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    I really like a good confersation, walking in the mountains, a romantic diner, writing a story in the park during the summer, listen to music, swimming. I always like to meet new people.
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    The only thing I want to tell is that I'm 21 and having a random body. Sorry, but I try to shrink the private things I tell
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    I looking for friends who take me as who I'm, and not everyone want me to be. I've been bullied my whole childhood.
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    Dreaming can be as big as you want. My dream man would be a anthro, muscular lion who save me when I being attacked and then protect me my whole life. What? They ask for my dream stats. So.. a nice boy who like to talk, take me as who I'm, try to be intresed in the things I like and accepted all of the things you get with my, like my fursuiting and my autism
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  1. Chapter 2: Old friend, new poblems. Nothing, there happend nothing. But Thomas still looked at the mouth of the pistol. 'Enough.': a voice said. Almost the biggest person Thomas ever was grapped the person at his neck. 'Let me go.': a voice said. Thomas heard it was a woman. 'It was just a joke.' 'I don't like deathly jokes. Your going with me.' Thomas looked to the man holding the woman. He was like 8 feet, packing with the most ammount of muscles he ever witnessed. Thomas asked himself why the hell he didn't see the person before. The guy was sticking out of any other person. He wouldn't clearly see the face, accourding the room was all dark and only lighten by laser lights. 'Try to avoid problems sir.': the man say, carrying the woman away. Thoms runs after them, catching them up in the bright lighten hallway. 'Wait!' The man turned himself and looked to Thomas. When Thomas looked to the man, it was like some put on a projector in his head. Places and events about his childhood flashed in front of his eyes. He saw a face, face really close to him. With eyes like green emerald, just like the man in font of him. 'No way.': Thomas tough 'That's impossible.' The man had some strange look on his face, like he was shocked to. He tried to look professional again. 'I...I had to go.' The man walked threw a door and was gone. Thomas stoot in the hallway for a couple of minutes. Did he just saw? It couldn't be. Without thinking, Thomas leave the party and walked to his hotelroom. His toughts were spinnin like crazy, trying to understand what he saw. Did he just saw, Justin? His childhood friend, who gave him his first kiss? The same Justin who told him: Fuck off. And leave for America. It couldn't be. First off al Thomas never heard Justin or his family returned. And also, this guy was freaking big. He was like a wet dream. He shoulder were so wide, his pecs were like meaty slabs, stapped to his chest, he had biceps like there were basket balls pumped under his skin. And his face, so sqaure, roughed by a beard. It just couldn't. By the time Thomas had put his head on the cussion, he had convinsed himself it wasn't Justin. Just someone why was strongly looking at him. But, there was this little voice, back in head saying: 'You reconise his eyes. Nobody is having eyes like Justin.' Thomas was happy he could focus on other things when he got back home. He decided to take a study. He wanted to become a laywer. The last year, the news about the überman had spraid threw the world. But, the strange thing was it only happend in the USA, in non other country there were there weren't any singals about these man. Thomas already had give up the hope he maybe, secretly become one. Now he hoped he would complete his study and leaving to America to fight for the überman rights there. Thomas liked it to be back on school, he love all of the knowledge. He soon reallise how he actually missed school. It was arround his Autumn he got a call fom his father, out of sudden. His father and he barely called, even Thomas still remember his prommise. 'Hey dad.': Thomas said, while looking into a big law book, try to find an answer for a poblem on his homework. 'What's up?' 'Alright, I think.' 'You sound worried. Something happen?' 'Well, you could say that. We're actually very worried.' 'Something happen to one of you?' 'Well... yes?' Thoms put the book away. 'Is one of you in the hospital?' 'Well, he did just leave it...' '"He"?' Thomas tough. That could be only be one person. 'Is something happen to Cederick?' 'Well. euh... No...yes.... I don't know. It's all out of sudden. We don't know what to do.' 'What happen?' 'It's hard to tell. But I know your into that kind of stuff, so we tough you maybe know about it?' 'Kind of stuff? Is Cederick become out gay? Why is he in the hospital then? Did he get a Soa?' 'Well.. no. Actually, that's partly the problem.' 'Your very vauge.' 'Maybe you just need to come and see it yourself.' 'I'm comming directly.' 'I would pick you up at the station.' Thomas left all his stuff were it was, picked his wallet, phone and keys and run to the train station. It was just 90 minutes later when Thomas run to the car of his father, sitting in the passenger seat. His father dircetly started to drive. 'What happen?': Thomas asked again, when he see the worried face on his father's face. 'Try not to freak out. We don't know how it happen. The doctors said it is something genetical. We try to find some help, but nobody here know about it. It seems like to be an American thing.' 'American thing?' 'Yes, they said it started all there. But they don't have the experts here. And well, like I said. You have followed that subject.' Thomas started to suspect something, but he didn't want to price his luck to early. His father parked his car and they walked to the garden. His stepmother was at the garden table, looking to his little sister playing with a man his age. Wait? Man? He looked better. The man who was as long as he was but far more buff was his little, 12 year younger brother Chederick. His little sister was holding a soccer ball between her feet, trying to pas him. 