it’s better for them to be alone, so they can talk.’ ’But.. why didn’t he wanted to tell us?’ ’Because he’s confused. I thing all of the things, specially the growth, is confusing him emotionally. He wanted to tell us, but he doesn’t know what he want by himself. I think a part of him was okay with the growth, but a part of him was scarred. I saw how he looked into the mirror on the hallway. I think it was the first time he really realize he had changed. And when he saw us, the growth thing, his life… He started to become scared, of himself, of us and of the future.’ ’He’s scared of us? Why? We are his family.’ ’Yes, but he saw us in a total different way. We must let him know we are still who we are.’ ’How? He doesn’t recognize us anymore.’ ’Maybe he recognize some things of the past. We must let him see what we have shared. Let’s start with something easy.’ ’Like what?’ ’Let us think a bit, and till then. Let the boys find their own way.’ While Robert and Tyrone talked. Colin was laying on his bed, crying. Fred was sitting in the chair next to the bed. It hurted him to saw his love and brother that hurt. ’Bro… are you okay?’: he asked softly. ’I…I don’t know. When I saw Dad and Grand dad… I just was feeling... lost. What would our classmates think?’ ’But… we had talked about that. You could come with me, to my campus.’ ’And hide myself always. I just wanted to be normal again.’ Fred stroke his brothers hair. ‘Little brother. I can feel your paint. I was scared to at the beginning. But I was surrounded with people who understand and take care of me. And now, I want to do the same to you. I want to protect you from everyone who is bad to you.’ ’I just don’t want to be a freak.’ ’You aren’t a freak. You great and handsome. People will be at your feets.’ ’I don’t want people at my feets. I want people respect me for who I’m and not because I give them a boner.’ Fred still stroked his brother’s head. He don’t know what to say anymore. It was clear his brother became scared. But he also know his brother should be laugh when he saw the benefits. He sight and stood up. ’I’m going to talk to dad and grandpa. Are you coming soon?’ He only hear the crying. He sight again and leave the room. In the kitchen, his father and grandfather has popped open a bottle of wine. It was clear they also don’t know what to do. Fred sits in another chair. Without asking, Robert pour another glass of wine and gives it to Fred. Fred takes a big gulp and told what happened upstairs. Robert told what happened in the kitchen and what their idea was. ’Well, maybe it would help. Got any idea’s?’ ’A couple. But we don’t know what to do first.’ Note of the writher: You can decide what to do next. With what kind of memories their going to cheer up Colin. I give 3 choices and the most votes wins. 1. They give a little BBQ party. 2. They takes Colin for a walk around the lake in the most left behind part of Robert’s farm. 3. They gonna watch a movie together.
  13. LorneLyon

    Family secrets: Strugling

    The first week of summer vacation was a wave of love for Colin and Fred. They sleeped with each other in they parents bed, they walk around in their bodybuilder boxers and Fred fed Colin every morning after breakfast a bit of his milk. Colin enjoyed it very much, and the two could see the results. Colin arms where 30 inches now, his chest 60, his calves 25. With a high of 6,5. The two had become real lovers and enjoyed every moment they could kiss, hold and or just fuck each other. Where people had yelled at them on the beginning they now hold their mouth shut. And they boys knew why, their size and manly voices has given them respect. But, they don’t know they must try reaching things with their muscles. The must try it with care, knowledge and experience. Colin sometimes has tough about how it must go when they should be back at campus. Fred has told him he would like that the two go together to the muscle campus. But Colin knew he should miss his friends. But, when Fred was smiling to him again, he and all his worries melted. It was the begin of the second week of summer when Fred came back with the groceries. Colin was in the garden, enjoying the pool, naked of course. When all of the groceries where putt away, Fred undress himself to and walked to the pool. His feets in the pool and reading the mail for that day. It where letters for his parents, some magazines and a letter in a handwriting Fred knew. He ripped open the letter and start to write it to his brother, who was laying against his feets. ’Hello boys, Here’s your grandfather speaking. I hope everything is going al right into the big city. Here on the farm everything is going well, I still can handle all the work. However, I got some help. I hope you boys want to visit on 05-07 and meet the one who help me. He knows you very well and has some tings to tell you. One other thing. I discover I like being some more naked all around, so if you don’t want, wear as less clothes as you want. And don’t be scared if you see me, I have changed a lot. I hope to see you soon. Greetings, Grandpa.’ Fred looked to his brother. ’Well, that sounds nice. He want us to come tomorrow. What you think?’ ’I think we must do it, and let them see how much we have changed.’ Colin flexed his biceps. ’You look fabulous, my boy.’ The two boys kisses. The next day, on the farm. Tyrone and Robert wake early, like always. Tyrone looked to his father, laying next to him in the big bed. The two kiss and stood up. They dress in their favorite overall, without underwear. And while Tyrone feed the animals, Robert maked an amazing breakfast. During the breakfast Tyrone started to Robert about the letter. ’Thanks that, for writing that letter. I wouldn’t came out of words at my own.’ Robert stroked the hard nipples of Tyrone and smiled. ’That is what lovers do for each other. And I so hope the boys would understand our love.’ ’I think a little bit love in this time is good for them.’ Robert take a sip of his tea and think about one special door, who was locked for as long Tyrone was at the farm. Behind the door was a basement. Filled with the best and heaviest bodybuilder equipment exist. Robert had used it to became big, and now want to share it with his son and his boys. The reason he haven’t show it to Tyrone was that there was something else in the basement. A bed. And not any kind of bed, but a bed for 4 persons. After the first time he had sex with his son, he knows this is what he wants. Loving his family. And he want the boys love him. But, he know he had to take it slow, maybe the boys would become scared. Maybe they are going to hate him and their father for being in love. Robert knew it would be heavy to convince the boys. He don’t even knew if their okay with gay love. ‘Son?’: Robert ask. ’Hmm, yeah baby.’ ’I was thinking about the boys.’ ’Me to, they would be here in an hour.’ ’I know. But I was thinking about how we’re gone bring to them that we’re in love.’ ’Yeah, that would be a hard moment.’ Robert put his hand on that of Tyrone, and looked into his eyes. ’Maybe…maybe…. Dawm it’s so hard to say this. I think it’s better that we’re not sleeping together till the boys are okay with us.’ Robert whispered the last thing, not looking to his son and lover. Tyrone stroked Robert’s hand, being silence for a moment. The big, thick grey hairs of Robert were handing down in front of his face. Suddenly, Tyrone saw Robert was crying. Tyrone stood up and wrapped his arms around his father. His father lay his head against Tyrone thick and soft muscle chest. ’It’s… so hard.’: Robert says stuttering. ‘First I lose my wife, who has given me you, my beautiful son. But you came back, and let me feel loved again. And now… maybe we’re going to lose the boys. Because we are a bunch of stupid fuckers.’ Tyrone strokes his father’s shoulder softly. ’Shhh, you never going to lose me or the boys. I bet they would be happy for us. They good boys. Maybe it’s hard to swallow first. But, with a little bit of time, they should accept it. When they see we love each other really.’ Robert looked up and slowly kiss his son on the lips. They kiss for a good five minutes. ’Thanks love. I feel better. I…just must go threw it.’ ’Come on, let’s prepare for there visit. I should move my stuff for a short time.’ ’I should make there rooms ready.’ Robert walked to the stairs, to make the rooms ready for the boys. Tyrone clear out the kitchen and then goes to the room where he and Robert has made so much love. To pack his stuff and move it to his old room. While the older mans where busy making everything ready, Colin and Fred where riding across the town close to their father’s farm. They know they where early, so they decide to stop at a local restaurant and eat something. It was early, and a little fog was hanging just above the street. The waiter who was taking their order was young and handsome. Like with everyone who was meet them, his eyes became big when he saw the big, young couple. He had made a little surprise when he came back with the coffee for the two. On his tray was balancing a big ice coupe. Made with three kinds of ice cream, fruit and whipped cream. ’My boss is always happy to see hard working man at his restaurant. Most of the young people today don’t know how to take care of themselves. So, this one is on the house.’ He placed the big bowl between the boys and walked to another table. The boys smiled to each other and started eating the treat. Fred had discover that they could eat what they want, as long as they stay drinking the chest milk, there should be no fat. The boys finish there meal, paid and driving the last meter to the farm. When they got the farm into sigh, the two saw two man’s next to the street. Both big and muscular. The two smiled to each other. ’Looks like grandpa got some handsome workers’: Fred said. ’Nice.’: Colin smile ‘Hope they would be in for a good fuck.’ The two parked there car and step out. The two mans walked to the boys and smiled. ’Welcome.’: the older man with the grey hair say. ‘Happy to have you here.’ For a moment, the boys didn’t know what to say. They recognize the voice, but it couldn’t be. Colin saw a parked car and bumped Fred into his shoulder. He point to the car. Fred’s mouth fell open and he looked to the other man. ’D…dad?’
