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  1. glad there's more coming cause as usual your stories are damn amazing and hot!
  2. BigCubNY

    Crossfit Growth

    I agree... I can even ignore the fact that the relationship/sex parts are straight!
  3. Thanks for liking my story Bigcub!  And can I just say, WOOF! ??

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bjort


      Awww... (blushes back)  You are going to be a fine inspiration in my quest for musclebearhood!

    3. BigCubNY


      me? muscle? where? I'm all belly... and need to loose a ton. I hope to eventually get to where I can try and put on some muscle after my cardiac rehab.

    4. Bjort


      All belly my wide white ass! ? You have a shit ton of beef going on there man.  Nothing wrong with a bit of extra upholstery either IMHO.  I hope the cardiac rehab goes well mate. I wish you all happiness and as much muscle as are in your wildest dreams.  I will stay tuned and cheer loudly, lustily and long for you... I very much hope I can achieve something along similar lines.  Wish we could work out together.  Speedy recovery BigCub and I repeat,...WOOF! ?

      PS I should be posting another story soon, with superheroes yet!  So keep an eye peeled and let me know what you think.  Cheers, Bjort

  4. damn dude.. lookin big and sexy!

  5. Calm down arpeejay ;P we all want more but I think we all also want it to continue to be amazing! no rushing the authors!
  6. omg this is too amazing for words! the descriptions of how massive 'Meat' is gonna get.. and the downright sweet and sexy relationship that's building... god I'd love to be in 'Meat's' place
  7. already really hot! loving thinking of the potential of this story, can't wait for more!
  8. good lord SeaMusc! I'm starting to doubt this is your second story! this is simply amazing, sexy, hot.. umm i think i need some alone time with this...
  9. god this is just beautiful and sexy beyond belief! your writing is simply amazing SeaMusc! and on top of it you're a sexy looking guy!
  10. BigCubNY

    m/m BEAR

    wow.. very hot! can't wait for more!
  11. kinda disappointed it ends there
  12. good lord! the feels! so much sexy yet touching stuff going on! *sniffle*
  13. yeah I'm surprised there aren't stories like that.. you'd think with Wolverine's healing factor he'd recover from a workout immediately.. all he'd need is good supply of food and some steroids and I'd figure he'd grow to hulk-like proportions quickly..
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