'This time I would get pass you ': she said, laughing. 'Not as long as I'm here.': Chederick said, also laughing. His voice was still the one of a child, but he got some deeps into it. 'Thomas!': his stepmother. 'Thank god your here. We didn't know who we could ask in such a short time.' He was still staring at his little brother, who was headbumping a heigh ball from his little sister. 'Fuck!': he couldn't hold himself saying it. He had dreamed of the moment he would meet an überman. But he never expect it be his little brother. He just know how his father and stepmother feel. He had heard stories about other parents of überman. His brother and sister looked up. 'Thomas!': Chederick yelled. The two run to him and Chederick wrapped his arms arround his chest and pulled him in the most sudden and suprising bear hug he ever got. After he took the time to gave his sister a hug, Chederick smiled to him and said. 'Hehe. Now I can pick you up. You always did that to me, now I can return the favour.' If his buff body didn't surprised him already, his way of speaking did. He spoke like a full grown man. If it wasn't his brother he would try to take his changes with the guy. But, that were worries for another time, he first must talk to the parents. 'C...could you two please go inside.': Thomas asked, try not to let his voice drip of upcoming lust. 'I want to talk with Dad for a moment.' His little sister got inside directly but his brother look to him. 'Awww, come one. I'm as big as you are now. You alwasy told me we would talk about everything open and honest if I was grown up. More grow up I couldn't get.' He laughed and flexes his pecs. Thomas bite his lip, the fucker knew how to flex already. This was going to be harder then he tought. But he wouldn't be a law student if he didn't had some sharp answers for himself. 'I know. But some growing up isn't all about height, it's also about age. So, play with you sister and show you a big boy.' 'Okay.': he said and walked inside. Thomas sat down with his father and put his head in his hands. 'I expected everything but this.' 'Well, you have followed that news, right?: his father asked. 'Yes... but it's very strange to witness it yourself for the first time.' 'We don't know what to do.': his stepmother said. 'We tried to came in contact with other people who have experience with it, but they were all in America.' 'That wouldn't be a problem, I can gave you some contact of people. The real problem is.... well. America have it all figure out. But this is the sec... first time I've seen it here in Europe. I don't know what the laws are for überman here. But I'm scared there aren't any laws at all. The rest of the world is still finding out what happen, and how.' 'We have read that to.': Thomas' father said. 'It's getting harder by the day. We don't know what to do. He eats like a bear and is almost out of all his clothes. It's cost loads of money and meanwhile Stacy isn't getting the attention she need. Lucky Chederick can keep her busy sometimes.' 'I can try to contact some people. I hope I can find a way to give this some good handles.' 'We hope for it.' Thomas' father said. 'It's so hard.' 'Let me... call somebody. I hope he pick up.' Thomas took his phone and called a number he remembered even better then his own. It took some time, but then it was picked up. 'Peter speaking.': a deep voice said. If his own brother hadn't gave him a boner already, the voice of the person did. He heard some moaming and grunting on the background, leaving nothing to the fantasy about what happen. 'Hello. Before you hang up, you don't know me. But I need you help. If it can be, as soon as possible.' 'Tell me son. Wait, let me guess, you just discover your an Überman. I'm surprised, this is an Europerian number right? Guess the time had come.' The man laughed, try to break the ice with the joke. Thomas try to concentrate on what he wanted to say, even if the sex sounds make him horny as fuck. 'Well, your partly right. But its't not me. It's someone near me' 'Ah.' Peter said. 'That make a whole difference. Let me tell you one thing first. There is nothing strange about it. Let that be clear.' 'I know what. I follow you for some time.... Could you please go someone else, those noices are distracing me.' Peter laughed. 'If you want.' Thomas heard the voices fading away and the sound of a door. 'Well, tell me son.' There was another reason Thomas told the man to leave the room.He wanted to gave the phone to his dad and the noises of studs having sex was not a very good first impression. Thomas took the time to tell the story about his little brother. 'Hehe, your pretty lucky little fella.': Peter said. Thomas could hear he was jerking of. 'For gods sake.': he tough. 'Stop that.' 'One of our man just returned to Europe. Maybe you can ty to contact him. He would been a much bigger help in this moment then I am.' Peter laughed, Thomas got the joke, but he wasn't in the mood. Peter gave Thomas a number he write down. 'Could you call the parents while I call him? And please, no funny sounds.' Thomas gulped for a moment. 'They already got it hard enough when I came out of the closet.' Thomas gave the number of his fathers phone to Peter and pushed the off button. Thomas told his father and his stephmother about Peter, that he had set up an organisation to help überman. He said they had to talk to Peter while he called the Europian man. His father agreed and Thoms reallise he did because he surely didn't know what to do otherwise. He hoped that Peter kept his word and don't make his father fears even worse. While his father talked to Peter, Thomas called the number. The moment the person on the other end of the line spoke his first sence, Thomas foze. He reconised the voice, from the disco. But it was the words the person say that make him get a rush of emotions and feelings go threw his body. 'Justin speakig.'
