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  1. My #1 fantasy is to find a tall giant musclegod and then be his toy...feel him lift me, squeeze, crush, and showoff all that size and power while he treats me like his ragdoll.  LOVE YOUR PROFILE!

    1. LinkinGiantMorphs


      Thanks a lot !! ;)

      me too I love to be with a big man but I also like to be the big man !! Not maybe like his rag doll but he can show me his strength and I will do the same ! ;)

  2. [histoire disponible en français juste ici ! ] (A HUGE thank you to T.F. for the story and to Sven0204 for the traduction !!!) LGM Drinks have changed my life! I'm introducing myself, Marc, I'm 28 years old and I live in Los Angeles since 5 years now. It's in the city of angels that i have found John, the love of my life. Yes I am gay. John is marvelous : 1m79(5ft 8) of love, 74 kg (163 pounds) of tenderness, a perfect bodyand a well-filled head. He is everything to me and I'm all for him. But you kow after 3 years, the routine settles down, the pounds accumulates and John wasn't the apollo of our first met. Okay he was working out and was gaining muscles but not enough. To be honest I was tempt to break up with him. But one day, on my way for work, as usuall, I see a new store that just open. Intrigued by the Greek god guys on the posters, I decide to take a look. The seller was looking like a underwear's model. He made me blush (surely because of his body, the one i would like John to have) and he look at me from my head to my foot, I'm asking him what does he sell and he explained me both products. One of the drink make the user gain muscles mass and the other his height. In my head I'm thinking about all the stuffs i would do with a taller and muscular boyfriend. But the seller interupt my thoughts saying me that we can only buy one product in all our life. Annoyed, I finally chose the ''Power Drink'' and decide to try it that evening on John. That night, we had a dates at the beach, Venice Beach, if you know it. When I saw him I was so excited and I hurry to meet him. Telling me he was thirtsy I propose him the ''magic'' drink. He take it but driven by a strong desire, I forced him to drink the bottle in one gulp. Just finished the bottle, the muscles of John begin to expand. Fat first and then his muscles begin to get toned. I was close to him before he drank the drink, I was closer when the transformation end. I don't know how to describe it to you, in broad terms, the muscles get fill with fat and fat become muscles in few seconds. The most amazing thing was the face's expression of john once the metamorphosis end. He was smiling like a child, He hugs me in his (gigantic) arms and to tell you that dosnt make me insensitive. Later he confess me that taking this drink is really painfull : It's like all your inner body is burning, but when you see the results you thinking that we must suffer to be beautiful. This is a real story, I wasn't that happy since now, it is one year so far that i am living with a montain of muscles and nothng can have made me happier. Thanks LGM Drinks !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. After the 2 stories I made last year, I want to make a new test... Sorry for the spelling mistakes. I'll accept any criticism you give me. Hello !My name is Justin and I 'll tell you how LGM Power Drink has changed my life! Since childhood , I have always been fat. After the death of my mother when I was 7 years old, my father raised me alone. He took good care of me, but everything about the food, it was not that! I could say that McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and company have also been part of my life... They was my cooks ! At 10, I weighed 198 lbs... I was already the largest in the class... Mockery were daily... I had no friends and I was miserable . At 15, I weighed 297 lbs... I was always the biggest in the class... Mockery didn't reached me anymore... It's the usual ! At 18, I reached the 330 lbs... More difficult to pass as my father died 10 days after my birthday due to his cirrhosis ... Since the death of my mother, he took refuge in alcohol and not was never released... After that , I decided to leave school and start working .Ironically, the only job I found, it was server at McDonalds ! At 20, 352 lbs and always at work at mcdonald 's, I bought a small apartment on the 5th floor (no elevator ... ) of a building with the money from the sale of my parents' house . My day was always the same and my meals too... Until one day , riding to my apartment , I felt a big pain in my heart and I fainted .I woke up in the hospital.Later, the doctor explained to me that my body was tired, I was too big and that if I did nothing, I would live longer.I didn't care a bit... I lost my parents, I had no friends... I had a miserable life...Explaining that a little bit to the doctor, he was shocked . He insisted on the facts and gave a visiting card with the address of a special center for obese people. I put it in my pocket and I gone. A few days later, I do not always went very well. Not physically , but mentally. All my life passing before my eyes. I was there almost no joy ... The death of my mother, absent father over the years , his death , my life... I had to reverse it all ! Immediately , I called the center and made ​​an appointment .A week later , in the center , I met my coach , Steve.He gave me 90 days to lose 60 kg ! it's huge but I believe in it ! During these 90 days, I had no right to weigh me, eat fat, to rest. It was intense !He came to me every day and I do not have a choice not to follow...It was really intense! But with the days I saw results. Pants too big, t-shirt too wide ... It was a pleasure to see ! Reached the end of the 90 days, I had only one hastily, know my weight !I climbed on the scale, with Steve at my side... 246lbs...I was happy but very disappointed. After all these efforts, I have not reached my goal ! I still had not managed to win against my poor life ! She always had the upper hand. At the end, i'm always a looser ! My coach kept asking me not to drop the effort, I had made ​​great progress!It was true. Physically, I was still big but I had gained in muscle and in endurance. I decided to enroll me in a gym .Still working at McDonald's , I went there in the evening after work.I always saw the same guys . They were muscular and beautiful. I envied them . But mostly they were mocking about me...I feel back to school but... worse! "Bottle of oil", "Cartman", "ham" ... were their favorite insults...I was listening to music for not to hear but their looks were sufficient... 3 months later, I finally was reaching 220lbs !I called Steve to tell him the good news ! He decided to come and see me and discover my new daily and give me new tips . He followed me to the gym to help me make new exercises. There, he discovered my "hell"... He was shocked. I said nothing but I had never seen him so angry.By late afternoon , I thanked Steve with a big hug. Without him none of this was possible! And then he handed me a card..."I should not give you that after all these efforts, but you need a boost !" he told me.I looked at the card, it was a name written of a store... "sport +"."I don't understand...""Say you come on my demand" Steve went into making me a big smile. The next day , I went to this famous shop. It was a store of steroids and company...I introduced myself and told the cashier that I come from the demand of Steve .There he give me a form where it was written " LGM DRINKS " .I saw ads on it but for me it was bullshit..."You fill out the entire form and I need your ID. This is the power or the Giant ?""Uh... Power...""Ok" I filled the form and gave to the seller. He went in the back room for a moment.He returned with the form and a box."It's okay, you are eligible for this drink. Have a Good day !"I left the shop with a strange feeling. "Eligible"... Why did he say that ? I went home and take off the drink of the box.A can ! A simple can ! With writing wholesale "LGM Power Drink" in black and red...A Sheet is accompanying the drink. LGM Power Drink will change your life !With its secret agents, your body will be transformed !No side effects, just a new life that will begin !You have to drink this one in one shot and the effects are immediate .Take care, this will be the ONLY ONE of your life ! I do not know what to think... ads of this product are true ? This drink is really magical ?I decided to put the drink in an empty water bottle. I don't want people to see me with that. Arrived at the gym , I leave my bottle in my locker .9 PM, the gym is almost empty, but there is always my favorite morons... Despite my weight loss, I had not lost my nicknames and teasing...Annoyed , I decided to return to the locker and take my bottle... Bottle in hand, I thought that somehow I had nothing to lose.I swallowed large gulps of the drink... Immediately , I felt my body heat. Then I had the feeling that my stomach burned down.Less fat that a few months ago, I saw it shrink visibly !Then my body began to tremble."Uuuuhhh..." I moaned face the pain I felt.My chest began to grow . My breasts (full fat) became real pecs !I watched while being shocked.My shirt was stretched at my chest , he couldn't contain more !"UUUuuhh"My stomach ached again. I lifted my t-shirt and saw beautiful abs."Woah..."I moaned even louder as my muscles continued to grow.My arms thickened and began to tear up my sleeves. I felt my triceps and deltoids fighting for space.My biceps were increased from 8 inches to 18 inches huge biceps.Quadriceps of my legs swelled in turn . I got legs like a rugby player !I felt my neck stiffen. It became wider. And my jaw became manly."Ooohhhh..." I moaned for the last time .My growth stopped and I felt an enormous power in me. I looked at my body. It was huge !I went to the bathroom to look at me in the mirror.It was a shock . My vengeance was accomplished ! I had become a very muscular guy. Farewell the fatso !I kept looking at me in the mirror. I also noticed that the drink also worked on gender. My package is seen through my shorts !It was time that I come back to the gym !Just arrived , the morons have understood nothing !"Bottle of oil is com..."The laughter stopped net ."Who's back ?" I asked ."What the..." asked one of the group while advancing towards me."What ?""It is you, bottle of oil ?"Annoyed , I took this moron by the neck and lifted him.I was impressed by my strength . I raised a big fellow with one hand and effortlessly !"DON'T EVER CALL ME LIKE THAT ! OK ?""... O... Ok..." trying to say, the asshole shocked of what is happened.Once released , the band (frightened) left the room (very) quickly. I was more than happy ! Finally I was another man ! My life would change ! And it has changed!I now work in the fitness room for obese people as a coach ! Steve became my best friend. I have a boyfriend. (Yeah, I discovered that I'm gay !)Life smiles at me !Thank you LGM Drinks !
  4. Hi ! I love your avatar ! :)

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