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  1. What a very promising start! Let's see more, please!
  2. Loved this! Do you ever RP scenarios like this one? I’m into it, minus the furries...
  3. You’re thinking about the Transform series from AKA. I think that part is called the college something? Try to search transform and it should come up.
  4. This violent story shouldn’t make me so hard... hot! I hope he’ll turn to dominating the world soon...
  5. Will you ever write us another hot story?

  6. Late to the party, but -god!- what a party! Loved everything about this story. And yet I’m reading it as if its title was looming on it like a big shadow...
  7. Oh let me bump this up again. Just for the sake of seeing it again on the front page... ? Oh, Goremeridian, can we pay you to continue? We probably would.
  8. Did you write this for me? :-) It really speaks to me. Miss chatting with you, big guy. Can’t wait to read more...
  9. This must be the first Chinese story? That’s great! (If I only could read it...)
  10. So HOT and beautifully written! Hmmmmm can’t wait to read more and MORE! Thank you so much for this wild ride. Not sure how many people realize how much work this is!
  11. Pushing all my buttons, man. Glad to see you writing so much again... would love to chat or RP with you again, stud. Ciao!
  12. Hmmmm... I’m loving this. Nice way of depicting a super human...
  13. How is it possible that I didn’t comment on this? This is ridiculously HOT. We want more more MORE! There’s so much Jack can destroy...
  14. Hmmmmm loving this! Who cares if other people wrote something similar? You’ll give it your own spin. Also: do chat with me, I have lots of darker ideas for how this could develop! ?
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