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    Swimming pool & bicycle road
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    real profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Everything about muscle
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    5'7" 75kg (165lb)
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    A guy who high sex drive
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    body-like Sergi Constance, Mike O'Harn top male physique model
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    The devil blue jean, The pump room, Odd-Even store,
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    Sergi Constance, Mike O'Harn
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  1. dashdragon

    Transformation Part I: Mutation - Chapter Fifteen

    OH. MY. GOD This story is too hot. Thank you for continue writing this story to the end Thank you for re-writing the great story And thank you for make the greatest story! You make me alive again ❤️
  2. dashdragon

    Hard at Work [Part 4 added - 7/23/18]

    great story! I really love it. the story flow like sit-com series!
  3. dashdragon

    Transformation Part I: Mutation - Chapter Ten

    Thx for upload and I'll wait for more.
  4. dashdragon

    Transformation Part I: Mutation - Chapter Nine

    I cloud die if I can't read the next chapter! :wub:

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