  2. Hey there. Nice porfile pic. I love a good buff horse.

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    Fuck these things are great. Awesome. Please keep going.
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    (This one will take place in the überman universe. I recently read the story and it really stole my heart. I hope I can be just a good as the one who write it before. If any of the former writers don't want me to write this any further, just tell me and I will stop.) Chapter 1: Beginning. Life is strange, and Thomas was the living evidence of it. His parents were divorced when he was young, so he was used to them being sapperaited. He was a bit scared of the new woman of his father, but he knew he could trust her. And well, it wasn't all that bad. At his mothers side, he was only child, but his father has two kids of his new woman. And Thomas was always feeling lonely till he heard the news he would get a little sister. Thomas kwam directly what he should do. As young boy, he has dreamed of a bigger man spoke to him on street or suddenly would standing in front of his door, telling him he was his older brother. Thomas wanted to feel his little sister to him wat he wanted to feel to his big broter, if he would have one. Things would become even better when Thomas heard, two years later, he was also getting a little brother. He was so happy, he would become the best brother in the world, he told himself. But, things weren't always just as happy as it seems. When Thomas was arround his 5th age, he heard he had Autism. He didn't know what it mean back then, but looking back to it on later date, his world had satterd that moment. Starting with his best friend he had in his school, he was in tears when he told him he would go to another school. His friend smiled and say: Hey, don't worry, your my best friend, no mather how live got. Strange thing to say to a 5th year kid, but it became very important words fo Thomas the next years. But, things faded away by the ugly thing called time. At the time Thomas was in his 8th grade, he visit his friend. But, his friend told him, without looking at him, he would be moving away to Amerika. His father had fond a job there, and he was forced to take. Thomas mouth was dry after hearing that, could it be? Thomas was kind of froozen when he told his friend he had to go home. When he was at the door, his friend called him, he turned his head. 'Thomas.... are you gay?' The question came like a bash of Thor's hammer. Thomas only could stare at him and softly say: 'Y...yes.' 'Could you... come here?' Thomas walked to his friend, standing in front of him. His friend looks longer then before, also his clothes seems a bit tight. 'Can..can I try something?' 'What?' 'Can I.... kiss you? I wanna know how it feel. And... I don't trust anyother person.' Thomas couldn't say any other word. His friend placed his hand on Thomas' chest. His face was close, did his jaw just got more sqaure? Thomas could feel the lips of his friends touching his. He sunk away in a feeling he never felt before, like he had eat a whole bag of those pink crackeling candy. His friend let go of him and Thomas look into his green eyes. 'Well? How was it?': Thomas asked. Thomas could see some kind of weird look on his friends face. 'Could....could you please go?' 'Hey, what's wrong?' 'Please...go. I don't want to see you anymore.' Thomas was surprised by the reaction of his friend. He wanted to grap his friends shoulder, but he slapped his hand away. 'Go away. I don't want to do anything stupid.' Thomas left, stil surprised about the reaction. When he got home, his mother directly saw there was something. Thomas told his mother about the scene in the room of his friend. 'Hmmm. I don't know.' she said. 'Maybe he just strugeling with himself I would call his mother.' My mother did what she said while I was walking the dog. When I got back she looked to me. 'Sorry Thomas, but he told his mother he didn't want to see anyone anymore, specialy not you. Just... try to forget about it.' Well, easy to say, but Thomas tried. But he couldn't, the strange look on his friend was something he was puzzeling about for a very long time. But with time, the memory faded away and when he finish High school, it became just his: 'First kiss story' After High school, the real trouble started. He took two years off to discove more about himself and his autism, because he still didn't know much about it. In the same time, he joined a group who would held parties every weekend. And because he had time, he got to them. Like said before, life is strange. After half a year, the