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  1. Personally, I prefer my stories to be at least a few pages in length (although there are some exceptions) but that's the only rule of thumb regarding length specifically. Usually, "density" and/or "interestingness" is what determines if I'm interested in a story. It's been said billions times before, but it really is true; the first few paragraphs are the most important. If, after reading a few paragraphs, I get the feeling that there's going to be a bunch of "padding" or if the writing style or premise doesn't suit me at the moment, then I'll probably mentally shelve the story away for another day, possibly. On the other hand, if I really like the hook, or how the writer writes, or the premise, I'm more willing to keep reading. That said, given enough "padding" I'm most likely to skim until I get to the good parts, and if I get let down when I get to the first pivotal or sexy bit, or if it starts going in a direction that I don't like, I may put it down. I can't really offer much since I'm more of a reader than a writer, but I guess make it short enough not to scare people away, but long enough to make people think it will be worth their time. And focus on making the beginning that makes people want to read more, without "baiting" them in an underhanded way. Also, is there an actual poll I'm supposed to take? I couldn't find one. Here's a site I've seen used to make quick, simple polls before, although I think this site may have a built in function for that already? (If you want hard numbers, I'd suggest trying to limit it to twelve parts at most, and less if you can. As for page numbers, I think somewhere around 20 is good, although it may be possible to "get away with" as low as 5 and as high as 40. Keep in mind though, this is just a really rough estimation.)
  2. Yep, that's it. Thanks for the help!
  3. I remember reading a story about a student moving to a new town, and when he arrived at his new high school, he was surprised because it looked like nobody had gone through puberty yet. It turned out that for male students from that town, puberty happened all at once, and the effects were more pronounced the longer they waited. Does this ring a bell to anyone? I know it was in one of the two archives, the ones not in this forum. If anyone remembers the title or such, I'd really appreciate the information.
  4. I really like all your muscle genie stories. I know it's cliched, but they remind me of a box of assorted chocolates. They are great when you want a pick-me-up, rather than having to deal with something huge, and they are all similar (and wonderful) but they each have something that makes them different and interesting. Thanks for all the stories, and I hope you continue to write more!
  5. I really like this! What's particulary interesting to me, is that instead of exasperating any sort of over-inflated ego, it seems to be pushing it in a more positive direction. For example, the telekinesis lets him hold and manipulate objects too small for him now, in theory, and his mind reading means he won't forget anytime soon what it means to feel afraid, depending on how much of a "mental shield" he's developed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's turning into a pansy, just that he seems to be holding onto his perspective and his confidence seems justified. I feel like instead of going from cocky to cruel, he'd stay cocky or maybe even become protective. But maybe I'm just projecting. What I would like more of is a bit more of the man-on-man action, or at least a more direct "view". I feel like you are just giving us a small taste, but now I want the full spread more than ever. Great physical descriptions by the way. Oh, and before I forget, thanks for the great story, and please do keep writing!! Also, if you are ever totally, and completely strapped for ideas, I'd like to point to a specific part of the original story that I, personally at least, would like to see built upon. I don't remember the exact details, but either the father or son were getting pretty huge, and it started to have an effect on the nearby local men. Unfortunately, we never really got to see what happened. Personally, I'd like to see that idea explored more in one of your stories someday, but I realize beggars can't be choosers, so I'm not exactly holding my breath; I figured I'd just throw it out there just in case you literally had no idea what to write and were willing to work with any idea, even though I realize that will probably never happen. Let me know it there is some sort of specific feedback you'd like, since it's the least I can do. Once again, thanks for the great stories, including this one, and I hope to see another chapter!
  6. Totally understandable. "Real world" stuff can't be ignored, after all. Just wanted to make sure I made it clear that if you posted more stuff like this, then I'd be happy to read it (since that's all I really can do). Sorry if this post was a tad redundant. Hope the stuff you are working on is fulfilling, rather than a burden you don't like dealing with.
  7. Great story! You write well, at least in my opinion, and the story itself seemed, to me at least, interesting and free of major cliches. My only complaint is that it isn't longer, but that really isn't so much a criticism as it is a reflection to read more of your stories, based on the two I've read so far. (Just curious, are those stories completely independent?) Sorry I don't have anything too helpful to say. I just figured that it was about time someone commented on one of your stories, so if I have to be the one to do that (and likely make a fool of myself in public as a result) then so be it. Welcome to the site (or perhaps welcome back) and I hope to read more of your stories!
  8. Oh, yeah, derp. Sorry, I forgot! Now I feel a bit awkward... Truth be told, I only wrote that because I was worried that I sounded like a crazed fanboy with my high ratio of praise to critisisms. The only reason I tacked that comment on was in hopes that I sounded a little more objective. Yeesh, I'll never understand how people write long stories; I seem to struggle with just writing comments, heh.
  9. I was hoping that the last few chapters would lead to some sort of gratifying resolution, and you didn't disappoint. I was internally going d'aww in my head seeing father and son reconciling. To be brutally honest though, the growth aspect in this chapter seemed anticlimatic, but I'm hoping that you are just planning something for later, or maybe I'm just a bit too enthusiastic about growth. Last thing, I like how you made this an actual story instead of just a one shot (not that those are bad, I love them too) but it was nice to read. Thanks, and great job!
  10. I haven't chimed in until now, but I love the story so far. I just really really really hope that writer's block or real world problems don't delay the next chapter too long, since this point in the story is kind of a downer. I mean, I understand the value of it, how it creates conflict, allows for deeper characters because we know them better, and sad scenes like this make happy scenes even better. And I realize that my entitlement complex won't get you to write any faster. But it really would be sad if the story ended here. Anyway, great work. I love the characters, setting, and plot, and how you've used them. And as embarrassed as I am to say it, I'm eagerly hoping for a threesome between the three. I wish I had some more specific or helpful comments, but all I can say is I really like the story and I hope you finish writing it.
  11. I love the story so far! I just finished a physics minor, and I want the story to keep up the momentum, so here's some techno-babble, in hopes that it provides some inspiration or authenticity, or something (although I have no idea if you need it.) Mostly I wanted to geek out, if I'm honest. -There are three main types of radiation: alpha, beta, and gamma. Alpha is the most energetic, but the least penatrating; your dead skin cells are enough to block them. They are composed of helium-4 nuclei (2 protons & 2 neutrons) and are only dangerous (usually) when inhaled, injected, consumed, etc. sources that emit them. Also, they are positively charged but have a lot of momentum (relatively speaking) so they can't be "bent" away easily. Beta rays are like alpha rays. They are slightly more penetrating (think a few inches under the skin) but less energetic, & composed of electrons. Also, they are negitively charged and much easier to direct (through charge). Gamma rays are massless, chargeless, and composed of high energy photons. They can penetrate super easily, which is good and bad, since it means you are less likely to be affected but stopping them is SUPER hard (like several feet of solid lead hard). - Rayleigh scattering is why the sky is blue, and is related to the polarity (direction) of the sun's light. -The emission spectrum of the sun is a common high-school-level physics experiment, and can determine what the sun is composed of. -Gamma ray bursts are basically giant death lasers... in space... that occur naturally. -Human DNA is far from perfect. Look up junk DNA or retroviruses. Also, DNA like a set of instructions buried in a bunch of gibberish and spam. I've hear humans share about half the DNA with a banana, and over 99% with chimps, but I have no idea if that is true or not. -Zeta is the sixth out of the 24 letters in the greek alphabet, after alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and epsilon. Hope at least some of this is useful and/or relevant. Sorry if it was just annoying, or if I got anything wrong.
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