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  1. This is really cool! I wish you continue it!
  2. I like the look of the new template, but the site doesn't work well with IE 11.0.9, I had to switch to chrome. Lots of problems posting links and videos and dialogs just get stuck. I don't know if that is a template issue or a more general issue.
  3. Does this story have an ending? I like it but I hoped to see what else can the husbands do with their new physiques
  4. I like the new point of view on this story, I want to read where this goes!!
  5. I wish I could, but it was in the old forum and I don't know if the author moved it here. Maybe he will find out about this new site and re-post his stories here.
  6. Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate!!
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    I'm mutador, not chocomus
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    It's tought, I'd have to think of a new plot, a new adventure so that the story continues to be interesting. I will post it if I come up with something.
  9. Note: I wrote this story back in 2005, it's pretty well constructed in terms of story telling IMHO. Again this one doesn't have sex scenes, it's got a lot of strength feats, display of power and transformation. The super fireman I was doing homework when my father, Don Volkowicz, was watching TV, just arrived home after a day of extenuating work at the Fire Station. Today they had two major fires to extinguish and he couldn’t get any time to rest. After eating, he sat on the couch with the remote control in one of his hands and a few minutes later, he fell asleep. I looked at him and tried to examinate the traits of his body: he wasn’t tall, a plain 1.67 m (5’6”) and he didn’t have big muscles, at least not those you would expect in a fireman, he was more of the scrawny type at 66 Kg (147 lbs) with flabby limbs and a little hanging belly. But all he lacked in body he had in good looks because of his handsome face, with a nice jaw, well shaped nose, attractive blue eyes, well cut dark hair and the beginning of an also dark lock-shaped beard. He was a fine 40 year old specimen of man but he felt bad sometimes because he wasn’t big as most of his partners in the Fire Department. He sometimes commented that to the family; but me and my younger sister (just about twelve) always tried to cheer him up, telling him he was the best father in the world. Well, actually, he was quite a good one, particularly because he had to raise us all on his own since Mom had died in an accident about four years ago. As a dad he was understanding and calm, always taking care of us, concerned about our feelings and such. Lately he’d been bashed in his job for being skinny, particularly he was very upset because after the death of the captain of the Station, Mr. Fanego, the Department officers chose a younger, less experienced fireman for his replacement, Rodriguez; so he was being ordered around by a 30-year-old. Reason for that decision was more a matter of physical complexion than of capacity at stopping fire. Rodriguez was kinda big, he was about 1.85m (6’1”) and with a weight of 98kg (215 lbs), and despite they recognized Don’s trajectory and abilities they preferred the younger agent for they thought a bigger figure imposed more authority. Also my father had to admit Rodriguez had a deep commanding voice while his was thin and laughable. Next morning my dad went to the Fire Station in Paternal, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires as usual, and prepared with his buddies for the (sometimes) long wait for a duty call. Usually, like that morning they played cards just to pass time, my dad had started some working out to see if he was able to bulk up about a month ago and he used some free time at the station to train, cause they had a rack with some free weights. So far he’s had very little or no results, at least none I could perceive, and I’m very perceptive of male muscle growth. After doing some workout my father joined his buddies, in the table sat Rodriguez and five other guys. Some of them were around their thirties and most at their twenties, they all were pretty big, around 1.82m (6’) in average height and 100 kg (220 pounds) in average weight. But the biggest and strongest was David Quevedo, he behaved like a macho man, he had been a weightlifter and he was 1.90 m (6’3”) 115 Kg (255 pounds), my dad wouldn’t want to get that guy angry. Though he was friendly most of the time, he’d behaved toughly and in an argument he could punch and such so no messing around with him. My dad had a reason to feel skinny compared to those men, they were all pretty big. That morning while they were playing and doing jokes, talking about Don’s workout that wasn’t actually working out, the phone rang and the station’s secretary, Melissa, told them they received an urgent call. This time it was a real situation: the Atucha Nuclear Power Plant’s core was melting dangerously. When the team heard that, they were shocked, but the commanding voice of Rodriguez made them wake up to their tasks. They dressed up quickly and stepped on the big fire truck hurrying for the place. When they arrived they realized many other firemen teams were already working, the place was an inferno. Fire was everywhere, not only the spheric core of the Nuclear Plant was in flames but also a lot of sub-units scattered around of the place. Only a few places were still without fire. When they got out of the truck, Rodriguez gave all of them their orders, when my dad’s turn came he received his orders as well: -You Fabrio are in charge of the fire down there –told Rodriguez while pointing with his finger at a big fire – and you Volkowicz must help him. My dad was pissed off, he was sent to “help” a younger guy, just because the kid was bigger!! He didn’t complain because the situation was critical. Rodriguez was actually thinking that my father was too old and small to even hold the hose so he was going to tell him to stay in the station for helping Melissa receive the duty calls and doing the paper work. Well, I think that was most unfair cause my dad was still young in my opinion and the years and years in the job had given him a lot of knowledge. After a few minutes of doing as ordered my dad began to notice fire was not being extinguished properly and new spots of flames were coming up; he began to realize he knew the reason to that and that a similar thing had happened at a fire situation he’s been many years ago. He immediately headed for Rodriguez. -Rodriguez, I think we’re not doing a good job here. -What!? What’s the matter Don? -I think the strategy is not correct, look at those spots? Fire is reappearing everywhere! We had a situation like this many years ago and what we did was... -Hey, hey, wait a sec!! Who is in charge Don!? Is it you or me!? –Rodriguez interrupted my father- There is no time to discuss about many years ago strategies you old man!! -What did you call me? You must respect my years in the force! -Know what? I don’t care your years in the force so go back to your duty and shut up! My father hit Rodriguez in the face with his right fist but it wasn’t strong enough to knock him down and Rodriguez quickly recovered, punching my father in the stomach and pushing him. My father was hurt but slowly stood up. While they were discussing, the other firemen turned to look at them, surprised. -So you’re in charge because you’re bigger, right!? – my dad said ironically and pissed off. -Of course I am, and I know how to end fire, so go back to your duties –Rodriguez answered. My father returned upset to his tasks, he knew he was right and he could stop the fire a lot faster. While he was walking to his position, thinking about Rodriguez’s words he spotted something that called his attention in an area of the Nuclear Plant that was not in fire. There, a man in a protective suit was handling some glowing tubes that contained nuclear material, the man was trying to take all the potentially dangerous stuff out of the place so no more damage would occur. Don saw in his direction and heard that the guy shouted and could notice the tubes were getting brighter and hotter, something bad was to happen. As fast as he could my dad ran to were the guy was and jumped over him, he took the tube in his hands and the guy in the suit fell to the floor some meters away. Suddenly there was a big explosion that looked like a flash of light. The light bathed Don, going through him, people looking could see his skin trespassed by rays so much his skeleton was revealed through the glow. After the blow my dad was on the floor and his body was smoking. A rescue team in protective suits approached him and amazed that he was still alive, they took his body to the hospital. At home, my younger sister and me were listening to the radio on batteries about news of the nuclear plant, when the phone rang my sister took it and as the conversation went along she began to cry and then we both hurried to the hospital. Our aunt Teresa called us on the phone and offered to take us to the hospital. Once there, a doctor explained that the situation was critical and that it was very unlikely my dad would survive. “He has received several megawatts of nuclear energy, he is in a coma state, his body seems full of burns everywhere and crackled bones, he’s with assisted breathing right now, luckily his heart is still beating...”, the doctor said. Aunt Teresa, dad’s sister, was concerned as much as we were, and though she tried to look strong for us and give us hope, she was visibly in the need to cry. We decided it was better to stay in the waiting room. As hours passed doctors appeared with news, they said the heartbeats seemed stronger and that they didn’t need to assist my father with machines for breathing. That was great news! We cheered up, still the doctor was warning us that even if my dad survived he might have irreversible sequels. They let us enter the room and could see Don all bandaged, my sister and my aunt began to cry, but I didn’t. Not because I thought as a man I shouldn’t cry, but because I had hope, with my comic book influenced 13-year-old mind I fantasized maybe nuclear radiation was not that bad after all. As days went by my dad was still alive and doctors said his condition was improving, they plainly said it was a miracle. A week after the accident my aunt was taking care of Don at the hospital while we were at school and suddenly my father moved his hand. She touched it with her finger and Don gripped it. Teresa cried for the doctors, they appeared and said it was signs my dad was getting out of coma. They took him for studies and when they returned the doctor was shocked at the news more than my aunt: “His bones are all welt, and also his skin seems to be healing very quick, this kind of situation is not very usual with these patients!”. Teresa was happy and after school we went to the hospital and she gave us the good news. A few days after that my dad woke and a few days more he could speak. It took only a week more after that (a total of three weeks recovery) when Don was taken out the bandages. Doctors were in awe his skin was completely cured and they decided he would stay a couple of days more for observation. Dad began to feel hungry and doctors said he could eat whatever hospital food he wanted. It was strange to us how much he ate, he usually ate a third the amount he was eating in hospital. As days went by my dad began to walk and he turned perfectly healthy. Nobody could believe it, when asked how he felt my dad said “as good as before the accident, or better”. I was beginning to think maybe I was right, maybe something unusual was going on with him and the radiation. From hospital my dad went home and stayed a couple of days resting, aunt Teresa offered help at home so we lived with her for a couple months. Dad said he didn’t want to rest and he felt very good and wanted to go back on duty but we asked him to stay home because it was too soon. At home we noticed he still ate a lot more food than usual, but we also noticed how well he was curing because he could spend all day playing with me and my sister in the backyard. After some days at home he decided he should go back to work, when Rodriguez heard about this he called on the phone and told him he was giving my dad job as a receptionist helping Melissa, he said it would be “for a couple of days, until we see you’re fully recovered” , but in fact he wanted my dad to stay there ’til his retirement. That is the way my dad began working again, taking phone calls, tidying up papers and such... he was pissed off but every time he complained Rodriguez told him his orders were not to be discussed. A month passed by and my dad just did as ordered, only leaving the office to make some free weight training that didn’t give many results, and hanging around with his partners, they weren’t that bad after all. He didn’t realize in the meantime something was going on with his body. After that month dad came home one day and I was the only one to notice. -Dad! Did you look in the mirror, I think you’re bigger than yesterday. –I pointed. -What!? –Don was surprised. Teresa was in the room and she laughed -Maybe you’re just making up things, you read too much comic books- aunt said to me. -Well, I feel different -my dad said and he removed his T-shirt. -Wow!! Danny (me) is right!! You have more muscles! -Teresa exclaimed, after all she was his sister, and she knew him well. She was right, my dad touched his torso to check himself up, he didn’t grow huge but he had more definition in all the muscles and instead of a belly he had a flat stomach. Also I could notice his biceps were beginning to show up. He had almost a swimmer’s build. -Maybe all those workouts are paying off! –Dad said and bent his right arm and a biceps bounced up. -Can I touch it? –I asked. -Of course, son. Then I approached him and put a hand in his upper arm and could feel the muscle appearing was quite hard, but still pretty small. My sister jumped about shouting she wanted to touch also and dad gave her the opportunity. Daddy laughed, Teresa also joined and touched Don’s arms and torso, “Hey! Look at my big brother!” she exclaimed. -I also think you’re taller– I said to Dad (Geez! Was I the only one who noticed?!). -Do you think so? Go get the tape measure! –he said. Me and my sister brought the tape and he brought a scale from the bathroom. His weight had increased in 4Kg to 70Kg (155 lbs) (considering he’d gained all muscle and lost a lot of body fat) and he was 1cm taller (1.68m, 5’6 1/3”). But I knew this wasn’t the end of it for I could clearly see my dad’s muscles were slowly growing in front of my eyes. Days went by and dad’s partners didn’t notice his changes much, but he was still growing, he was adding approximately 4kg (9 pounds) of new muscle and 1cm (slightly more than 1/3”) of added height a week. A week passed and he was 1.69 (almost 5’7”) and 74kg (164 pounds). That morning at work there was a duty call, and as usual all other firemen could go but my father. When they received the call Rodriguez just pointed at him while saying “you’re not coming!” and my dad had to stay there. He was pissed off and sad, so once everyone had left he went to the weight rack to see if he could get some of his anger out. When he tried and lifted a weight he left the day before, he surprised. “Hey! What the hell!”, he first thought somebody had tried to play a joke, changing the weights. “This thing is light as a feather”, he said, and curled the 9kg (20 pounds) barbell many times as if it didn’t weight much. He then grabbed another heavier one to see if it was a joke, the 15kg (30 pounds) barbell was only slightly heavier to him and he could curl it no problem. He grabbed a 20kg (45 pounds) one and he felt some strain with it but not much, he was perfectly able to curl it. “Holy fuck!” he thought, “I’m stronger!”. There was a place were they kept all kind of fire equipment like extinguishers, hoses, ladders. He tried and see what he could do with them, because sometimes he had trouble lifting up the gear. He first tried the hose that was rolled. The thing weighed a good 20kg (45 pounds) maybe, Don was happy to see he could grab it very easily and manage it. Then he tried the ladder, it was big and weighed about 30kg (65 pounds), he took it with both his hands and put it up and down, happy now he could easily handle it. In a corner there were a couple of red long and thick fire extinguishers that were full and weighing a good 25kg each (55 pounds), he grabbed one in each hand and to his surprise he could lift both of them at the same time. At first dad didn’t connect his gains with the accident, he just thought maybe the workout was paying off, but it was just that all the nuclear power that had been absorbed by the molecules of his body was beginning to manifest. As time went by my dad’s body continued to grow and so did his physical strength. The third week of growth he was 1.70m(5’7”) and 78Kg (173 lbs), the next one he was 1.71m (5’7 1/3”) and 82Kg (182 lbs). He went from swimmer’s build to beginning of athlete type of build, we could clearly see his back widening, neck growing thicker and arms bigger at 43 cm (17”), thicker legs and everything. And GROWING. Next week he was a good 1.72m and 86kg (191 lbs), he was getting rugby player or weightlifter build, and that’s when the other firemen began to notice. One of them, after cautiously looking at my dad exclaimed something like “damn, you’re getting big, buddy!” -Yes, - dad answered – my workouts seem to be paying off, don’t you think!? -Know what! You should arm wrestle Quevedo! What do you think big man? Quevedo was sitting there and the men looked at him. -Yeah, why not! –Quevedo said, sat on the table and extended his right hand. He knew he was going to win anyway, cause he was still much bigger than my dad. Dad looked at him and put his own hand in place. Both men grabbed their hands, dad wanted to show his new strength so he gripped tight, Quevedo seemed surprised at that strong grip, he wasn’t expecting it. Then one of the guys said “start!” both men began to strain, Quevedo was puzzled, it was being really hard to bend Don’s arm. My dad was holding up perfectly, using his new strength. The guy was in awe, some time passed and both men began to notice they were equally strong. My dad was happy but Quevedo didn’t like it much. As minutes went by both men began to sweat and get tired and their arms were sore. Someone had to give in. A few minutes more and Quevedo’s hand was touching the table. My dad had won. Quevedo couldn’t believe it, his hand was sore and he was angry, but he laughed. -How do you feel uh! After I let you win! Hehehe – Quevedo pretended he hadn’t lost. -You let me win? You looked like you were straining – Don said. -Oh well, yes, I was pretending... Dad knew that wasn’t true, he had truly won Quevedo, besides the big guy was massaging his sore arm. Dad’s arm soreness lasted less than a few seconds, so quickly it cured he was surprised, he didn’t even have to rub his upper-arm. Time passed and size increased. Next week daddy was 1.73 (5’8”) and 90kg (200lbs) and he was definitely beginning to look like an athlete , his body was wider all over and he began to use new clothes. He had pretty big arms now, 47cm (18 1/2”) Men at the fire station marvelled at my dad’s size increase, he looked better and he walked and moved different. That’s when my dad showed Rodriguez he could lift up all the gear very easily. That obliged him to recognize Don was fit to return to duty, besides the lack of one of the men was starting to get noticed by all the team, so my dad was allowed to go into fire extinguishing again. All the firemen were surprised how well my dad did his job and the heavy stuff he could lift. What they didn’t expect was the ever -growing and ever –strengthening process he was undergoing. Weeks passed and skinny Don was becoming more and more a hulking super dad. Aunt Teresa, seeing she was no longer needed, left, though she would visit us now and then. The 3rd month since dad’s gone out of hospital he was a different man. He stood to 1.8m (5’11”) tall and weighed a good 118kg (262 lbs), when he met new people they asked him if he was a boxer, bodybuilder or something. At this point he was perfectly aware that the growth had nothing to do with the workouts and he was also getting used to being way bigger and stronger or maybe super – stronger. At home he began to go around shirtless so we could see his perfectly developed torso, he usually wore nothing more than short pants. While he walked his 50cm (20”) upper arms were pushed outward by his huge laterals and his 80cm (33”) thighs bulged with every step. He had also bulky pecs and defined abs. His delts and neck were developed giving a powerful frame to his head, I’d noticed that listening to a small man speaking was very different to listening to a man whose head was attached to a powerful body, for example, since I was just 1.63cm my dad was about a head taller than me now, just being obliged to look UP at him so big and wide while we talked if we were standing or just walking made a huge difference, everything he said seemed more important. I also tried my best not to upset him, though to me his superstrength was awesome and nobody deserved it better than him, it also intimidated me, once we were walking in the park and he just played a joke to me, pretending he was angry and “lightly” punched my shoulder, for him it was a gentle punch but I felt like ten rugby players were hitting me, I had to go to hospital to get my shoulder checked! Doctors said it was taken out of place but bounced back by itself and if the punch had been just a little bit stronger he would have broken the juncture completely. My dad was so sorry, he made sure I knew how bad he felt for that and tried to compensate, he turned extra-gentle with me, giving me all I wanted for a while just to apologize, like extra-money to go out with my friends, paying for electronics stuff I always wanted, etc. That’s what I love from my dad, he is so kind and gentle. At the fire station Rodriguez was distrustful and jealous of my dad because of his muscle increase and his incredible strength. At first he thought Don was taking steroids, one day when they were at the table waiting for a call Rodriguez had to mention it: -Don, be sincere with me, do you have a drug problem? -What? –my father was surprised. -Yes, I mean, look at you, your muscles, nobody grows big this fast. You’re on ’roids, right? -I’ll tell you something – my dad stood up and his size impressed Rodriguez - from now on you’ll have to take care the way you treat me, you’d better respect me, ok? -Oh, really? And what are you gonna do about it? –Rodriguez stood facing my dad, he was still a little taller than Don but looked thinner and weaker. My father took Rodriguez from his shirt collar with his big right hand and lifted him up almost 30cm (a foot) over the floor and held him there. -Wanna have a taste of my strength? –my dad said. Rodriguez was amazed. -Ok, ok, put me down! I’m not pissing you off again. -Right. –Don put him down gently on the floor and smiled. The 4th month since he was out of hospital, was the point in which my dad began to look like a big bodybuilder, he reached 130kg (290lbs) and 1.83m (6’) tall. He was bulky, this time he began to experience other changes like a deepening of the voice, and new thick hair sprouting in his chest and some in his abs and legs; he also decided he would leave a full beard in his face. All these made him look more handsome than ever, with his new muscles, voice and beard he looked manly as hell. My dad’s growth lasted until the 7th month since he went out of hospital. Since the 4th month he added about 48kg (100 lbs) of pure muscle to his frame making him a 178kg (395lbs) man and his height rose to 1.95m (6’5”), he was the incredible hulk only he was good-looking. The way he moved and behaved gave a handsome and attractive feel to him because he was well-proportioned. His torso, arms and legs were enormous and now he had a deeper louder voice than ever. His strength was ridiculous, having overpowered Quevedo by many many times, he was even much stronger than all the other firemen combined, he could not only lift the gear now, he could easily lift the whole fire truck with firemen and gear inside, he could heft big chunks of walls and columns, he picked up cars like they were made of cardboard, dammit, he was perfectly able to support a 50 store building with his hands if he had to. When he stood up next to Quevedo or Rodriguez he made them look puny, he was 5 cm (2”) taller and 65 kg (144 lbs) heavier than Quevedo and 10 cm (4”) taller and 80 kg (180 pounds) heavier than Rodriguez. His measurements were as follows: 76,5 cm (30”) upper-arms, while Quevedo’s were only 52 cm (20”); 48 cm (19”) forearms, while Quevedo’s were just 34 cm (13”); 96 cm (37”) waist, just an inch over Quevedo’s; 177 cm (70”) chest, while Quevedo’s was 127 cm (50”), 106 cm (42”) thighs while Quevedo’s were just 69 cm (27”). Smaller than Don’s biceps!! 70 cm (27”) calves and 66 cm (26”) neck; while Quevedo’s calves and neck were equally just 46 cm (18”). Just for comparison’s sake, Rodriguez had 40 cm arms (15 ¾”), 114 cm (45”) chest and puny 55 cm (21 ½”) thighs. “Damn, this feels good”, thought Don while walking job that morning. He was wearing a short sleeved plaid shirt and tight flannel trousers. In the street everyone ogled him in awe, people even commented when they saw him. This only increased his self confidence, feeling his powerful legs taking him where he wanted was awesome, he couldn’t help thinking that if he just stepped a little stronger he would easily cause a dent in the floor. He thought, “Maybe I’ll do it, What if I hit the floor with my feet and crack a hole in it, what if I punch a wall and blow it away right now?”, but he refrained, there were better things to use his strength at, fact is, he loved using his super-strength, he tried it any chance he got. While passing by a dead-end street, he saw a young guy cursing at a big trash container, he was trying to move the thing pushing it with his whole body and as he couldn’t he kicked it with anger several times. Don got close to the guy, put one of his heavy hands in the guy’s shoulder and asked him what was wrong. The guy was awe struck, he didn’t know if it was Don’s deep powerful voice that shocked him or his amazing size. “Oh, uh, Sir”, though Don was looking at him in a friendly way, the guy was intimidated, “thing is, a couple guys wanted to play me a joke and took my bike an threw it behind the container”. “Uh, I see, and you can’t move it”, said Don understandingly, while taking his hand off the little man. “Yes, this is heavy as hell”, said the guy while trying to push the thing with all his might. “Maybe I can help you”, with this, Don put his left hand on a side of the container, and pushed effortlessly, immediately the thing slid half a block to the end of the street as if it were weightless, the base of it scraping the floor, the steel sparkling against the sidewalk. The guy just stared open-mouthed, he couldn’t believe it, there laid his bike and he quickly grabbed it “Damn it!! You’re so fucking strong! Thank you man!”, he said. “No problem kid”, Don said while gently patting at the guy’s back, “I like helping little men like you”. After watching the guy going out with his bike Don went close to the container, crouched and grabbed it from its base, without even breathing hard he stood up and the thing was lifted up with him, it weighed three quarters of a ton, “Heavy as hell?”, he said, “this feels light as a feather”. He easily walked to where the thing had been and gently put it down, he grinned, rejoiced at his own might. Don resumed his walking and entered the fire station, there Rodriguez saw him coming in. When Don got close to him, Rodriguez couldn’t help but feel a little thrilled by Don’s size and self-assured attitude. “Mm, Vo…Volkowicz, you’re a little late this morning”, noted Rodriguez, his voice was almost trembling. “Have there been any duty calls?”, asked my dad. “Well, guess no”, answered Rodriguez. “Then, I guess there is no problem, what do you think?”, said Don while grabbing his hips with his hands, expanding his enormous chest and getting a few steps closer to Rodriguez. “It’s ok, mm, guess we’ll let it pass for today”, was his reply. My dad loved intimidating Rodriguez with his strength and size, he tried this every occasion he had, his favorite was once he had to walk to the other end of the room, and Rodriguez was standing in his way, he single-handedly grabbed him from his belt and lifted him over his head, while saying “sorry, little guy, I need to pass” and put him back down to a side with gentle and steady grip. The lifting was his favorite, but he also did other things like pushing him away or just shaking hands too strong; he once gripped him with such might Rodriguez went weak on the knees, growled and begged him to stop. My dad loved showing off his strength and size; one day, after he’d acquired his actual size, aunt Teresa came for a visit, it’d been long time since we didn’t see her, when she left my dad was just about 1.78m (5’10”) or so tall and weighed just about 90kg (200 lbs). Dad opened the door and received her, at first she thought she got the wrong house, she couldn’t recognize the immense man in front of her as her brother. My dad was wearing just a pair of shorts and a tank top. After a few moments, she shouted “Don!! Is it you?! My GODNESS!”. Don just smiled at her and crouched, lifted her in a hug and brought her inside. “Oh my, you’re huge! Look at that! How tall are you?”, she asked while standing in front of him. “I guess I’m about 1.95m (6’5”), maybe a little more”, said him while putting his hands in his hips with pride. Aunt Teresa was just 1.58m (5’2”) so even standing very straight, the top of her head didn’t even reach Don’s nipples. “Wow, is that your voice?! You sound like an announcer, wow! You’re so tall if I keep looking up at you I’ll break my neck”, she remarked. Don hit a double biceps pose and she marveled. He relaxed his pose and she tried to grab his upper-arm with her hands, wow, aunt’s hands looked really small next to that big arm. Don bent his arm for her so she would have more to grab, she exclaimed “wows”, she run her hands through my dad’s back, and caressed his enormous laterals. “Damn, look at these”, she said for the lats, then she looked down and cried “and look at those legs! My god, I’ve never seen legs like those.” “Come here dad!”, I told him and brought a chair, he would put his huge foot over the chair, bending his leg, this move made his immense thigh flex into a ball of muscle. I put my hands on it and caressed “feel this auntie, there is strong mass in here”, I told her. She put her hands in it, she was ecstatic. “Wow, my big brother”, she jumped at him and Don grabbed her with an arm and held her up over him. “Hey, now you’ll have to take care not to upset your big brother, hehe”, Don said and we cheered. Then he gently put her down and he told us to wait in the couch for a moment, he went to his room. He appeared a few minutes later wearing his old clothes that were just too tight, the old pants impossibly ultra-snug to his legs and one of his old XXL shirts which no longer fitted, all buttoned and about to burst, his muscles clearly bulking and impossibly stretching the fabric; he then bent his right arm and the huge biceps popping destroyed the sleeve; then did the same with his other arm and also expanding his chest removed the buttons from top to bottom. We all sat on the couch while he performed for us, watching as he flexed every single part and his bulging muscles tore the seams, ending up in just a pair of briefs. It was morning at the Station, right after Don had gone to his tasks, two old men came, these men were supervisors from the City Council, Rodriguez received them with surprise and asked them some explanations. They were there to check out a situation that had been reported, of the unfair promotion to Captain of a too-young fireman. They made all kinds of questions to everyone and checked on records. They were heard remarking how “good the files reported about this man, Volkowicz”, they said they wanted to meet him personally. “I’m afraid he hasn’t come today”, Rodriguez said. Don wasn’t too far from the place and overheard the conversation, he went close to them and asked “What are these men looking for?”. The two old men were surprised, they’d never seen a guy like that, looking so big and strong. “Well, we’re looking for Don Volkowicz, do you know him?”, asked one of them. “Of course I do, said Don, it’s me”. “Oh, my!, excuse us, we expected someone two heads shorter and a hundred kilos (240 pounds) lighter than you”. Don smiled and gently shook hands with the men, they went somewhere else and talked in private for a while, asking him questions. A few days later, in the morning, the two men came again and informed the whole station that they had a new Captain, it was Don, and Rodriguez was degraded to cape. Nobody dare say but everyone was happy everything was in the right place now. That day, Don ordered Rodriguez right away: “I want my office clean by noon”. Rodriguez had nothing to say, and did as ordered. A couple months passed by and everyone got used to the way things had turned. Most of the times, once a fireman is named Captain he quits doing the hard work, he just gives orders and leaves the tough tasks to his inferiors. This was not the case with Don, since he loved using his physique, he was always in the middle of the fire situations. Effectiveness of the station raised dramatically under his command, because of his experience but also because of his incredible physical capacities that allowed him to do things that couldn’t be done before. Soon he discovered he was almost invulnerable; no bullet could penetrate him, no flame could burn him, no blade would cut him, no needle could pinch him; his body was tougher than tempered steel, stronger than titanium, he couldn’t be crushed, or exploded or whatever. He could breathe in any kind of mortal fumes, like smoke from a chemical factory without any consequence at all. Smoke couldn’t even affect his eyesight and not even his hair was burnt by fire, making him perfect for his job. That night they had a calling and quickly moved all men. When they got to the place it was very tough, Don quickly held a hose and ordered his men to flow water at full pressure. The place was a factory and it was burning very bad, it just had a little door that was closed, Don thought he’d better be holding the hose pointing at the roof and ordered four of his men, including Rodriguez to try and open the little door. The four men used a special steel tube, swinging it with their combined might and crushing it against the door several times; but apparently it was too well closed and it wouldn’t open. Don shouted at them he would take care of the door; and ordered the four men to keep the hose steady for him. The amount of water coming out from it was incredible, yet Don was keeping it steady with just one hand. They all took the hose as well as they could, and once they were sure Don let it go. Oh my, the thing began to shake and the four man could barely control it; they had to adjust their stance and put the hose close to their bodies grabbing it under their armpits just to keep it in place; no near as steady as Don could keep it effortlessly with one of his hands. Don stepped in front of the door, gave a look at it and noticed it had a handle. He thought maybe he could pull the door out. He grabbed the handle and though it was almost red with heat he wasn’t hurt at all. Without much effort on his behalf he pulled, to his surprise the door was well stuck with the wall and instead of just the door, the whole wall gave in and crumbled, Don just took a few steps back and gave a look at what his hand was holding up easily: a big chunk of heavy thick wall with the door just –in the middle-. He threw the thing away without concern, it must have flown about 20 meters (60 feet). Then ordered his men to shoot the water at the opening he’d done. As he saw their men had trouble directing the hose, he went next to them and grabbed the hose in his hands, easily directing it. He ordered them to grab other lighter hoses and point at the opening too. This operation extinguished the fire very quickly; and once the place was safe; a couple cops came in to investigate, they told Don they suspected an incendiary was behind all this. They walked with Don inside the ruins of the factory, looking for traces of gasoline or any other product that may have ignited fire. They checked out all the possible places but there was nothing. One of the cops pointed at a part of the factory and said “damn, if only we could see what’s behind that debris”. The place was blocked by a thick ball of wall pieces attached to bent steel seams, these weighed a couple tons. The other cop said they’d better come tomorrow with a crane to move that. Don just told the guys to take a couple steps back and he’d handle it. Then he grabbed the ball by two of the twisted seams, and bam!! He lifted it, no challenge for my mighty dad. After the fire Don had taken out the protective clothing so he was just wearing a pair of blue t-shirt and short pants and slippers. This allowed the cops to have a close look at how Don’s back seemed to get even wider and thicker with the task and how his deltoids, biceps, triceps and forearms tensed and bulked even more than they already did in rested position. His legs were an spectacle too, they were thick and well up to the task, while Don stood up with the heavy debris in his hands his thighs and calves expanded to the sides and stretched the short pants’ fabric. In a few moments, Don cautiously put the thing in a corner where it wouldn’t cause trouble. Once the area was clear the cops could work on it and found out traces of the same compounds present in two similar cases that had happened before in the neighborhood. “Damn, this relates to the same guy”, said one of the cops. The other cop seemed distracted by something, “hey, who is that kid?”