people he came in contact threw the group started to avoid him. He tried to ask what happend but everyone just said: 'You know what you did.' Well, he didn't. First he tough it was some kind of joke, to test him. But after 3 mounth, and they still keeping up the same story, he dicide it was enough. He ignored the people who had talk bad about him and tried to concentrate on the people who do like him. But, strange things happen, because new people joined the group and out of all sudden he heard he was the 'try not to became like him'-person. Thomas almost cried about that. After his pre school friend, he had only one real friend, and just when he tough it was going good, it goes all wrong again. Thomas decide to give it one last change and made him up for his last party. In the original plan, his friend from high school would go with him, but he broke his leg just on the day before. Well, the hotel room and the ticket were already paid, so he decide to go alone. The party was actually a disco with DJ's over the night. Thomas was bored after 1 hour already. No one wanted to talk to him and the few people who were talking to him were quick taken away by others. Arround midnight, Thomas walked to the bar to order a drink. Someone was tapping him on the shoulder. 'Wait for your turn.': he said. The person tapped again, Thomas turned and wanted to ask what the person wanted But he wouldn't get that far, because the first thing he saw was the black, round mouth of a pistol. Before he could ever reallise what it was, there was a clicking sound. There was not a single tough in his head, but he waited for the black nothing.
  5. This story has stolen my heart. Dawm I love it. I wish there was like a 'season 2' with another couple facing other problems.
  6. I read it and it was horrible. If that was my little brother, I would have say something like. 'You know what. Fuck you! You think your an Alpha, but your a monster. You hurt the people who have loved you your whole life. You think your the greatest but you become like the man you wanna fought by using those weights. You think you are an Alpha, but you nowere near. A real alpha think about his pack and does everything to protect them. You were sad for me to leave. I tough you would be fine. But I was wrong. Even more, I'm not proud of you anymore. Never I could be proud on a person like you. Come on, hit me. Hit your brother. Hit me into the hospital or my grave. But if I'm gone and dad and mom I'm gone, your alone. And then the grief come.'
  7. Like many man who posted in this topic before, I've been bullied. At pre school, at high school and even by people who were twice as old as. I've seen terrible things, lost people I was close with. Now, I'm just a 22 student who is try to gather his live together. And in some ways that is happen already, but I knew I needed something more. That's when I came across this topic. I tried werewolf spells before, but none of them work. However I feel weird after the last try. I decide to give it a wild guess and hope for the best. When I scribble the 'P' on my door, the hallway light was started to flicker a bit. I could feel a warm breeze go arround me, however the front doro wasn't open. I got inside, gather the other items. An offering item was the most hard to find. of course I had dumbells in my appartment, but I wanted to do something original. I hurt my brain to came up with something. At the last half hour I decide to cook a meal, with lot of meats of course. I placed the plate and draw the pantagram. I cirkcle the salt and stand in it. The warm breeze was back, however all the windows were close. I could hear the heavy thumbs on the stairs, leading to my appartment, they hold still in front of my door. It took a couple of seconds, but there was the knock. *bump, bumo, bump* I gulped. 'C...come in, I'm ready.' The door swong open and hitted my fridge. I could feel a wave of testosterone and adrenaline hit me, but I tighten my feet on the floor. I closed my eyes and started shiffering. It was here, I had to remember the rules. 'Where did you summon me for little man?!' I was shaking like the straw, his voice hitted my like a thousends swords. 'I...I....I...I wish to become an Alpha sir.' The enity was walked arround my appartment. I could hear him enter my bedroom and pick something from there. He walked back to be and the moment he entered the living room, I feel what he was holding. It was a plush toy I always kept in my bed. My current boyfriend give it to me after our fiveth date. I had special prepaird it. In the plsuhes belly was a little flask of my blood, serrounded by a lock of my BF's hair. As long as I could feel it burn, I know we're both okay. I could hear the entity laughing. 