  14. LorneLyon

    The magix zipper shirt

    First of all, let me explain a thing. I’ve heard something about shirts with zippers round the pecs. Don’t know if their real, but the idea was the inspiration for this story. And because I don’t know what’s the real name is, I should call them Zipper shirts. Also my frst short story, hope you like it. The first time Franco saw his roommate with one of them, he tough it was a mistake made by the factory. But when he saw his roommate with more of them, he decide he ask about it. ’Max?’ ’Hmm.’: his roommate say. ’That shirt. Why is there a zipper on it?’ Max turned his chair and looked to Franco. Franco suddenly saw Max has gain a couple of muscles. When he first meet Max, it was a tiny boy. Now, there was a real man sitting in the chair. Max was turned into a buff, muscular man. His arms where like enormous bowling balls, he had a chest witch looks more like he had breasts, his belly was a artwork of bricks. His legs where so big it could brake a iron bar. ’Oh, this thing. I just got it for free.’ ’From who?’ ’I don’t know. I was looking threw my mail one day and there it was.’ Max stoot up and undress himself till his boxer. He throw the shirt on his bed. ’I’m gonna shower.’ While Max was in the shower, Franco looked to the shirt. He couldn’t think about someone wanted to wear it. But, (He looked to the door of the bathroom.) maybe he just must try it. He knew Max a bit, it would take at least half an hour for him to shower. Slowly and without making a sound he takes of his shirt a grabbed the shirt of Max. It was feeling nice and soft, like satin. And it actually smelled good. It smells like sweat, musk, in short, like a man must smell. Franco smiled silly. Max would understand him for wearing it for a second, their where buddies. Franco slowly put on the shirt. It was feel very soft around his body. He stood up and looked into the mirror. He was looking funny. The shirt was a bit to long for him. But, that couldn’t be. This shirt was always suits him. Franco smiled, when new memories filled his head. He has ordered this shirt a long time ago. Two actually, one for him and one for his buddy Max. Max was always the most muscular of the two, so he ordered an extra big one for him. Franco himself also has some muscles, specially around his arm and chest. But the only different from he and Max was that Franco has a big belly, a real muscle-gut. That was why he had order a big one for himself, he has ask the company of they had also muscle-gut version, and he was very happy to hear hey had. Franco smiled to himself into the mirror while he flexed his biceps. Franco was suddenly a really big guy. But biceps, big pecs, big gut. Like everyone knew him. Franco opened the zippers around his pecs, letting out his hard nipples. He turns himself when he heard Max coming back from his shower. ’Hey there big guy.’: Max smiled and slowly pinched Franco nipples. ‘I can see ya having something sweet for me.’ He slowly pets the big belly. Franco smiled to, quicky doing a double biceps pose. ‘Always for my boyfriend.’ Max smiled and takes his zipper shirt from the bed.
  15. When Tyrone was a couple of day on his father’s farm, he realizes he loved the farmer’s life. Al of the hard work like, driving a tractor, moving hay balls, picking fruit, painting the shed, it are things he love. He remembers that he wanted to leave home because he got crazy of the work. But now he came back, after a couple of years in the city, he must admit he have missed the live on the farm. During the day, he enjoys the hard work. Specially the wind on his naked body, sometimes cold, sometimes warm. He also love to see his father naked, specially when his chest was shining by the sweat. During the evening, the enjoyed meals made by the fresh groceries from the farm, milk from the cows, eggs from the chickens, veggies from the kitchen garden and fruit from the trees and the bushes. Tyrone’s father came out a great cook. He could make amazing dishes. And Tyrone enjoys each of them. When Robert was standing behind the stove, only wearing a apron, Tyrone was sitting on the kitchen table, dreaming about the muscled man try make him a great dinner. After a couple of days, Tyrone remember Robert has say something about a ‘first time’. When they had taking a break, enjoying a good, big glass of beer, Tyrone asked his father about it. Robert smiled and looked to his son, who as growth really big in the days he was working on the farm, partly thanks to Robert special milk. ’Boy, first of all. I’m very proud of you. You’re doing a great job at the farm. And your body is growing enormous big. Just as I except.’ ’”Expect”? How do you mean that?’ ’You remember that milk I give you each morning? That a special formula I make with a master chemistry set. It contains a lot of ingredients, some very special and rear.’ ’But, why do you use it on me? Why not on yourself?’ ’I did.’ Robert says, flexing his enormous 30 inched arms. ‘Why you think I become this house of power?’ ’And why you use it on me?’ ’Well, first of all. I love you, like a father love his son. And a father always wanted the best for his son. So, easy. I want you become the best you. You already have a good character; Friendly, kind, care taking. You only need a body matching your enormous heart.’ Tyrone hugged Robert and lift him a couple of centimeters from the ground. ’Oh, thanks dad. That’s the most beautiful compliment I could get from you. I could cry.’ ’You can do son.’ Tyrone let his father go and Robert takes the face of his son, whipping away the tears. ’Good boy. You can let see you emotions as much as you want. I’m your father. Nothing is strange for me.’ Robert hugged his son and pets his back. Then he whispered in his sons ear: ‘What about that first time. I can do now.’ The smile of his son was the only answer Robert needed. He takes him to the artic where they store all the hay. He had made a nice, warm bed in the last few days. ’Lay down boy. Let daddy do the work.’ Tyrone laid down on the soft hay, wrapped his arms under his head and looked to his father. Robert kneeled down between Tyrone’s legs and takes a moment to look to Tyrone’s member. He had seen it grow in the last couple of days, but it was the first time he saw the pole from his big boy. Then, he slowly starts stroking the member over his check. The flesh member was so soft and warm; it was beating like a living heart. He smiles with the tough he has create this beautiful male., in more then one way. Then, he finally takes the pole into his mouth. The member was thick and long. He takes it all till the base. He could feel the head into his esophagus. Dawm, his son has done a great job growing this big. He slowly starts sucking the enormous thing. He son starts making horny and lovely sounds. Sometime he has enough breath to moan or say something like: ‘Dad, your amazing.’ He sucked his boy like it he was a pro porn star. He so deeply wanted to give his boy a good time. It was his task as father, and it was also a honor. He took his time to suck and explore every on the 25 inches of his sons creating stick. Sometime, he just looked to it, just enjoying the view. The next moment, he sucked it with all his power. It was so hard and pro his son moan his father must slow or he will cum. The Robert stops the sucking, if his son’s cumming, he should do it his way. Robert stopped taking care of his son’s member and lay next to him. ’Boy, you must know I’m a very proud father now. You became beautiful.’ His son was breathing heavily, thanks to all his father’s sucking. ’Dad.’ he said ‘You did all this to me.’ His father laid on op of Tyrone; he rubbed his chest against his son’s. ‘Boy, I only give you a lot of love. You did the must yourself.’ On that moment, he planted his mouth on his son’s and kiss him soft, wet and with passion. The both strong, muscular males closes their eyes. They enjoy the kiss, it makes them one. They both know it was not love, but also not only lust. It was the bound a father and son has. Tyrone knew he has to make his father feeling as good as he can. Because his father has done do the same for years to him. Robert, on his side, knew it was the task of a father to help and guide his son with every step he could help him with. And now his son started to discover his gay-size, he know it was his task to help his son with his first time with a man. The two let each other go. Tyrone cups the breast-liked pecs of his father. ’Dad, your so handsome. I love the way your look, the way I can take your hand , ask for your help, and you always give me that.’ Robert cupped Tyrone’s pecs to. ’Son, if you couldn’t do that. I would never share my formula. I want to share everything with you and your sons.’ That was a point Tyrone was afraid of. When he had a moment for himself, on the toilet, under the shower (The one time that happened) and in bed, he tough about what his son’s would say if the saw their bulked up dad. He knew his son’s didn’t except him before end of the summer, but still. One time, he must face them, and all of the other in his life. But, if he saw his father, bulking, manly, he forgets about that worries. He feels the hand of his father on his cheek and wakes up from his tough. ’Something wrong boy?’ Robert rolled on his back, next to Tyrone. ’I was thinking about the boys. What they would say if the see me like this.’ Robert puts his hand on that of Tyrone. ’They don’t know about you and Chantal yet, right?’ ’Yes, I didn’t have the guts to tell them yet. And with this.’ Robert sighs. ‘I actually didn’t want to tell you, but I have a antidote. I can shrink your for as long as you need. And then we can start the process again.’ Tyrone sigh also. ‘No, I feel great this way. And not only in my body. I feel like my heart as growth to. And my heart is also beating for my boys. I’m going to tell them fear and scare. They maybe shocked for a moment, maybe for a long time, maybe for ever.’ Robert slowly rubbed Tyrone’s hand. ’If you need time to recover. You can visit and work on the farm. Without tricks, no milk.’ Tyrone looked to Robert. ‘I love you milk, every, single, drop.’ Tyrone kissed his dad again. ’Dad, I hope my boys will accept us. And, maybe, we can make them like us.’ Robert slapped the butt of his son softly. ’Easy boy. First, let them see us, then the growth themselves.’ Robert and Tyrone decide to let the sex go for that day. They enjoyed rest of the day with repair a windows witch was broken during the storm last night. They enjoyed a meal of fish and chips. After that, they decide to look to a movie together. Well Robert enjoys the screen, Tyrone was thinking. And he decide to make the first big decision that night. ’Dad, can I sleep with you tonight?’ Robert looked to his son. From the day Tyrone arrived he had sleep in his old room every night. But now, he wanted to be around his dad as much as he could. Robert stroked his sons head and kisses his forehead. ’Sure boy. Whenever you want.’ That night, when the two sleep together, Tyrone was still thinking about his boys. And then, just before he feld asleep, he maked a decision.