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    Decently built guy, always looking to improve. If I am chatting only though, I am craving to take things to excess. Removing the human aspect of growth, power and fertility. Unnatural and obscene are keywords to what makes my mind start ticking.
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    In real life, I am 32y 210lb, 48c 34w, 16a. Definitely wanting to get back up to my old 250 but this time in solid muscle.
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    If I am on here, I am probably pumped and looking for very verbal, creative chat back and forth about what fuels us as males.
  • What are your dream stats?
    Unlike many guys here, my dream stats vary depending on what my cravings are, and often feature body compositions that aren't human or natural in the slightest. Please inquire if you wanna know more.
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    Still checking things out on this side of things...
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    As I said before, I love graphically minded guys with imaginations that run toward the bizarre.

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  1. Fucking killer morning leg workout has me wobbling like a baby deer!

  2. Got a pic up finally! Not much, but it's there!

  3. Starting Day of 8 of my Edge! Nuts in the tube, gotta pump em up to release the pressure!

  4. You definitely have a mastery with words man, but damn if that isn't a little fatalistic and unsatisfying. Still fucking beautifully crafted for what it is.
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