'You want to become an Alpha while having this? Your maybe the most patetic human being I've ever visit. But, it's my sworen duty to make a alpha out of every man sommoing me. But first.' I could feel the entity started to crumbel the toy. 'No.': I tough. 'Everything but that. I can't lose another person.' I started to feel weird, voices were filling my head. Crying, whining. I could taste blood and cum in my mouth. The voices started to scream. I knew who they were, the disrespectfull man who were fucked to death by the entity. They were calling me. I grabbed the sides of my head. 'Go away!': I screamed. 'Leave me alone!' The entity laughed. 'Can't stand a little preassure? How you expect to suffer teh pain of the growth?' He laughed. It was like I was hear my bullies of my whole live laughing in one person. 'No. Leave me alone. Go Away!!!' I didn't care for the rules anymore. I wanted the voices to leave my head. I could feel there pain, there suffer. Meanwhile, my heart was still crushed as the entity crumbeling the plush. It was like all of my happy moments with him flattered away, one by one. 'Your not alone.' Suddenly, there was this kind and calm voice in my head. It was above all of the sad and suffering voices. I opend my eyes, it was complete dark arround me and still, I could see him. He was standing there, in his normal clothes, smiling to me. His friendly smile who fill my whole heart with joy and proud. 'I'm here with you. They can't reach you, not till your death either.' 'But.... I...I tough.' 'Don't think, feel.' I placed his hand on my heart, I could feel the heat lighen in my heart again, were there was an empty space after the push started being crushed. 'There is something stronger then an alpha boddy. And you know what that is.' 'I...I wanted to become stronger, for us.' 'Your a very strong fellow. After all you been threw in your childhood, your still standing. I believe that is the most strong you can get.' I smiled, for the first time since I started the ritual. I could feel my love for him burning again. Nothing could hold me love the people I love. I closed my eyes and when I opend them I was back in my appartment. I had a smile on my face. 'W...w...what is this.': the rumbeling voice behind me said. 'I...I feel a power like never before. This power, I need to absorp it.' I started to laugh, hard and calm. 'Absorping? You will never truly understand this power.' 'You dare.....' 'Yes, I dare. And you know why. You will never get this power as I have it. But... maybe we can make some kind of deal?' 'Why would I make a deal with a weakling like you?' 'Hmmm. I would still want to become an alpha. So... sir, I want to become an alpha. I want to be strong, ready to dominate every person I want. Ready to shake of my weak past. I would not dissapoint you.' 'Hmmm, alright. You convince me. I would make you an alpha. Be ready.' He placed an hand on my back and I took a deep breath. I could feel the power entered my body. I growl as the pain started. I had my hand in a boiling fryer but this feel hundered times worse. I try to get myself threw it, but it was like my bones broke, heal and broke again. Also, my muscles started to snap and heal again. I growl as I could feel my muscles bulge up. 'Yes.!': I growled. 'I can feel the power. Thank you, thank you my alpha. I feel..... powerfull.' I collapsed for a moment. When I woke up, the entity was still there. I could feel him looking at me. I stoot up, my head almost bumped the ceiling, I flexed my biceps and played with my pecs a bit. 'Hmmm, yes.': I growled 'This is what I wanted.' 'Your looking good my boy. And, I have to say, you are serrounded by a kind of alpha power I never feel before. Your someone to watch out for.' (Not very good with meassures, so forgive me) I was almost 2 meter 5 now, it bet I could crush a rock between my biceps and triceps, my deep carved abs could hold was and if I wanted to put my drink somewere, the grove between my pecs was a awesome cupholder. My tight were like, truck tires. I smiled: 'Thank you sire, but I need to explore my new body on my own.' 'Yes, you'll son. One day, I will some back to study for natural alpha power.' I heard the door close and the entity walked downstairs. I smiled at myself a the morrri, I feel fucking perfect. I pick my phone and calling the number of my BF. Of course I got the feeling to jerk off, but for some reason, jerking of with my BF sounded even better. 'Hey sweety. Could you come here? I got a surprise.'