. He could see a kid hiding, peeping at them; “He may have been a witness!”, the other cop replied. “Hey, come here boy! We’ll ask you some questions”, instead the kid was going away, “come here, we won’t harm you!”, then the kid started running away. The two cops were suspicious and run after the kid as fast as they could. Don decided he would help them and ran after the kid as well. The kid ran too fast and the cops weren’t in good condition so they quickly got tired and had to stop; but Don’s never-ending stamina allowed him to follow the kid very easily, he ran after the boy at a speed that was less than a quarter what his legs were capable of; and he quickly reached for the boy in a parking lot, but the kid was smart and hid behind some trucks. Don checked out the place with his eyes, “Come out boy, I won’t hurt you, cops want to ask you just a few questions!”, said with his deep voice that echoed back and forth in the lonesome lot. Then the kid let a small noise come out and Don quickly went close to the back of one of the trucks, he put his hand under it and easily lifted it up; the kid was revealed, all fearsome he continued running as fast as he could. Don yelled “Damn!” and let the back of the truck go with a furious thud. He went after the kid and as he was quickly reaching for him the kid just vanished in the floor. “What the fuck!”, cried Don. A moment later, he arrived to where the kid had disappeared, there was a sewer opening the kid’s thrown himself into, the cap was just laying on a side apparently it was left open by a company that’d been doing repairs. “Witty boy”, he said, his wide muscle body couldn’t get past the opening; so he crouched and yelled at it, trying to persuade the boy to come out. Yet he had no response. When he was going to rip the pavement open with his hands something came to his mind: there weren’t many ways out of the sewer; and a kid as small as that couldn’t lift the heavy round steel caps the openings had. He then grabbed the (for him) light as a feather cap and closed that exit just in case. He then rushed to a place he knew the kid would have to come out at. In a few moments, Don arrived at a sewage processing plant, the place was closed with havy gates, with tightly piled thick iron bars; and locked with a special system. Don didn’t think much about it and put his hands in between two bars, like a blast he extended his arms and expanded his chest and the iron bars bent like butter or clay, the gates twisted and were torn into useless crap. He quickly got in and got close the ending of a big pipe he thought would be the kid’s first option for getting out. It was blocked with a pretty thick steel grill; to make sure the kid would use this Don ripped the grill away with his hand and hid it somewhere else. He awaited behind the opening so the kid couldn’t see him. Just a few moments after that the kid was getting out as he expected. He grabbed the boy from his back, and lifted him, turned him around to face him, holding the kid at eye level, “you’re one slippery little boy, uh!”, he said! “It’s not easy to scape a man like me”, he said this while bending one of his arms, the kid looked awe struck at the immense biceps that popped off, which collaborated with his heaving triceps to strain Don’s T-shirt’s sleeve, he had a close look at the monster elbow and the thick bulking and veiny fore-arm connected to a proportionally wide and thick wrist which led to his big fisted hand with fingers so thick and strong they easily twisted steel. “Don’t worry little fella, I’m not gonna hurt you, I’ll just get you to the cops who will ask you a few questions; your scape just made you all the most valuable”, Don explained the kid. Suddenly the boy looked in a pocket and pulled out a gun, it was a 38, too much for a kid like that; pointed at Don and shot at his chest. The bullet just bounced off Don’s immense pectoral and he gave a severe look at the kid, he took the gun from the kid’s hand and said “Didn’t mom tell you not to play with these kind of things?”, while saying this Don pressed the gun crushing it in his hand in front of the kid’s face until it was reduced to twisted metal and plastic shreds which fell to the floor, the kid’s mouth was wide open. Don looked down at the remnants and said “this is not going to cause any more harm”. Later, the cops saw Don coming, bearing the boy in his arm. They checked the kid’s pockets for extra weapons and found the kid had a small video camera hidden. While still being held by Don, cops began to make the boy questions regarding who he was making the recording for. He replied he couldn’t say, or he would be in danger. Don tried to calm the kid down, saying he’d seen just how powerful he was and that he would protect him. Cops tried to encourage the kid to talk, they told him they were going to find who was behind this with or without his help. They threatened with jailing him for several years (they knew they couldn’t do that, but the kid believed). Scared, the boy told them the owner of a bar nearby had given him the videocamera and payed in advance for the videoing job; the only condition was he would not tell anyone or they’d kill him. “Don’t worry son”, said Don with his deep manly calm and confident voice,”you did good, nothing bad is going to happen”. “Who’s bar is it? Who is the owner?”, asked one of the cops who was older and balding. “It is called ‘Irlanda Bar’, and the owner is known as The Irish”, said the kid in a trembling voice. The bar was well known, and Don offered to help, but the cops told him they would take care. A few hours later the cops appeared at the bar; Captain Golvin was the elder one and more experienced, about 50, while Sergeant Senna was in his thirties, he was considered pretty cute and also a big strong guy, easily 1.87m (6’2”) and 115 kg (250 pounds), though next to Don he looked pretty puny. They never wore cop suits because they belonged to a separate detective department, most people realized they were cops anyhow. Once in the bar people looked at them real weird, they didn’t fit. The bar was pretty big and it wasn’t only just a drinking and dancing place, there was a wrestling arena in the middle and a place for people to stand looking at the fights. It wasn’t wrestling time so in the arena were just a couple guys training, for their style they realized they fought no holds barred. The cops sat at the bar and took a couple drinks, then they began asking questions to the barman; if he knew the owner of the place, if they could talk to him a few minutes; the Barman said “no” to all that, and ensuring the cops didn’t realize he made signals to a couple big guys that were playing billiard. In just a few seconds five men came close; they were all big muscle fellas, none of them was shorter than 1.85m (6’1”1/2) and none lighter than 120 kg (260 lbs), obviously wrestlers. “What’s the matter Nico?”, asked one of the biggest guys with a deep voice; this was easily a 130 kg (300 pound) man 1.90m (6’3”) tall built as a bull, he was wearing a leather jacket without sleeves that exposed his huge arms with a tattoo. He was bald at the forehead but had black hair shoulder length. He also had a piercing in his left brow. “These men are asking for The Irish”, said the barman. Both officers stood. “I think they are cops.” “The Irish will not come today”, said the big guy, “So Fuck off”. Golvin was about to pull out his gun, one of the men noticed it and grabbed his arm, pushed him and punched him in the face, knocking the wind out of him, making him fall. Senna charged at the big guy with his shoulder, the man went out of balance but quickly grabbed him and all the other guys began to punch him, the cop could do nothing. After both cops were punched really hard, they were thrown away in the street by the five bullies, they turned and twisted in the ground, bruised. After the cops had gone, Don was left alone with the kid, he realized he was holding him still up and said “sorry” while gently put him down on the floor and took him to the fire truck where the boy could have a seat. The kid began to cry, “Hey, little fella, don’t cry”, said Don and enveloped the boy with his huge arm. Don asked him a few questions, the kid answered in between sorrows. He was 11 and his name was Camilo, he had no parents and was living in the streets. Don brought Camilo home with us, we were surprised when right at the doorway our dad came in and said “I need to introduce you a new friend”. Then Camilo stepped in, he was olive skinned and had black hair and eyes. Dad explained us the circumstances and that the kid would live with us for a couple weeks until he found him a place, I accepted it with enthusiasm but my younger sister didn’t like the idea, despite she was too fearsome, she was right “the kid came from the streets and he stole and used guns and what if he was a bad guy”. However, it didn’t take much until she realized the kid was good and could be our friend. The weekend came, Dad forgot about all and wanted to spend some time with us. We played volleyball at the backyard with Camilo, who we’ve found was very fun to stay with, his bad attitude could be blamed at the bad influences he had. Dad didn’t play with us, because of his super-strength he wouldn’t play games in places were things could be broken by him. Last time we played he inadvertently hit a column with his elbow while trying to catch a ball and almost brought down the ceiling. Actually when he’d first acquired his super physique he didn’t know his own strength; once we were playing he hit the ball what he thought would be really soft but it flew away like a bullet, missed my head for just a few centimeters, hit a wall creating a hole in it; then caused a Dent in the living-room floor and the ball was blown to pieces. Dad regretted it a lot, and thanked god it didn’t hit my head. Since then Don had a lot more control of his might, though he could hit the ball with kindness now he had to take care about the buildings. That’s why we decided we should go and play in the open air. Don owned a pretty big van, the only car he could fit in. He took my sister, Camilo and me down a route in search for a nice field to play ball in, the day was sunny and calm, after a few minutes driving he was going to cross a bridge but he had to stop, several cars were jammed before the bridge. We waited for a couple minutes and Don turned off the engine, he pulled out his head to look. A couple cars were stuck behind us; and those in front of us moved just a little, my dad didn’t follow them because he was trying to look what was the problem a couple meters ahead from us. A driver behind us honked at us and shouted at my dad, asking him to move on, insulting him. My dad ignored the guy, and the man was so furious he stepped out of his car and went close to my dad’s window to insult him. The man was pretty big, not huge but of decent size to be intimidating. “You feel powerful because you have a big car, uh?”, said the middle aged man. Then my dad opened the door and stepped off the van. The arguing guy looked at him in awe, Dad stood in front of him so big a wide; wearing just tight short pants and tee stretched by his enormous muscular physique. The man was like “Sorry big fella, Uh, I didn’t mean to say that”. Don just ignored him and walked a few meters ahead to see what was going on. We were curious too and followed him. Once in place he’d found out what the situation was: a group of men, some of which were firemen, were trying to rescue a horse that was hanging from the bridge. Apparently the animal had slipped and fell, but its ankle was caught in between two steel bars supporting the bridge, the poor animal was moaning in pain of his twisted ankle while five men could do little to rescue him. The fall was pretty high so the men couldn’t just free his ankle, the animal would be killed. They were trying to put ropes around him so they could pull it up but the animal was moving a lot making it impossible. The firemen saw Don appearing, and though they belonged to other district one of them said “Hey!! Look at that, this is Don Volkowicz!”, they greeted Don and told him he was famous. They explained him the situation and realized his presence there was the best thing that could ever happen. Don said he could handle it, he just crouched at the horse’s ankle and grabbed it very hard with a hand where it wasn’t twisted so the animal wouldn’t suffer much, also trying to be gentle not to brake any bone. With his remaining hand, he grabbed the steel beam that was trapping the horse’s ankle and firmly pulled at it, ripping it off completely and throwing it away. Still holding the animal, he pulled his arm up and slowly stood, picking the animal up with ease, while he balanced and calmed the horse with his other hand. He extended his arm up wide until the animal’s whole length was over the bridge. Then he gently cradled it in his arms, holding the animal so it wouldn’t have to stand on the floor right away. He bore the horse out of the bridge in firm land then softly put it down, trying to direct the animal’s weight away from its twisted leg. The horse then stood proud again, balancing itself with three legs, and lifting up the broken one, Don caringly patted the animals’ back with affection. Soon the vets would be coming. Needless to say this was a real easy task for him, firemen cheered up and thanked him; soon the place was clear and cars could pass. We all went back to the van and found a nice place to spend the afternoon, had a good time playing ball and cheering. In the evening we went back home. When we were relaxing and helping dad with the cooking, the bell rang. Dad opened the door and saw the two cops, they were bandaged, looking bruised all over and the younger one had a purple and swollen eye. “Hey! What happened to you!”, Dad said. The men explained him and told him they had a plan. The next day Don appeared at Irlanda Bar, he was all covered in black leather; leather jacket, pants, sunglasses and boots. They all looked at him, bet they’d never seen a guy big like that, it was like Terminator. His powerful way of walking directed everyone’s view to his legs who’s size was evident even through the leather. Everyone realized his wide and big torso too, since the jacket he wore was gargantuan. He got close the bar and told the barman he knew they were looking for wrestlers. The barman pointed at a group of about five guys in the other end of the room and called for “Carlos”. Carlos was the big fella that beat the crap out of the cops the other day. Don went close to Carlos who was intimidated by his looks and size but pretended not to. “And So?”, Carlos asked defiantly. -They told me you were looking for wrestlers - said Don with the confident deep tone of his voice. Carlos was a little shocked to be face to face with someone that was more man than him in every aspect: Don was bigger, heavier, more muscled, obviously stronger and had a much deeper voice. -Hey! I know you! You’re the district’s fireman captain, hey! Look what we have here boys, you wanna be a wrestler, but, do you have what it takes? -Wanna have a look?, with this Don removed his jacket, he was wearing a black t-shirt that tried to contain all his big bulges. When Carlos saw Don’s torso, he gulped. -You think you are big, uh? Think you can fight? -Well I definitely am big, don’t you think?, with this Don bent one of his arms, the immense upper-arm was easily twice as big as Carlos’. Then suddenly Carlos punched as hard as he could at Don’s stomach. Don didn’t even budge and looked back at the man, grinning widely. He was about to laugh. Carlos massaged his fist, sore after trying to punch the thickest and denser muscle ever. “Guess it’s my turn then”, said Don, and easily punched at Carlos’ belly without using even a small fraction of his might. This punch not only bent Carlos over but sent him flying to a nearby wall, hitting chairs and tables that scattered around or broke. Carlos took a while to recover and four of the other big wrestlers threw themselves over Don. “Huh, want to play”, Don said. One of the men tried to punch him but Don grabbed his wrist and held it. The guy couldn’t understand how someone could keep his hand so steady, he was clamped by Don’s grip. Don gripped tightly at the guy’s wrist until the man was bending over in pain, he then grabbed the guy with his free hand and threw him away about easily 20 meters. Other man jumped on him but he put him off just the same way, extending his arm was enough to send the guy flying to never come back. One of the guys took a baseball bat out of nowhere and hit him in the shoulder. The bat just broke in two pieces, Don just laughed and also made that guy fly like he was a rag doll. The last guy tried hitting Don’s back with a crowbar, it didn’t make any harm, he turned around and easily took the bar out the hands of the bullie, he grabbed its sides and bent it effortlessly, the thick tempered steel was no challenge for him, he looked at the bullie straight in the eyes and the guy just ran away with fear. Carlos was still dizzy, and Don decided to help him up, he grabbed him by his trouser’s belt and picked up the heavy man single-handedly like he was a scarecrow. “It’s ok man, calm down”, Carlos asked. He was even shaking. “Haha, so you think I can be a wrestler, or want another show off?”, asked Don. “No! It’s ok, let me down! Please!”. “Fine”, Don let him stand in the floor again and chuckled. “Will you take me to The Irish now?” “Fine, I’ll tell The Irish about you”, and Carlos left. A few minutes after, Carlos came in company of another man. It was no regular man, the guy was easily a couple centimeters taller than Carlos at 1.92m (6’4”) and maybe weighed a good 140 kg (320 pounds), much muscular than Carlos, he had piercing green eyes and red thick well-cut curly hair. “I suppose you must be The Irish”, Don said while looking at him. “Yes”, the Irish said, Don was a little impressed by his looks and manly voice. The Irish stood closer to Don, though The Irish was a very big man, he was slightly shorter and had clearly less muscled than my dad. “You performed quite a show-off with my men, so you wanna wrestle? Wanna add a few bucks to that puny fireman salary you have?” “Yeah”, Don said with confidence, realizing his physical superiority also compared to this man. “Then you’ll have to wrestle me, what do you think?” “No problem!”, Don cheered, “When?” “Right now”. The Irish told the men who were training in the arena to leave it, they obeyed immediately. The Irish took off his shirt and his jean trousers and shoes, he wore just a tight boxing short. “I suggest you get more comfortable, I’ll give you quite a fight”. Don took off his black t-shirt showing his hairy bulky torso, when he did that he heard a “wow!” coming from somewhere, the men were impressed. He also took off his leather trousers and boots, he was also wearing a pair of snug shorts. Both big men got in the Arena, they were not equal, Don exceeded The Irish by easily 35 Kg (75 pounds) of muscle mass, yet the red haired one felt very confident. “Let’s begin”, The Irish said. And someone made the bell ring. Don just stood there, The Irish punched at his face but Don was quick enough to dodge it. Then, furious, landed his best punch on Don’s belly. The Irish’s hand was sore, he took a few steps back and looked at Don. The big man’s hard ab muscle was so dense and powerful, Don didn’t even feel a thing, he just stood there, grinning and looking down at his opponent. “You fucker!” The Irish shouted, and landed a few kicks at Don’s laterals, but the big fella kept standing there, kicks bouncing off him like he was made of granite. Then the red haired guy made a fist with both his hands and tried to land a strong blow at Don’s head to knock him down. But Don was too quick and stopped it with his left hand. While still holding both The irish’s arms with his left hand, he grabbed the man by the crotch with his right hand, and lifted him over his head, “Hey is this a legal move?”, he asked mockingly. Then threw the guy down on the floor with a loud thud, he didn’t use much force because he didn’t want to kill him. The Irish fell dizzy on the floor and took a while to recover, seeing this, Don smiled, crouched and extended his hand offering to help him up. The Irish took his hand and as he was standing, landed a surprise punch with his free hand at Don’s face. Bad idea!, his hand hurt like crazy, and Don’s face and cheek didn’t even budge with the punch. “Hey, that almost hurt!”, Don said while chuckling and finally getting The Irish on his feet. It was a lie, it didn’t even hurt a thing. The Irish was exhausted and dizzy, Don stood pretty calm, looking at him. He looked at Don and said that it was ok, he admitted he would never beat him, he sounded really angry. Then an assistant came with a cell phone, “it’s Sergeant Peabody”. The Irish took the phone, “You fucking Irish, don’t you dare let this man leave, I want him near!”. “No darn way! I don’t keep wrestlers who can beat me like that” “Ok, this is what we’re going to do…” The Irish talked for a few moments in the phone, then hung and asked Don to come to a private room with him. “I want you to be a resident wrestler here, but I want you to pretend I beat you in the following fights”. “Hah! No fucking way, idiot, I don’t know if I can even pretend, I’m so much stronger than you”, Don motioned to leave. “Wait! I’ll pay you 50 extra grands the fight if you let me beat you”, Don stopped for a moment. Don was going to accept anyway, the plan was he would get into the organization and find solid proof that The Irish was starting up the fires. “Mmm, that sounds better”, Don said, and accepted. In the meantime, Sergeant Peabody, a man in military uniform, was sitting at a reunion table with four soldiers under his command and men in lab coats, appearing to be scientists. He hung up the phone, before them was a big screen were they had Don and The Irish in frame. One of the soldiers exclaimed “What this man has just done is amazing!” “This is exactly what we need”, said Peabody. Peabody has been since a long while trying to create a race of super-soldiers, working with the scientists, their efforts gave some minor advances, like increasing the strength of soldiers like those who guarded the military base, they were not anywhere near super-human, they were just strong like extraordinarily well-trained regular men. “We have some research on this man actually”, a scientist said while pushing some buttons in a remote control. The screen changed and displayed images of Don in different stages of growth, in the accident at the Nuclear Plant and then when he’d achieved his full capacities, bending steel, picking up a school bus, entering a place in fire and coming out without harm. “This is amazing!!”, Peabody said, “Is there any way we can duplicate these in our men?”. “We have a couple men working in that research line, Sr.”, the scientist replied, “apparently the conditions of the radiation exposure are terribly hard to replicate, all test animals we tried it on are now dead”. The other scientist almost interrupted, “But there is something we can do, if you want, a new invention we could use!”, said the man who’d been quiet until that moment. The former scientist was clearly nervous with his partner’s suggestion, and they left the room to talk in private, “What have you just done? We agreed not to tell him about that reasearch line yet!” “This could be our only chance to get more funding, to be famous!! Are you kidding?” “I don’t know” “I do know what to do, I’ll tell him anyway”. After the discussion, both men entered the room and began explaining “Well, this is what we have been researching…” Weeks passed and Don had a couple fights and became pretty popular among the public. He began to get really big bucks from the fights at night; and despite bets were huge he wondered where did The Irish get all that money from. He tried to find proofs and did all he could, he even used his superstrength to break into The Irish’s office, looked at his drawers and examined his computer and such, but there was nothing unusual in it, the fucker was clean. But still he suspected there was someone behind The Irish he had to find out. That day when Dad was back at home, me and my sister showed him our concern, “Dad, we need your help!”, I told him. “What’s wrong son?” “It’s Camilo, he left in the afternoon, he said there was something he had to do, that it would take half an hour, but he never came back, do you think he could have escaped from us??” “Well, did you have an argument or something?”, he asked. “Not at all dad!! Actually we were just playing when he remembered he had to go!”. “Damn it!”, the huge man said. Then the phone rang, Don took it. A mysterious voice asked “Is it Don Volkowicz?” “Yes”, replied my dad in his deep bass tone. “Who is it?” “We have Camilo, if you want him see what’s inside the mailbox between streets Thomas and Philips”, they passed the phone onto Camilo and he shouted “I’m here, don’t come for me, I’ll be fine!”. Don wondered why he shouldn’t go, with all his super abilities nothing bad could happen to him, he was unstoppable. The mysterious voice gave him the adress, “I’ll be there you suckers! Don’t touch the boy or you’ll regret it”, Don replied, hanging up the phone with fury. We asked dad to go with him but he said it was too dangerous, then he left driving his van. He reached for the mailbox the man on the phone mentioned. Desperate, he ripped it off the ground and pried it open with his superstrong hands; steel easily shredded and torn to find a map inside, leading to a mysterious place. In a few minutes he was in the place. It was away from town, and more to his surprise, in what looked to be a military base! That was very weird, the place seemed carved in a mountain. He was intrigued to see what was inside, he’d never been in a place like that and he found the challenge of cracking its security quite appealing. In the van he changed his clothes to something comfortable, a pair of shorts, slippers and a tight gray t-shirt. The place was fenced with electrified wire mesh, he thought he’d better use his super leg muscles, he just crouched a little and jumped over the fence, about 4 meters (14 feet) above the ground. When he landed on the floor without effort, he began to feel machine gun shots in his chest, these bounced off his impenetrable skin and muscles so he didn’t worry much, he kept on walking until he found a big sliding door, it was high security stuff, really thick heavy steel door that closed from top to bottom like those anti-nuclear facilities. He didn’t see a problem at opening the door, he bent on one of his knees at the base of the door and dug the land with his hands until he found a spot were he could grab the thick steel sheet of the door. He just grabbed the base of the door with his right hand and pulled up like he was curling and the steel sheet began to lift, all the door gear cracked and squealed unable to stop Don’s strength. The door weighed a good 4 tons and it required a pressure of at least 6 or 7 tons to be opened the way Don was doing it. For Don it wasn’t that hard and he began to stand up while still pushing up the steel sheet until it was way above his head. Inside, Don stepped in a big hallway, it was well lit, and he was surprised there were no soldiers guarding it and trying to stop him. He heard some cries that seemed to belong to Camilo and he hurried. He ran around until he was in front of a gate of shinny steel bars blocking his way through the hall. It appears someone had put it for him to make a display of strength. “My favorite”, he thought, while grabbing two neighboring steel bars with a hand each and just pulling at them with a cocky grin, all the bars were pulled aside bending and twisting and squealing. He heard cries again and followed them through the many turns and twists of the hallway until he was in front of a heavy steel door with a huge lock, he could hear the kid calling him on the other side. He grabbed the lock in his hands and pressed at it, turning it intro shreds; then, with quite fury, grabbed the doors and ripped them off their hinges, throwing them away. These led to a room, there was a metallic table and on top of it an old tape machine where the cries were coming from. Don was mad “What the fuck!?”, he shouted and punched heavily at the tape machine, making it and the table blow into million pieces. For this time, they made him mad, my calm and nice dad was really really angry. And he had reason to be. He punched at one of the thick brick walls of the room, turning it into dust, it lead to another similar room, he entered it and destroyed another wall in it with a mighty punch only to find it led to another similar room, finally he was determined to throw the whole mountain down when he literally walked through one of the walls, destroying it into shreds. Debris was all over his huge body while he entered a big room full of computers. Sitting in a high place was Peabody and eight of his scientists were monitoring the computers. There were countless soldiers all over the room and some of them were keeping Camilo tied. Don stood proud and talked to Peabody “Hey you better release the boy, now, understood?”. “Are you threatening me?”, Peabody said, in a challenging tone. “Yes I do” “Guards!” Two of the soldiers tried to grab Don, they seemed pretty big but small compared to him. Don just punched them away like straw bags, they flew with immense force and crashed against the walls. He then began to walk towards Peabody when felt something unusual. Something hit him, it was a ray of green glowing light that was bathing him and he couldn’t move. “What the f…!”, soon he was unable to talk. He was frozen. The ray was coming from a sci-fi looking gun one of the scientists was holding. Then he began to feel strength being drained away from him, and to his surprise he was feeling his muscles being depleted, little by little he began to lose all the muscle mass that gave him his strong looks and power; kilo by kilo he was getting lighter and also he could see he was shortening!! he looked at his once huge biceps going from watermelon size to bowling ball size, then grapefruit to baseball then to golf ball all of a sudden!! He was losing height and mass by the second, all the things in the room that looked so small began to look big and it didn’t stop until he was the old Don once again. Then the ray stopped. He was standing there, his clothes all baggy, his shorts that had only covered up to the half of his thighs before, were now past his knees, and baggy where they’d fit snugly around his former monster legs. Since his shoulders had narrowed his t-shirt sleeves that’d had a hard time covering his enormous upper-arms up to the half were now lose around his now toothpick arms and reaching almost the half of his forearm. Peabody laughed out loud, “Hey, what you’re gonna do to my guards now? Grab him!!”. Two soldiers grabbed him by his armpit very tightly, Don tried to break free but he felt for the first time in long he was being easily overpowered. The men who were 1.85 m (6’1”) and easily 105 kg (220 pounds) each looked enormous to him now and were much stronger. “Now it’s time for phase two of our plan”, Peabody said to the scientists. The scientist with the gun took a look at it, turned a dial and pointed it at Peabody. Then a ray of light beamed at the sergeant. It was yellow colored instead of green and bathed Peabody’s body completely. He stood up, he was wearing army camouflage uniform and black boots, soon he began to shout in ecstasy “Yeah!!”, he was certainly feeling hyped and closed his hands in fists. Peabody gave a look at the fist of his left hand when suddenly his army shirt began to rip at the forearm that was getting thicker by the minute, the wave of growth moved from his forearm all the way to his upper arm making it much bigger and unproportioned to the rest of his body. His upper arm was huge like a rugby ball and then his torso began to push the fabric of the shirt. First his pecs strained the front and buttons popped off, then strength began to emanate from his right fist too and turn his right forearm and upper-arm in huge slabs of muscle meat. His shoulders began to get bigger and wider and his rib cage began to expand, the shirt opened completely at the front, ripped in two at the back. Then he bent his arms and the seams blew in tatters. He began to feel the gain in weight, height and strength, everything was getting smaller in perspective as his head was higher and higher. His abs developed and his flabby stomach turned into mounds of carved muscles. Soon his shirt was removed completely, exposing his enormous muscle torso, wide as a barn door, with pecs of huge size, enormous delts, really thick neck corded with veins and arms that caused fear. In the meantime his legs were stretching the army trousers too, first filling them, then his engording thighs caused the fabric to rip away, and his expanding calves and growing feet finally destroyed the boots. When the transformation was over Peabody removed the remnants of his clothes, and wore just a pair of briefs unable to hide the growth his penis and balls had also undergone. He stood proud and cheked his body, he was a handsome man, blonde with short hair, a well cut beard and blue eyes, and after the transformation he looked younger and healthier than ever. Everyone in the place marvelled at how good he looked with all that muscle on him. He gave a few steps and smiled. He walked towards Don, towering over him. He was now 1.98m (6’6”) tall and around 180 kg (400 pounds). “Damn, What I’m feeling now I can’t explain”, When he said this he marvelled at his now much deeper voice and touched his neck with his fingers while he made a surprised mock. “Wow, nice voice, I must thank you Don, for all this power, hehe” Then he hit a double biceps pose at Don, my dad had to admit muscle suited this man like a glove. “Haha, guards! Take him to a cell”, he ordered. Don tried to resist but he couldn’t do anything against the men, when he stepped towards the cell he was shocked, it was long since he hadn’t had to make such an effort to do something, just walking is a lot of effort when you’re a regular man. Everything felt so heavy and hard, even moving. One of the guards opened a prison cell while the other was easily keeping Don steady, then threw him violently in the cell, “get in there, you skinny wimp!”, he said. Don’s body hit the wall and felt something he’d not felt long since his transformation, it was –pain-. Behind him, the guards closed the cell door. He threw himself at the gates trying to scape, stumbling on his own baggy clothes. He grabbed two steel bars of the door and tried to pull at them like he usually did only to find it was hopeless, the steel that had been like butter before was now hard like a rock, unmovable, unbendable. Guards saw it and laughed at him, Don answered them “You’ll see fuckers, you’ll never get away with your plans”, he was surprised the way his voice came up, it was thin and high pitched, he didn’t even sound threatening, the guards laughed more at him and he just sat on the floor, upset. Meanwhile, Peabody was enjoying his new body, walking around, “Damn, I feel sooo good!!”, he shouted. “Let’s see how strong I am”, in the room was a big metallic table, it must have weighed half a ton, he easily lifted it up and pressed at it with his hands, the steel began to crack and bend, then threw it away. “Hahah”, he went to a computer casing and ripped it off the wall, lifted it over his head “light as a feather” and also pressed it packing it into a ball of useless steel, then threw it violently at the wall where it became encrusted. Then he pointed at a guard that was pretty big, the biggest of them a guy easily 1.9m (6’3”) and 130 kg (300 pounds) heavy, “You! Come over here!”, the man did as ordered. “So you think you’re pretty big, uh?”, Peabody said defiantly, his huge build dwarfed the guard’s. “You think you’re strong?”, then he grabbed the guy from his army shirt and lifted him off the floor and held him there. He noted the machine gun the guy was carrying, “Heh, try and shoot me with this thing you little fella”, then put the guy on the floor again and the man aimed at him with his machinegun but hesitated. “Come on!, don’t make me wait!” The guy shot machinegun fire at Peabody’s enormous chest, bullets bounced off his immense pectorals like arrows thrown at a steel vest. “Hahah!”, then Peabody took the machine gun off the guy and pressed it in his hands, destroying it completely. “Hey, guess you’re well trained uh?, Come on and punch me!”, the guy was nervous and didn’t know what to do “Come on you insignificant crap! It’s an order! Punch with all your might!”. Then the guy punched at his stomach with all his capacity, any regular man would have been hurt pretty badly by the punch of this big guard but Peabody just stood there, the punch was like a caress for him. Peabody just laughed “Haha, this is your best punch? You fight like a little girl!! Come on do it again”. The soldier’s hand was in pain and he didn’t want but he did as ordered and tried to punch again. Peabody was much quicker and grabbed the soldier’s wrist in his left hand, stopping the punch. Then gripped at it, the soldier released his fist and began to cry in pain. “Hey, am I being too rude? Does this hurt?”, Peabody said while gripping tighter and tighter at the guard’s wrist. Then some cracking was heard, the wrist was broken. “Haha, guess you’re not that strong after all, You think you have a strong arm?”, he grabbed the guard’s upper arm very tightly with a hand and behind his neck with the other and pulled, the man was obviously in pain and moaning “May I rip your arm off so it doesn’t hurt anymore?”, Peabody said. The man was shouting for mercy, then Peabody pulled back the arm dislocating the juncture but not ripping it off, the guard shouted in pain “Haha, it’s so easy to do this, You two”, said while looking at two guards, “take this weakling to infirmary”. One of the scientists was in horror “Why did you do this?!”, he asked “Because I can”, Peabody replied. “And now I have big plans for my new powers”, said while looking at his pumped chest and closed fists. They had created a monster. It was a few hours until Peabody realized how to use his new powers. He was going to have the pleasure of his life, to fulfill a wish he always had. He wanted to do anything he wanted, without having to obey any superior authority, with his new powers he could destroy, burn and cause pain to whatever he wanted and nobody could stop him. Now he was going to burn a building and, as his new powers enabled him to, see fire destroying it from the inside. At around 1 A.M. Peabody and a group of about ten soldiers arrived at a big building that belonged to a hospital. Peabody had the time to change clothes and now was wearing a military uniform that fitted tight around his enormous muscles. The 1st and 2nd floor were empty, just a security guard was at the entrance; but in the higher floors there were people in intensive care sleeping. Peabody always wanted to burn down a hospital, the more important the facility the more he wanted to burn it down. Peabody’s men had flamethrowers besides their machine guns, he wanted to make sure the fire was big and finished with all the building. The security guard at the hospital was shocked when he saw eleven soldiers forming in front of the building, one of them standing out of the rest because of his height and size. He wondered what was going on, and then all the men aimed at the entrance with their flamethrowers and fired, waves of fire began to burn the entrance, literary melting it, the guard started an alarm and it began to sound, waking up all the people. At least now the police was on its way. People and nurses who could get out of their beds now flocked downstairs, but Peabody didn’t want anyone to leave so he instructed his men to keep on firing at the only exit. When people began to notice the first floors where in flames they ran upstairs again for their lives. Apparently, Peabody was enjoying it pretty much and he got inside the bulding, watching as fire was consuming more and more. Don was desperate, upset and weakened, sitting against the cell wall, his baggy clothes now covering him, making him feel small. He stood, and walked inside, knocking his own head, “Come on Don, you have to think, how to come out of this”, he told to himself. The two soldiers were guarding the cell outside. Suddenly Don felt weird, was he feeling a little better? He was in doubt, he felt a little stronger maybe. Then doubt disappeared, he had a deep breath and wow, he felt like strength was coming back to him with every inhalation. He was definitely gaining back some strength. Then he began to feel really light all over, like something was lifting him up, “Wow” he thought. What the fuck, now the strength increasing was being dramatic, it felt almost erotic, he could feel all his strength coming back. And suddenly, he saw the room began to look smaller, his height was increasing!!! At the same time his body began to widen again, first he could see his shoulders widening and slowly they began to pull the shirt sleeves higher and higher, then his shorts were not covering his knees anymore and began to hang lose around the half of his thighs. Wow, he looked at himself, he recovered his stature, and once he was as tall as before he began the fill up. This felt even much better than before, he felt superstrong again when his muscles began to grow out of nowhere, first he look at the way his thighs and calves began to bulge like crazy, straining the shorts’ fabric. Then his torso filled up completely, recovering his enormous pecs and laterals that made his back look even wider, his necks and delts were getting his usual size and finally his arms who were the most complete manifestation of his might were filling up, straining the t-shirt sleeves that now hung over the half of his upper-arm; watermelon sized upper-arms like he used to have. He stood proud again, moved all his big muscles just to feel them, wow, he felt as good as ever, or even better, having regained his powers so quickly made him really feel the difference, now he could consider his state a few minutes ago as of the worst helplessness and weakness, he felt lucky those guards hadn’t crushed him like a grape. Now he really appreciated his powers. He finished checking his body, took a look at the big bulge in his groin, “Damn! I feel more man than ever!” he thought, then couldn’t help but bend his arms on and on and caress his enormous bis, and finally give a good rub at his giant thighs. First thing he put his hands on the cell bars and did his favourite trick again. He easily pulled while smiling, rejoiced in his recovered might, the steel bars bent like cardboard, now they felt like made out of paper!! They had been so hard before. He went out of the cell and the two guards were in awe at the sight. He first faced the guard that’d been rude with him. When the soldier saw the big man approaching he aimed his machinegun at him, Don just took the tip of the gun and bend it over. Then grabbed the guard’s collar and lifted him off the floor. “Please let me down!” “Hey, you haven’t been very nice a moment ago”, said Don, now rejoiced on how his voice came up deep and manly. “Who is the wimp now? Uh?”, he threw the guy away, who hit a wall and fell unconscious. The other guard aimed his gun at him and shot several times, bullets bounced off Don’s chest, he grabbed his gun too and turned it into pieces. The guard was wise enough to run away. Now he had to find Camilo. He walked around the place, when he found a hallway full of maximum security cells, the doors had no windows so to look who was inside the cells he had to rip the doors one by one, and so he did. He easily ripped about twenty security doors off their hinges, releasing injured, mutated people who had been used for experiments, then in the last one of the doors there was Camilo. When the boy saw him he jumped over Don! “You’re big again!!” “Yeah, what do you think?” said Don while hitting a double biceps pose for the boy. “Wow!”, the kid was in awe. Then an alarm began to sound all over. “Quick!!”. They scaped, while they were running they reached for the lab area were Don had lost his powers, there were scientists and a bunch of soldiers still in there who tried to attack them. “Behind me! Camilo!”, Don ordered the boy. Then he grabbed a big computer casing that must have weighed a ton and lifted it up, throwing it at the soldiers, stopping them with ease. The scientists all ran away in fear, except one who wasn’t fast enough. Don grabbed this one and held him steady, asked him were Peabody had gone, fearing him the man told everything, then Don let him run away. Camilo then realized the power-sucking gun was laying in the floor, left over by a scared scientist. He took it with him in case it would come handy. The way out of the lab was closed by a huge chunk of the roof that had fallen when Don destroyed the walls. When they saw that, the kid said “Oh, no”, Don chuckled at the kid “Don’t worry little fella”. Then crouched and picked up the big roof chunk in his hands like weighless crap. He threw the roof chunk out of the way making a nice opening, told the kid to hurry and then they left. At the Hospital the police and firemen had arrived, but Peabody instructed his men to aim at them with their war machine guns, not letting any of them come near. Peabody was inside the building, enjoying his invulnerability to flames and watching how fire ate it all little by little, he seemed to love sucking the mortal fumes into his lungs, and helping the destruction by breaking up stuff with his own superstrong hands. In the higher floors people was desperate, the fire was soon going to reach them, and those who could, tried to climb the stairs to the highest floors. Don helped the kid out of the mountain and finally they got in Don’s van who drove to the place the scientist told. Once there Don could see a couple police cars and a fire truck that was there but couldn’t do anything. He instructed Camilo to hide somewhere and stay there. Then he got close the men who shot at him with their machineguns, but as usual it was to no avail, his body rejected all the bullets. He picked up a small car and threw it at five of the soldiers, taking them out of action. When Peabody heard something happening outside he came out of the building, his bulging body in pleasure and sweaty because of the heat that could have killed any weaker person. When he saw Don was coming close and had his powers back he rushed to the fire truck, crouched behind it and picked the whole vehicle up with ease, the firemen that were in it ran for their lives. He then threw it at Don with impressive force. Don couldn’t dodge it and sheltered from the blow with his own forearms, the several tons of the truck hit him and took him out of balance, but he soon recovered. “Wanna play big, uh?”, Don said. Then he picked up two big cars and threw them furiously at Peabody, one after the other. The hit also made Peabody retreat, but he came back quickly. A couple police units were scattered in the street, cops were behind them trying to avoid machinegun fire. Peabody picked up the police cars, unprotecting the cops who ran away. Then threw them at Don, who was quick enough to dodge them and run close to Peabody. Both men were determined to enter hand on hand combat. When they were close, Peabody ripped off the street a big mailbox and tried to hit Don hard in the head with it. Don quickly grabbed it in his arms and both men pushed at the mailbox, trying to take it dip into each others’ head. In the meantime, cops and soldiers were firing at each other, and new police units and fire units were coming in to place. Both men seemed equally strong and the mailbox steel couldn’t take it much and quickly began to get crushed and dented by the combined force of these super studs. In the middle of the struggle Don realized suddenly Peabody was losing force, he was winning, then he saw his opponent, he was being bathed with green light, it was Camilo who was shooting at him with the power-sucking gun!! Don looked happily at how Peabody’s muscularity began to decrease, and lose weight and height, until he was the old sergeant. When the glow stopped he was the only one holding the mailbox, he tossed it aside and quickly got a hold of Peabody, not letting him scape. Luckily cops could control the few soldiers and arrest Peabody. Firemen quickly began to extinguish fire and rescue the people, and the situation was controlled. Then Don saw Camilo and the kid ran towards him, he crouched and hugged him, “Thank you little buddy!”, he said with a lot of thankfulness, “You’ve been very brave”. Then the kid released from the strong hug and run a couple meters away, then changed something in the gun and aimed at Don. “Hey! What are you doing?” Don shouted. Then a yellow ray beamed from the gun and hit Don. Don began to feel even better than before, “WOOOOOOOW” he exclaimed, as he saw his muscles growing a little bigger but a lot denser, his height rising from 1.95m (6’5”) to 1.99m (6’6”1/2) and his weight from 177kg (395 pounds) to easily over 200 kg (450 pounds). Then the ray stopped, Don could feel his clothes now about to burst, he couldn’t believe this. If he’d been big before he was even bigger. Don gave a severe but caring look at Camilo, “Come here mischievous little boy!!”, he was shocked when he heard his voice sound louder and more powerful. Then he took a step towards the kid and as his feet hit the ground it caused a dent in the pavement and the whole place trembled. “What the fuck!”, Don said, he was now easily twice as strong as before. He gave a few brutal steps until he could control his walking, every dramatic strength increase is a shock at first. He got close to Camilo “God damn you boy, you made me even stronger! give me that gun”, Don said as he extended his enormous muscled arm to the kid. The boy gave it to him, he took it in his hand and gripped, turning it into bits. “Now, nobody is going to piss me off with this anymore”. This is the story of how my dad turned into the strongest man in the world. Since the doubling of his strength he’s become unlimitedly powerful. Wanna lift up a locomotive? An airplane? A cargo ship? He could do it without effort. At the fire station he was considered the best captain ever and respected so, not only because he was so powerful nobody dared to be against him, nobody needed to do so because he was the most understanding, caring and concerned for the well-being of the team captain that Station or any other had ever had. I’m sure nobody deserves these superior physical capacities better than him. Will this be the end of his adventures? I doubt so, and I will personally take care from now on that every great feat the mighty Don accomplishes will be known to everyone everywhere.
