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  1. BigCubNY

    Crossfit Growth

    I agree... I can even ignore the fact that the relationship/sex parts are straight!
  2. BigCubNY


    so jealous!
  3. Thanks for liking my story Bigcub!  And can I just say, WOOF! ??

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    2. Bjort


      Awww... (blushes back)  You are going to be a fine inspiration in my quest for musclebearhood!

    3. BigCubNY


      me? muscle? where? I'm all belly... and need to loose a ton. I hope to eventually get to where I can try and put on some muscle after my cardiac rehab.

    4. Bjort


      All belly my wide white ass! ? You have a shit ton of beef going on there man.  Nothing wrong with a bit of extra upholstery either IMHO.  I hope the cardiac rehab goes well mate. I wish you all happiness and as much muscle as are in your wildest dreams.  I will stay tuned and cheer loudly, lustily and long for you... I very much hope I can achieve something along similar lines.  Wish we could work out together.  Speedy recovery BigCub and I repeat,...WOOF! ?

      PS I should be posting another story soon, with superheroes yet!  So keep an eye peeled and let me know what you think.  Cheers, Bjort

  4. BigCubNY

    If only it were that easy

    does it brainwash them into you being their type regardless of their original orientation/type? cause I'd have fun stalking Power Lifter gyms looking for the right swole stud ;P
  5. damn dude.. lookin big and sexy!

  6. BigCubNY

    The Magnate and the Monster

    Calm down arpeejay ;P we all want more but I think we all also want it to continue to be amazing! no rushing the authors!
  7. BigCubNY

    The Magnate and the Monster

    omg this is too amazing for words! the descriptions of how massive 'Meat' is gonna get.. and the downright sweet and sexy relationship that's building... god I'd love to be in 'Meat's' place
  8. BigCubNY


    soo would play this mod and loved the SAM stuff for Skyrim.. it's always in my mod list shame about your requests to take stuff down from that site are being ignored..
  9. not to mention the SAM mod that lets you make anything from chubby to bodybuilder type characters like my last one
  10. Durst or the late Dave Williams.. either would be hot all jacked.. off-season jacked at that
  11. BigCubNY

    Love this commercial

    wait a commercial with a guy with bodyhair? IT'S A MIRACLE!
  12. BigCubNY

    Body modification

    hmm that looks more like he got in a fight and cut or they were possibly self inflicted.. scarification, from what I've seen, at least tries to be an artistic type thing.. *shrug* I may be wrong though
  13. BigCubNY

    Big Clothes

    amazing how region makes a difference.. The Walmart here phased out their B&T section, JCPenny has some stuff but I haven't seen anything over a 2x (I wear 3xlt/4xl)... and Target? nope never had a B&T section.. our K-Mart and Burlington Coat Factory are all the options I have outside of the Casual Male XL store that's now 14 miles away.. I get the impression my area is in denial about the American obesity problem and thinks only thin to average people live here...
  14. BigCubNY

    Big Clothes

    Walmart and Target are iffy.. neither of the ones near me have big & tall clothes at all.. SAMs I can't vouch for since I'm not a member.. KMart and Burlington Coat Factory are the only 2 non-B&T stores I can find larger sizes at.
  15. BigCubNY

    Big Clothes

    I've found huge variance in sizes before.. Sometimes I try and find stuff at a store like Burlington Coat Factory that has a big and tall section.. stuff the manufacturers don't admit to making (tried to email Marc Ecko about their stuff and got no reply).. Marc Ecko's about 1-2 sizes small.. South Pole I ended up with a tight 6x shirt and I wear a 3-4x... But yeah most Big & Tall store clothes are cut like tents.. narrow at the shoulders and much bigger at the waist.. it gets worse as the sizes go up too..

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