  8. I don't know if I love this, or being scared for it.
  9. I fucking enjoy the idea and the story. Please write a next chapter. Maybe they can make a trio.
  10. Please go on with this.I wanted to see more.
  11. Hey there, I started a new story again and hope you all will like it. I should post it here because it to big for the other topic. It's a growth, gay, romantic story. And however it don't have much growth in the begin. It will have later on. So I hope you should stay tuned and read all. Happy reading ‘Listen to me, and everything will become okay.’: That was what Philippe say to me when we first met. We met in the gym, where I try to grow some muscles. But I sucked into that. I didn’t have the motivation to go on with it. That’s when Philippe shows up. I saw him before in the gym, one of the biggest man I’ve even seen. He was big, like a pro bodybuilder, but 5% more on every muscle. But not only his body was big, but also his heart. People say he was helping on the kid farm. Philippe walked to me and sits next to me, wrapping an arm around me. ’Hey there little buddy. What’s with the long face.’ Truth is, I was always scared of Philippe. Because he was so big and intimidated. But now he was sitting next to me, he seems very friendly. ‘Oh, nothing. Always take so long to growth something. And it’s not helping no one is here to help me.’ ’I can help you.’ ’Aren’t you wanna train by your own.’ Philippe lean to me and whisper in my ear: ‘I got a secret trick. Something to help me growth fast. Do you believe me if I say I was just like you half a year ago?’ ’No..no.’: I say with a dry mouth. ’I was. But then there was this guy who show me how to use this trick. And the first time I saw you walking in here, I knew it was my time to give this information to you.’ ’You… you really want that.’ ’Yes. I’ve seen how you try, and try again. You impress me.’ ’Yes, I like to see it. Would you please help me?’ ’Sure, little buddy. But I can’t show you here. Come with me now, to my house.’ I didn’t know what coursed it, but I take the hand he show to me and go with him. First we walked to the locker room. Philippe smiled to me. ’Okay, first thing to learn. We shower together. You decide, private or the open shower.’ I didn’t know what he want but I know what I wanted. ’Private please.’ We undressed ourself and go a private shower. Philippe closed the lock and walked to me, he wrapped his arms around me and give me a really bear hug. I felt his tight chest on my check and enjoy ever second of the moment. After a minute, Philippe let go and smiled to me. ’That’s what you can get if you listen and do everything I told you. But for now, let’s clean.’ We go to the small shower and Philippe turn on it. He takes his shower gel and started to rub it all over me. His hand weren’t only big, but also very soft and skilled. He knows how to make me moam, by only rub me in with the gel. I started to pant and look into his eyes. Those eyes that where smiling to me, with everything they could promise me. He take the shower hose and clean me from all of the stuff. The he takes his shampoo and start rubbing my heart. I rest my head on his chest. I only met him for 15 minutes, and feel save with him, like a brother or father. Philippe was done with my hair and gives me the stuff. ’Your turn, rubs me in little buddy.’ I looked a moment to him and started with the gel. It was great to feel his rock hard muscles under my fingers. I explore every inche of his body. Sometimes Philippe flexed his muscles for me and make my member go hard. When I got to his own member he stopped me. ’Sorry but I need something to motivate you. For now, only look to it.’ I take a moment to look to the flesh pool. It was soft, hanging to his knees. I can only think about how it would be if it was hard. I felt a little shock into my body. I wanted to o everything for Philippe. If he told me to jump, I would. If he told me to go over my limits, I would. I didn’t saw Philippe smile. ’Okay, enough. Let’s dry off.’ He leave the shower and Philippe pull out a big towel. He wrapped it both around his own big body and mine. He pull me against his body and dry me slowely off. I felt so save with him. ’Philippe?’ ’Hmm… yes?’ ’Thank you, for doing this to me. You give me the motivation to go on.’ ’I know. This is part of the training. I must harden the bound between us. You must trust me fully. Only then, I can train you to the max.’ ’I trust you.’ ’We should see. Tonight, I’m gonna do something to you. To see how much you trust me. But for now. Let’s go.’ We dressed ourselves and leave the gym. Philippe points to a bike. ’How did you get here?’ ’Also with the bike.’ ’That’s good. Your legs are the biggest muscle you have. So training them give you big relieve.’ We bike to the house of Philippe. It was really big, but also very nice. Philippe parked our bike in the garage and open a door. The first room was a hallway. Also very big. A mirror was hanging on the wall, under there, there was a little table with a bowl where Philippe placed his keys in. Next to the table there was a fake deer head, witch is being used as coat rack. ’Can I take your coar sir?’: Philippe asked gentle. I give my coat to Philippe and when we’re done Philippe placed my bag under the deer head. I wanted to walk to the door but Philippe holded me. ’Not yet. First we’re gonna work. Upstairs.’ We go to the stairs and I followed him. He opend a door and let me go first. His bedroom was amazing. A large bed, big enough for three persons, a wartrobe with a big mirror, five posters of bodybuilder and a couple of weights on the groud. I know it would take some time before I could lift that. Philippe put his hand on me and whisper. ’You can go sit on the bed and wait. I get the stuff.’ I was sitting on the bed for a couple of minutes when Philippe came back. He was helding a big box, who was looking heavy. It he would say it was filled with bricks, I would believed that. But he was holding it with just one hand while he close the door with the other. He came to me and put the box in front of me, smile at me with that cute face. He opend the box and put out a black-grey thing. It looked like a leather mask with ears and a snout, like that from a dog. Where the eyes must be, there was some kind of blind mask, witch could take of with pushing buttons. 'Well little buddy, this is what your gonna wear when your here. But I should deside when you're wearing it. Because if I want to see your friendly face, you don't wearing it.' I nooded that I understand. 'One of the most important things I need from you if we're gonna train together is your trust. And with this kind of sessions, we are gonna train that. Your gonna wear this and face to the wall. While I do whatever I want. Understoot?' I nooded again. 'Good, we're starting low. Put this on now please.' I took the mask and put it over my face. It was complete dark now. I could feel Philippes hand on me belly. 'Good. I'm gonna lead you now to the wall. And from now on, I'm Alpha for you.' 'Yes Alpha.' Alpha put me in my place. Then his hand where gone, but not for long. I feel how he taked off my shirt, slowely and carefull. Then there was nothing for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, I feel something on my back. It felt like strings, like this party things, but more leather full. I didn't know what it was, but it felt nice. Alpha was slowely stroke the things over my back. He said nothing. Suddenly, there was a hard smash on my back, with the leather thing. It was not painfull, but more surprising. I say nothing, not a little meep. Alpha stroke the thing again for a couple of seconds and smashes again, but now on my lower back. This game got on for like ten minutes. Then Alpha put the things away. 'Your doing a great job pup. This was the first step and you took it very well. I'm proud of you, but where not done yet.' There was another feeling on my back. Like little itchings. I feel it was a round wheel with little, metal teeth on it. Alpha stroke the thing over me back up and down and back again. He put out my shoes and did the same thing to my feet. The feeling of the metal was nice, because I know Alpha was with me and he would never hurt me. I feel the feeling of trust inside my belly, with growth with every second. After another ten minutes, Alpha puts the wheel away. The was a ticking sounds. I must think about it twice and suddenly reallise Alpha was now holding a lighter. I didn't have the time to think about it because I felt the warm of the fire on my back. Not that much so it would hurt, but it was pretty hot. Alpha wasn't saying a word while dragging the flame over my back. He handle the lighter very carefull, not let it be to close to my body. I had lower my back a few inches when I felt the flame, but now I set it back. Alpha put the lighter away and slowely stroke his hand over my back. 'Good boy. You did very well. A better job then I expect. You can take of your hood. Or, if you want, I only take of the eyes.' 'Only the eyes please. This is a very nice feeling.' Alpha laughed and takes of the blondfool. I saw him smiling in proud. 'Pup. I'm very proud of you. You did it so wel. Now I know you trust me. Tell me, how was it?' 'Strange. I didn't know of everything what it was. But I know I was with you, what was enough.' Alpha takes the first item next to him. It was a whip, like I tough. 'I started light with you, I have bigger once. But I didn't want to hurt you to much. Now I know I can go further next time.' The second thing was a little thing look like a mini pizza wheel. 'This is from my sew box. You can draw lines with it to know where you must cut the fabric. I'm very happy you took it so well. It was just silly.' Then he taked the thirth thing. It wasn't a lighter, but a candle. 'Tell me pup. If I have told you I was gonna use a candle. What would you have done?' 'Maybe being affraid some wax would fell on my skin.' 'Yes, and now you have trust me. You maybe had the wrong item in your head, but you trust me. And that's what I need to grow you. Your trust. And I'm very happy your glad with the hood. Because next time I got you a little present. Now, give you alpha a good bro hug.' I wrapped my arms around Alpha as much as possible and hug hem very tightly. He stroke my head. ’Good. I hope your had a good time.’ ’Yes Alpha.’ ’Good. Because it’s time for you to go home. It’s late already.’ ’Can’t I stay here?’ ’No boy. I want you to stay focus on your training. Believe me, you can stay here. But not now. It’s to early. But… here.’ Alpha taked a little suitcase out of the box and give it to me. ’Here, some beginner weights. Use them when I’m not around.’ I nooded, but actually wanted to stay with him. In his big arms.