  10. Note: this story is the continuation of TheEd's prequel to his story The God Father, written with his permission. This is mainly focused on the everyday experience of the main character, Derek, transforming into a superman. (written February 2013) The God Father: the path to unlimited power My dad had continuously been eating and growing throughout the whole day, by the evening he had emptied all the government special nutrition boxes and decided he should take a bit of a rest. He gulped the last sip of protein shake, closed his big fist, turning the steel shaker in his hand into a smashed piece of metal as if it was paper, and threw it on the table. He was breathing heavily, as if he's had a bit too much. It was the first time his body was put through such fast growth and calorie intake and he got carried away by his increase in size and the feeling of new strength all the process provided. That's why he didn't notice his body was burning all over and his veins were sticking out like crazy, for a moment he thought he was going to explode. It took him about fifteen minutes of rest to regain his breath and for his veins to stop pulsating like crazy. He just sat there, feeling his new built body, he looked down on his torso and then stood up. He just smiled as he just couldn't stop staring down at his own body. Then mom entered the kitchen and just let out a loud "wow". Derek just looked back at her and smiled broadly, he was only wearing a pair of tight underwear pants. My mom, Gina, was a beautiful woman, she was in her forties but looked like fifteen years younger, she worked out and kept her body tight and in shape, and she was beautiful. Some people even said she looked like Charlize Theron. I always wondered what a woman like that did with a loser like my father. She contemplated her husband's 5'10" (1.78m) 260 pound (120kg) figure. He took a deep breath and put his hands in his hips, making his chest expand proudly for her. He looked just like a bodybuilder, not in super cut contest shape and not quite in off-season shape, he was just a healthy muscular man with just the adequate amount of fat and muscle. For example, his abs were visible only if he flexed, other than that you could see only a hint of muscular abs. He was wide shouldered, with 21" (53cm) arms, a pair of legs that could belong to a professional rugby player and a weightlifter's round butt. Mom walked closed to him, she was only 5'5" (1.65m) so he towered over her. She immediately put her hand in one of his big arms "wow honey, is this all you?" "Hell yeah! Guess I'm the big man in the house now, hehe", as he replied she was surprised at the sound of my dad's voice, it was deeper than before and more masculine. As she looked up at him, she marveled at how handsome he looked, he had a full head of hair again and she couldn't help appreciate the manly stubble that had grown on his face throughout the day. "Wow, how do you feel?", she asked "I feel incredible, I feel like I'm a fucking locomotive", he replied with confidence. "Just how strong are you?" "To be honest, I haven't checked, let's see!" The big man walked to the table and grabbed one of the government steel boxes with his hands, the sides of the box were about half an inch thick. He effortlessly crushed the box, then took another and crushed it just as easy, he looked at mom and smiled cockily. I tried to dent one of the boxes and it was so solid it wouldn't budge. My brother Brian tried to do the same and it was to no avail. Derek just crushed all the boxes and turned them into a pile of rubbish. "That was too easy", he said and gave a look around the kitchen in search of something to use his new strength on. Brian came running from his bedroom and brought a baseball bat, "Here dad, can you break this?" Dad looked at Brian and smiled bemused, he was way beyond breaking a bat already. He took it anyway and said "well, I was looking for something more challenging but there it goes...", we were expecting some preparation but just as he took it he broke it casually, and it was broken on the thickest part. He gave it back to Brian, who looked in awe at the broken pieces. "Hey, remember you needed to move the fridge?", Derek asked mom and then he walked to where the fridge was, squatted down a little and put one hand on each side, he then picked it up as if it weighed nothing. Turned around to look at mom and asked her "where did you want it, sweetie?" "Dear god! You're picking up the fridge!" "To me it weights nothing!" said my big dad as he giggled and played around with the fridge in his hands as if it was an empty cardboard box. "Oh, put it over there, big man!". He walked to the place she pointed to, carrying the refrigerator with ease, while she walked along behind him running a luscious hand through the new massive muscles of his back. He put the fridge down. "Hehe that was too easy! do you think it looks good there? I can move it again! Anything heavy you need to move, just tell me!" he said as he put his hands in his hips again and expanded his massive torso for her. She came in front of him and put her tiny hands in his massive pectorals. "It looks just perfect, my titan!", she said as she massaged his massive chest. "Seems I'm becoming quite powerful", dad said with a smile. "I wonder if I'm invulnerable already", he asked and took a big knife from a kitchen drawer. "What are you going to do with that, honey?", mom asked with concern. "Don't worry, it's a test", he said and stabbed his forearm powerfully. "Awwwww!", he let out and mom also cried out. Then he removed the knife and there was a bit of blood coming out from the injury. The knife blade was torn and smashed. "Geez! That hurt!", he checked out his forearm and it was only a superficial injury. His skin couldn't stop the steel, but his muscles didn't let the blade go much further. "Well, looks like my invulnerability is building up slowly", he said, luckily as minutes passed his skin was repairing itself and in about half an hour the wound had disappeared. "This is just the beginning. Who knows how much I will grow and how much stronger I will get! In the following days I will focus on eating and becoming more powerful, so I will ask you guys to please cooperate and bear with me, if I'm a little self-centered, I don't mean to, it will be just until I develop my powers to the level I'm hoping to get". The following days he just chugged down tons of government provided food, and just enjoyed his own body growing and growing. The size increase had slowed down, it was not as fast as in the first day, so he only grew a fraction of an inch taller every day and just added about 20 pounds of muscle a day. But the strength and power increase has not slowed down at all. By the end of the week he was 6'3" (1.90m) tall and his bodyweight was 360 pounds (162kg), that is about a 40% increase in size, but his physical strength had increased about 100 times from that evening. He was starting to develop other abilities like heat-vision which he could use at will now. He was also beginning to learn how to use x-ray vision and super-hearing. And he was already levitating, though he was yet to venture out of the house with his flight because he didn't feel he had full control of it yet. In the morning, Derek strutted around the house enjoying his new big physique and his new powers, and he came to the table where we were sitting. "OK, family, time to test my invulnerability again", he said with his even deeper and manlier voice. He grabbed a big knife and stabbed his forearm again, the knife blade turned into a useless scrap, as it touched his unharmed skin. He checked out his forearm, "No harm, no pain, nothing! Haha!", he shouted. The we heard the bell ring at the front door. I saw the outline of the guy that was waiting at the other side and I let out an "oh oh". Dad looked at me, a bit puzzled. "Oh, I'll check honey", said mom putting a gentle hand on Derek's huge chest then walked to the front door and opened it. It was mom's ex boyfriend from high school, they've met again in a facebook organized reunion and since he'd known dad was in hospital he'd been flying over mom like a vulture. "How've you've been, baby?", said the guy to mom, approaching her. "Since when I'm your baby?!" "Well, you used to be, remember?", as he said that he put his hand on the door sill and got closer, blocking mom's escape. She instinctively gave a few steps back. The guy was quite athletic and wide shouldered. And looked like he kept his good looks through the years pretty well. He used to be 220 (100kg) lean and was now about 240 (108kg), he obviously was still working out, and kept much of the muscle and bulk but there was a bit of a belly added by the passing of time, and he was easily 6' (1.83m) tall. "This is not a good idea", my mom replied with visible awkwardness and discomfort. She'd been rejecting the guy since the first minute he had approached her, even before dad's transformation. "Oh, come on, where can you get a man like this?", the guy said to mom as he got close to her with his handsome mature face. "Much better than that loser you left me for, hehe... By the way, how is he doing?" "I'm pretty fine, thanks" As the guy heard those words he saw a massive man coming to the doorway and blocking it completely, he looked at him with confusion. "Who is this guy?", the ex-boyfriend asked. "No, WHO ARE YOU?", asked my huge dad, looking down on the guy with anger in his face. Derek crossed his arms in front of his chest and gave a few steps closer to the guy. The ex-boyfriend retreated instinctively. "Derek?!", said the guy recognizing my dad's face. A shiver of fear ran down his spine. "So what were you doing with my wife?", asked Derek as he reached out with one arm for the guy's jacket collar, grabbed him and picked him up off the ground like 4 feet. (1.2m). The guy was in panic. "Honey, he was just being friendly, nothing has happened, don't freak out!", explained mom trying to calm Derek down. Mom told him about his ex-boyfriend and how they'd met again and that the guy was just confused. Derek had the guy hanging from his hand effortlessly 4 feet over the ground as he listened to the whole explanation. Derek calmed down and put the guy on the ground again but was still holding him so he was unable to run away. "Ok, so there's nothing going on between you two?" "I swear it dear", mom assured. "Yes, Derek, she rejected me, now let me go please", asked the ex-boyfriend. "OK", said my big dad, then he pulled the guy closer to him, "as you can see, Gina has a man already, so there is no need for you to be around." The guy nodded with his head as he shook nervously. "You won't be bothering us, will you?" "No! No! I won't, you'll never see me again" "Fine", as he said that he let the guy go and the ex-boyfriend began to walk back then run away as if he'd seen a ghost. We had breakfast together and mom explained everything to dad, he believed her and there was no reason for any more arguments, so they calmed down. As my dad stood up from the breakfast table he stretched his gargantuan muscles, "Finally I think I'm ready. I'm going out to check the neighborhood!". He was wearing short pants and a t-shirt that fit him super snug, he looked super self-confident, massive, proud and manly. He didn't look like the dad I used to know, the man that I used to despise and to treat with sarcasm and irony every time he tried to impose any kind of authority on me. As he strutted to the doorway mom asked him "Are you going out?". "Yes" "But are you sure you want the neighbors to see you like that?" "Like what?" he said and made a double biceps pose expanding his massive body "What's wrong with being a big muscle man?" "Maybe you should cover, your clothes are too tight and sexy", she replied. "Oh honey, you're jealous! Haha! It's been a long while since the last time you told me stuff like that... this is fun! But don't worry, I only have eyes for you, sweetie", he said that last phrase in a very low masculine tone. "Yes, I know, but look at the hunk you have become, you'll have women jumping on you all the time!" "Oh", dad said bemused, "that would even the playfield a little bit, don't you think?", and he looked out the door where the ex-boyfriend had left a few hours ago. "You got me" said mom with a smile "guess I have to make a bigger effort now I will have competition". "You have no competition baby, where will I find a woman like you!", he said as he walked to where she was and caressed her face gently with the tip of one of his thick strong fingers. "Ok... but, what about the pair of guards the government put around the house? Are you sure they'll let you leave?" "Honey, you've seen just how strong I am and the stuff I can do, do you think that I should worry about those two weak men outside?", he said as he smiled then walked out. As he walked out confidently the two guards at the front door approached him. "Sir, we have no authorization to let you leave your house", one of the guards said. The men were big but none as big as Derek was now. "Ok guys, I'm just going for a walk, you better get that authorization because I don't want to hurt you, understood?", he said to them in a serious tone. One of the guards talked on the radio briefly and then looked back at the huge man, "they say you're not authorized, Sir". My dad puffed in frustration, if he had been more confident and used to his new powers he'd have realized there was no point in wasting time with these guys, he would just fly up leaving them behind or make them fly away with a gush of his breath, and do whatever he pleased, but he was still thinking like a regular man. One of the guards took out his gun and aimed it at Derek. Dad just looked at the gun and almost instinctively two heat vision beams came out of his eyes and in a second the gun was red hot, so the guard had to throw it away. Once on the floor Derek continued to heat it with his eyes until it became a puddle of molten metal. In the meantime the other guard has taken out a machine gun, and shot a quick round at Derek's chest. That caught my dad by surprise and he retreated a bit, but soon he realized the bullets were bouncing off his big massive chest without doing any harm. He took the machine gun off the guy's hands like you take candy from a child, and then bent it over with the strength of his big arms, as if it was made out of modeling clay. "Ok, now you don't have your toys, what are you going to do?", Dad asked as he was starting to feel more confident. One of the guards threw a tae kwon do kick at Derek's stomach. He didn't even budge, and for the guy it felt as hitting a solid wall. Derek smiled, "Nice move! I did some martial arts back in the day in the Police Academy. Guess if I use that against you now, you'll be in big trouble". For a moment the guys froze, it was obvious they were in fear of what Derek could do to them. If they had known the fact that a punch from Derek now could be as strong as being hit by a thousand locomotives at full speed, they'd be running for their lives. But they were lucky, my Dad didn't enjoy harming those weaker than him, and that was pretty much everyone now. "Look guys", said Derek in a sympathetic tone, realizing after all that he didn't have any reason to defend from these guys so he was totally relaxed and in control, "I'm a law enforcer too, so I understand you're following orders, so please call to your superiors and just tell them I'm going for a walk". "We already did, Sir, and our orders is to stop you, we have an objective, we can't disobey" Derek liked the respect he was getting from these guys, he was hardly ever treated with such politeness before, he certainly wasn't used to be called 'Sir', maybe it was his imposing new size or maybe these guys were fully aware of how powerful he had become. "Well, what if a force much superior to you prevents you from achieving your objective", when he said that he grabbed the guys' radio transmitters and made them snap inside his huge hands. Then he grabbed the guys from their jacket collar, one in each hand and easily lifted them off a few inches above the ground. "Please no! I have a family!", cried one of the guys as he freaked out. Then Derek smiled and started levitating carrying the two guys with him, he was a little shaky because he didn't have the practice yet, and the guys grabbed tight from his huge arms in fear of falling down. He flew a bit erratically until he reached the top of a very tall tree, once there he put one of the guys on the top, making sure he wouldn't fall off, then flew a few blocks away to the top of another tall tree and put the other guy there. "Sorry, this is the only way I could come up with for you to stop bothering me. This way you'll have an excuse not to comply with your orders. If you don't get rescued, I'll come from you later, ok?", Derek said in a calm tone as he hovered in the air. He decided it would be nice to visit the police station, and see his fellow cops again. So he hovered in the direction of the station. The station was 20 blocks away, it took him about 30 seconds to get there, because he didn't have enough flying practice, if he had, with his power at the moment he'd be there in a fraction of a second. He descended gently by the station's front door, people passing by looked in awe and commented. As he strutted in confidently, the first sensation he had was the feeling that everything and everyone was so much smaller than he remembered. With his new size, the perspective had changed completely. Behind the front desk there was a group of cops, those were the guys that used to laugh at him. As he approached them, he began to think he couldn't believe he had considered those to be big guys before. The biggest one of them was 6' (1.83m) 220 pounds (100kg) which by his new standard was just a wimp. The other three guys were also athletic and sporty but a bit smaller. "So, what's up boys?", Dad said as he approached confidently and enjoying how he had to look down now on these guys he used to consider so tall before. The guys looked at him, and their jaws dropped. "What the fuck!", the biggest guy let out. It took them a while but then one of the finally recognized him. "It's Derek, for Christ's sake!" "Hehe, yeah, it's me", Derek said cheerfully. "We thought you were dead" "Do I look dead?" He replied, "I've never felt more alive in my life!", as Derek said that he patted the biggest guy in the back as soft as he would pat a baby, but it was enough to almost make him fall, he had to put his leg forward to regain balance. "Damn! How is this possible?!" "Well, I don't need to keep this a secret, the government chose me to give me superman powers, that's it.", Dad said just like that. "Holy shit! So that's why you're so big?" "Yeah, and I'm very strong too", he said this and crouched a bit to grab the trouser's belt of the biggest guy with a single hand then lifted him like 3 feet (1m) over the ground as he smiled. "Hey, put me down!", the guy cried. Derek couldn't help but giggle as he kept the guy hanging effortlessly. This guy had been picking on him since they'd been at the police academy. The guy freaked out and pulled out his gun from his hip and aimed it at Derek's face. My dad just smiled and took the gun from the athletic cop with his free hand. Then, making sure everyone was seeing, he closed his huge fist around it, his thick muscled forearms bulging as he gripped tightly making the gun bend and twist. Derek threw what was in his hand at one of the other guys, who caught it in surprise and looked at it in awe. The gun was now a ball of torn metal with the indentations of Derek's fingers. "As you can see, things will have to change from now on, little fella", my dad said to the cop as he put him down on the ground again with ease. "Look Derek, I know I've been a jerk with you before, but I didn't really mean it", the guy said as he was shaking in fear. Derek put his hands in his hips and expanded his massive torso and looked down on the guy with a serious face. "I didn't... I didn't mean to be such an ass... an asshole, really, please, errr" Derek took a step closer and the guy retreated. "Please, calm down man! Don't freak out, big fella!", the guy said almost in despair. The guy had a police baton hanging from his hip. Derek put a huge hand in the guys's neck, then grabbed the baton with his other hand and held it up. "I'm chilled, little man, but if you make fun of me ever again, this is what will happen", as he said that he broke the baton with just his thumb in front of the guy's face. "Understood?" he said, and the innerved guy nodded frantically. He pushed the guy aside gently and went to the Chief's office and talked to him to go back to duty. When he entered the chief's office there was a man in black suit sitting at the chief's desk. As the guy saw my dad enter he said: "Wow, you're looking big, really awesome results!" Derek was puzzled, "so, who are you?" "I'm Mr. Black", replied the guy, "I'm the guy who saved your life" "You're from the government, right?" "Yes, it's sort of an independent agency really, we gave you the treatment that is transforming you into a super man" "I'm a super man already" "This is just the beginning, you'll be a lot more powerful, believe me" "Why me?" "Because you're a good guy", Derek was surprised. "For a long while we were looking for prospects. We checked thousands of profiles in search for the right guy. Your profile struck us for being so honest and the way you always risk your life to do the right thing, in fact almost quite stupid, let me say" Derek frowned and looked down on Mr Black pretty seriously. "You see? I just practically called you stupid and with all the power you have now you didn't do anything to me!" "Well, I'm very strong now, I won't break your back just for saying that!" "See, this is what I'm talking about, your judgement skills are what we were looking for" "And you chose me despite being such a wimp" "No, for the treatment to work, small man genetics is preferred. But you don't have to worry about all that now, you'll never be small or weak anymore" "Well, I'm eager to go back to duty" "Well, that was our plan, we just thought you needed one or two days more, but seeing you now, I don't see why not. The city is gonna be really safe with you now, and then the country and later the whole world will be in your big good hands." The station had a place where cops could get new clothes. There was Peter, a guy almost 60 years old, who took care of the tailoring and delivering the uniforms to the cops. Derek strutted his way to Peter's office who was busy checking out some papers at the front desk. Then Peter heard a bass manly voice: "Hey, what's going on, Peter?" He looked up and his eyes opened wide. "Hey, holy crap! Who are YOU?" "It's me, Derek, don't you remember?" "Oh come on, Derek was a size S, you're like a 7XL!" "Yeah, they put me on a treatment to get superman like powers, and I grew a lot bigger, and I'm not done yet", as he said that he bent his arm making his huge biceps pop up. "Oh my god!", Peter was a small guy, like 5'5" (1.65m) tall at most and like 130 pounds (60kg), so my dad looked immense to him. "Do you think you'll be able to find something that fits me?", asked Derek, a little bemused by the situation. "Come in, we'll see", and Derek walked inside the clothes storage. "Remember", said the big man looking down on Peter, "I need something that would stretch, and to be honest, I don't want my muscles to be covered, I want them to show, even if through the fabric or so, I want people to notice that I'm a big guy". "Mmm, I think we have some new uniforms prepared for the summer season, they're short sleeved and with short pants, and they're kind of stretchy, I wonder if I have something that would fit your torso". "Oh, do you need me to take this out so you can take measurements?", said my dad as he removed his t-shirt, revealing his massive heaving mountainous hairy torso. Peter was out of breath. "Holy mother of god! You're built like a house. In my profession I see big fit athletic guys all the time, but I've never seen anyone so massive and so good looking as you're now. There is something about the fullness and roughness of your face and your muscles that is just so mature and perfect", as he said that Peter walked close to Derek and put his small hand in his massive chest and run it through one of his gargantuan upper-arms. Derek didn't dislike being touched, he knew Peter lusted after big cops and it's been like that forever, so why don't let the old man enjoy this moment. "Wow, let me check your measurements some more", said Peter and turned around to see Derek's back and extended the tape measure, struggling to reach the whole width. "Darn, I have never seen such a wide back before", Peter said and massaged Derek's heaving lats with both hands. "Hey Peter, Peter...", said the massive man, in a calm and bemused tone. Peter was entranced, and took a while to reply. "Yes?" "I know I'm a pretty big guy..." "No, you're the most impressive specimen of a man that's ever set foot in this earth, that's what you are". "Ok", said Derek with a smile, "I really thank you and I understand you're kind of thrilled by my muscles but I really need my uniform". "Here, check this out!" said Peter, and he pulled a rope and a big curtain opened, revealing an enormous mirror covering the whole wall from top to bottom. When my dad saw his reflection in the mirror he was baffled. "Wow!", he said as he smiled broadly, he couldn't believe the man in his reflection was him. "I don't have a mirror like this at home, I haven't been able to see myself like this yet...", said Derek mesmerized as he turned around to see his muscled physique from all angles. He then made some bodybuilder poses, enjoying the size of his incredibly bulky arms, chest, back, legs, ass, neck and of course, his bulging crotch. "So, now you see what I'm seeing, right?" Derek had just received a huge boost to his self-steem, he actually was that super man he was seeing in the mirror. He looked like someone who could take on the world. "I have something that will fit perfectly for you, it's not a regular uniform, it's more a concept of my own creation, it's as if I had known that a supercop like you would appear some day, hang on." Peter went to a storage room and returned with a big uniform. "Here, try this one on. The size is about 7XL, I think a little tight for you, but it does stretch, and it has a shield and all the identifications needed by a police man". Derek took off his pants and became fully naked, Peter gasped air. "Damn, you're so well hung!" Derek blushed "Yeah well, guess it comes with the package" "Sure! This is one nice package, I can't believe you said you will still grow more". Derek replied as he put on the new uniform on, "Yeah, but I will grow at a slower pace now, not as fast as I've grown the last few days" "Well, just let me know and when you grow more I'll tailor a new uniform for you", said Peter. The uniform was on and Derek checked himself out in the mirror. "Wow, this is great! ". He looked like a real super-cop, it was a black short sleeve and short pants uniform done with a fabric that glistened in the light making him look slick with all his muscles showing. "This is perfect!" "I'm glad you like it" "Well, I have to go! Thank you so much Peter!" "No need to thank big man. Darn, you look so fucking sexy, please be careful, don't leave too many people in lust out there, you hunk!" Derek laughed and caressed Peter's shoulder with affection as he left. He knew Peter for long and he also knew he had a boyfriend that was a handsome muscle bear in his fifties, and he was happy with the guy, and Derek was happily married too, so it was just innocent flirting. Now it was fun time. Peter just left the station and flew up in the air again, he hovered above the city, checking if there was some situation where he could be needed. At first he focused on hearing everything and he was overwhelmed with the sounds of the city, it took some more concentration until he was able to pick specific sounds with his super hearing. Then he found what he was trying to detect. Looks like there had been a car crash between a van and a truck, so he descended directly on the spot. The scene was a mess, the truck was laying on its side across the street and the van was laying vertically by a street lamp. All the traffic circulation was stopped. Two guys were arguing, one of the guys was much bigger, apparently the truck driver, and was about to start fighting with the smaller guy that was the van driver. Physically they were unharmed so there was no need to call an ambulance. He walked to the guys and stood by them, his immense figure caught their attention but they wouldn't stop arguing, the truck driver wanted to get the insurance information from the van driver but the other guy was blaming him about the accident. "Ok, guys, calm down.", said Derek with a booming serious tone of voice but maybe not assertive enough, because the guys kept arguing. Then the truck driver, who was a pretty big 240 lbs (110kg) guy, freaked out and cocked his fist at the van driver. "I said calm down", my dad repeated and immediately put his index finger in the guy's chest and pushed super gently and carefully, throwing the guy back about 20 meters (60 feet) and making him fall in his ass. He was amazed, it was not his intention to send the guy flying like that, he just thought he'd make him retreat a few steps back, he had to learn how to control his strength more or he could kill someone with only a touch. As he saw the big man being pushed with such ease, the van guy shut up. "So, let's solve this, ok", said Derek as he walked to the truck driver and grabbed him by his trouser's belt with one hand, lift him up and gently let him stand on the ground again. "Sorry if I hurt you little fella, but there is no punching in my presence, we'll settle this peacefully, ok?", he said to the truck driver. He brought the two guys together and they finally worked it all out without violence. "Ok, now you'll just get in your vehicles and leave", said Derek to the guys. "And how are we supposed to do that? We need a crane to pick my truck up!", said one of the guys. Derek just smiled and walked to the truck, he easily grabbed the side of it and lifted it with his arms, putting it straight and also dragged it to the road again without any effort, freeing up the street so traffic could pass again. The drivers were looking in amazement. Then my dad picked up the van which was even easier and lighter in his big arms, and as if it weighed nothing he gently left it on top of the road. "There you go, little fellas, you're lucky nobody has been harmed, now get out of my sight, ok?", said the huge cop in a serious tone. Disobeying such a powerful man was not a good idea so the guys quickly jumped into their vehicles and left. The work day passed. Derek entered the house with the feeling that he owned the fucking world. He had solved like 40 crimes and situations that day with absolute ease. There was a lot of delinquency in this city and specially in his area so a good cop was really needed. He felt powerful and pleased with himself. How would you feel if during the day you've heard people constantly talking about you in these terms: hunk of a man, titan, colossus, Hercules, superman, gorgeous stud, stallion, powerhouse, Goliath, muscle mountain, giant, hulk, bull, mountain of a man, etc. All through the day, he received tons of praise and tons of respect and also quite a bit of lust. Sometimes he didn't need to do anything, just a serious look from him made the criminals stop robbing or abusing, just his imposing presence made violent guys change their attitude. And even after all that work he wasn't even tired. But he indeed was hungry. He ate like ten full crates of government provided nutrients and took some time to enjoy his family at home. Dad was sitting on the couch next to mom, with his massive arm around her neck. He was feeling his body growing and his strength increasing by the second after the food intake. It was not as fast or noticeable as before, but by midnight his arms would be at least half an inch thicker, and his legs probably an inch more. The couch was designed for three people, but dad took up the space of two now. My mom enjoyed being surrounded by dad's huge muscles, and she rested her hand in his tight stomach, eventually feeling his massive pectorals. "Hey, it's kind of warm, honey", dad said to my mom, "do you want to go for a walk in the park and get some fresh air, maybe look at the moon?" The park was a few blocks away and it was quite a decent place during the day, but at night it was empty, because people were in fear of being mobbed. "Yes honey, but isn't it a little bit dangerous to go around the park at this hour?", mom said with concern. Then mom felt as Derek's huge chest started shaking as he let out a brief laugh. "You're joking, right?" said my dad looking at mom with bemusement. "Oh, sorry, hehe" mom said and sat straight in the couch, then put her tiny hand over the massive mound of muscle where her nape was laying, "I still need to get used to this new situation", and gently caressed the enormous biceps. My dad bent his arm and flexed making his massive upper arm into a bowling ball as mom caressed it. "Honey, when you're with me now, you're safer than having ten thousand bodyguards", Derek said in a very self-assured tone and looking proudly at his own huge arm. "Wow!", she let out. "Let's go then!", the big man said and took her in his massive arms. He stood up and walked to the doorway. "Hey, I can walk by my own", my mom said. "Oh, let your super husband can carry you easily!" he said as he walked out "and I can also do this!", he said as they rose above the ground. "wow!" she said as she grabbed tightly from Derek's thick neck. "Don't worry sweetie, with me you will never fall, you're super safe". He carried her gently to the park, he was now much more proficient with his flight abilities and had much better precision and speed. "Do you wish to remain in the air or do you want to go for a walk?", he asked her. "Let's go for a walk, we can fly more later" "Sure" They descended gently in the park, then he let her softly stand on the ground. They walked peacefully across the little roads the park had, while she held his gargantuan arm. As they walked there was a group of young guys drinking a beer sitting at a bench in the park, they didn't look friendly. "Why don't we go another way?", my mom asked my dad. "And why should we do that? What could that bunch of toddlers do to us?". And they walked close to the guys. "Hey, having a romantic walk under the moon shine?", one of the guys shouted at them as they passed by, and the rest laughed. Derek walked directly to the guys "Oh honey, leave them alone, let's just ignore them" said my mom as she tried to stop him. "Don't worry sweetie, this is gonna be fun", and he walked to the bench where the young fellas were hanging out, with a half smile on his face. "Hope you guys are not getting into trouble!", said the big man as he stood in front of the group of boys with a confident attitude. "Hey, you're big! Do you have some money? A big man must have a big wallet!", said one of the guys and pulled out a knife. The guy approached Derek and threatened him with the knife. Derek smiled and replied "Yeah, but a big guy also has big strong hands", then grabbed the guy's wrist and gripped firmly until he had to let the knife fall to the ground. The guy bent over in pain massaging his wrist that has been pressed just before the point of breaking. Another guy who was bigger tried to punch him but the punches just bounced off his massive chest without doing anything. Derek walked closer to the bench and grabbed it with one hand, then he lifted it off the ground while the five guys were sitting on it, holding them up easily with just one arm. The guys were scared and cursed and asked him to put them down. He had some fun and began to laugh as he shook them and swung them up and down at will. Then he levitated and started hovering at about 10 meters from the floor (30 feet). The guys grabbed tight from the bench to avoid falling to the ground, and started swearing really bad. "So, you'll leave us alone, now?", asked the big man to the guys. "Yes, yes, please put us down, we're sorry, we'll never bother you again, Sir!", the guys cried in fear. He gently descended to the ground and put the bench in place. Then proudly strutted back to where his wife was and they kept walking peacefully. She just enjoyed this new state of things, and was aware that this couldn't have happened if her husband was a regular man, they couldn't be walking around so relaxed and unconcerned as they were after that demonstration of the powerful man walking besides her. Dad took mom again in his arms and flew straight up, he wanted to surprise her. "Ohhh!", she let out and grabbed from his neck. "Don't worry honey", Derek said calmly with a smile on his face, this is a surprise. He went up and up until they were about 700 meters (2100 feet) over the ground. A plane and a flock of birds passed next to them as they hovered in the air. "Wow this is amazing, we're so high up in the air, it's scary!" she said as she looked down. "Don't look down, just look at that", he replied calm and reassuringly while pointing at the moon with his head. It looked beautiful at that height where the air was much clearer. "Oh my god! This is a dream come true! You're incredible!", my mom screamed. Derek was super happy about her reaction, their relationship hadn't been going well at all, and suddenly his wife was crazy about him. She brought her lips close to his and they kissed very passionately as he held her firmly hovering over the air, they gave a look at the moon, took a deep breath. "I can't believe this true. You know, I always liked big athletic men, all my boyfriends before you were rugby players or wrestlers or boxers, that sort of guy. I always liked big muscles in a man, I like how they look and feel and the sense of protection they provide." "I always wondered why such a beautiful woman as you chose a wimp like me back then?" "I chose you because all those guys happened to be complete self-centered assholes, and I didn't feel I was getting any of the protection I thought they'd give me, and you were so different, so considerate, gentle, humble, you looked up at me like I meant the world to you and I felt like you cared about me so much" "I still do, honey, I still can't believe how blessed I am to be with you", said the big man with his rumbling tone of voice. "I guess, it must've been hard for you to resign the physical aspect after being with those large guys", he added. "Well, I have to admit it took a good deal of effort but now it's as if fate or something has rewarded me", she said as she run her tiny hand over one of Derek's enormous pectorals, "Now you're sort of the perfect man, you have the personality and you're now so big, strong and manly that I feel protected like never before". Dad felt really good with what he was hearing. "And how big were those guys you dated?" "Well, none of them was as nearly big as you're now, the biggest one I was with weighed 250lbs (112kg)" "Haha, so my first day of transformation I was already bigger than your biggest ex-boyfriend! That's funny", said Derek with a pleasant smile, "And, were they strong?" "You're kidding, right? I thought they were strong back then but since I saw what you can do now, they don't fit my new definition of what a strong man is". All this talk made Derek feel really good about his new self. They kept hovering for a while and enjoying the view. Then suddenly the big man had a frown in his face. "What's the matter honey?", ask mom with concern. "Sorry babe, I have to take care of something", as he said that he started to slowly descend upon our house, taking mom back home. They entered the house and walked to the kitchen. Mom was worried: "What happened, my love?" "I was thinking about those kids in the park and I remembered it was kids like that who humiliated me", replied my big dad. "I thought you were over that..." "Well, I pretended I was over that when I couldn't do anything, but now", as he said this he looked down on his large body, "Now I can make those kids forget about ever committing a crime again!". I was sitting on the couch, watching TV when Derek stood in front of me, blocking the image of the huge 50" TV we had with his huge torso. "Jake, son, remember about the kids who hanged me up from the top of that building?" "Yes, what's with them?" "You said you knew where they live, I need you to tell me" "But you told me it didn't matter" "Well, it matters now" "What are you going to do? They'd know that I told you where they live. What if they take revenge attacking me or something?!" "Son, once I pay a little 'visit' to those kids, they won't dare bother you or anyone in this family again, and hopefully they won't bother any person ever again" I hesitated, I didn't know if I wanted to protect myself or if I still felt those guys as my friends, but for some reason I didn't dare to speak. "Oh, come on!", Derek said and grabbed the couch where I was sitting with one of his hands, then lifted the whole sofa with me in it and held me up effortlessly close to his face. "Look what I can do! I can handle your friends now!", said Derek, "and I think you don't want me angry now, so speak!" I must admit that he impressed me and made me want to respect him, there was something about his attitude that has changed completely, apart from how big he was, of course. "Ok, ok, I'll tell you". I gave dad the address and he flew away at super speed. A few instants after he was flying on top of Matt's house, he checked with his x-ray vision to see if the guy was there. Matt was in his living room playing video-games in his massive 70 inch TV he could buy thanks to his drug dealing. As he was about to score a loud thud distracted him and forced him to turn around. "No way!" he let out when he saw that a huge man had just taken down his heavy armour-plated front door pushing it casually with the palm of his hand. Derek entered the house, imposing his big frame, strutting close to Matt and grabbed him single-handedly by the collar of the expensive leather jacket the kid was wearing. "You come with me!", he commanded and picked up the boy taking him out of the house and high up in the sky. "What do you want?!", said the kid in desperation as he grabbed tightly from Derek's muscles to avoid falling. "Now let's meet your buddy Mitch". He flew to Mitch's house in fractions of seconds. As he x-rayed it, he noticed Mitch was sitting by the wall, counting money on a table. He descended next to the wall and punched at it with one of his massive arms, creating a huge hole as his hand passed through it and grabbed Mitch on the other side. He took the young man and flew into the air carrying both guys. It was all so sudden Mitch couldn't even say anything, once he realized he was flying in the air he freaked out "What the fuck! Who are you?" "Don't you remember me? Maybe this will jog your memory", said the big man as he flew fast to the top of the building where the guys have hung him a month before. "Here, remember this place?" said Derek as he hovered in front of the window where he had been hanging, holding Matt and Mitch one in each hand. "Oh, no, this can't be happening!", said Matt as he looked at Mitch with panic in his face. "No way, you can't be!! Jake's dad?!", said Mitch. Derek smiled at the young guy's realization as he nodded. "We thought you were dead? What happened to you?!", said Mitch. Matt replied to him "he didn't die, you moron! He became the fucking supercop everyone is talking about!" "Darn, we're screwed!", Mitch let out. "That's true little fellas, believe me, I wouldn't want to be in your position now! Let's go somewhere we can talk", as Derek said that he flew up into the air, as he carried the guys he began to re-think all the anger and desire of revenge he had. These guys were so powerless now, and he was so powerful that his previous feelings didn't make sense anymore, he actually began to feel sorry for these kids. "You're not scared, right? I thought guys who have the guts to do all sorts of crimes like you wouldn't be scared of some height!", after saying this he released them and they fell down. He waited for a fraction of a second then rushed down to pick them up again. "Hehe, that must have been fun, wasn't it?", he said with bemusement. Matt and Mitch were seriously in panic and grabbed tight from Derek's arms to avoid falling down. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you... badly", he quickly flew to the top of a huge tower with an antenna. There was a small place to stand with a fence, he gently let the two guys stand there while he hovered in the air in front of them. "Let's make a deal, puny boys!", my dad said to them with his deep manly booming voice as he crossed his arms in front of his chest confidently. The guys wanted to escape but they had nowhere to go. The only way to go down the tower was with special equipment. "You quit bothering other people, you stop dealing drugs, stealing, and doing any of the illegal things you do and I don't snap you both like a twig. How does it sound?", he said as he smiled at them. "I also want you to go back to school and I will control that you have good grades, in fact, I will be checking on you very often and I'll get very upset if you disappoint me! What do you say?" The guys didn't reply. "You better reply, I won't get you back to your homes until you reply" Still there was no reply. "Ok, no reply? Guess I'll leave you here to enjoy the breeze". As he said that he started to fly away, the night was cold and at that height the cold wind was freezing. Then the guys shouted "OK! We accept!" Derek returned and said "That's what I wanted to hear", while he smiled broadly. "Well, now I will get you home", he grabbed Mitch with one hand by his trouser's belt and held him up with one arm, he cocked his arm back with the kid in it, and prepared his body as a baseball pitcher about to throw his ball. "So, how do you want to get home? The fast way or the gentle way?", the big man asked and swung Mitch back and forth as if he was about to throw him. Mitch panicked, "The gentle way!! The gentle way!!", he shouted and Matt also shouted "the gentle way please!!". Derek laughed, "I'm just kidding with you guys", as he said that he grabbed them both and flew the kids gently back to their homes. It took my dad about two weeks to grow to 6'4" (1.93m) and 385lbs (173kg). He was even more massive than before and his strength and powers have increased about 20 times compared to two weeks earlier. In those two weeks he not only was able to keep Matt and Mitch in check, he managed to get to the guys that were recruiting those boys to sell drugs and he put the whole drug cartel to jail. With that move he practically eradicated all drug from town. In the meantime he also fought crime with an efficiency never before seen, making crime indexes go down rapidly in our area and the surroundings. He also continued to eat the super nutrients the government was providing, as he was eager to become more powerful so he could accomplish more and in an even bigger scale. That didn't mean he would overlook the everyday matters of the family. That very afternoon he was home and talked to mom: "Hey, did Jake show you his grades, how did he do?" "I don't know, they didn't give him his report card yet." "Did he say that to you?" "Yes, I just asked him" "Well, I just looked into his room with my x-ray vision and I saw the report card in his back pack.", he assured. "Jake, son" said Derek with an understanding tone, "could you please bring us your report card, we want to check your grades?" "Honey, didn't you read the grades with your x-ray vision already?" "I'm afraid I don't have that level of control over my vision yet". I was playing on the playstation sitting on the couch in the living room and to be honest I don't really know why I didn't pay attention to my dad's request. Maybe deep inside I still thought he was the wimp I used to despise and disrespect. Well, I thought wrong. And I was stupid enough to forget he could see my report card with his x-ray vision. He appeared in front of me, making sure his massive frame blocked the TV. He took the gamepad out of my hands and threw it on the sofa. "I think I asked you something a while ago, little guy", he said in a pretty serious tone as he looked down on me from his now imposing height. I was frozen, and sunk my body in the couch in fear. "What are you waiting for? Get your report card, now!", he commanded with such power that he made the glass in the windows and the door rattle. I climbed the stairs to my bedroom as if I had super speed too, and took the report card to my parents in seconds. They both looked at it, and I could see how upset they were. "No wonder why he didn't want to show it", mom commented to Derek. My huge dad looked back at me as if he was about to cut me in half with his heat vision. I have to admit it scared the shit of out me. "This is very disappointing, son", he told me while he fixed his blue eyes on me. "This is what we'll do", he said and walked to the playstation, he grabbed it in his hands and crushed it, turning it into bits. "No more stupid games and no more going out until your grades improve." I was so busted. If he'd done something like that before his transformation I would laugh at him and just ask him how was he supposed to stop me from going out the house. But now he was perfectly able to stop me anytime he wanted. "Did I make myself clear, Jake?", he said to me super serious. I realized I was grounded and I nodded in acceptance. "Fine, I will be checking you out, so please make the effort, ok?" I nodded again. That night mom and dad had a lot of sex. I could tell by my mom's screams that were going on for hours. They fucked like 7 times, and they stopped just because she asked him to. Apparently my dad had super sexual power too, enabling him to have intercourse thousands of times without rest and without losing any performance. It was one of the reasons mom was so incredible pleased by her super husband. Then they slept, but as after half an hour something woke them up. Mom sit up in bed, revolving her sheets and dad woke up too, shaking his head. Their room was close to the neighbor's house and the sound of dance music was shaking the walls. Boom schik bam, boom schik bam, boom shick bam! "Oh what the fuck!", Derek let out, "Not again!" Their neighbor was a senator and he wasn't at home very often, that family was filthy rich and they left their son alone in the house to do whatever he wanted. And he liked to hold very loud parties, and if you asked him to stop he was very rude. "For Christ's sake, it's monday!", mom screamed through the loud music. Derek was still pretty dizzy from his sleep but he shook it away, stood up from the bed and put on a pair of short pants. Mom was a little confused at first. But she looked at her man who stood there with his huge physique with double the muscle mass of a weightlifter, and how he looked at her with a confident grin in his face. And then she understood what he was going to do. "Don't hurt anyone, ok?", she asked him. "I'll just have some fun, don't worry sweetie", Derek said as he went outside. He strutted to the front of the neighbor's house and knocked gently. He could've taken the door down but he didn't want to destroy the house now. Nothing happened, they couldn't hear the knocks at the door over the loud music. Then he ringed at the doorbell, but still nothing. He then walked to a corner of the house and hugged it with his massive arms, making sure he had a good grip. Then he started shaking it, first it was a gentle shake, the walls and the floor of the house began to move, and the guys in the party inside thought it was part of the effect of all the alcohol they were drinking. He couldn't believe they didn't react to that. Then he gave it a serious shake, so powerful that it make people jump and some stuff in the walls fell down. Everyone stopped dancing and they thought it was an earthquake so everyone rushed out of the house. Then our neighbor's son came out the door and my dad approached him. When the kid saw that massive man towering in front of him, with his giant muscular hairy naked torso his jaw dropped, he thought it was an hallucination from alcohol or LSD. "Hey kid, do you know who I am?" "I don't know, I've been out of town, arrived just yesterday" "Ok, remember you have a neighbor, and this neighbor is a cop" "Oh yeah, Derek, he's such a loser, every time I make a party that idiot threatens us with putting us to jail, I never really take him seriously, my father always puts him in his place...But.. who, who the fuck are you, you look like you work out man, you're so puffy", the guy was quite drunk and as he said that he tried to sink his finger in one of Derek's enormous pectorals. Derek took the kids hand inside his massive palm and gripped powerfully until the bones and joints were cracking. "Arghhh, what the fuck!", the kid screamed. "Do you know what? I have some bad news for you, kid. The guy you were talking about, Derek, it's me.", as my dad said that he let his hand go, it wasn't broken but it was very sore. "What the fuck, it's not possible!" , said the kid as he massaged his hand. "Is that yours?", Derek said pointing at a hummer that was parked at the front yard. The guy nodded. Derek walked to where the hummer was, crouched and grabbed it with one of his hands, he then picked the vehicle up like it was weightless. He turned it around until it was upside down and threw it on the ground again. "Looks like you'll have to find some way to turn over your vehicle if you want to drive it again, boy" "Holy shit! My hummer!!", the guy let out. "Ok, listen to me little wimp, next time you want to make a party you have to ask for my permission first. Ok? ", as he said this he took some steps towards the kid who retreated out of respect and fear of the big man. "I don't need to threaten you with jail anymore, if you don't do as I say, next time I will grab your hummer", as he said this he ripped a lamp post off the ground and took it in his hands, "and turn it into a smashed tin can", while speaking he bent the thick lamp post as if it was made out of clay, in front of the guy's face. "Understood?" "Yes please, I'll never bother you again, Sir, don't be upset!!" "Ok, now clean up before your parents arrive, boy, and make sure you remain quiet all the night and every night from now on", said Derek in an imposing commanding tone as he threw the bent lamp post to the ground. Then he walked back home confidently and we all slept comfortably the whole night. Needless to say, from that moment the kid didn't dare to make any noises at night, let alone a party ever again. A month had passed and my dad was now 6'6" (1,98m) tall and weighed about 440 pounds (198kg), in that month his powers had increased about 45 times. The government had tests done on him in order to check his progress, but since long they stopped doing them, as he rated off the scale of any strength or power measurement device, making them useless. A thing that surprised me a lot, is that my dad didn't let all his power go to his head. Those who knew him well were surprised at how humble and good willed he was. I knew when he had an arrogant attitude he was pretending and did it just for fun. He was always super careful not to hurt anyone, always trying to help other people, always trying to solve things without any violence. He did exude a sense of self-assurance and confidence, but it was just the exact amount to command respect without being a cocky bastard. Was it possible that I was starting to admire my dad? No fucking way! It was sunday, even supermen needed a day off. My dad walked into the kitchen that morning bare-chested, carrying my mom in one of his huge arms. He let her stand on the ground and they both prepared breakfast. "Honey, today is my dad's birthday, he invited us for lunch, remember?" "Yeah, sure, I'm eager to see your dad again!" "Eager for him to see you, I guess" "Well yes, there had been some changes, it'd be good for him to be aware of them...", said my dad as he flexed his arms and expanded and flexed his chunky torso feeling and relishing his own power. My mom got close to dad and put her tiny hand in the middle of his massive chest, she lowered her tone of voice and spoke seriously: "Look, I know my dad and my brother have been such jerks to you, and now you're, well, you know just how powerful you are now, so please..." "Yeah I know honey, don't worry, I don't hold any grudges against them" "Oh, honey that's a relief" "But, you know they kept saying that there was no man in this house, maybe I will show them that this house does have a man!" "Only don't hurt anybody, ok?" "Oh, you know I wouldn't do that." As he said that he picked her up and kissed her gently and lovingly. A few minutes later breakfast was ready. "Here boy, the strongest man on earth has just prepared breakfast for you!". He put in front of me a huge plate full of scrambled eggs, bacon, much more than what I usually ate. What he said really make me think, how humble he really was, someone with his power was actually preparing breakfast for me. He also gave my brother Brian a plate just as big as mine and mom one quite smaller. We were shocked when we saw his plate on the table, his portion was 6 times as big as mine. "Ah!", he said with a pleasure moan, "another advantage of being super!". And then he began to eat his mountain of food. Since his transformation my dad ate like crazy, not only the government food but also he ate whatever he wanted, after all he didn't become fat, he didn't get cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, glucose level issues, or any illness. It all turned into new muscle and strength. Sugar, ice-cream, pancakes, fried chicken, barbeque, bacon, mega thick pizzas, hamburgers, whatever junk food he wanted, he could eat. "Ok", said mom as she caressed Derek's huge delts and shoulders, "we must hurry, it's a two hour drive to get to my father's house and I don't want to be late". My dad looked at her "No rush baby, how far do they live? About 120 miles? (200 km) I can fly us there in about 5 minutes, so take your time." "Wow dad, that is like 1400 mph (2400km/h)!", said my brother Brian. "See Jake, how smart your brother is? That is because he takes school seriously, learn from him!" "Yeah, bla, bla, bla, always the same crap, he's so fucking smart and I'm so dumb!" "Watch it, boy!", said the massive man and his huge muscles tensed, making me freeze. "Sorry dad, I didn't mean it" "Ok, I didn't say you were dumb, you must dedicate more to your studies, son, I know comparisons suck but it doesn't take x-ray vision to see you need to study more". "That is twice the speed of sound!", added Brian. Oh god! If he continued like that I was about to puke. Yeah, our dad had super powers, he was super fast, who cared what the speed was. "Hehe, yeah boy, you really are smart, I'll get you there at twice the speed of sound, I could go faster but I don't know if you'll be able to handle it, so let's play it safe", Derek replied bemused as he finished his massive breakfast. So, we took our time since we had a super fast transport. "Ok family! Let's go!" said Derek as he walked in the living room, wearing a grey tank top and very short black pants. "Honey, are you dressing like that?", mom asked him. "Yeah, what's wrong? Do I look bad?" he said as he smiled and bent his arms making his muscles pop. "No, you look too good, that's the problem!" "Oh, come on!" the big man said as he got close to mom and put his massive arms around her, "What's wrong with showing off a little bit? What is there to hide?", he said in a seductive tone as he kissed mom and made her feel the warmth of his gigantic body. "Yeah, guess you're right, let's go then", mom said with a smile, lost in the mounds of muscle surrounding her. We had a big family 4x4 van, so we got in it and Derek just picked it up easily. In a few instants we were flying up and up, and then we started going forward, he accelerated really slow and easy for us, and we saw the land beneath us pass faster and faster until it was almost a blur. Then just a brief moment later he started decelerating, until we were reaching precisely and slowly the house of Thomas, my grandfather. He let the van gently on the street in front of the big lovely country house. "So, how did you guys like the ride?", asked dad. "Dad! It took only 3 minutes and a half to get here!", pointed Brian as we got off the vehicle watching at his wrist watch. "Yeah, well, I saw you were ok so I increased the speed a little, hehe", he said happily as we walked to the front door. The country house was huge, mom's family was filthy rich, and that was one of the reasons why they looked down upon Derek, he was nothing like the attractive sporty guys from rich families that my mom used to date. To them he was only a poor guy and on top of it all, small and weak. My mom's father and her brother pretty much despised him. Mom's brother, Nick, was a 35 year old 6'1" (1.85m) 230lbs (103kg) don Juan, he was handsome, he played all kinds of adventure sports like mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, kayak, he was always tanned, always in top physical condition and as CEO of the family's business he had a lot of money and he made sure it showed, he only had the most expensive things, cars, clothes, boats, whatever. We all stood at the huge front door of the house and rang the bell. A guy that looked like a security guard dressed in a black suit and with dark sunglasses opened the door. That guy must have been about 6' (1.83m) tall and 240lbs (108kg), you could see even through the suit he was built and athletic. Mom announced herself and the guy said as he looked up at Derek "You and your sons are invited, but I'm afraid you Sir are not on the list" They were baffled, mom said "maybe you don't recognize him, he's my husband, his name is Derek" "There is no Derek in the list, madam, you can get in but he will have to remain outside" "What is this, a crazy joke?!", said mom as she freaked out and pull out her cell phone, "I'll call my dad and sort this out" Derek just stood there, smiling, he didn't seem surprised. In fact, it was not the first time this joke was played on him by Thomas. "So, your dad did it again, uh?" he said to mom as he massaged her back with one of his massive hands in an affectionate way. "He's not answering!", said my mom in anger. "Don't worry sweetie", said dad calming her down, "if your dad wants to stop me now, he'll have to bring someone that can stop me", he said as he looked at the guard with amusement. "Ok, let's go honey", said mom, "they must be gathering in the backyard already, we must walk through the living room". We walked in and dad walked in behind us. The guard put his hand in my dad's chest "Sir, I have orders not to let you pass" Derek just smiled and kept walking through the living room, following us. The guy stood in front of him and put both his hands on Derek's chest and pushed forward, but Derek just walked like he normally would, practically ignoring him. The guard was desperate, he charged with his shoulder at Derek but it was to no avail, he still bounced off the big powerful wall of a man as he advanced through the house. The guy tried everything, pulling him from the back, kicking him, punching him, he even took a heavy wooden chair and broke it on Derek's massive back. But my dad didn't stop walking and didn't get hurt. The guy was visibly tired and after he let us pass, he closed a big gate before dad could go through. Derek stopped and looked down at the tired guard. "Ok, little fella, why don't you just let me pass? Look how tired you are, this is becoming quite funny already" The guard was so tired he gasped for air "Open the gate", said big Derek, "I don't want to have to break it" "No way!" "Look", Derek said as he grabbed the guy from his jacket collard with one hand and lifted him off the ground, "if you had any idea just how strong I am you'd open that gate immediately, maybe I have to show you". He put the guy down and grabbed the gate with his left hand, he just pushed forward and ripped the heavy steel gate off its hinges. He walked forward carrying the gate in his hand, then threw it on the ground. The guard had already given up and Derek walked freely around the huge backyard lawn. Mom and us arrived to where Thomas was. "Hey! My dear! You made it, thought you wouldn't get here in the old van your husband has!", said Thomas as we came closer. "Happy birthday dad", said mom ignoring the comment, as she kissed my grandfather. "Hey there boys! You certainly grew since the last time I saw you, with some luck you won't be a wimp like your dad!", the old man said an hugged us, we greeted him for his birthday. Then Nick appeared, "Hey sister! How are you, it's been a while!", he said as they hugged. "And my nephews!" He got close to us, "Hey guys I seriously need to buy you some good clothes, you're practically dressed like bums!" "So, what happened with Derek?", Thomas said mockingly. "He is looking for a parking spot maybe, does he even know how to drive? hehe", said Nick and both men laughed. "You know what happened! You told that security guy to not let him pass", my mom accused them with anger. "Me? Not really, that must have been a mistake!", said Thomas. But he looked at Nick with a mean grin that gave both of them away. "Well, it might have been a joke, that I might have come up with", Nick confessed in between laughs... "hope you guys didn't get mad, hehe"... "Well, you're lucky Derek didn't get too mad", she said "Oh, what if he does? I'd be so scared, hahaha!", Nick said between laughs. "In just a moment you may not laugh so much brother", she assured. "Is Derek still outside, so?", asked Thomas. Then we felt a sudden breeze. We saw dad appearing with super speed behind Thomas and Nick. The guys were puzzled when they heard a deep bass voice behind them say "Hey guys, long time no see!" They turned around and as they looked at the mountain of a man standing behind them their jaws practically dropped to the ground. "Who the fuck!", Nick let out. Derek and mom smiled broadly. "He is Derek", said mom. Thomas looked at mom and then looked at my dad. "No way, this can't be possible, Derek is a weak small man, didn't you say he had an accident and that he was recovering?" said Thomas. "Yeah, well I didn't tell you the whole story, he was about to die but they found a way to fix him and go way beyond that", mom explained. "Way beyond? What does that mean?", Nick asked. Derek was quick to reply as he made a double biceps pose "It means they turned me into a big strong man!", Nick and Thomas' eyes opened wide. They had never seen a man so big and muscled and so tall, carrying so much bulk and mass, with such an imposing masculine presence. "But, just how strong are you?", Nick asked. "Well, let me see... strong as... mmm... how much do you weight?" "230" Derek smiled, grabbed the back of Nick's leather jacket with one hand and easily lifted him off the ground, holding him up without any strain while he grinned bemused. "Strong like this", he said and giggled. "Heh, you're light as a feather!", he added with his potent voice. "Holy shit!", said Nick, "ok, ok, I got it" "And I have another arm just as strong", as Derek said this he grabbed Thomas from his trouser belt and picked the old man up with his other arm. He weighted a mere 165 lbs (75kg) so it was even easier. Derek lifted them up even higher as he giggled. He thought Thomas would freak out but he actually let out an amazed "woow" and he seemed to enjoy being held. After a while he let them gently stand on the ground. "I must say I'm impressed Derek.", said Thomas, "your physical constitution is so different now, it's not just your muscles that are bigger, you have a big structure like a weightlifter, look at how wide and thick all over you are!". My grandmother Mary was coming to us but my dad's wide physique was not letting us see her come closer, we only saw her as she walk around him. "Oh Hi, Gina!", the old lady said to my mom with excitment, "Who is this huge handsome lad you brought with you?!" "It's Derek mom, hehe" Our grandmother was in awe, she's always been supportive of our dad, she was in part to blame for our mother to marry him. "Derek, oh my god! Look at you!!" Derek smiled at her and crouched to give a hug to the small lady, he engulfed her in his gargantuan bulk as he kissed her in the cheek. "Hey Mary, long time no see", he said in his low voice to her years. "Oh my! Look at those muscles, hear that voice, I can't believe this, you look like such a hunk, and how solid!", she said this as she grabbed a hold of Derek's massive right upper-arm. Derek couldn't help but laugh. They explained to her about the accident and how Derek became a super man. "Oh Derek, I'm so happy for you, you deserve this so much! I mean, look at you! You're gorgeous!", Mary said with emotion. "And Gina, I'm so happy for you too, to have this man at home every day must be incredible!", as she said this she looked at Derek from head to toe spending a long while at the big bulge in his crotch. The big man blushed a little. "Ok, son", said Thomas as he patted Derek's huge arm firmly, "let's go to the table, I'm sure a big man like you must eat a lot!". We were surprised, grandpa had never called our father 'son'. Nick also looked surprised at how his father's attitude had seemed to change. The day was beautiful and they had set up a huge table in the enormous garden at the backyard, under the shade of enormous trees. When they sat at the table, they realized they had to get a special thick metal chair for Derek, because he would just break the regular wooden chairs with his bodyweight, and they also had to leave enough room at his sides for his wide-shouldered frame to fit. They had a maid serving the food and Thomas asked the lady to serve as much as Derek requested. Needles to say she served a lot, like 7 times the amount the other guests were eating. At the table we noticed everyone was looking at Derek, how wouldn't they, he was so big and also so handsome. "Hey mom, what have you been doing lately?", asked mom to my grandma. As our grandparents were retired, they had a lot of spare time. "Well, I have been re-taking piano lessons!" "Really? It would be so nice if you could play some music for us", mom said. "Oh, we don't have a piano here, if we had it here I would play" "We can get inside later and you can play for us", my mom insisted. "Oh, I don't know" "No excuses Mary", said my big dad, "I'll bring the piano here for you so you can play for us, what do you say?" "Don't worry mom, I'll bring it, my cousin Joseph here, he will help me", said Nick looking at Joseph who was kind of dubious about the whole idea. "Are you sure? I feel like the piano will be safer with Derek, he looks big enough to carry it safely", Mary said looking at Derek's thick hands and arms. "No way, I'm your son and I'll get it for you..." "Stop it boy!", said Thomas, "Derek, son, can you bring the piano, please". Nick was puzzled, what the fuck was that? His father was favoring Derek? What was that 'son' thing? "What do you say Mary, do I bring it?", asked Derek "Yes, bring it, dear". Derek stood up and his massive frame towered over everybody in the place. He strutted his bulky physique to the inside of the house. When he walked through the large windows leading to the backyard he found the guard blocking his way again. "You again?" he said as he looked down on the guy, "move to a side puny man, I don't wanna be rude". But the guy didn't move. Derek pushed him gently with just a touch of his index finger, that made the guy fly back several feet until he fell on a couch. Derek walked to where the piano was, it was a vertical piano, he crouched and picked it up with his hands and easily carried it outside. As people where at the table they surprised when he saw Derek carrying the piano in his hands with such ease. "Hey Mary, where do you want it?", asked my dad. "Oh dear, leave it there under the shade of the tree" "Sure", my dad replied and easily carried the piano and put it super gently on the ground under a tree that was close to the table. "Nice job!" said Thomas as he stood up and walked next to Derek, "it took 6 men to put that piano in place, remember honey?" said as he looked at grandma, "Inside it has a metallic structure to make it sturdier, but it also weights five times more than a regular piano" "Bullshit!" screamed Nick, he walked to a side of the piano and crouched, grabbed under it with his hands and tried to pick it up. He grunted with effort but the piano didn't move an inch. "What the fuck!". He was about to kick the piano but Thomas shouted "Don't you dare!" and he stopped. Derek giggled and smiled at Nick, he crouched and grabbed the piano again, "here, this is how you lift it", then lifted it up without any effort, "light as a feather!", he said as pressed it overhead, he even let go one hand and balanced it with just one arm, playfully. Everyone was in awe. Then he put the piano gently back on the ground. "This is not fair! You can't be so strong!", Nick was mad, he cocked his fist and punched at Derek's stomach with all his might. My dad just looked down on him with bemusement as Nick let out a loud "Awwww", and grabbed his hand in pain, Derek's abdominal wall was kind of hard. "Let's do something", said Derek to everybody, "you will arm-wrestle with me, if you move my arm an inch I will pay for all the food we're eating". "Haha, sounds like fun", said Thomas with excitement. They set up a table and Derek sat with his super large arm in position. "Nick, maybe you'd like to try first", said Thomas to his son. Nick sat on the table a bit reluctant, he grabbed Derek's hand and once they were locked properly, Thomas said "go!". Nick began to push with all his might. Derek's arm didn't move a milimeter, Nick moaned and grunted with the effort and he frowned and sweated. Derek just looked at him and held his arm in place, without making any special effort. "Maybe you'd want to use both your arms, go ahead!", Derek suggested. Nick was frustrated, he began to use both arms, and struggled again, pushed and pushed as hard as he could but Derek's arm didn't move at all. "Anyone else wants to help him?", the big man said to all the guests of the party that were looking, "Come on, be my guests!". Some men got close and helped Nick, some pushing and other men were pulling, then some more men, at a point there were seven guys all trying to move Derek's hand. But not only my big dad's arm didn't move, he wasn't even making any effort to keep his arm in position. At one point he began to smile, looking at everyone getting tired as minutes passed. Then he easily and slowly put his arm down, beating everyone without any effort. "Haha, that was fun!", said the big man. "It's nice to have a son like you, big man, welcome to the family!", said Thomas as he patted dad's massive back. "Hey, what the fuck, I'm your son, not him! He's just your son-in-law!", said Nick as he massaged his sore arms. "Shut up you wimp! Good for nothing!", Thomas said to him with despise. The party went on and they had a pretty good time. All the guests seemed very interested in Derek's huge body and all he could do, some even asked him to make some bodybuilder poses. They asked him if he could fly, and he demonstrated by doing various levitations. He complied most of the time because he liked to feel appreciated. He only stopped being the main focus of attention when grandma Mary gave a piano concert, she played beautifully, she was actually a lot better than everyone had expected. After that, Derek took the piano back to the house just as easy as he'd carried it outside and everyone began to say goodbye. Nick was quick to talk to Derek, "Look Derek, I'm terribly sorry about the joke today, it was really stupid from us, I mean, I hope you don't hold any grudges", he said this in a tone so humble and so careful he seemed another person. "Yeah, you're sorry now you know I can snap you like a twig", my dad replied. "No no, I'm really sorry" "Yeah, whatever, I know you won't be doing those stupid things anymore anyway, so don't worry little fella, you'll stay in one piece for now! Hehehe", Derek said this and giggled then patted Nick in his back almost making him fall. Nick felt kind of awkward, but then he laughed out of compromise. "It's so good that my daughter has such a man at home!", said Thomas to Derek as he have him a rough manly pat in his massive shoulder. "I'm glad now I have a big son!". That was a rude thing to say being Nick standing next to them. "Do you know what? Thomas", said Derek looking down on the old man, "I appreciate that you consider I'm of any worth now, but I think your attitude towards your son Nick is crap" Thomas froze when he heard that coming from Derek. "Ever since you realized I'm stronger and bigger than him you've been treating him like shit, I really don't want to put up with someone who has that attitude towards people, every men is worth the same regardless of how big or strong they are". That was nice coming from my dad, mind note: I can use that when he brings up that my grades are not as good as my brother's. He really had made Thomas shut up, that old man had it coming. Deep inside of me I thought 'cool', was I admiring my dad? No fucking way... or was I? Nah... Grandma Mary and my mom did everything they could to dissipate the bad vibe that was taking shape, and they greeted everybody. We walked out and everyone saw in awe as my dad took us back home flying.
