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    Muscle worship, wrestling, being crushed between massive quads, and thoroughly dominated
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    5ft-6in. 145lbs, 30in waist.
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    Stories and photos of muscle dominating smaller men
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    5ft-6in. 155lbs 28in waist 15" arms
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    worship, muscle domination, wrestling

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  1. Wish our paths could cross one day big man!
  2. Thanks all! Sadly, the closest person to me on Rentmen is about an 8 to 10 hour drive away from me. I live in a small city on the Canadian Prairies - Winnipeg. But, the idea of using some other mechanism may work. I actually tried following local bodybuilders on social media. My profile mentions my interests, though I haven't messaged them. I"m a bit worried about freakin' them out.
  3. Hey Does anyone have experience with how to locate a local guy who would be willing to be worshipped? I would love to find a bodybuilder on the DL who was willing for a non-sexual, but somewhat erotic, worship experience on a regular basis. I hear stories of guys who have found that. HOW?
  4. This pic with that explanation... whoa.
  5. Hey, I have always been a muscle admirer. My spouse has packed on about 20lbs of muscle which has been just f-ing hot! 6 months ago, I dedicated myself to lifting and eating well and started making some nice progress. Folks at work began to comment on my increasing muscularity. And my lifts were all improving. I have had a history w/bad knees, hips, and feet which got aggravated in August because of some non-working out issues. My physiotherapist asked me to not do legs until we correct those issues (there has been progress on that front, but not enough just yet). But, I was still doing upper body. I developed a pretty bad lung infection that has stuck w/me for 4 weeks, now. I cannot do much w/o hacking a lung. I went to my primary care provider and he asked me to lay off strenuous exercise for a while. I am going bat crazy and am beginning to notice loss of gains. Thoughts on saying f-it and returning to lifting and/or how to overcome these setbacks if I do wait till the lung infection leaves... Totally discouraging!
  6. This thread is fantastic! And as someone who has only fantasized about finding a muscle man to worship - how do you go about finding someone to worship? I've had little to no luck in that area.
  7. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/wrestlinggaystories/files/Teacher%20%26%20The%20Student/
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