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  1. God I love your work: its the perfect aesthetic that a martial arts to could have. Do you think you'll make a pic of Goku getting this huge?

    1. Biribeast


      Thanks so much man, and maybe I will !

  2. Does anyone know why I can't add an image to my signature? I've resized it to 250 pixels but it still won't upload. It says the maximum size is x 250.... 250 x what

    1. richard18


      try saving them as a jpeg

  3. Man this is really hot!! I haven't had a chance to read it till now but woo it was worth it! I love the damn intense shreddedness of the descriptions and the feathering of the quads. Those are some of my favorite muscles. I'm definitely gonna do a sketch based on this~!
  4. Biribeast

    Self Worship: Biceps

    Man this is such a hot story bro!! the description of how shredded his muscles are and how he's almost a skinless anatomy chart is just so fucking hot~
  5. Post random hot drawing ideas! Not guaranteed to come true though~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ro20316


      two studs drnking each other "protein"

    3. muscle12


      super buffed nerd

    4. huge12


      Skinny guy vs greg

      About muscle guy(greg) dominates(bully) a skinny guy.

      Sorry im a russian so i can't english very well

  6. Don't you hate it when you see a cute guy on the bus but you're too shy to go up to him and start masturbating

    1. hearmenowu2


      I know right?!?.. Especially when there cute, well built but lean (very vascular) and looks like he is hiding a very big cock.. Oh and a really nice ass.

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