  11. Note from the author: This one is dedicated to all the ones who are into dad musclegrowth stories, hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. (written in 2008) Dad Recovering Authority Marta was frying some eggs in the pan when she heard his son coming out of his bedroom "Ricky, come over, food is almost ready!" "Oh sorry mom I've got to go" "Go now?! you didn't tell us anything, Rick you're only 15!" "Oh not that crap again" As they were discussing, Hector, Marta's husband and Rick's dad, entered the front door. "Hi everyone!" Hector said "Oh Honey", replied Marta, "did Ricky tell you he was going out tonight?" "Well, not at all... Where are you going young man?" "I'm going out with uncle Dick, you know, have a couple beers" "I don't think that will be possible, you or your uncle must let us know with anticipation when you're going to go out", said Hector in a tone as severe as he could, these moments he wish his voice would've been more manly and deeper but it was a little bit higher pitched than he expected. "Are we starting with this crap again?", replied Ricky in an arrongant tone. "Ricky, your school grades are disastrous, your teachers keep complaining about your bad behaviour, you insult us, instead of studying you drink beer or smoke weed all day long, what's going on with you?", demanded Hector. "Bla bla bla, leave me alone you picksweak!", as Ricky let this out he pushed his dad away, with enough force to make Hector tumble and fall to the ground. Despite being just 15, Ricky had grown quite big, he was 1,80m (5'11") and weighed 85Kg (190lbs), he was also recruited for the school's rugby team and had regular workouts so he was very well built and strong for his age, he got the genetics of his uncle Dick, Marta's brother, who was a big and strong sportsman as well. Hector, on the contrary, was dwarfed by his son at just 1,70 m (5'7") and weighed just 65kg (150 lbs) and he couldn't help feeling intimidated when he had to impose some limits on his kid. Then the doorbell rang and Ricky rushed to open, it was Dick, the figure of the 1,87m (6'2") and 110kg (250lbs) stud impressed everybody, he was wearing a leather jacket and looked young and handsome. He rode a motorcycle "So, are you ready for a ride with your uncle, buddy?", he said to Ricky in a friendly tone. Hector recovered and stood up from the floor, he and Marta got closer to the front door. "I'm afraid Ricky can't go with you, Dick", said Hector, Dick looked down on him with despise, as if he was looking at a rat. "Ricky's grades have been very bad lately and he's not allowed to go out, besides I don't want you to take him to drink beer, he's 15 for Christ's sake!", said Hector in anger. Dick laughed and made a mocking gesture with his hand and said "bla bla bla bla!", then looked at Ricky with a sympathy grin. As the young boy was going out Hector tried to grab him but Dick pushed him away with such force he couldn't beat and forced the smaller man violently towards one of the walls of the room. Ricky left the house and jumped on Dick's bike, the uncle accelerated his motorcycle, screamed "Ciao!" and left. As the sound of the bike was fading out in the distance, Marta got close to her husband and hugged him, "Oh honey...", she said "Your brother's been an ass you know..." "Yes, I'll have to talk to him about this" "How many times have you talked about this with him? And he doesn't change, I don't like the example he's giving our son" "I know honey, I do what I can", said Marta as she caressed his husband. Although he was a small guy, Hector was quite handsome, he had strong well cut black hair, a thick well groomed full beard, strong jaw, straight nose and handsome hazel eyes. Marta had told him a couple of times he should work out some more, specially because in her family most men were naturally muscular and strong, nonetheless she loved her husband because he was a good man, there was nobody more considerate and caring as him and because he was very smart, and she understood that his occupation left very little time for extra activities. At 39, Hector had two college degrees, as biochemist and as a medicine doctor, he was working for a government contractor researching for the army, in the P.E.S.D. department (Physical Enhancement and Supplement Development). His job was in part to blame for the lack of respect his son had for him, he wished he could've spent more time with him during all of Rick's childhood. The following day, a sunday, it was 8 am when Ricky and Dick returned. Rick was drunk and could barely keep standing. Dick was kind of high but not as drunk or unconscious, Marta and Hector asked him why did he let his son get drunk, Dick didn't reply he just dragged Ricky and threw him on Hector and Marta's arms, who took their big son to his bedroom with quite an effort. They let Ricky sleep until noon when the kid woke up and served himself some cereal, as Marta and Héctor were in the kitchen. Marta was trying to open a jar of marmalade but it was too well shut for her "Let me help you sweetie", said Héctor and grabbed the jar, he tried to unscrew the cap for several minutes but he couldn't. Ricky laughed, "haha you're so weak, better let a man do it!", the kid said and took the jar off his dad's hand. He grabbed it tight, strained and bent over and with a pop the jar was open and handed it to his mother. Héctor gave him a serious look. "Son, I expect you to spend the rest of the afternoon improving your math", said Héctor. "No way! Coach says we've got to train on weekends now, so I'm going to the stadium to kick some ass and make these guns grow", said Ricky cheerfuly as he checked his big young arms. "What?! You're not, you're staying here!", said Héctor "Haha, and who's going to force me, you wimp?!", Rick replied defiantly. "I'm your dad boy, you must do as I say" Ricky just laughed and stood "Hey, you're going to finish that", Héctor voice trembled in anger pointing at the cereal. "Ah forget it, I'll buy something to eat outside" "And where do you get the money for that? I didn't give you anything!", Héctor remarked "Uncle Dick gives me money" "I'm not going to let you hang out any more with him! he's a bad influence" "Well, he understands me, he's twice the man you are, you -little daddy-" Héctor was furious and tried to grab him but Ricky shoved him away, when Héctor insisted his son punched him hard in the face, Héctor was shocked, dizzy and blood came out of one of his lips. Ricky walked away and closed the door violently behind him. Marta got close to Héctor, and when he recovered his senses he decided to call Ricky's coach, he had a few things to talk to him. "Hi, I'm talking to Mr Trachine?" "Yeah, it's me" "Hi, I'm Ricky's dad" "Oh yeah Ricky, one of our best kids, you got top material there" "Yeah well, he told me you're going to start training on sundays too?" "Yeah, we've the nationals coming up and I want this team to be the best!" "Well, we have a problem with that in here our son needs to improve his grades and sunday is the only moment we can stay all together at home and help him with his studies" "Look, Ricky has told me a lot about you, I don't care if you're such a nerdy wimp who wants to study all day, but your son is not like that! Unlike you he's one big and strong athelete and that's something you won't understand ever in your life!", said Mr Trachine in a mocking tone. "You aren't giving roids to my son, are you?!", Héctor had suspected about this for a long time "That's none of your business, let your son decide what he wants to be!" "But he's 15! I'm not going to let him play anymore!" "And how are you going to stop him you sissy man?, I hear your voice in the phone and can't stop laughing you sound like a girl haha I'd like to have you in front of me and kick your butt!" Héctor hung up the phone in anger. "He's such a jerk!" He went to the bathroom and cleaned up his face, his lip had stopped bleeding but it still hurt, the situation had surpassed his capacities, Marta tried to calm him down and they went to sleep until the following day. At the lab Héctor and his assistant, Daniel, researched a series of experimental compounds called super HGH (human growth hormone) or sHGH, these substances were modified molecules of HGH mixed with radioactive isotopes. It was discovered that this mix greatly increased the effect of HGH stimulation in physical healing, strength, muscle and bone growth and also reducing the side effects to almost zero. The government was extra cautious about these type of research and the verification and use of this compounds were going to take decades, they've been treating two volunteer subjects, two soldiers, with a very diluted version of sHGH, they've been giving them a dose of 1 microgram a year for five years now. The effect of the treatment in these men was like having the most powerful anabolic steroid ever and multiplying it by ten. The men kept training regularly as they normaly did with the only difference that their muscles grew a hundred times faster than those of the rest of the soldiers, their muscles also grew more dense and solid, thus becoming a lot stronger than their peers. Along these five years of treatment both test subjects attained the equivalent physical strength of 10 soldiers. Other added benefits from sHGH included strengthening of bone structure (their bones became eight times as resistant) increase in height (both men became two inches taller), dramatic increase in stamina and physical resistance at all levels, improved sexual performance and genital size. Sometimes Héctor and Daniel thought the goverment kept their investigation at a too slow pace, the dosage they were using was ridiculously low, the machine that synthesized the drug produced vials of 10 grams of sHGH, they had to use only 1 microgram which is a tenth of a millionth of that dose. They thought if they used 10 micrograms they'd achieve the results of five years in two hours, still being completely safe and without side effects. Probably, they thought, they didn't want a soldier to become too powerful by accident, so powerful they'd be unable to control him. The test subjects had become very powerful but they still could be killed by bullet fire, in theory a higher dose of sHGH can make someone's body structure so tough that not even bullets would be able to pierce that subject's skin. It's been a while now that Héctor began to fantasize about giving himself a shot. What would stop him from doing that? He knew the drug was safe, all the testing in animal and human subjects was successful. Only 5 micrograms would make him grow enough to give his son and the rest a lesson or two. He decided to talk to Daniel. Daniel thought it was crazy at first, but then he realized that they hadn't tried doses higher than 1 mcg, which is ridiculous, for the sake of the investigation they needed to do this and it would help Héctor who was a great friend and teacher for him. "So, are you going to prepare the 5 mcg diluted compound for me?", asked Héctor "Yes, I'll make it today and you'll have it by tomorrow early morning" The drug had to be prepared and used within two days or the isotopes lost their effect, once in the body the effect of the physical changes were permanent and the body seemed to "learn" and kept working in an invigorated way indefinitely. They left all compound vials in a special sealed fridge in the lab, there was a little amount of radioactivity involved but nothing harmful. While Héctor was at a meeting where he detailed the progress of their research, Daniel spent the whole afternoon preparing the 10 grams vial, the process took several hours and was very complicated, at 8 pm Daniel was tired as hell, and dilluting the drug took at least 4 hours of work, so he decided he would leave the process for the following day, he'd arrive earlier and tell Héctor he had to wait a couple more hours until it was ready. The following morning Héctor had another argument with his son, he'd been arriving late at school for several days, he couldn't take it anymore and left home without even having breakfast, he arrived at the lab, anxious to start the drug test asap. As it was too early, Daniel hadn't arrived yet, so Héctor eagerly checked the fridge and found the compound vial "Awesome!", he said cheerfuly and grabbed the vial, he checked it, there was no way to distinguish diluted sHGH from non diluted, it was just transparent liquid, so he thought it looked well enough. He loaded the fluid inside a syringe and popped it into one of his veins. A few minutes passed without any changes, when Daniel entered the lab. "Morning!" "Hi Daniel, good morning!" "Oh, Hec, you'll have to wait for a few hours I have to dilute the...", said Daniel as he saw through the fridge door's blindex glass that there was no vial. "You mean that vial was not diluted yet?!" "No, it wasn't" "Oh shit!", Héctor panicked and instantly he began to feel tremendous pain, then fell to the ground and bent over, he screamed for about 15 minutes of the most torturing agony, he thought he was going to die. Then pain relieved a little and he began to feel his clothes getting tight. He was wearing a shirt with stripes and flannel trousers. Daniel could clearly see that the body was growing and stretching the fabric. It started slow but increased in speed every second and soon Hector's legs began to surpass the length of the trousers until they barely reached his calves, his shoes were also being streched out by his growing feet until they split open leaving him bare foot, at the same time, Daniel began to see Héctor's torso growing in size, bulking up and stretching the shirt, soon it ripped open as the back widened tremendously, his lat muscles that were non-existant before, began to spread like wings of meat. The buttons in the front of the shirt popped off and flew all over as his rib cage expanded and his pecs jutted outwards, the shoulders inflated like balloons and the arms grew in length until the shirt sleeves were too short while at the same time his upper arms increased in size and perfected their shape until they were bigger than rugby balls, instantly tearing out the fabric, his forearms also filled with solid muscle mass. At the same time his ab muscles began to appear from nowhere, his thighs shredded the trousers and became two tremendous slabs of powerful muscle, where divisions and crevices could clearly be seen inside, his calves grew in proportion with the thighs and took a powerful shape, while at the upper part of his body his neck was thickening along his deltoids that were growing to grapefruit size or more. His head also grew a little bit in order to keep proportion with his new body, as long as slight changes in his complexion, like a slight growth of the chin and a slightly stronger facial structure that actually increased his good looks and his manliness. While the transformation finished, Héctor was still crouching on the floor, he was drained from the process, the remnants of his clothes were still over his body, suddenly he began to feel a lot of strength coming into him, all the tiredness and dizzyness disappeared, and he experienced a surge of tremendous power. He stood up revealling his whole body to Daniel. "Holy crap!" he let out, in a voice that wasn't his as he felt his own new body. "Hear my voice, is this me?", he said, his deep booming tone made the room shake "Do you feel ok?", Daniel asked "OK?!", Héctor replied loudly and powerfuly, "OK is not enough, I feel like a locomotive!", he said as he took off the shredded pieces of fabric that remained drapped around his body, bent his enormous arms and flexed his chest contemplating his new muscle mass and checking his new physique. He ripped away what was left of his trousers revealling his genitals. Daniel lowered his gaze to Héctor's dick and opened his eyes wide. Héctor also looked down and though blocked by his enormous chest muscles he could catch a glimpse of his new prick and balls, they were the size of a bull. Héctor couldn't help let out "Darn, I'm a fucking bull!", then quickly added, "Hehe sorry this is embarrasing", Héctor blushed and covered his crotch with his huge hands. "Don't worry I'll get you something to wear from our test subjects". Daniel quickly got a pair of black shorts from a drawer near by and got close to Héctor to hand them, the now big man grabbed them and crouched to put them on forcing them to fit over his huge muscled butt and big dick and balls. It was snug but it fit. As Héctor stood again with his short pants on, Daniel coudln't help contemplate the new man up close. From his perspective, Héctor was now a mountain of muscle, he looked down on him, almost two heads taller, and so wide it covered most of his eyesight. He contemplated one of his upper arms and realized it was bigger around than his own torso. He looked down at one of Héctor's thighs and also reckoned that there had to be more condensed muscle in that thigh than he'd have in his whole body if he trained in a gym for ten years. "Damn, you're so huge, I wonder what your measurements are!", said Daniel, "let's go have a measure" They went to the next room where they had training equipment, strength testing machines and measurement devices. Héctor felt amazing as he walked with his new legs, the floor seemed to squeal under his weight, but he felt as if he was light as a feather. Héctor knew the place and immediately got over the measurement platform, there a few lasers circulated his body and took extremely precise measurements. "Ok", said Daniel as he looked at the screen, "you're now 2m (6' 7") tall, weigh a total of 207 Kg (462 lbs), your upper arms are 75cm (29") soft, wow your forearms are like 50 cm (20") that's as big around as my thigh! Your chest is 220 cm (86"), legs 115cm (45"), my god! Would you bend an arm for me?", Daniel asked and Héctor did it smiling broadly. "Wow, your upper-arm is 85cm (33") flexed", Daniel almost screamed. "You won't believe this, your physical structure has reached level theta density", said Daniel in technical jargon. "Oh my god, that means..." "If our theory is right, you won't have to worry about bullets from now on, and your bone amd muscle structure are probably the most powerful thing that exists on earth" "There's one thing still to measure, would you take down your pants?" Héctor was familiar with the procedure as they did this with their test subjects regularly and pulled down his pants, revealling his large man meat. "Ok then, measuring... wow, your dick is 17 cm (7") limp, and 10cm (4") around" "Holy crap! That's what I call a man!", said the now big stud. "And now for the erection measurements" Héctor immediately stroked his cock until it was erect, the thing was huge and hard as steel, like he'd never felt before. "Geez, you got a 28cm (11") long dick now! Girth of about 18cm (7")"... said Daniel trying to sound profesional. That thing looked like it could penetrate a wall of steel. Héctor put his pants back on, got off the platform, smiling broadly, feeling better than ever in his life "Now let's check your strength, why don't you try picking up that weight over there?", suggested Daniel. It was an olympic weighlifting 500kg (half a ton - 1100 lbs) weight in a corner, the test subjects began to use as part of their training as they got stronger. "OK", the big man replied and went in front of the weight, then crouched and took the ends of it cautiously, preparing for an extenuating effort. Then he stood, picking up the weight to the height of his shoulders, "You gotta be kidding me, right?!", Héctor boomed at Daniel. Daniel was puzzled. "This weighs nothing!", said Héctor and took the weight over his head, then released one of his hands and held it just with his left arm. He turned the weight around to check it out, apparently it had two 250 kg plates in it, "My god! This is half a ton of weight, right?", Héctor said rejoyced at how easy it was to handle it for him now. "Yes, it's certified weight!" Héctor toyed around with the weight tossing it in the air and exchaging hands, he smiled and put his hands at the ends near the plates, then easily bent the steel bar like it was made out of butter, "Awesome!", he let out and put the weight on the ground. Marta was a teacher and she was correcting some exams at the kitchen table, when she heard the front door open and some heavy thuds that sounded like someone walking, the living room's wooden floor squealed badly. "Hi honey, is that you?!", she screamed Héctor didn't know how to show himself but he thought what the crap "Yes, sweetie! I've got a surprise for you", hollered Hector in his now booming bass voice. Marta was confused, the way he spoke was that of her husband but the voice was so deep it'd put Barry White to shame. "Are you ok honey?! You sound weird" "I know, come over and you'll see why" Marta stood and entered the livingroom and she first got the creeps, there was a huge man standing - no - filling up her whole living room, the man was wearing a tight grey t-shirt, black short pants and a pair of tennis shoes, all she saw was muscle on top of muscle and took her a while to realize that the head attached to that tremendous physique was that of Héctor. "Oh my god!" she said and fainted. Héctor quickly grabbed her with one of his big hands and easily picked her up holding her single-handedly. He thought to himself how many times he tried to be romantic and lift her up in his arms and how he always failed and they ended up falling on the ground, now it felt like his hand was holding the lightest thing in the world. He gently layed her down on the couch and waited a few seconds until she recovered "Oh my god, she said, is that you? Héctor?" "Yes" "But how?" "I can't say, but it's obvious that this is thanks to my research" Marta sat up and grabbed one of her husband's upper arms. "Damn you're enormous!" Héctor bent his arm for her, she caressed the enormous bicep peak. "Hehe, yes, I think I've gone too far" "No, I love it! I'd always been around big men and I knew I'd made the right choice of choosing brain to brawn, no matter what my family said" she said as she run her hands over his enormous pectorals feeling the solid round muscle, "now you'll make my brother look tiny!" "That jerk!", Héctor said, "I'm eager to see him again! When is Daniel coming back?" "Oh, he'll be back any minute, this is going to be such a surprise for him!", Marta said. "Indeed!" When Ricky turned back home he entered the kitchen fast, he could only see his mother there, "Hi Mom!" "Ricky why are you in such a hurry?", asked Marta. "Is dad home?", Ricky asked "No, he didn't return yet." she lied, "But what are you doing", Marta asked again as his son was opening the fridge and engulfing all he could. "I'm on the go mom!" "Where are you going?" "None of your business" Marta walked close to him "Son, why don't you stay here to eat with us?" "I don't want your crappy food!", he shoved her away and walked towards the kitchen doorway. As Ricky was leaving, he bumped into something hard that forced him to stop, he didn't understand what it was at first, but when he gave a second look he realized it was a man, a very big man, in fact, the BIGGEST man he's ever seen, tall enough that his head brushed the top of the door frame, wide enough that he had to shrug to let his wide shoulders past the frame. As seconds passed he distinguished more features in this behemoth of a man, his legs were so big that not even the biggest guys in his rugby team had legs half that size, he possessed upper arms so thick that he could fit his head two times in each one of them, a chest that was four or five times bigger than his. The enormous man was more than a head taller and looked down on him, Ricky pertrified when he realized the huge man was Héctor. "Dad!?" Héctor smiled and walked towards him slowly. Ricky instinctively retreated. "Well, little fella, looks like you'll have to apologize to your mom!", said Héctor in a deep vibrating tone that made all of Ricky's body shake. "What happens? Mice ate your tongue?", said Héctor cheerfully and put his huge hand in one of his sons shoulders. "It's you dad! how did you become like this?!", asked the young man "Well, that's -none of your business-", replied Héctor mockingly "I don't hear you apologizing", the big man said and lightly pushed his son towards Marta, the dad's faintest touch was enough to make all of Ricky's body shake. "Sorry mom, I didn't mean it...", said Ricky, ashamed Marta and Héctor nodded. "So, where were you going, Ricky?", asked Héctor and put his hands in his hips expanding his enormous torso. Ricky took a moment to answer, "Oh, uncle Dick will take me for a ride in his bike, just, you know, go to a few places...", Ricky's tone was already more humble. "Well, you're not going anywhere" said Héctor with firm and extremely manly tone. "You can't force me!", defied Ricky as he motioned out of the kitchen. Héctor put his index finger in his son's chest and pushed forward, that was enough to throw his son against the wall in front of him, "Well, I think I can", replied Héctor. "Well I don't care how big you are...!", Ricky continued Héctor smiled and grabbed his son's jacket with one of his hands, lifting him off the ground like a scarecrow. "It seems that you don't quite get it, right? From now on, things are going to be very different in this house, you're not going out with uncle Dick or train in the weekends until your grades improve, am I clear?", said Héctor as he lifted his son up some more in the air. Then they heard the front door ring "That must be Dick!", said Marta "You're not going anywhere boy, stay here, understood?", said Héctor firmly Ricky looked down, like ashamed. Héctor let him down gently and walked towards the front door. Dick was waiting outside when he saw the door open, the figure of the man that was opening the door almost makes his jaw drop to the ground. "Oh my god!" he exclaimed "Wassup Dick?!", said the big man with his mighty voice "Is it you, Héctor?!" "Yes Dick, it's me" "What happened to you?!" "Well it's a long story!", Héctor walked towards Dick, he was taller, wider, heavier and more muscled, and made him look like a twink. Dick walked back as Héctor spoke "Remember when you adviced my sister to marry a sports guy instead of a lab rat, well turns out that thanks to his brain, the lab rat, became stronger than the sportsman", said Héctor as he playfully pushed with his hand on Dick's chest several times, making the smaller man tumble in his feet and walk back. "OK, I mean, you know I never really had any problem with you, we're pals right?", Dick was shaking like a leaf, he'd never seen muscles like those in a man. "Oh yeah! We're pals, of course, let me give you a big hug pal", Héctor grabbed Dick in a bear hug and pressed hard until Dick's ribs squealed loudly, "You're like a brother to me!" he said and he pressed some more, he smiled then let Dick free, the man was still shaking and trying to catch his breath again. "My pal!" Héctor said and smiled, then punched playfully at Dick's shoulder, with his enormous arm the punch was so powerful that Dick spun in place like three times, Héctor had to stop him and catch him. Héctor was smiling, "Hey! I've never checked out your bike pal, you got a great ride!", the big man got close to Dick's motorcycle, he examined it, then crouched and picked it up with one of his hands, it was a big solid harley-davidson, "This is a real harley uh... I think it'd look better with some minor modifications", he said that and grabbed the center axis of the bike, then bent it like it was cardboard into a shape that made the bike useless. "Hey! What are you doing to my bike!!", shouted Dick. "Don't you like it better this way? Oh! Come on! You're not funny, I thought we were friends!", Héctor said, "it's boring I'll give it back to you", then threw the bike over Dick, the thing weighed easily a quarter ton, and the brother-in-law fell on the ground under its weight. "What's the matter Dick, I thought you were quite strong!", said Héctor and picked up the motorcycle again with a single hand, then threw it away like it was a shallow film prop. "Let me help you up", and then grabbed Dick by his trouser's belt and let him stand. Dick tried to fight him and threw a punch at Héctor's face but the big man grabbed his fist and gripped powerfully, Dick screamed in pain and went to his knees. Héctor grabbed his belt again and held him up like a foot over the ground. "From now on, Dick, I don't want to see you anywhere near Ricky, I think it's quite clear that I can snap you in two like a twig so you'd better do as I say", said Héctor very close to Dick's face. He let Dick stand and the man didn't say a word, he just ran away like he'd seen a ghost. "I don't want this in front of my house", said the big man and picked up the remains of the motorcycle again, taking it to a trash container nearby. As Héctor entered his home Marta and Ricky were waiting for him, "Well, guess you won't be seeing uncle Dick around here very often any more", said Héctor Marta walked to him and grabbed a hold of his enormous shoulders and chest, layed her head on his thick torso. "You didn't hurt him honey, did you?", she asked "No sweety, just a little bit of perssuasion, only that", Héctor said as he flexed all the muscles in his massive body for her to feel them, then relaxed and cuddled his wife. "Ok then, guess we're going to spend our night studying, aren't we?" Héctor said to Ricky, walked towards him and put a solid hand in his shoulder "get your math books and everything you have on the table, your dad is going to help you study". "Oh no, really?", asked Ricky "You don't want me to force you, right? Come on! you need a few lessons!", replied Héctor gently pushing his kid. Seeing that there was nothing he could do to stop his dad, Ricky finally grabbed his school books and put them on the table, the young man sat and his dad took a seat next to him, as Héctor put his huge butt over the chair it squealled badly under his massive weight, then ordered Ricky to write down some equations and problems. Even when they were sitting the hugeness of his dad made Ricky feel intimidated, Héctor sat taller than him so he had to look up while the large man spoke. He contemplated how his father layed the weight of his massive arms on the table making the wood yawp, ocassionally bringing one hand to the sheet of paper Ricky was working on to point some mistake or explain a particular issue. As minutes were passing by Ricky realized it was quite cool to have his dad explain math to him and that it wasn't hard at all. Héctor was very encouraging pointing every mistake but also congratulating and complimenting when things were well done. And the big dad was quite physical at that, giving him nice cuddles and snuggles with "that's my boy!" expressions that conforted him and made him feel good. So much they've spent almost three hours together. "Well son, we've done a hell of an advance today, you'll be catching up and improving your grades in no time", Héctor assured his son. "Thanks dad, it's actually been nice, to be able to solve all these problems, I didn't think it was this easy" "Ok", Héctor said completely statisfied and smiling, "tomorrow, mom is going to help you with history and literature", he stood up and left giving Ricky a gentle pat in the shoulder. The following day, Héctor and Marta walked down from their bedroom upstairs, the big man was carrying his wife in one of his huge arms, she was sitting comfortably in her husband's forearm, grabbing his large chest. They had a rough sex night, Héctor fucked her about 9 times, and he wasn't even tired, he was a sex machine. She had so much cum inside of her she was worried she might get pregnant, but at the same time she was extremely pleased with being fucked by her man's enormous cock. Héctor took her to the kitchen and genly let her stand on the ground, they began to prepare breakfast. After a while Marta needed to reach for a jar that was too high up in the cupboard, "Honey would you grab that one for me?", she asked her big husband. "I can help you grab it..." said Hector and instead of grabbing the jar that was practically in front of his face, he picked his wife up. She giggled surprised by her man's new display of power and grabbed the jar. Héctor put Marta down and she spent a few seconds smiling and admiring his massive torso, she put her hands in his huge pectoral and Héctor made a little pec dance for her, "Wow!" Marta screamed when Ricky came into the kitchen as they were in the middle of it and the couple separated. "Morning Ricky, you done good yesterday, you see I always said you were a smart kid!", the huge dad said. Marta had trouble unscrewing the cap of the jar again, Ricky saw this and offered help. Ricky grabbed the jar and tried with all his might, but moments passed and he was unable to open it, Héctor grinned and looked down at his kid. He stroke his back shooking him a little and extended his huge hand to him "Let your big daddy do that, ok?", boomed the huge fella. Ricky put the jar on Héctor's hand and the big man unscrew it with a flick of his wrist, no effort needed. "Here you are sweety, now I remember I had put the cap yesterday, that's why you couldn't open it, sorry", Héctor explained them as he handed the jar to Marta. "Hey, don't you smell something?", asked Marta. "No, what?", Ricky replied fast "Yes honey, it's true I do smell something", said Héctor and looked down on his son fiercely. "It's like... weed?", Marta suggested. "That's what it seems", said Héctor as he got close to his son "You're crazy, I don't have any weed!", Ricky replied Héctor got his nose close to Ricky, "You do smell like you had been smoking hemp", the big dad grabbed his son's upper arm, "how many times do I have to tell you we don't want that, if you were 18 fine, get your own house and do whatever you want but as long as you live here and you're underage you have to go by my rules, and that's no weed in this house!", Héctor was firm but very calm when he said this. "I'm sorry but I'll have to register your room, I told you a hundred times", the big man went inside his son's room, and checked it out, he picked up the bed like it was made out of cardboard, Ricky had a huge TV, and a computer, he had a trunk full of old childhood toys, everything was picked up opened up and checked by Héctor. The only place left was the wardrobe, Héctor tried to open it and to his surprise it was locked. "Hey, why is this locked?", the huge dad asked "Oh well I don't know...", mumbled Ricky "Do you have the key?" "Umm.. I don't know... I think I've lost it" "Oh yeah, and how do you dress up every day?", Héctor was getting quite upset already "Oh well, let me check", Ricky checked his pockets as if he was looking for the key, but he had no intention "You're not going to give it to me right? Fine!", Héctor punched the wardrobe door lighly and made a huge hole in it, then ripped the little doors off like they were paper. "Hey! you can't do that!", yelled Ricky "Oh no? Of course I can, this is my house and I do anything I want", replied the enormous man with a voice that seemed twice as deep and powerful because of anger. Héctor checked the clothes until he found something suspicious in a pocket, he pulled it out and it was a small plastic bag full of weed, he put it in front of his son's face "And what is this then? herbal medicine? I doubt so", and the father walked to the nearby bathroom and flushed the weed down the toilet. "Hey! What are you doing! You have no idea how much it costs", said Ricky as his dad returned to the wardrobe. Héctor grabbed a hold of Ricky and picked him up a brief instant then refrained and put him back in the ground, "Is this what uncle Dick gives you money for, uh?", he boomed at his kid. "I'm glad you won't be able to afford more!", he added. Ricky was furious and punched at his dad's with all his might, Héctors bulky chest didn't even budge as he looked at his son, then the big man took a baseball bat from the wardrobe and grabbed and end with each hand, bringing it in front of his son's face. Ricky kept complaining when Héctor said, "Seems you don't quite understand who is in charge now", then split the bat in two with a loud