  12. I was very scared when I knock on the door of my bosses office. 'Come inside please.': his deep, manely voice say. I hoped the door and walked inside. My boss was standing by the window, looking outside. He was always intimidating, with his big muscles and angry face. My boss pull a cord and closes the curtains. He walk to me, beside me and closes the door, putting the key into his pocked. 'I don't want anyone borther us.' He walked to his desk and sits on the egde. 'Well. I'm glad your here. I hear storie about you, intresting stories.' I bite my lip. I hope my boss didn't discover my hobby. My secret hobby of muscle worksipping in the gym. My boss tiltle his head and say: 'Tell me. How is work going?' 'Okay... I think. I can rease all my targets.' 'And your personal life.' I gulped. 'Also.. fine. I think I got every thing on track.' My boss walked to me again an walked arround me looked to me from top till toe. 'Are you going to the gym son?' 'No sir. I don't have time.' 'Got a partner? Or someone waiting for you when you are home. Someone to cuddle with?' 'N...no sir.' I was more fright with every passing second, where was this going to. Suddenly, my boss placed his hand on my shoulder, with some kind of careness. 'Boy, you remember me of my son. He was always busy with work and never had time for the great thing called love. I wish I could helped him that time, but I couldn't. Now he's somewhere where I can't reash him. Not be able to talk to him anymore.' 'Forgive me... Is he death sir?' 'No, he's topman in Japan. It's distroying him. But he don't want to hear anything about it.' My boss walk to the front of me and kneeled a bit, so we where looking eye-to-eye. 'Your my best man. But I see your going the same way. I don't want make the same mistake twice.' 'How do you mean sir.' 'Listen. I know it... about the gym. Please, trust me. I never gonna tell anybody about it. Actually, I wish I had the courage to go there and have your magic hands on my own body.' 'Wait... what?' My boss taked my hand and place them on his chest. 'Boy, from what I heard you a pro work shipper and I was envy. Envy on every man who had the luck to have your hands on there bodies. I wanted to murder and beat them all. I wanted to distroy them... I, actually, want you.' I was silence for the longest second in my life. My boss, my mighty, dominante, musculair boss was showing love and careness, at me! 'Please': he whispered 'Tell me I didn't have screw it up.' 'No... I'm actually... surpriced. I always tough...' My boss looked me right into the eyes. 'I'm not the scare man like you all think. Specialy for you. I feeled myself like the king the day I reallise I loved you. Your beautiful eyes, you friendly person and your body.' 'I'm not as good as you.' 'You are. Your perfect, but... I maybe can change that.' 'What do you mean?' 'I got... a little something. Someone slipped it into my bag when I was shopping. There was a tag wrapped to it: You can give this to him and he will be great.' 'Okay, let me see.' My boss run to his desk and taked something out of the drawer. It was a little bottle, with something look like water. 'I think you must drink it all.' I didn't know what it was, put I put the bottle on my mouth and drank the whole bottle in one zip. Suddenly, there was a mighty rush into my body. I feel a pleassure I never feel. My whole body started to pump himself. First my chest, it ripped my best suit jacked like a paper towel. Two mighty,, enormous, breats like pecs, with silver dollars nibs, where show. I fel on my kneed and started to twitch the hard points, a rush of pleassure runs threw my body. 'FUCK!': I yelled, the moment my sleeves sheddered from the beach ball biceps suddenly showing up. I feel like I could crush a bike between my biceps and triceps. Then, I started to growth in hight, till I was two head bigger then my boss. My belly was melted away and showing some brick abs. A second later, my pants ripped, showing the biggest tights anyone has ever seen. They where almost as big as my new biceps, my feed had the size like sleds. Only thing still in fabric was my member. But I feel all the rush going there and in one enormus blasted, be fabric ripped open and show a member who get to the lower part of my pecs. I sigh depply and looked down. My boss has opend his pants and was jerking off. 'Boy.. you look great. ': he moamed. 'A dream guy.' I start stroking my own member. 'I must... I need...' My boss runs to me and started licking my member. He sucked it like a pro. My soccer like balls where getting attention by his hands. I moam deeply from all the attention. My boss was doing a great job and it didn't take to long for my to reach my peak. I roar so deep a window broke and released my spunk. It hitted the cealing and the other side of the room. When my member was done. I felled onto the floor. Total out. My boss walked to my head and softly kiss me. 'How about I take you out for dinner?'
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