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  1. A while back I came across a story where demons were real and consumed cum. They did this by releasing a type of 'breath' into the nose of guys that made their balls and muscles bulk up. Does this sound familiar to anyone? There was one scene where the guy that grew produced a lesser demon from his cock instead of cumming, which totally shocked him. His demon friend then told him that would happen every time he'd jackoff instead of having sex. Hope that helps.
  2. As far as I can remember, I don't think it was. Oliver904 and I used to speak frequently because a character of mine was put into the story, but then he just sort of stopped, or I stopped, I can't really remember.
  3. Being a Spanish speaker, I thought it was cute, funny, and, honestly, a bit overused a bit. But that's just me lol, still exciting though
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