crack, leaving his son speechless. The week went by and Ricky watched his step, he understood now Héctor was serious, and there was not much he could do. The big dad missed work and decided to stay home and recover lost time with his son. When ocassionaly Ricky would complain about some task, he'd just give him a severe look, slight grab or something and that was enough. Once Marta told him to read a few pages from a book and Ricky complained, he tried to stand up from his chair and when he was just about to leave Héctor gently put his heavy hand in his shoulder, the kid suddenly found himself unable to lift his body because when he tried he bumped into his dad's hand that was firm as steel. Most of the time the huge father didn't even need to waste any breath to discipline his son now. When the weekend came, Héctor suggested Ricky to spend saturday doing some more catch up for school, specially with math and physics. When Ricky refused Héctor challenged him to a basketball match in their front yard, if the father won they'd study all day if the son won, he'd let him do anything he wanted, including going out for a beer. Ricky accepted but a few minutes after they started playing he realized it wasn't a good idea, his dad's physical superiority was so overwhelming that he couldn't score at all. Héctor was incredibly fast, he didn't seem to get tired, he handled the ball like a pro and was so tall that the ring was easily within his reach, so the big dad kept scoring and scoring while Ricky could barely take the ball off his dad's hands in seldom ocassions, for his dad to recover it almost instantly. Ricky was persistant and they played for about an hour until he was exhausted. Héctor on the other hand wasn't even breathing hard. The big dad won with 164 points to zero and as Ricky was trying to catch his breath, he kept chuckling at his son and trying to cheer him up and convince him that math homework could be also fun. On sunday Ricky got Héctor to allow him to go to his rugby training, Héctor wasn't very happy with that and told him he was going to talk to his coach about training on sunday. At the school gym Ricky was doing benchpresses with an 80kg (170 lbs) weight, the other kids were also training at the gym while some others were running in the field. As he was forcing his arms up he saw the other boys look at the door. He looked as well and saw a huge man standing and coming towards him. It was Héctor, as the young men trained they couldn't help follow the big man's figure with their eyes. The huge dad was wearing tight short pants and a tight t-shirt, together with some running shoes so everyone would see he was also an athelete. Before he reached Ricky's bench the kids thought he was a new trainer or something. As he approched his son he said "Hey! lifting big son? I'm proud of having a strong kid!" Héctor grinned "How about a little more weight?", he was in a playful mood so he put the tip of his finger over the bar and pushed down a little, that immediately added like a 100kg (220 lbs) to the weight his son was lifting. Of course Ricky couldn't handle it and as the weight was going to fall on his ribcage Héctor quickly picked it up with his hand. The huge guy laughed as he toyed around with this weight that was almost a joke for his powerful arm. He put the weight back in the bench, "Are you ok son? I didn't mean to hurt you just play a harmful joke", he said between chuckles as Ricky sat up. "Dad, what are you doing here?" "I wanted to give you a surprise" "It is! You're embarrassing me in front of the other boys!" As Ricky recovered from the work out Héctor replied "Oh come on! you call this embarrassing?!" and he made a most muscular pose, flexing all his tremendously huge muscles, everyone in the gym looked at him knowing that they'd never get to be that big, he laughed and then asked "So, where is this coach of yours?" "I think, he's at his office", said Ricky and pointed at a place behind him. "Ok, thank you son, take care, don't overtrain!", said Héctor with a manly pat in his son's shoulder. Then he walked to Mr. Trachine's office. Trachine was doing some paperwork as he heard something heavy knock his office door. The door was translucid and he could see a big shadow behind. "Yeah, who is it?" The deep voice of Hector replied "Mr. Trachine, I'm Hector, Ricky's father, mind if we talk for a minute?" "Oh yeah, you know, I'm very busy could you wait a few moments?", the coach screamed "Ok", replied Héctor, but he wasn't very happy with that, after the way this man had treated him, for christ's sake, he was now the strongest man on earth, he wasn't going to take that kind of treatment from a stupid high school coach. The door seemed to be locked and he still decided to be polite and wait, he stood for about 12 minutes when he knocked again, "What part of I'm busy you didn't understand, you moron?!", the coach screamed at the door. That was it, Héctor pushed the door open and without noticing he'd ripped it off its hinges and was holding it in his hand, he threw it to a side. "Holy crap!", said the coach as he saw the big man coming towards him, "Are you Ricky's father? I hadn't imagined you like that..." "Well, yes, I am. And you know what", said Héctor in a sever tone as he stood right in front of Trachine, "don't think I forgot everything you said to me on the phone" then grabbed the older man from his shirt and picked him up slightly. Mr Trachine was 50, he was quite built and it was for sure he'd had a hell of a body at younger age. The coach was speechless, now he was really busted. "It.. it it's ok Mr, what,... wh.. whateev...ev. ever you ss.sssa say", the coach replied with difficulty "Haha now you stutter?", replied Héctor while smiling, "you didn't stutter last week when you treated me so bad, uh? Guess you can't stand up to a big fella...", the huge man added in a booming voice. "But I'm not here because of that, I don't really care what you say" continued Héctor, "I want to talk about Ricky and about he not coming to your sunday training sessions" "Oh, don't wo.. worry Mr, I was go.. going to cancel them be.. because most parents complained", Mr Trachine was still shaking from being in front of that big angry man. "You know Mr Trachine, I do want my kid to be a powerful athlete, as you see I'm a very strong athlete as well", the huge dad made a double biceps pose and the coach open his eyes wide in amazement. "Only I also want him to stimulate his intelligence so he's not only brawns but also brain, hope you understand that". "Oh y... yes, I to...totally agree" "Ok then, have a nice afternoon sir, I have to leave", said Héctor and extended his right hand for a shake. Mr Trachine took it and Héctor gave him the grip of his life, so much you could hear the cracking and the coach went weak on the knees, the big dad smiled, relishing that what was for him such an insignificant amount of pressure was causing so much pain in this man. Then he let go, hopefully it was just a badly sore hand, nothing broken "I'll leave you to keep working", Héctor said as the coach massaged and shook his hand trying to relieve the pain, no way he'd able to grab a pen with that hand for the rest of the day. The big dad just left while grinning, the coach contemplated his gigantic muscled back and powerful round butt as he left, Héctor thought he'd been a little mean but the guy had it coming without a doubt. That night the family was home again, dinner was ready and Héctor sat on the kitchen table with his enormous plate of food. He ate like five men now but didn't have to worry about getting fat, all the food seemed to go into his huge muscles. As he was about to start eating his huge serving, Marta sat next to him, and Ricky grabbed his plate and was carrying it in front of the TV in the living room, when Héctor saw this he reached with his massive arm for Ricky's trouser belt and grabbed it, dragged his son playfully close to him. "Hey! Why don't you come and eat here with us, son, like a regular family?", he said to his kid. How to refuse? thought Ricky and sat down in front of his big dad. "Hey dad! are you going to eat all that?!" "Yes boy, I got to feed these big guns buddy!", said the father as he bent his arms and showed them to Ricky, the t-shirt sleeves almost bursting with the muscle mass. Ricky looked under the table at his dad's legs, "without mentioning those tremendous legs", he thought to himself. "And tell me, how was your day son?", Héctor asked "Oh well, you know I just spent the whole day working out, oh and... what did you say to the coach, he's been really weird with me, he used to treat me like shit and now he was so gentle and considerate, asking me if I was ok, offering help with the weighs, training advice, that felt kinda awkward" "Haha really?! Well I'll tell you why! That idiot is treating you very carefully because he's afraid I might get angry and go snap him like a twig! That's why! I gave him a few little demonstrations of what I'm capable of and I think he got the point. If you ever have any problem with him just let me know and I'll take care. I don't even need to see him in person, I bet just the sound of my voice on the phone can make him pee his pants!", said the super-dad between chuckles. The following day it was a holiday so the family woke up late in the morning. Héctor opened up the fridge to grab something to eat, "Hey! What happened, the fridge is empty!", said the huge man. "It's natural honey", commented Marta as she walked behind her large husband and caressed his gargantuan back, "you eat a lot more now and we run out of food much faster" "Hehe, that's true, guess that's a little price to pay for all the advantages being like this brings", said Héctor as he turned around and picked her up, making her sit in his meaty forearm. "No problem then! Let's go to the supermarket!", the big man added and headed for the garage with her in his hand. "Hey Ricky, we're going to the supermarket, wanna come?", Héctor asked his son. Ricky accepted, his father was surprised at the way his son's attitude was changing, as he became more and more self-confident his son became more and more humble. Fortunately, Héctor had a big 4x4 van, he wouldn't have fit in a smaller car and unlike a 4x4, a regular car would collapse under his weight. Despite this he felt pretty tight inside when he got in. Marta and Ricky got in as well and they left. The supermarket was a 30 minute drive, when they were half way Héctor saw a cow in the middle of the road, in order not to crash against it, he stopped quite abruptly. A car that was behind them was caught in distraction and crashed on Héctor's van.The big dad's 4x4 was so tough it didn't get a scratch, but the front of the other man's car was quite damaged. The guy was upset and got out of his vehicle, he walked to the driver's seat of the 4x4 cursing and insulting, "I'll kill you motherfucker, why don't you watch out, I'll break your damn van you moron!", said the man and kicked Héctor's car. The van had one-side glasses so the guy didn't get to see Héctor and kept hitting and punching his van. Then the front door was open and the huge dad came out, the man was so into his thing he didn't realize, until a heavy hand grabbed his chest and shoved him away with tremendous force. "Holly crap!", the guy said as he looked at Héctor's massive frame. Next to him, the man looked like a miniature, the big dad stood in front of the guy and began to move forward, the guy retreated and ran into his car and drove away fast. Héctor just giggled and returned to his van, he was already getting used to these kind of reactions. But the cow was still there, and they needed to get going so the huge dad grabbed the animal and held it up, walking it inside the fields far from the road and gently putting it on the ground. They drove just a few minutes more when they had a flat tire, Héctor stopped the car and got out "Give me a hand son!", he ordered Ricky who got out almost immediately. "You're going to get the spare in place, kid", the dad said. Héctor opened the back and Ricky wondered out loud "What happened with the cricket?" "Cricket? hehe, why would I need that", Héctor replied looking down on his big muscled physique and handed the spare to Ricky, "I pick up the van and you change the tire, deal?", the big man said then put a hand under the back of the van and picked it up very high like it was weighless. Marta felt the van move and she screamed "Hey! What's going on?!" "Oh sorry sweety, I'm picking up the van that's all", boomed Héctor loudly at her. In a few moments the tire was replaced and the big dad put the van back on the ground with care and they could resume their brief journey. When the family arrived at the supermarket, they couldn't find a parking spot for their van, the lot was full, Héctor drove around countless times until they were exhausted and they almost decided to go back home, until the dad caught a glimpse of an old heavy truck that was very oddly parked, instead of taking up just its spot, the truck was taking up almost two places unnecessarily. Héctor said "bingo!", he stopped the van next to it, got out and walked to the truck. He simply grabbed under it and lifted it up completely, then easily gave a few steps towards the appropriate spot and gently put it down. He dusted off his hands as he exclaimed "there we go!", then parked his van in the now free place. Marta and Ricky were mezermerized, as Héctor saw their faces he asked "Impressed?! that was very easy!", it was true because he wasn't even breathing hard. After a few hours in the supermarket, they'd filled three carts, two of them were full of food for Héctor, for whom every package seemed small and that made him keep adding and adding stuff to the cart, they also had consider that now the big dad's clothes were a lot bigger, so they used more laundry powder, more food also meant more dish washing, therefore more detergent, a bigger body meant more deodorant, more lotion, more soap, bigger feet more feet powder, and so on. They also had to replace stuff he'd unadvertently broken in the few days he wasn't controlling his strength completely, like 6 glasses, about 20 forks and knives he'd bent over, and a desk lamp he'd twisted to unrecognizable shape. Looking down on the incredibly stuffed carts, Héctor realized there was nowhere to put all that food. "I guess we're going to need a new fridge honey, what do you think?", the big man suggested "Definitely, I've been oggling one that will be perfect for us now in the home appliances section, what do you think?" "Ok sweety, go ahead, go there and pick one for me, I'll go in a few minutes, I still need some shaving cream and... ", replied Héctor but Marta was already gone, she loved buying. When she arrived she talked to the salesman and took him to the chosen fridge, the thing was fucking huge, so much it looked industrial, and costed like 6000 dollars. Héctor's family didn't have any money issues since the reasearch company's paycheck was very generous. "Do you take platinum visa?", asked Marta "Of course, ma'm", said the salesman as he took the card. "How are you going to transport it?", the guy asked pointing at the fridge. "We have a transport service but you'll have to wait for about a week, we've too many deliveries lately, I apologize" "Oh, don't worry, we have a big van, I think we can put it on top no problem" "Ok, I'll send you the transport men to put them on your van for you" "Thanks! that's so considerate of you" Then two big guys wearing overalls appeared, each around 1,85m (6'1") and weighing easily 90kg (200 lbs) "Hi ma'm, so this is your fridge?", they pointed at a smaller one that was next to the one Marta chose "No, that one is", she corrected "Oh crap!" said one of the men Each man took a side of the big thing and pulled as hard as they could, it was impossible for them to lift it, they could barely drag it a few inches and they were quickly exhausted. "Oh, we're sorry we might need some extra help or a fork lift", said one of the guys as he recovered his breath and wiped his moisty forehead with his hand. "That's not necessary, don't worry, my hubbie is going to move it" "Your what? your husband? Ma'm we've been doing this for years, there's no fucking person who can move that, not even three guys", said one of the men as they looked at each other and laughed. "You haven't seen my husband... oh, here he is", she said as Héctor seemed to appear from behind some crates "So honey, did you choose one already?", asked the huge man. The transport guys stopped laughing and contemplated Héctor, then they looked at each other to check if they were having visions. "Oh my..." one of the guys let out Ignoring them, Marta replied "Yes love, I already bought that one" and pointed at the huge fridge with his right hand as she was grabbing Héctor's big arm with his left. "Good choice sweet, this one will be just perfect!" said the big dad as he checked it out up close. Then two transport guys thought maybe with the large man's help they'd be able to drag it to the van so each one of them grabbed a side "Ok Sir, will you help us carry it? let's push at the count of three!", said one of the guys as he prepared. Héctor just laughed, put his hands firmly on each side and lifted up the huge fridge as if it was just empty cardboard. He then hefted the big thing over his massive shoulder using his hand to keep it in balance and carried it all the way to the van. "oh my god!" said the men, "Sir, you're going to put us out of business with that strength" Héctor just laughed at the smaller men and continued carrying the fridge effortlessly. Marta walked along and all the way she encouraged his husband "Just a little more, honey, we're almost there, hang on!", repeatedly. "haha" laughed Héctor, then stopped, "Sweety, there's no need for that" he said between chuckles "I could keep this in my shoulder for a whole day without even feeling tired at all" he said and took the fridge with his free arm and held the enormous thing over his head, balanced in one of his hands, "see?". Both Marta and the men wowed. Héctor continued carrying the fridge to the van, once there he put it easily on top "Sir, need some rope to tie it to your car", asked one of the transport guys "Mmm, not really, do you think rope will keep this safe in place? I have something better!", then the big man opened the back of the car and took two crowbars. The fidge had a few openings in the back designed to put a thick rope for transportation, Héctor put the crowbars instead and used them to secure the fridge to the car structure, bending them easily with his mighty arms. "Hey, we forgot about Ricky, where is he?", asked Marta "Oh, I left him at the exit watching over the carts", replied Héctor, "He shoud be here by now, this is odd, I'll go check". The big man walked to where he'd left his son. When he arrived at where his son was supposed to be, he wasn't, the carts were unattended, Héctor worried and began to walk fast around the whole supermarket. After a few instants he saw his son was in an abandoned spot behind the mall, together with two guys, one of the guys was threatening him with a knife and the other was checking his pockets. Ricky saw his dad's huge figure in the distance, Héctor made a "keep quiet" gesture and walked behind the guy with the knife. He grabbed the guy's hand and gripped powerfully, while at the same time put his large arm around his neck. The guy screamed in pain and threw the knife to the ground. Then Héctor punched him in the head and he fell unconcious. The other guy took some time to notice what happened and, not threatened by the knife anymore, Ricky tried to get rid of him, pushing him, but the guy was quite big. Héctor stood in front of the other guy who tried to punch him in the belly, but without budging the super man's muscular stomach, the guy then pulled out a gun and shot at Héctor's chest, but the bullets just bounced off, the big dad quickly took the weapon off the thieve's hand and twisted it in his palm like it was butter, then threw it on the ground. He picked up the burglar and held it up over his head. He grabbed the two guys, and carried them to a trash container, put them in and twisted the cover of the container so they wouldn't be able to open anytime soon. In the distance, Marta had arrived and was watching everything. She got close to his son who was kind of shocked and conforted him. As Héctor returned, he could see his son now more than happy. "Dad, that was fantastic, I'm so proud to be your son!" "I love you son, and I won't let anything happen to you", said Héctor as he hugged his son big. Then he stood in front of Marta and Ricky and hit a double biceps pose, the said in assured tone "Guess from now on you can feel very safe while I'm around!".
  12. mutador

    Work Shift

    Note: I wrote this story back in 2004, I think this is one of the most inspired and complete muscle growth written pieces I've done, and it's one of the few stories that contain some actual gay sex, but it's not the main focus at all. Work shift It was 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Norman was working at his desk, about to leave the office when Patrick appeared. "Hey Norman! Boss gave me these papers for you to fill up, she needs them tomorrow morning!!" "Jeez", Norman thought, Patrick always did the same, he knew this was actually Patrick's work. "Patrick, that's your work, I'm not gonna do your stuff!" "Oh, I see, and who's going to do it? Not me... I have an appointment" "What!? The boss is going to know about this!" "Of course she's going to know about this cause I have a date with her" Norman's face turned red, "what a mutherfucker", he thought... "Ok, well, now bye Normy!! And Brenda told me the job must be ready on time, you know, the company needs it" Norman headed for Brenda's office, in a few minutes they were out, she was dressed in a night gown and was holding to Patrick's arm. Brenda was really a good looking woman, not only a very intelligent boss, she was thin, tall, pretty dark-haired, almost any man who knew her wanted to fuck her, it was hard for Norman to admit it but he was in love with his boss, she was so hot to him, but always thought she was too much for him, maybe too much for any employee, until now, he couldn't believe Patrick had seduced her. "What does this guy have that I haven't" Norman thought... they were about the same height of 1.80m (5'11"), both had dark short hair, "well, maybe his haircut is a little better than mine... and also he dresses much better...but I have a better body, I seem to fill my shirts much more than he does", Norman thought. But that was not all, the main difference between Patrick and Norman was the attitude, Patrick was much more agressive and did everything to get what he wanted, he was more open to other people and more charming, maybe his blue eyes and white bright smile helped a lot, actually he was quite a handsome man, with a five o'clock shadow in his face he looked very seductive. But hazel-eyed Norman was pretty good looking too, he knew some people turned around in the street to check him out. Norman had to stay up all night working on his papers, on Patrick's papers, to be more accurate, actually he fell asleep while working. In his dreams he thought about Patrick, wishing he was awful, a wimp, wishing he looked tiny and had such an awful tiny voice he was ashamed to speak, and thought about him being more attractive, turned into a muscle stud and seducing Brenda. "Patrick, I wish you were the least attractive men in the world, I wish you to suck", Norman babbled in his sleep. The next morning he woke up at his desk, served some coffe and finished up with the papers. Suddenly Patrick and Brenda appeared together, they both looked refreshed and Patrick was whistling, Brenda entered her office. "Hope you got the job done, Norman, Brenda needs it so much", Patrick said while smiling broadly. Norman was really pissed off, he was thinking about throwing the papers to Patrick's face but he refrained 'cause he didn’t want to be fired, God knows how much effort it took him to get that job. He handed the papers to Patrick, he went to Brenda's office and told her something like "honey, I got the job done", "Nice sweetheart!" Norman heard in reply. Norman was so upset he hit the desk with his fist. "What a fucker, a real SOB, don't you think", Norman heard somebody speaking to him and turned around. It was Martin, his former working partner, he had worked in the same section of the company before, so he knew both Brenda and Patrick, but he had been promoted so he was chief of another section. That time he was just passing by. "Martin, nice to see you", Norman said, he was not very convinced, Martin had been friendly before but he didn't trust that much on him. "Same to you Norman, by the way, you really have a situation here, this is not going right, if this goes on you will have to do all the hard work and Patrick's is going to get all the benefits. You should try to seduce her, I don't know why, but that's the main point. Did you ever go to a gym?" "Mmm, well, I worked out when I was in high school, just a little, but I never cared about building a good body..." "Well, you should try, I think you'd look great with muscles, it will make you score many points with that boss of yours!". "Not a bad idea...", Norman replied. "Well, see you later", Martin greeted. "C'ya". Martin was actually dying to see the good looking Norman with a muscled body, nobody in the company knew he was gay and lest they knew he digged Norman pretty much. The words "You'd look great with muscles" repeated in Norman's head... "Well", he thought, "I'm going to put a stop to all this, if he seduces the boss, I'm gonna give him some competence!" In the evening when he was out of the job he passed by a gym called "Body dreams gym", he thought it was a nice name and entered, asked if they had heavy training equipment, told them he wanted to build a nice body, in a few minutes he was into a training program. Every night when he finished with his job (everytime Patrick didn't give him an extra task to complete) Norman went to the gym, he worked out like he's never done before, then he went home, where he lived alone, and had all kinds of bodybuilder food and supplements, the gym trainer told him he'd grow really fast with all that stuff, and also told him he had a good body complexion for bodybuilding. A month had gone through with the same routine of hard training and good eating, but something was wrong. Norman weighed, his weight hadn't increased a gram. He thought maybe it was because the weight of the fat he'd lost equalled the weight of the muscle he'd gained. He checked in the mirror if he looked any different, NOTHING had changed, he was looking just the same. Well, maybe mmm, if I measure my muscles, he took a tape and flexed his biceps, measured, they were the same size as before. He was puzzled... damn it! In the gym the trainer had told him he was worried because his strength hadn't increased in the last month, "Even the least genetically suit people, and that's not your case, earns a lot of strength in the first month of training, you're stuck to the same weights you used when you started". The trainer was beginning to doubt if Norman did his diet and all the stuff. He was puzzled too, even if he didn't do the diet he had to show some gains. That morning in the job was the worst, Norman was really into a depressed mood, he was tired by all the training and he didn't get any results. But that was not the case with Patrick, he entered the place so happy, looking so refreshed "God damn it! I never felt so much energy in my whole life!!". Norman could swear Patrick's clothes suit him different, he was looking a little bigger maybe. Patrick approached him, "Damn!, you're looking awful this morning Norman, what have you been doing all night"... "Well, I don't feel well"... "You should do some exercise, that helps...", Patrick adviced. When Patrick entered Brenda's office Norman could hear she saying "Wow my honey, you're looking amazing today, seems you have been working out!", Patrick closed the door, Norman couldn't hear any more. "DAMN!" Norman thought, "this fucker is working out too! he wants to beat me, I really need to grow". This time Norman doubled his efforts, he trained twice as hard, trying to increase his muscle size, he drank twice the protein shakes, ate twice the amount. He was at his home at night, two months of heavy training passed by and he was exhausted. He took off all his clothes in front of the mirror. This was a decision time, when he finally stripped, "HOLY SHIT! I haven't changed at all!", he yelled. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!", he weighed but he hadn't changed there neither. "This is not fair, holy shit!", he jumped in bed and almost began to cry and fell asleep. The next morning he went to his work as usual, he haven't seen Patrick in a while, apparently Brenda had given him some "time off", she did this anytime he asked her, of course he had his full salary at the end of the month. And of course, this meant Norman had to work double. This time Patrick came into the place, he was visibly cheering, looked so invigorated he seemed to glow with vitality, Norman got surprised when he checked him out well, "Damn!! what happened to him!", he thought. Patrick was looking incredible, he was wearing an L sized light-blue silk shirt which was tight to his body and completely filled up, looked as if it was going to burst and he could see the bulges of his pecs, his shoulders were broad, he had a thick neck and what looked like delts were pressing the fabric, he also could see his legs were thicker when he walked through the office, and also the way he walked had changed, his arms hanged as if he had big lats. Norman was shocked, Patrick’s work out was really paying off, that made him really mad. Patrick walked towards Norman desk, "Hey! it's been some time pal!", with this Patrick patted Norman in the shoulder. "Damn!", Norman thought, "that felt strong". Actually Norman felt sore and massaged his shoulder with his hand for relief, Patrick had gave him a very strong greeting. "Hey, somebody told me you were working out, looks like you need to work harder, I don't see you changed much", Patrick said. "I see for you it's quite the opposite case", Norman said. "Ha ha!! did you notice?", with this Patrick bent his right arm and flexed, the bulge of his biceps was really big, maybe 50 cms (20") around, and it was clearly visible through the fabric, Norman extended his hand and touched it, it was hard and heavy like real muscle feels, "and I didn't even have to enter a gym, I can't believe this", Patrick cheered and left for Brenda's office. Brenda screamed when she saw him, "Oh my darling you look great!!", Norman could see him enveloping her with his big arms and she would caress his pecs saying "You look so hot", Patrick then closed the door behind him. Norman couldn't speak, "how comes this happens, how comes I have such bad luck" ... he was so upset. Then Martin came, "Norman, what's up"... "Hi Martin... Well,..." "Looks like you didn't take my advice, huh? Seems Patrick did, he's looking so awesome". "Well, that's not true, that fucker says he didn't even have to work out to get that body, I, on the contrary, work out harder and harder every day, for nothing!!" "Oh.. I see,... well, that happens, it's genetics you know, you don't know when you can have a growth spurt, or the other way, you don't know when your body refuses to grow" "Are you sure? could such a thing happen" "Yes, of course... Anyway, there's a way you can beat genetics" "How?" "Wake up man! this is the 21st century, the age of chemicals" "Steroids!?" "Yes, I know a guy who deals them, here's his adress", Martin noted the address down in a paper and handed it to Norman. Norman was at home sitting on the table with a package of roids in front of him, "damn", he was going to take all those steroids... he was worried, what if they had awful side effects, he had heard about guys having acne or such... he didn't want that to happen. "Damn, this is for you, Brenda! Otherwise that fucker will beat me", he took a heavy dosage. That same behavior repeated night after night, and after an intake he would train as hard as he could, but he would see no changes, besides, at job, Patrick took another "vacation". As days passed by and he saw no results Norman began to increase the dosage of the steroids, he would then try other drugs, and combine them. It had been three months of that when he cheked out in the mirror.... again there was no change in his weight; but some other changes began to happen, when he looked in the mirror he could see there were some bitch tits appearing, "Damn it!! I got the side effects but no benefits, what the fuck!!!", then he heard his voice more carefully, he didn't sound the same, his voice was thinner, as if he was a teenager or something, maybe a pre-teen... "Damn!!" he said, and that confirmed what he thought, he was also beginning to lose some body hair, and when he came closer to the mirror he could see some acne beginning to appear. The next morning he went to his job as usual, and saw Martin, he called his attention. "Hey Martin, those drugs you recommended me, they're bullshit", Norman said, he sounded very pissed off, but also his voice was childish. "Haha, what happened to your voice?", Martin couldn't help but laugh a little when he heard Norman. "It's all those steroids you made me buy!! They don't work", Norman said. Suddenly Martin looked shocked at the entrace of the office, "Damn! Looks like somebody has been taking them too, and they really worked!!", Martin said in awe. Norman turned around to see the guy that was coming. Was that Patrick?! Definitely it was him, but that wasn't his body. He was wearing a t-shirt this time, that must have been an XL tee, but it looked like an S because it was extra tight to his body. His shape was impressive, his shoulders were broader than last time, his back looked like 90cm (3') wide, and he had a thicker bigger more masculine neck than before that made him look incredibly and totally handsome and more manly than ever, his hair cut was best ever and his skin looked better, the beard shadow suit him great today, making him look like a stud. He was a stud actually. He had such big shoulders, Norman couldn't help but behold his amazing lats and extra pumped up pectorals that protruded at about 15 cm (6") appart from his noticeable chiseled abs. He had arms to match, his upper arms must have been at least 70cm (27") around with forearms as big as 45cm (18"), you wouldn't like to get a strong grip from those big hands. His waist was really proportioned not being bigger than 90cm (35") around, and he was wearing a pair of jeans that would be baggy on most people but on him they were tight all over exposing his apparently 85cm (34") quads and 67cm (26") calves. A big bulge could also be seen containing what must have been a 17cm (7") dick soft with enormous balls to match. When Patrick saw Martin and Norman he walked towards them. It was shocking to see the way he walked, just like a professional bodybuilder does, well, he was definitely big as one of them or more, this guy must be weighing around 150Kg (340 lbs). When Patrick was closer both men could see his face looked more attractive, he had a slightly more puffy face you tend to get from steroid use, but it was not excesive, actually it was the right amount of puffiness that made him look more handsome. "Hey guys, how you been doing!", Patrick said. Norman and Martin's jaws dropped when they heard Patrick's voice. It sounded like him but an octave lower, he had a louder, deeper and more masculine voice. He looked as if he was using heavy amounts of male hormone but with no side effects, that also could explain the increase in dick size. "Wow, you look incredible", Martin said. Patrick turned around so they had a good look, both men gasped... "It's great what steroids and training can do", Martin added. "Steroids!?", Patrick went mad, approached Martin and expanded his chest, his massive body was really threatening, he grabbed Martin's shirt "You suggest I use drugs"... "Well...", Martin