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  1. portamivia

    The Police Brute - Episodes I & II

    Bump! Any news on chapter 3?
  2. portamivia

    Transformation Part I: Mutation - Chapter Fifteen

    Oh. My. God. Su FUCKING hot! Love the descriptions of his strength and his limitless power. Oh man, this made me so hard. And my darkest part kinda wishes IT to prevail and conquer and crush everything for his own pleasure... ;-) Really hope you continue this!
  3. portamivia

    Young Tony Stories

    Seems like reocities has finally died. All those stories are gone.
  4. portamivia

    A is for Alpha and Antoine - Part Three

    Oh man, we should totally RP this together! (For the more violent version, of course! )
  5. Oh wow, thanks for the shoutout! And please, please: can we do anything to push you into finishing your Superior series? I love your darker stuff...
  6. Hey guys, I remember a story where a girl in her –I think– twenties gets a gift from her father. A very muscular android to keep her safe. She enjoys her new companion and sort of flirts with him. I remember that in one scene, her phone falls off her hand (or she lets it fall) and it skids under a car. Her muscular blond android grabs the side of the car, lifts it, and recovers the phone. How was that story called, who wrote it, and where is it now? And most importantly, will somebody please continue it? Ciao
  7. portamivia

    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 14 of 14

    Loved it! Thank you so much. And we’re waiting for more! I’d love to bounce off ideas for your next story... ;-)
  8. portamivia

    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 5 of 14

    I already fear the moment when it’ll all be over... really love the writing!
  9. portamivia

    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 3 of 14

    What an amazing story! Thanks so much: love your writing.
  10. portamivia

    Young Tony Stories

    Have you put it in the unfiltered section? I can’t access it (don’t want to). Can you send it to me through private message? Ciao!
  11. portamivia

    NEW Discord Server & Clubs (aka Groups) are back!

    I appreciate CMiller solution (and the work that went into it). But yes, I would have left our comments in place.
  12. portamivia

    Young Tony Stories

    So did you post it, in the end? We want to read it!