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  1. portamivia

    The Twist

    Grrrrrrrr! Hot! Need another one soon...
  2. portamivia

    teenage destroyers or muscle snuff stories

    Unstoppable gods who destroy worlds for fun are my typical RP. Play with me.
  3. portamivia

    A little life, the book

    My favorite adjective for this book is actually “manipulative”. It’s just a sort of gay soap opera trying to disguise itself as a novel. It acts as if it was a deep, important book, but ends up being quite shallow. At the same time, just like soap-operas, it’s kinda addictive and you want to know what happens next. I felt I had an abusing relationship with that book. In the end it became for me what the blades are for Jude.
  4. portamivia

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 5)

    It’s fun to see how different we all can be. With that setup, I’d go all dark on superstrength and domination scenes (of course). Instead, you start with a shrink’s session and make it all about romance and relationship. It’s fun, it’s interesting and it’s hot. Can’t wait to see what happens. Also still hope for some real strength scenes... I have lots of ideas, but you wouldn’t like them! 😉 next
  5. portamivia

    "Naked" by AlsoKnownAs, from metabods

    You know, in a way it’s like you went to an English Literature Convention and told people: “hey y’all, there’s this dude who really has a way with words: he wrote lots of really amazing plays centuries ago. Name’s Shakespeare, you should check him out!" ;-) (We know AKA very well around here, and he’s on this forum, too.)
  6. portamivia

    AJ & Noah

    Yeah, go on: make AJ fall in love with Eddie. See how we like it...
  7. portamivia

    evolution of the neighbour

    Wow. That story needs a continuation... So many things could happen now!
  8. portamivia

    AJ & Noah

    How was the famous quote?
  9. portamivia

    Wrecked Up

    VERY hot!
  10. portamivia

    AJ & Noah

    Amazing story! Love the slow pace and the excitement. Can’t wait to read it all. I’m considering waiting longer and then binge...
  11. portamivia

    A little life, the book

    Hello guys. Has someone here read “A little life” by Hanya Yanagihara? Some are already calling it the Big Gay American Novel, but I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s a great book, but it’s an addictive one. I need a self-help group, now.
  12. portamivia

    AJ & Noah

    Can we turn this into a Netflix series? Pretty please? (And we should start arguing who the protagonists should be...)
  13. portamivia

    Breath of the Wild

    Oooh so many ideas... I can see him getting excited at his own power, getting naked and throwing down his weapons, ready to have some sexual fun with a whole fortified castle. He would take it on with just his bare hands, cracking open the heavy walls with either his punches or his own immense cannon... makes me hard even just thinking it.
  14. portamivia

    Breath of the Wild

    You know we want more, right? Some one-sided battle would be fun. I’d love to see Link go through a whole army...
  15. portamivia

    Lester stories

    Ciao guys, did anyone ever collected the various Lester stories of about 10-15 years ago? They used to live on the Superstrength Yahoo group but I find they’re all scattered everywhere and it’s hard to figure out a chronological order. They were mighty good!

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