tried to reply with trembling voice, "I wouldn't dare suggest it, maybe good training plus good genetics...", he tried to settle Patrick down, and it worked (luckily for him). "Well, I didn't even have to work out, all these just appeared, dunno why, such things happen I guess", he said this while flexing and showing off. "I don't think that happens", Norman said in an upset tone. "Hahaah man!! What happened to your voice? You sound like my mother!!", Patrick laughed mercelessly. "I had a voice change too, this feels like a second puverty!", after this he tried some tenor singing "La donna e movile", but he sounded more like a bass than a tenor. "Haha, you must be careful with the drugs you take, I don't use any shit, actually these fuckers are all a gift from mother nature!", Patrick said while flexing his enormous arms and legs, then patted Norman in the shoulder with his heavy hand. This time it was really strong, the very instant he was touched Norman was thrown away about 3m (9') over Martin who did the best he could to catch him. His shoulder was really in pain. Norman was out of balance, Martin was trying to help him up. "Oops!! Sorry, let me help you", Patrick said, and he crouched to were Norman was, took him from the shirt collar with one hand and lifted him up until Norman's feet didn't touch the floor. With the sole strength of his arm Patrick held Norman up almost 30cm (1') over the floor. "Hey, looks as if you didn't gain much weight from all that training, did you? You're still very light", Patrick put Norman up and down as if he was curling him. When Brenda came into the place, Patrick let Norman down not very gently, Martin tried to catch him again. Patrick greeted Brenda and opened his arms wide for her, she literally jumped over him, he lifted her with ease and hugged her and they kissed. Brenda looked so tiny when she was near the new big Patrick. "You see honey, I have a problem with these archive drawer", Brenda said in a pretended sorrowful tone, she went to were the drawer was, "This drawer got stuck and I need some big strong man to help me open it, there are very important files inside" "Mmm, some big strong man, where would you find one?", Patrick kidded. "MMm, guess it's me!", with this he made a double biceps pose, Jesus! He was in good shape. "Watch this", he said when he grabbed the drawer with a hand and then held the rest of the files with the other, then easily, without any strain, pulled the drawer out, it went out completely, he was holding it in his hand. Brenda could now see it "Damn, it wasn't stuck, it was locked!", she said. "Hahaha, you see, I'm strong", Patrick replied. He took her with a hand and lifted her, carrying her to the chief’s office bearing the drawer in his other hand, closing the door behind him with the tip of his foot. "I can't believe this", Norman said to Martin. "Well, this is really weird", Martin agreed, "a guy growing that huge without taking roids, and -without working out- is really impossible... but he looks so hot, damn it! They must be having wild sex right now at the office, I don't think anyone would refrain with a man like that". "And what about me? I've been working out so hard and risking my health with all those drugs!!", Norman said. "Mmm that's so suspicious", Martin said, "You said he began to grow when you began to work out, and when you began to take roids he grew much more... and you got all the side effects without any benefit and he looks like being on roids with no side effects... I don't think this is possible... but... what if you both are connected in a way every effort you make he gets the benefits and you get all the hard work and bad side effects" "I was going to suggest the same thing, besides, that's pretty much what happens in everyday work"... Norman replied. "Well, this sounds like witchcraft to me", Martin said. "Do you believe in such things?" "Well, It's happening, isn't it? there's something wicked going on!" "And... is there a way to reverse this!?" "I don't know, I'm not a witch or anything! But I know someone who may know, she's called Mrs. Pratrovia" Martin and Norman were waiting at what looked like an astrologists's office, there were all kinds of colored fabric hanging from the ceiling and a dark ambience, just candles and such, people there were really weird, a man in front of them was also waiting, he had a patch in the eye like a pirate, an old woman was sitting at his side, she looked as if even her bones would have wrinkles, she was all white but her hands were black. A girl came out of the place were Mrs. Pratrovia received people all covered with courtains. "Mr. Draftbone, you can come in, Mrs. Pratrovia is waiting" Martin and Norman entered the place behind the courtains, there was an old fat woman sitting in front of a round table which of course had a crystal ball over. "Well men, sit down, how can I help you?", she asked with some kind of eastern europe accent. "Well, actually it's my friend here, he has a big trouble", Martin said. "Ok, ok, don't speak more, I will see", interrupted the woman. "Come closer boy", she said, and she put her hands in Norman's head and closed her eyes, a few moments from then she exclaimed "Oh my god!!! Cursed man! you have a bondage!" "What's that?", Norman asked. "You're linked in a weird manner to another man, let me see... mmm, he's quite big isn't he, Oh holy Jesus those are big muscles, he's gargantuan mmm, looks like what I call an -effort bondage-" "A What?", Norman asked again. "Everything you do, everything you achieve with hard work you lose it and he receives it as a gift. If you work out, he gets bigger; If you earn a lot of money you lose it and he -casually- finds a lot of money lying in the street, if you build or buy a house with hard work suddenly that house is lost by debts or by a tornado, and he gets a house" "And how did that happen?" "Well, that usually happens when you really hate somebody and you wish him the worst" Martin gave an accusing look at Norman. "Well, I do hate him, how could you blame me?!", Norman explained. "I understand", Pratrovia said, "it seems you worked out very well because this man is a stallion" "What if I give up working out", Norman asked. "You could", she replied, "but he won't lose the muscles nor the strength, he won't lose anything he already earned until you break the bondage and all the results of your hard work will go back to you, while he loses everything". "Holy fuck!, and how do I break it?" "Well, it's not easy, we must do a ceremony for which I need some special ingredients" "Such as..." "First I need a lock of his hair..." "Damn, how would I get that?" "Wait, I haven't finished... I mean his -pubic- hair" "What?!" "I didn't say it'd be easy; I will also need some underwear he'd been using no more than one hour before you bring it to me, a drop of his blood, a drop of his sweat and a drop of his semen". "How am I supposed to get all these?!", Norman was out of his wits. "Well, It won't work otherwise, the bondage will be for life... And, just another thing, I need a picture of him", she concluded. "A picture? that's not hard", Martin said. "Yes, I don't really need it for the witchcraft but he looks so hot and I like to collect pictures of hot guys", Pratrovia said. Norman looked sad. "Oh, cheer up!! You'll do a good job getting all the stuff, I'm sure!", she said, "And... by the way, It's $50" Norman and Martin payed and left the place... The next day in the office Martin and Norman were talking, "What if she's just a hoax?", Norman asked. "She knew your problem right away, how would she guess it?", Martin replied "Maybe you told her when you made the appointment." "No way, I just told her you had some troubles, that's it, besides, how could I have explained her how sexy and handsome a stud Patrick had become?!" "Mmm... let me ask you a question, you're not gay, are you?" "Why yes! In good time you notice, fool! Of course I am." "Ah ok, well, I just wondered. So how am I going to get those ingredients?" "Don't know, but I'll take the photo!", Martin replied. "Don't kid on me, this is a tough thing, I'm really going through a bad time"... "Ok, ok, almost all the ingredients involve reaching for the crotch area don't they?!", Martin asked. "Well, yes, guess you can get blood from there too", Norman replied. "Well, I wouldn't mind getting laid with him". "He's not gay." "Well, I can try, maybe he will accept, he must have a lot of semen in his balls, he wouldn't mind giving me just a drop, would he?", Martin laughed. Patrick came out of Brenda's office, you could almost hear the sound of the floor crackling at his feet while walking. "My girlfriend here says quit the chit-chatting and go to work!!!", Patrick said with his commanding deep and loud voice. They resumed their tasks inmediatly, they didn't want to upset big Patrick. It was friday, after work, Norman followed Patrick discreetely. He found out in his free time Patrick went to a restaurant and got huge loads of food, "Oh my, this guy is eating like a pork", Norman said to himself. After paying with Brenda's credit card he went to Brenda's home and gave her a big fuck, the sounds of her screaming were heard by all the neighbours. Then he would go to his house and sleep after the "hard day" he had... After the spy adventure Norman went back to his home, he felt weird, heavier, he went to the bathroom and weighed, "Oh shit!!, I've gained all the fat from the food he ate at the restaurant!!" He was at least 2kg (5 pounds) heavier and in the mirror he looked fatter, now he was beginning to understand, perfect Patrick could eat anything he wanted and Norman was the one getting all the fat!! The next day it was saturday so nobody worked at the office, he went to Patrick's house to continue spying him, it was early in the morning when Brenda appeared in his house, he received her at the main door, half naked, she entered, half an hour after that they both went out of the house to Brenda's big fancy car. Judging for their outfit they were going to the beach, "Nice!", Norman thought, "now he's going to enjoy -my- body at the beach with her".... Norman followed them with his car. They stopped in the middle of a beach, it wasn't crowded, there were just a couple kids playing around and some people sunbathing. Brenda parked her car and got out, she took off the t-shirt she was wearing, Norman shivered, he really digged her a lot. Then the mammoth Patrick stood off the car, he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, he inmediately took his t-shirt off revealing his bulging muscled torso that would have made the incredible hulk look small. Norman was looking at them from a safe, far distance. Patrick’s body looked amazing in shorts that were so tight they were like printed in the skin. He did some sort of superman pose, putting his hands in his hips and laughed, Brenda was looking at him and caressing his torso, he turned around, he seemed to be asking her if he looked right, she pointed at his pants, he looked at them, she didn't seem to like them; she put her hands inside the car and took out a pair of big briefs, just the size for him. He made an "ok" nod, and looked around wondering were could he change, she signaled the car, he entered the automovile and stripped, changing his shorts by the pair of briefs. He went out of the car, she was right, he looked sexier with briefs, besides he had the perfect bodybuilder body for a pair of briefs. They both began to walk towards the beach but he grabbed her and took her in his arms, carried her, and laid her gently over the sand. A couple of girls passed by and screamed when they saw him, asked him if they could touch him and he made a few bodybuilder poses while they touched him. "Enjoying my body you motherfucker!!!", Norman thought. Then Norman waited until Brenda and Patrick were laying in the sand, getting tanned, and he got out of his car and hurried to Brenda's vehicle, he had to get those shorts, and if he was lucky there'd be some pubic hair sticked to them, and even some semen. He went over and the car was locked, "damn", but it was a life or death situation, so he took a rock and broke the glass with it, an alarm began to sound, it was really loud, he tried to reach for the shorts inside but he couldn't, too late, Brenda and Patrick were standing up and Patrick was shouting at "the guy in the car", Norman began to run, luckily they wouldn't recognize him. Patrick reached with his hand for a big rock that was laying in the sand, must have a weight of 30kg (70 pounds) and threw it to him, Norman managed to get in the car and close the door, the heavy stone hit the door of his car leaving a huge dent, he left out without the underwear. The next morning Norman was working at the office as usual, when he heard something falling real bad. It was Martin, Patrick was coming in shouting "What do you take me for, you faggot!!" and then entered Brenda's office. Martin was laying on the floor after hitting one of the walls, Patrick had picked him up and put him to fly. Norman went closer to help him, "Well, guess Plan B failed", Martin said. "Dammit Martin, it's getting really hard to get those ingredients, this is not going to work..." "Tell -me-!!!" "But I have a better idea!! I will make that motherfucker blow in size, he'll be so freakish everybody will dismiss him, even Brenda, I will give him muscles that his 5'11" frame will fail to contain, I will make him swell so much his tendons will break, you'll see" "And how are you going to do that?!" "I've been moderate taking those steroids, maybe your dealer friend can give me a monthly subscription". That same day he got everything, growth hormone, insulin, all kinds of male hormones, he didn't have any more money so he got a loan in order to pay for them, he didn't care about interests or anything, he just wanted that motherfucker finished. At home he had a book on steroids he studied carefully, dying the first day was not the point. That day after work he took a huge dose of pretty much everything and went to the gym where he worked out real hard; "Hahaha, he'll see now", he replied to himself. One week later he could see the results in Patrick, his muscles had swelled at least 2 inches all over, he passed from XL T-shirt to XXL and bigger pants also. He was beginning to look like a freak, not yet, actually he looked even hunkier and more handsome, but it was just a matter of time. News came Patrick and Brenda were going on a month long vacation to Brenda's ranch. "Great", Norman thought, "I'll spoil their vacation, he won't even be able to get on a plane". Martin was worried, "Are you sure, Norman, is this going to work? Don't forget he only gets benefits". "Of course it will, I'll beat the rules of this witchcraft!!!" That month Norman did all as he expected, took a huge load of anabolics everyday and did a lot of hard training at the gym, the trainer thought he was really mad and was surprised that he didn't grow with all the effort, Norman didn't care this time. "Haha", Norman thought again, "he'll be a freak, you'll see". When the month passed by, Norman couldn't wait to see the results in the office, "If my calculations are correct, he must be a freakish 250 kg (550lbs) by now", Norman said to Martin. "250Kg (550lbs) at 1.80m (5'11"), that is freaky!! though it turns me on anyway", Martin said. "Well, but undubtedly that's not pleasant aesthetics", Norman added. "Here he comes", Martin said. Well, now they could really feel the floor trembling with each step he took, it was like an earthquake, when Norman saw Patrick he turned red, he was amazed at what he had done, but not in the way he wanted it. Patrick looked big, bulged, and more handsome than ever! And the worst for Norman: he hadn't turned into a freak at all, he had gained around 100Kg (220 lbs) or more, but his height had grown in the exact proportion for him to stay good looking and even a little more buffed up than before making him look even better. He was wearing a tight grey XXXL T-shirt or something specially taylored and some blue jeans to match. He went to Norman and Martin "How are you tiny men!", his voice was even more deep. "Seems you had another growth spurt", Martin said. "Hahaha, can you see it!?" He turned around, and made a double biceps pose then turned around again and flexed his chest, both men were petrified. "When I saw I was getting bigger I began to get a little scared, my weight was rising up so much for the height I had, but then it all fixed by itself and now my 150 Kg (340 lbs) of added mass accomodated in my 15 cm (6") of added height, you know I'm 1.95m (6'5") now, that's what I needed to feel extra-huge, now I'm a 300kg (660 lbs) 1.95m (6'5") stallion, and I'm stronger than a bull, checked out on vacation, could handle a bull no problem, just like this!!", and he flexed his arms as when he did to the bull... "that poor bull can't tell the story now..., rest in peace"... Patrick explained. "These have been the best vacations ever, we had a great time watching and feeling me grow all the time!!!", he added. Norman felt really bad, he just fainted. Patrick was quick enough to grab him with one big hand before he hit the floor and took him over his desk's armchair. Martin threw some air to him. "Seems he couldn't stand my big muscles, that happens all the time, I have that effect on people", Patrick said, and he left for Brenda's office while Martin watched the way his shape filled the whole doorway while entering the office. Norman came alive again, "Damn, we must do something, now, we must get the ingredients, even if it's costing our lives...", Norman's voice was really tiny-winny now, Martin refrained himself from laughing. "Ok, did you try checking his garbage?! maybe he's thrown some old underwear, guess his old underwears won't fit, and besides maybe he'd thrown a condom full of a big load of cum from those balls, though I don't know what that condom would be to fit his now 25cm (10") soft thick dick, I saw that bulge" "25 cm!?? that had grown too!? holy fuck!", Norman was in awe. "Yes, that must be over a foot when hard and thick as my forearm...", Martin was in ecstasy. "Let's do this, next morning, when he goes off for job, you and I go and check out his garbage, what do you think?" "It's risky but, that's ok".. Martin replied. Next morning Martin and Norman went to Patrick's house, they parked the car somewhere they thought nobody would see them, Norman's car still had the dent from the big rock. They waited a few moments and Patrick came out of the house, his big shape covered by a white shirt with blue stripes, "Wonder were he gets his shirts taylored, nobody sells shirts that big", Norman asked. "It's big and it's also very tight to his body, guess the taylor didn't have enough fabric!", Martin whispered, they both were very careful not to be heard. "It's been a long time since we don't see him in office suit", Norman remarked. Actually the black-grey flannel trousers he was wearing were also very fancy and looked tight all over. He went out of his house, he was carrying a black trash bag. "Cool, fresh trash!", Norman whispered. Patrick locked the door, walked down a small stair he had and threw the bag inside a trash can, he left walking. "He's not using his car!", Norman noted. "Guess he doesn't fit in it anymore, don't you think?", Martin replied with a whisper. "What does he do, he walks?!" "Well, it's not that far, and a man with those muscles is fit for the exercise", Martin replied. They waited a few moments until Patrick was out of sight, they opened the trash can and took out the bag, opened it and examined. "Useless, useless, useless", Norman perused all the stuff in desperation, throwing away things he didn't need. "Calm down man, watch this!!", Eureka!, Martin had found a condom full of cum, luckily it was carefully knotted at the top so no cum dripped out. "Gross, look at this, this is the load of a bull!", Martin said, the ball of cum was so big he couldn't envelope it completely with his hand. "Great, put that appart, we're going to need it!", Norman ordered. "Oh my god, watch this!!!!!", Martin cheered, he had found a pair of teared briefs. "I know this is fresh, it still has the heat of his body", Martin concluded. "Great!", Norman was happy for once in a long time, "aren't those pubic hair locks?!" "Yes I suppose, he's got thick hair down there, huh!" Both guys were really excited, they still needed sweat an blood from him, and they didn't have much time, just one hour until the briefs were useless. They left the rubbish all around the floor and hurried to Norman's car. They entered and Norman started the engine, he pushed the accelerator but something was wrong, the car wasn't moving, he accelerated more but it didn't move. Suddenly the back of the car began to lift up, "Holy fuck! what's this!?", Norman shouted. They looked back, it was Patrick that was lifting up the back of the car with one of his mighty hands preventing it from moving, and looking quite furious. Norman stopped the engine and Patrick let go the car with a loud rumble; He walked and took the front of the car with his hands, while looking at the men with angry face he lifted up the front of the car, pressed his hands together and crushed the front like it was an accordeon, destroying the engine inside and bending all the metal in the outside, then he let go the remnants of it to the floor. He approached the drivers' seat and grabbed Norman's door, with ease he ripped it off. Grabbed Norman with his right hand and put him up; then grabbed Martin in a similar fashion with his other hand and heft him up at Norman's side, he stood there lifting both guys. "I think you owe me an explanation! what were you doing checking out my waste down there!?", Patrick said in his authoritative deep masculine voice. “We... mmm...”, Norman tried to speak but was overcome by fear. “Mmm, we are working for a trash recycling programme!?”, Martin tried. “Stop bullshitting, this is serious stuff!”, Norman shouted at him. “Well, at least I said something, I don’t float there mumbling nothing...” Patrick shook the guys, “Ok, ok, stop arguing between each other!”, they petrified. “I know what you were looking for here, you don’t have to say it!”, Patrick said. Martin and Norman looked at each other puzzled. “I know you dig me, ever since I showed you my muscled body I could see the lust in your eyes, you both want me to fuck your little asses”. “Mm, yes! You got it!!”, Martin replied. “Hey, wait a sec!!”, Norman tried to stop them... “NORMAN...”, Martin said with a look of concern. “... well, ok, we want you to fuck us real hard!!”, Norman had to agree. “Ha Ha ha!! I see you were such a pair of tiny sissy bitches!!”, Patrick asserted. “Well, maybe I’m tiny and sissy but I’ve never been a bitch”, Martin said. Patrick laughed, “Well I think I’ll grant your wish you little suckers I’ll give you the fuck of your lives, you know this big tool needs relief, Brenda wouldn’t mind if I get to work a little late, once I fuck her she forgives everything to me!”, Patrick explained. He threw a guy on each of his shoulders and took them to his living room, sitting them on a big sofa. “You just sit there I’ll take something to drink, I don’t want any dry mouths sucking my cock”... with this Patrick went to the kitchen. “What are we gonna do now!?”, Norman asked in despair. “I’m not gonna do anything Norman...”, Martin replied in a calm tone. “You just gonna let this guy rape you!?” “Who says it is a rape? I waited my whole life for a guy like this to fuck me, it’s more like a dream come true for me than a rape, and I suggest you do the same, anyway, there’s no way you can get out of here without him grabbing you in again”. Patrick entered the living room, he was carrying the whole fridge in his hands, “Well, I didn’t know what you guys wanted so here it is the whole thing you can chose from”, he said, and put the fridge down. “You’re not that bad a person after all”, Martin said. “Well, I like to attend my admirers!! But don’t get too used to it, I’m also bad!”, Patrick asserted. “Go ahead, take what you want”... Martin and Norman took what pleased them from the fridge. Patrick just sat in a couch in front of them and stared. Both men sipped some beer from their bottles. “So well, who’s gonna be the first, or you want to serve me like a fucking team?”, Patrick said. Patrick began to take off his clothes, starting from his shirt. “No no, please keep them on!!”, Norman said. Both Martin and Patrick looked at him a little weird. “We like the way it suits you, so tight, makes you look more manly to us!”, Norman explained. Marting gave a weirdo look at him, “I have a plan you fool”, Norman whispered at Martin. “But if I keep it on I’ll be all sweaty”, Patrick said. “Oh, thing is we’d love to lick your sweat, mmmm”, Martin added, he finally understood Norman’s intentions. “Ok, well, that sounds great to me...”, Patrick said. It was Martin who first jumped over Patrick, he began to caress his big chest and his broad shoulders, and grab a hold of his neck, which was his favorite. He run his hands under the shirt’s neck getting it deep into Patrick’s pecs crevice, and way down to his stomach which looked chiseled in marble. He kissed all around his neck and Patrick’s face. Patrick grabbed him with his thick bulging arms almost crushing him while giving him a kiss. “Mmmm let me worship those muscles”, Martin said. Patrick flexed his right arm and Martin caressed and sucked his biceps through the fabric, it was hot for him despite the clothes. It was hot for Patrick too because he was beginning to sweat and his enormous dick was going visibly hard, bulging inside his flannel trousers. Patrick looked at Norman, “hey boy, come help with this”, and pointed at his dick. Norman had no choice but to go down, he untied and unzipped Patrick’s huge pants, he tried to pull them down but they were so tight at the legs, he could just free that enormous dick from the trousers and then from the briefs that pressed it hard down. Once freed, Patrick’s shaft rose to full glory. In the meantime Martin was caressing all over the huge man’s upper body, he was in his game. “So, what are you waiting for”, Patrick asked at Norman. Norman began to massage Patrick’s huge dick. “Lick it!”, Patrick commanded. And he did so, he began to work that huge dick with his tonge, Patrick used one of his big hands to push Norman’s mouth to his dick-head, Patrick was moaning, it was more a bass heavy grunt than a moan, he took ahold of Martin, pressing him very strong with his right arm while pressing Norman with his left, that excited Martin even more. He had sweated a good deal now. Norman had no choice but to swallow all the dick and give this superman the pleasure he deserved, he began to suck and didn’t stop. It all lasted for a good while, maybe thirty minutes, and Patrick was really sweated, and he still wanted to ass fuck them. Then he came, loads of cum began to appear at the tip of his dick, Norman wanted to withdraw his head, of course Patrick’s strong hand didn’t let him. Then he began to choke, Patrick let go. Once the huge loads of cum were all outside of his body, Patrick put the men appart and took off his shirt that was all soaked in sweat and his pants. “Why don’t you take off your briefs too?”, Norman suggested. “Good idea”, Patrick said, and he took off his briefs. When he was undressed, with his beautiful body in full glory, Martin began to massage him harder this time, “No no boy, I don’t want any more massages...”, Patrick said and put Martin away easily with his huge arm. While he was distracted, Norman quickly reached for a bottle from the fridge, threw away all the contents and wrung Patrick’s shirt over it filling it with his sweat. When he went back to Patrick, he was over Martin, assfucking him, “mmm, you’ve got a nice little anus”. Patrick was a fuck machine, he really had much practice with Brenda apparently, and also his dick was so hard there was no ass he couldn’t penetrate. He finished with Martin quickly, “Now it’s your turn little Normy!!”, he said. Norman didn’t seem to like the idea, but he had to do it so he approached, Patrick just sat on the couch and grabbed him, “you like this position??”, he said, Norman didn’t answer... “I don’t care anyway”, Patrick said, he knew Norman didn’t have much choice. He put Norman’s ass over his dick on the couch, and began to move Norman outward and inward, fucking him, using him as a device for jacking off, it was not very pleasing for Norman, being fucked by such a big dick, but though it was hard at first he began to feel some pleasure as he was being fucked more and more. In a few minutes Patrick cummed again, it seemed his cum was neverending, at least that’s one ingredient that won’t be hard for them to get! When they finished, Patrick let him and the other men have a little rest, breath some air. Norman saw Patrick was distracted and whispered at Martin: “We have almost everything, we only need the blood now!”, Norman said. “Everything of what?! Oh, now I remember”, Marting wasn’t thinking about that precisely, he was having the best time in his life. “We must convince him to let me assfuck him, he’s not gay, I can get some blood from that ass for sure!”, Martin suggested. “Are you sure!?”, Norman was in doubt. “Yeah” “Well, I don’t really care!!” Martin approached with fear to the big man, “Mm, we have been talking and we have something to ask you...” “-YOU- have a demmand!? Hah, that’s news, the tiny guys have a demmand for huge Patrick!?”, while saying this he made an impressive double biceps posse. “Well, it’s just a petition, if you please” “What?” “Please let me assfuck you...” “What are you thinking? I’m not gay!” “Well, you have just had sex with two men”, Norman said. “Yes but that’s different, I fucked you” “Don’t you want to try? Maybe my tiny dick can’t even pentrate your huge hard and strong glutes, how would you feel that?”, Martin tried to seduce him. “Hehe, well, I like feeling big and powerful... that’s so pleasing..., that tiny winy is just too little for my ass, what could you do to me? Haha, of course I’ll let you try to fuck me if you can!”, Patrick replied with confidence. “Don’t worry Norman, this tiny winy has dealt with men much tougher than this”, Martin whispered, referring to his dick. “What should I do?”, Patrick asked. “Just lay your chest on the couch, I’ll take care of the rest”, Martin said. “You could not possible fuck me, my ass is too hard”. “You don’t know what a horny man can do”, Martin assured. Martin jumped over the huge giant with his dick bare, it was really hard and red all over, it was not very big, just average but very decent. At first he tried to put it on his ass, it was too tight, no entrance permitted. “Hey man, you have to relax down there, otherwise you won’t feel anything”. Patrick’s ass relaxed enough so Martin could penetrate with his dick a while. “What if I flex like this”, Patrick said and flexed his glutes. “Oh my god! You’re crushing it”, Martin was more in pleasure than in pain. “Want more??”, Patrick flexed and relaxed, flexed and relaxed, flexed and relaxed, alternatively. Norman was looking at Patrick’s ass baptism. “Ohh.... so gooooood”, Martin was ecstatic... “ok now, get prepared”. Though it was hard for him, Martin tried the hardest he could and finally penetrated Patrick’s ass, it was a tiny asshole and he did some damage, he began to fuck him, moving his groin in and out, each time faster. “Oh God, I never felt this before!”, Patrick moaned in pleasure. “You like it, huh?”, Martin said. He was fucking quite hard and some blood began to pour from Patrick’s ass, Norman was happy. Martin put a hand over Patrick’s head and directed it towards the couch so he couldn’t see what Norman began to do, “it’s more pleasureful if you don’t look”. Patrick was so into it he didn’t care. When he wasn’t being seen, Norman took a bottle and put it under the couch were some blood was beginning to drip, they filled plenty of the bottle. Finally Martin cum and Patrick was lying in the couch, he seemed quite comfortable cause he began to feel dizzy, and finally he got asleep. “Great”, Norman thought. He grabbed the bottle with blood, sweat and took some semen that was lying over the couch. “Maybe fresh is better”, he thought. He took the pair of briefs Patrick was using some minutes before, with some little sissors he cut a lock of pubic hair from him. Both the men dressed and hurried out of the place running. They hurried to Pratrovia’s and brought her all the ingredients. “Fine, men,... well I won’t ask you how you got all these, but I think It seems more than I asked for... a bottle of sweat?! Oh my... ok, don’t worry”, Mrs. Pratrovia said. She took a little cauldron heated with a candle under it, it had some blueish liquid inside. She put there a drop of sweat, a drop of blood, a drop of semen, and finally threw the pubic hair lock into it. “And what about the underwear?!”, Norman asked madly. “This one is for my collection”, with this Pratrovia smelled it with pleasure and handed it to her assistant, who put it in a shelf with a lot of other underwear of various types (and of various types of men). “Mmm, a fine piece you brought me”, she pointed at the underwear, it still has a strong scent. Both men were puzzled. “Ok, break the witchcraft would you?!”, Norman tried to hurry her up. “Fine”, she said and put her hands over the cauldron which began to glow more and more and more, so much it glowed it turned into a flash of light that bathed all the room, and suddenly it went away. “Is that it?”, Norman asked. “That’s it, the effort bondage is broken!”, Mrs. Pratrovia replied. “I don’t feel anything”, Norman said. “It will begin to heal in a matter of days... ... What are you waiting for?, I have other people waiting, it’s not the only ugly witchcraft I have to break”, Pratrovia said. “Ok, well, bye”, they said to her and left the place. The next day at work Norman didn’t feel any special... he was just the regular Norman, he touched his chest, “hey, maybe these bitch tits are disappearing now I’m clean”, he thought. Patrick appeared, he was as big and strong as ever or maybe looked even better, he saw Norman and greeted as usual “What’s up little wimp!”, then went into Brenda’s office. In a few minutes Norman could hear Brenda and Patrick were having “fun” again, they didn’t seam to care much about the company, Patrick was still as huge as ever and she was caressing his big muscles. That’s when Martin came. “This thing didn’t seem to work”, Norman said to Martin. “Are you sure?” Suddenly a scream could be heard from the office, it was Brenda. “Hey honey, it’s not that terrible, I’ll lift some weights, I’ll fix this”, they heard Patrick say. After this he went out of the office, he looked as if he had lost 50kg (110 lbs) in a matter of moments, his shirt and pants were loose and he also seemed to be a couple cms shorter. “Jeez!, what is happening to me?”, Patrick asked Norman and Martin, while he was saying this he ignored he was shrunking more and more every moment. “Well Patrick, easy come, easy go”, Norman dared say. The following day Patrick appeared at work, Norman and Martin were expecting to see him. When he came he looked terrible, he looked very sad and depressed, and he was as skinny as before. Brenda didn’t want to receive him, instead she ordered him to finish his papers by noon, he had a huge pile over his desk! Through intercom he tried to talk to Brenda “But honey!! How can you do this to me!”, he said. “I’m not your honey anymore, you’re a wimp with a small dick!!”, she said so cruel. Then Norman said to Martin, “Do you know something... I don’t think I like her anymore, she acts like a bitch sometimes”... “Hey!! Your voice is normal again!!” “Haha, feels good doesn’t it?”, Norman laughed for the first time in a while. “All I think it’s such a shame Patrick is skinny again, I liked having a big guy hanging around...” “Don’t forget Pratrovia said all the results of my workout would revert to me”, Norman noted. “Yes, but, it didn’t work...”, Martin said in resignation. “If I were you I wouldn’t be that sure”, with this Norman grinned, looked down at his chest and a button in his tight shirt popped off...
