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  1. happy birthday


  2. superb series made all the better for the realism keep on posting them joey ,you do have fans of your work on here!!
  3. i hope chapter 22 sees sam worship casey head to toe, licking and sucking him all over . pecs abs lats glutes hams quads and then his huge cock!!!
  4. wow joey another great chapter ,you never disappoint !!! keeps getting hot, cant wait for the next one!!
  5. to everyone here check out every chapter of this incredible story it builds your expectation up and never dissappoints,its hot sexy and very erotic
  6. the story develops with each chapter every member of the group gets equal attention
  7. incredible erotic flawless writing the story grows to new heights with each hot new chapter !! long may it grow!!!
  8. cant wait to see what happens to banks and taylor!! would love all the other cadets to be invited to worship the 20 this story rocks
  9. god damn hott!!!! get them posted please, love this story so much!!!
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