  13. DISCLAIMER: The story you're about to read is loosely based on Absman420's "The New Supermen" stories, but it must not be considered a continuation or sequel of any sort, due to key plot differences and disagreements between the authors. NOTE FROM AUTHOR: This is the longest musclegrowth piece I've written so far, and it took easily a month or more to write, thanks Absman for the inspiration despite our differences! Joe turning back home He woke up from the unnecessary sleep, though he didn't really need it, sleeping gave him that extra dose of power to feel just some more his hyper strength and masculinity. He rose from bed without using his hands, as he usually did, using his flying abilities which he now perfectly controlled. Since his transformation he slept with a pair of briefs very snug to his heavily muscled ass and tightened at the front by his big dick. He was one of the select few who had their own quarters, it was so because of his size and strength. Who would have said that of the flabby old Joe! He was the second strongest supercop and the second faster too! Actually he was the one with the best combination of speed and strength in the whole place. As he let his feet gently touch the bedroom's floor, he took a good glance of himself at the full-length mirror by his bed. His immense figure was impressive, at 6'3 1/2” (1.91m) his frame supported twice as much muscle as any bodybuilder he'd ever seen. He made a double biceps pose and also turned around to see if everything was right, checked his butt and the thickness of his legs, damn, he would bet he was bigger than yesterday. He thought maybe he'd grown overnight, it was still probable, only a month after the transformation he was not at the peak of it and there was still room for growth and strengthening, not that he needed any! Joe also gave a look at his face, stubble had grown as he slept, thick and strong as himself. He looked at his face, darn, he was looking good!, his blue eyes gleamed in front of the mirror, instead of his 54, he looked to be in his late thirties: his formerly bald head was now populated with strong short black hair in many places, he'd just reverted to the incipient baldness he'd had just twenty years before. This made him look even more manly than if his head had been completely full. His double chin had disappeared, replaced by a more protruding divided chin and a stronger jaw. The bridge of his nose had always been strong and squared, that remained the same, still increasing his masculine looks, but the tip of his nose that had started to point downward in his senior years was now erect and perfect, like magically fixed. He looked even better than at younger ages! He just smiled and blasted a beam of his powerful heat vision to the mirror, the ray bounced back to his face where every little hair melted away. “Wow”, he exclaimed, rubbing his face with his hand in satisfaction. “This is what I call a good shave”, said in a voice that made the walls rumble. He could have left his beard as it was cause he thought it made him look great, but today was a special occasion, the day when he was going back home. It took him about two seconds to dress, yeah, he took it a little slow this morning, he was leaving anyway. With a flash he appeared at the breakfast table like the other supermen though some chose not to use their superspeed to get at it. Darn, he got a good serving for the pleasure of it. The rest of the day went on as usual, only he and the men who got transformed the same day as him were leaving to their hometowns so they were happy and relaxed. They did the usual jog of 200 kilometers and the flight of a couple thousand miles at max speed just to warm up for the day. Joe couldn't stop thinking how cool it was going to be when his kids and his wife saw him arriving home, buzzing through the air, he wanted to see the look in their eyes at the moment they get a close gasp at his new physique. It was midday, after lunch they went away, it was Joe's last clothes change, he chose his outfit pretty cautiously, he wanted something that showed his new self, he picked a tight black t-shirt that seemed about to burst at the front pressed by his huge pecs and at the seams stretched by his upper-arms. He also wore short pants, snug in the butt and the enormous bulging thighs, much like the uniform supercops were going to be using in town. Then came the moment to part, they greeted each other and promised to stay in touch. Joe and Pablo flew together, for a moment they tried to outspeed each other but they realized they couldn't, though right now Pablo was slightly stronger than him, they were equal in flying speed. They talked about how many things they could do to improve their hometown, Pablo said there were never gonna be any more crime 100 squares around were he'd be patrolling and Joe doubled it saying 200 squares. Well, their fantasies weren't so far from reality, they could easily fly or run 20 kilometers in a matter of seconds. It took them very little time to arrive to Buenos Aires, they just had to cross the whole country, which took them easily half an hour flying at supersonic speeds. Once they were close they slowed down and each one separated to go to their duty places. Since both were top-notch supermen, the authorities had decided that Joe and Pablo were too much just for Buenos Aires. This usually happened when two supermen came from the same area, specially in this case when each one of these could do the job of two or three other regular ones. For example, it required two or sometimes three supermen to pick-up a fully loaded cargo ship at the dock, while both Joe and Pablo could do that almost single-handedly. That's the reason why Joe was in charge of Buenos Aires and Pablo was assigned to Mendoza. Joe slowly descended upon the street of his house, it was in Barracas. Imagine what Mrs. Caldanho, the old neighbor who was watering the plants in her garden, thought when suddenly a huge muscle man wearing a tight t-shirt and short pants came flying from the air, smiling broadly. She kind of froze in her stance, water dripping without stop onto the ground. Joe noticed her and descended very kindly just in front of her, “Hey, Mrs. Caldanho, everything alright?”, She took a moment to adjust and then said “Joe! is that you?” Despite his changes, Joe was still easily recognizable, he was only a perfected and enhanced version of himself. “Yes, mam, it's me, watch out the plants”, he reached down to the woman's water can and gently guided it upward with his fingers. “oh, yes” she muttered, “you must be careful, too much water is no good, ya know...”, Joe said in a voice that made the lady tremble. She was pretty short, the top of her head not even reaching his pectorals, so he had to almost crouch to talk to her. He greeted her and left her just as puzzled, then walked to his front door. “Damn”, he thought, he'd forgotten his keys, he rejoiced at the thought that he could easily rip the door away single-handedly, but he didn't want to have to fix it later so he knocked at it with the knuckle of his index finger, trying to be gentle not to accidentally slam it to pieces. Even so, from the inside it sounded like someone wanted to take the door down. “Oh damn!” Susan shouted at her sons in the upper floor, “who's hitting our door like that!”, she was working out in the living room and as easily as she jumped and jived with the home video she made a quick trotter to the front door. When she finally opened the door she was amazed, a huge guy was covering all her eyesight, “Who the fuck!”, she exclaimed, “Honey!”. Joe entered the place, smiling, he had to look down at her as with almost everyone in his neighborhood now. He'd been a couple inches taller than her before, but now her eyes met at the level of his nipples. She couldn't believe it, extended her hands to reach for each one of the big upper arms, trying to assimilate her husband's physique that was so wide as she'd never seen, she cupped her palms at his pecs, and also run them over his meaty thighs covered with manly fur as well as his arms. “Is this you?”, she asked in amazement. “Yes, it's me honey”, Joe replied. “Oh my god, you sound like an announcer, and you look so fucking gorgeous! I'm gonna be the envy of the whole neighborhood!”, she yelled! Susan didn't look bad herself, she was 48 and she was in charge of aerobics and dance classes at the gym so she kept in very good shape, actually Joe had been worried lately his wife might deserve someone better than him. Now it was going to be very hard for her to find someone better. With a grin, Joe put his big left hand under her ass and lifted her up to her surprise, she grabbed his huge biceps and triceps to keep balance and made a “Wow”. Joe kept her that way as if it was no effort for him, she shouted, “Come and see dad, kids!”. They had 4 sons, Amanda was 22 and about to leave home, Tom who was 17, Juan at 13 and Vicky at just 10, they flew down the stairs. First of them was Juan, “Oh fucking man! What happened to ya, is this ya?” The rest of the family arrived, “Yeah!”, Joe said and bent his free arm, his huge upper arm tensed into a mass as big as one and a half bowling balls and surely a thousand times more dense and hard than that. Tom was the only one who could reach for a caress, and run his hand while saying “Wow, watch my big dad!”, then Joe chuckled and put his arm back down. Tom just started pretending he was a boxer, jumping back and forth and landing a few punches at the Joe's now relaxed upper-arm and shoulder. “Punch as hard as you want buddy, I don't feel a damn thing”, Joe said confidently. Tom kept punching and Juan punched at his belly in a similar fashion. “That too”, Joe said and laughed. At the same time, Vicky was trying to envelop Joe's thigh, but it was too big around for her 10-year-old girl arms. “So, now they make the cops big, huh?”, Amanda asked defiantly, she didn't seem so happy. Joe put his wife down and walked towards Amanda, standing in front of her, “Amanda, dear, how you've been?” The rest of the family followed behind. Joe tried to reach for Amanda's shoulder for a caress but she quickly removed it, “Let go! You freak!” “Oh, honey, why do you act like that?”, Susan asked while reaching to hug her husband's upper-arm which she didn't seem to be able to let go. Joe was puzzled and took a few steps towards Amanda who was by the dinning table. “I'm just saying he doesn't look like my dad, he's a freak, and that's it! What do you think you're gonna do, reduce crime? You can kill someone, you're like a monster!” “Honey, you're wrong, you mustn't worry ”, Joe said calmly and picked up a chair, “Why don't we sit down and talk, honey?” and took a few steps towards her. She stepped back violently, “Don't get close to me, you phenomenon!” “What's wrong with you? I'm your dad, I'm not a monster!”, he replied. “Yes, you are!”, she defied. All this made Joe nervous, and he accidentally turned the chair in his hands into pieces. “See what I mean!”, Amanda said pointing at the squeezed chair in Joe's hands and rushhed upstairs to her bedroom. Joe just let the remnants fall on the floor, and looked at his wife concerned. “Jesus”, he said “what's wrong with her?”, he wasn't mad, since his transformation it took a lot to make him angry thus his heart was full of compassion and concern for his daughter, instead of anger. Susan tried to calm him down, saying maybe it was reasonable that their daughter needed some time to adjust to changes, that everything was going to get fixed the following day. Then his other sons asked him to show them what he could do, so they spent the rest of the afternoon looking at him flying and lifting up heavy stuff. The following day Joe was going on duty, all the kids were taking breakfast at the dinner table, except Amanda, when Joe rushed down the stairs. The look of him still amazed them, he was wearing just a pair of shorts, his furry chest completely bare, his gargantuan muscles bulging and bouncing as he moved. He decided not to shave that morning and sported the thick stubble he knew his wife and kids liked on him. Joe was carrying a plaid shirt in his hands, “Honey, guess I'll need new clothes”, he said showing the shirt to Susan who was preparing breakfast at the kitchen, “Remember when this fitted on me?”, he said with a grin, then he showed her and the kids how the sleeve of his old shirt couldn't get past his enormous forearm, he pulled and the sleeve ripped open at the seams. Joe saw the look of enjoyment and amazement in their faces, “Want me to try the pants?”, he asked then with a wheezing of superspeed he went back and forth from the bedroom carrying a worn-out pair of jeans in his hands. He compared the length of the old trousers with the length of his new legs holding them to his side, and noticed the old pants lacked at least 5 good inches. He tried one leg on but couldn't get it past the calves, and with a pull, ripped it open at the seams as well. He buzzed back and forth once more and appeared dressed like the day before, tight T-shirt and short pants. He opened the fridge and took some eggs and beacon, Susan put a hand on his big pectorals (as if she could be able to stop him) and said she was going to take care of his breakfast. “All right then, but I'll get a cup of coffee while you make it”, he said. “Oops, I'm afraid its cold”, said her and pointed at the coffee machine. Joe took the jar with coffee in his hand and got it close to his nose, he smelled kindly “Mmm, honey you make the most delicious coffee, only I prefer it hot”, he then gave a serious look at it and beamed a powerful ray of heat vision, it took just a second to bring the fluid to a little less than boiling point, then he served some coffee for him and the kids. He didn't forget to fill a cup for Amanda, who ran down the stairs already dressed and ready to go, “Hey, Amanda, come here have some coffee with your old man”, he said handing her the cup, “Stay away from me, you freak!”, she motioned to the doorway. “Where are you going?”, Joe asked. “It's none of your business”, she hed out and closed the door behind her. He could've used his speed to reach for her but he thought maybe it was best if she didn't feel he was controlling her, then maybe she'll understand everything was alright. Besides, there was not much chance to hide from him now, using his flying abilities, superhearing and supervision he could find her in seconds no matter where she'd gone. He sat down and had a big breakfast, eating very fast and large, Tom looked concerned at the way his father was eating, “Dad, aren't you afraid you may gain weight?”, he asked. “Don't worry son, no matter how much I eat my powers will keep my body just the same” “Awesome” “Besides, how much weight can I gain? I already weigh 430 pounds (193 kg) !!”, They laughed, “I still can't believe how big your arms are”, Juan pointed, “would you mind a little arm wrestling with me?” Joe was surprised, “Are you sure, son? I don't think...” “Oh, come on! Just to play...” Joe smiled and put his elbow on the table, his enormous bulging arm in wrestling position, with his palm open, “start whenever you want, son”. Juan put his comparatively tiny hand in his dad's grip, Joe closed his palm extra-carefully, he was concerned he might hurt his kid. “come on, buddy”, Joe said with a grin. Juan began to push, desperately trying to move his dad's arm, it was impossible, like it was carved out of stone. Joe was just looking at his unmovable arm and his son straining against it, as if he wasn't even involved in the wrestle, Juan moaned and used his other hand to support himself and put his whole body in the effort. “Hey, that is cheating! Dad's other arm is not on the table”, Tom pointed. “Haha, let him do as he wants”, Joe calmed Tom down, “Actually, why don't you stand up and use both your hands”, he recommended Juan. Juan did as he was said and put both his hands and his legs into the pushing, but it was to no avail. “Tom, why don't you help your brother?” Tom just grabbed Joe's fist with both hands and started pulling with all his might to help his younger brother. The big dad was still amazed at how effortless it was to keep his hand in place. “Mmm, guess it's my turn to take your hands down, isn't it? Just tell me if you get hurt or something and I'll stop immediately, I don't want my kids injured”, with this he gently and very slowly pushed their hands towards the table and when they touched it, he released the grip and took away his arm. They laughed. “Wow, that was great!!”, Juan shouted. Tom was chuckling and thinking how strong their dad must be, they'd seen him performing strength feats but they hadn't had a palpable feeling of his strength until that moment. “Guess you're not gonna upset your Dad from now on, do ya?”, Joe asked mockingly. “No way, Sir!”, said Tom and made a military greeting at his dad between cheers. Joe flew away to the central police station to report. It took him about two seconds because he got distracted watching and memorizing every place in town from the sky. When he walked into the station he was surprised, everything seemed so small, all the men looked so thin, weak and short (he'd got used to the supermen training camp). As he strode in the other cops looked at him in amazement, he walked to the counter and put his hands on it, dropping his weight, he quickly realized the counter was fragile and it was about to break and removed his hands. It took officer Sarah Candle a moment to adjust when she saw the big man. “Joe?! is this you?”. “Sarah, wassup! Any news since I've been gone?”, “Oh my god, you're HUGE!”, she said and put a hand on his arm. Another officer as old as Joe had heard Sarah's scream and got close “Joe! Hey buddy, welcome back MAN!” Officer McLong got to his side and patted Joe as hard as he could in the back. “Jesus man, you're a rock!” “Hey wassup, pal!”, Joe smiled broadly and turned around to face his old pal, they'd had the same height before, but now Joe had to look down on him “Jeez, long time no see”, Joe put one of his big hands on McLong's shoulder and gripped affectionately, then let go. “Ouch!”, McLong muttered and then massaged his shoulder. “Oh oh, sorry pal, are you ok? Tried to be gentle”. “It's ok, it's ok”, said McLong while still rubbing his shoulder. Joe beamed his shoulder with his x-ray vision and assured “ You mustn't worry, nothing is broken in there, pal.” Other cops passed by and greeted him, asked him to flex his new muscles and touched him, all in all a warm welcome for the big man. Officer Candle instructed him to go to the locker room, where she showed him his special clothes. She pulled out a pair of shorts and a huge short-sleeved shirt, she tried to extend it but it was so big she barely could with the length of her arms, “As you see, we've taken your new measurements into account, these are made of special materials that don't tear apart with heat, aren't pierced by bullets and also will stretch to fit your muscles, in case you grow some more, as it may be probable”. “Do you think I'll get even bigger?” “There have been cases, we don't know, in any case when you bend your arms or legs you need your clothes to stretch a lot as I see” “No doubt about it”. “These slippers are also unbreakable, specially designed for superspeed running”. “Cool!” “That's it” “No weapons?” “Why would you need a weapon?” “That's true” “Besides, as I see you've got a big weapon in there already”, she said pointing at Joe's crotch. Joe looked down and smiled, both laughed. “Take your time and dress”, she went out of the room. In just a second Joe appeared behind her dressed in new clothes with shield and all. The uniform was black and made out of a fabric that resembled that of regular uniforms, letters “BPD” were printed in his back, he had a radio on his right shoulder. “Wow, you're fast”, she gave a look at Joe, the new outfit seemed to jut out his awesome physique. “Well, now you're introduced and are wearing your shield I must submit to your orders”, she said and greeted at the big man in tough military way. “It's ok”, he greeted back, “I allow you to return to your duties officer”. “As you say, Sir, remember you must see the Station Chief and he will show you your office”. “I already know, thank you, you can leave now”. “Thanks, Sir”. This is something they were instructed to in the Academy, all supermen became automatically the highest police authority in town. This was made so for logical reasons, it was ridiculous that a man capable of kicking the whole police station to outer space had to submit to a regular guy he could easily snap like a twig. In some cases, the Chief of Police of the town was genetically capable of being turned into a supercop, but those were odd cases, superman's formula required the subject to have certain genetic mutations that only less than five percent of the male population possessed. In this case Joe had not been the chief of police and had been actually four steps below in the rank, so this was a big promotion for him. The Chief still remained in charge but Joe was named Major Commander of the force and the chief had to obey and report to him. He walked to the Chief's office, he was going to knock, but then remembered he was boss now, apparently the door was locked but he didn't notice and when he pushed at it, it ripped open, and in a moment he was standing inside holding up the door in his hand by the knob. “Oops”, he exclaimed, noticing how light the door felt in his hand. Officer Donald Scheuring was focused on some papers and found himself interrupted: “I told not to be disturb...!” he shouted but stopped in mid sentence when he saw what was in front of him. “Hello Don, wassup”, he said to the chief, damn, he always wanted to treat him this informal way. Don stood up, impressed by this sudden demonstration of power by Joe, and greeted in formal fashion, “Sorry Sir, you're welcome”. “It's ok, Don, you can relax”, said Joe while laying the door against the wall, “Get that fixed later”, he ordered looking at Don, signaling the door, enjoying the fact he was giving orders to the man who'd been giving them to him for years. Joe just stood in front of Don's desk with his hands in his hips in proud stance. Don walked towards him and extended his hand, when he was about to touch Joe he asked respectfully “May I...?” “Sure”, Joe replied, and Don put his hand in his huge upper-arm, giving it a caress. “Jesus, I must admit I'm impressed”, Don said. “Hehe, I bet you are, Don” “How strong are you?” “More than you imagine”, said Joe and put a hand at Don's belt and lifted him off the ground. “Wowow”, Don got a little scared, Joe laughed and played around with him in the air. “Would you take me down, Sir”, Don asked respectfully. “Of course”, Joe put him gently down, “show me my office now.” The office was in a special floor, on top of the station, it was specially built and designed for and by supermen, “This is your office, Sir”, Don said, “I haven't been able to enter, Sir, I suspect it's none of my business what's in it, but would you mind if I take a look with you, Commander?”. “It's ok, Don, you can come with me”. The office wasn't locked in any conventional way, no keyhole, no number pad, retina scan devices, voice recognition or security card interface. Don took the door's handle and tried to move it unsuccessfully, “Darn, who knows how this door works!” “Let me try”, said Joe, grabbed the handle and easily pulled, opening the door like it weighed nothing. It was just that the door was so heavy only a superman could move it. “Heh, guess you need to work those arms out at the gym some more, little Don”, joked Joe as he patted Don on the back making him stumble into the office. The place was huge, easily six or seven times bigger than Don's office, it was all very slick and stylish, computers and screens all over with simultaneous streams of information only a superman's mind could absorb. It seemed to have no windows. Don was amazed. Joe said “hey, this is very dark, how do we OPEN WINDOWS”? While he said that he heard some computer tingling sound and big windows opened lighting the place beautifully. “Great!” Joe screamed, “CLOSE WINDOWS”, and everything closed back down. “OPEN WINDOWS”, Don said but the computer didn't do as said. “Well, seems it only works with a real man's voice, OPEN WINDOWS”, said Joe while chuckling and the windows opened. “All right now, then...”, said Joe directing to Don, “as you may understand I'm in charge of many of the decisions and resolutions you have been taking before, thus, I want a report on your security strategy and future projections by seventeen hundred”. “By seventeen hundred?”, Don looked worried. “Yes, and it better be thorough, can you make it?”, asked Joe defiantly. “Yes, ...” A silence built up and Joe's eyes froze on the smaller guy for a moment. “... Sir”. “Very good, you're dismissed to your duties, officer”. “All right, Commander”. Joe was pleased, he walked around his office feeling his heaving muscles bouncing on him, rubbing the tight uniform. He thought he could go for a quick fly around town and check the place. Just as he thought about flying a circular opening appeared in the ceiling of his office. Just the size for him to pass. He flied through it into the Buenos Aires's sky. He raised himself pretty high to have a good global view of his area, checked the trains, the ships that were coming and going, the airport, the buildings, he realized he could focus in an area and using his supervision get a clear view of what was happening in any place 100 miles away from him. He could also penetrate any building with his eyes, and if he made the effort he could use his superhearing to detect and distinguish whatever anyone was saying no matter how in a whispering tone it was said. As he was perusing the dock, he detected some trouble and flew there in a snap. A group of men were working in a big container, trying to prevent it from falling in the ground. Apparently one of the chains of the crane that was transporting it broke and there was a high risk the remaining links could not stand. The men surprised as they saw Joe arriving at incredible speed, he kept hovering beside them, they were in awe not only because the supercop was flying like superman but also because of his size. “Hi guys, I'm the new chief of police, my name is Jorge Bullder”, he explained, “but you can call me Joe, I'm at your service”. “And what can you do?”, asked one of the men, who stood out from the crew looking fat and tough. “This”, Joe flew under the container and single-handedly lifted it until it unhooked, he then held it balanced in his right hand while got back close to the men, still hovering in the air, “So, Where do you want to put it?” The guys that were awestruck had to regain breath to speak. Then one of them shouted and signaled an empty spot in the dock's container lot. Joe easily flew there and gently dropped the container that must have weighted around ten tons in the floor. The group of men came close to him and some of them even dared to pat him in the back and shoulders, he greeted them and flew away. Joe thought he was going to be a busy supercop, but he was too fast and efficient and there were very few occasions when a superman was really needed, so he had plenty of free time. He spent his leisure time thinking about how to make the city police better or enjoying it with his kids and wife. Instead of spending the whole day patrolling or in the station, he went back and forth from home to the street then to the station anytime with complete freedom. Since he was the boss nobody was going to tell him what to do, and he was so fast it took him just one second to zip from place to place. He kept his radio on at all times and people from the 911 called him when there was a superman-class emergency reported in town. Even early in the mornings when everyone was asleep there was a vibration system in his radio that woke him up to go on duty. He decided he would have lunch at home while he waited for the reports Don had to make for him. In an instant he arrived home, when he was landing he realized the front yard's grass wasn't mowed, actually it was a mess. He gave a quick x-ray glance at the house and found Tom, Juan and Vicky had just arrived from school and were preparing for dinner and Amanda was locked in her bedroom. Susan was cooking at the kitchen. He got in the house, “Hey everyone!”, the kids were already coming down. The TV was on, it was the news: “Finally, Buenos Aires has its supercop, today he helped a group of workers with an unstable container at the dock”, said the announcer while interviews with the dock workers were shown “He's the biggest guy I've ever seen”, said a fat guy “I bet he's stronger than the original superman”, added a guy by him. Pics of him appeared on screen, so many Jorge wondered who'd taken them! “Hey look! Dad's in the news!”, said Vicky proudly. “Hehe, I'll be there often I guess”, Joe said. Susan called everyone for dinner, including Amanda, who seemed to ignore her. The kids and Joe sat at the table, the big dad had a huge serving of food. When everyone looked at him he replied, “You know how much I like eating and now I can eat as much as I want!” “It's ok honey, you must eat, I want you big and strong”, Susan said while giving Jorge's upper-arm a good grab. Joe ate quick and the kids too, then they talked a little at the table, “Hey, what happened with the lawn in my absence boys?”, Jorge asked in a friendly but firm way. “Nobody dared mow it?” “No, dad, it's just that..., remember we lent the mower to Mr. Charleston?”, replied Tom. “Yes, and what with that?” “Well, he didn't want to give it back to us” “Really? How unusual of him...” The doorbell rang in Mr. Charleston's house, he hurried to the door, when he opened it a figure of immense size was standing in front of him, the tip of Charly's head barely reached the man's adam's apple. When he recognized him as Joe he faked a smile “Joe, it's you, I've seen you in the news, congratulations pal!” “Thank you buddy, may I come in?”, Jorge asked politely. “Of course”, said Charleston, almost trembling. “How've things come out lately Charly? Everything alright?” “Yes, well, some money problems, but everything else is ok” Jorge put a hand on his left shoulder, it was so heavy Mr Charleston went weak on the knees and almost fell in the ground “Remember about the grass mower I lent you”, Jorge removed his hand. “A mower?” “Yeah, you know, that big expensive one we had just bought...”, as he spoke Jorge used his hands to emphasize his words, Charleston couldn't help but follow the huge arms with his eyes, just thinking how powerful they must've been. “Uh! I remember! Well... umm...I don't have it”, replied the man almost in a whisper. “You don't have it?”, Jorge's muscles grew tense, suddenly his already big figure increased in size, he put his hands in his hips. He did a quick x-ray examination of his neighbor's house. “Yes, you don't have it”, he said while taking a couple steps towards Charleston, “I guess there's a good explanation”, he said while Charleston took some steps back. “Well, I...” “What's this inside your pants?”, said Jorge and picked the guy up like a scarecrow, turned him around in the air and with his free hand took a little bag out of the guys pocket. The bag had some white powder. “Are you on drugs?” “I can explain it.” “You better, I can get you in jail for this! You sold my mower to buy drugs?” “Calm down, pal!” Joe realized what he was doing and that with his immense power he could hurt the guy, so he softly let him stand on his feet again, then he chilled out and talked in a calm way. “Charly, are you aware that you're sick? I mean, you need help, but you must understand I can't just overlook this, though I don't necessary have to put you in jail” “Would you let me go then?” “Not at all!”, all of a sudden Joe looked concerned and inadvertently picked Charleston up again. “Wowowow”, Charly panicked. Joe smiled and put him back down. “I'm taking you to a rehab center Char...” “Can I refuse...?” “I'm afraid you have no option, you better tell me who sold you this or I'll get you straight to jail”, Joe was still holding him pretty firmly and there was no way to escape from him. “Well I don't know, I mean, there are many guys selling it to me, I switch dealers, some get cheap, others are more expensive, I don't have just one” “Where do you buy it then?”, asked Joe in a concerned manner. Charly told him where were the best areas of the city to get drugs. Then he walked him outside, did a slight jump, Charleston surprised and suddenly they were flying. Joe took him to the center in just a few instants. Back home, the kids asked Joe about the mower, he had to explain he couldn't get it back... “He dared not give it to you?”, asked Tom, obviously surprised at Charleston's bravery. “Haha, no, it's not that, he didn't have it”, replied Joe slightly chuckling. “And what did you do to him, just let him go? If I were you I would've crushed his skull with my hands” “If you were me you wouldn't want to do that, besides he had a drug problem” “He sold the mower to buy drugs? And you let him go?!” “No, I took him with me...” “Ah,... now I understand, you put him in jail!”, Tom said now happy to know his dad's authority had been preserved. “Yeah, sort of...” “Cool! And how are we going to cut the lawn?” “Mmm... I guess I have an idea, stand back”, with this Joe put a hand on Tom and Juan's chests and dragged them back, almost lifting them off the ground. He gave a focused look at the lawn and shot a wide ray of heat vision at it, it was a brief instant, but enough to burn the grass that looked completely carbonized, then he took a deep breath and blew at it like a hurricane, the wind took the ashes away and there it was, the grass looked like it had been carefully chopped. “Wow!”, shouted Juan, amazed. “Don't think you will be relieved from having to mow the lawn now! This is a special occasion, next time you'll have to do it by yourselves”, said Jorge firmly. Joe flew back to the Station and to his office, and sat in front of his desk, watching at the computer screen and absorbing the flood of information. The comfortable armchair he was sitting in was bigger than the normal size, yet he was pleased at the way his huge muscled body fitted tightly in. He heard a bell ringing, he looked at the intercom monitor, it was Don. Joe thought about the door opening and it quickly opened at his mental command, Don came in. “Sir, I brought you the report you asked for”, said Don, Joe stood up in front of the smaller man who was still surprised by his size and took the report from his hands. “Thanks, sergeant”, said Jorge and quickly flipped the pages of the report in front of his face. Then he handed it back. “Aren't you going to read it?”, Don looked puzzled. Jorge said with a grin, “I already read it and memorized it, sergeant. Not a bad job for someone of your capacities!” “Well, thank you, Sir” “What I noticed is that there is no mention about the drug problem the city seems to be undergoing, I must ask you for an addendum addressing this subject” “Of course Sir, you will have it as soon as possible” “Hope very soon is possible” “Ok, Sir, as you wish” “Dismissed” “Thanks” With this Don left the room. There was something wrong about this and Jorge knew it, all around he'd been receiving reports on crimes associated with drug abuse and yet there was no mention of that in the report, he wondered why Don didn't include an analysis of one of the worst security problems of the city. Jorge decided he would take the matter in his hands, he would start with the heaviest and more dangerous drugs like crack and heroine, then go for cocaine. Jorge didn't mind much about weed, he always thought they'd better legalize it, he actually was a consumer in the seventies and even until recently he would smoke a joint now and then. Jorge decided he should go for another round in town, let people know him better. He flew away and descended slowly in a crowded avenue. People noticed his descent, gathered and signaled at him. A superman was not something as new as before, people already knew the original superman, what they liked about Jorge was that he looked like a regular guy, like it was your father or brother who got superpowers, and that it was all theirs, it was Buenos Aires's. Once in the ground he greeted the small crowd, some even got the chance to grab his huge upper arms and talk to him. He noticed two guys from a moving company carrying a fridge with great difficulty, he stood by them and offered help, then put a hand under the fridge and the men surprised at how it seemed to float away from their grab. There was a lady outside instructing at the guys, Jorge asked her “Where'd this go, madam?” The woman pointed at a spot inside her house and Jorge single handedly took the fridge in like it was made out of cardboard. The men and the lady thanked him and he continued walking down the avenue, his huge muscles bouncing up and down with every step, people looking at him, some even knew him from before his transformation and greeted him. He noticed there was a street lamp bent over, apparently a truck had crashed on it or something. He steadied the base of the street lamp's pole with his hand, and with the other he easily straightened it, the steel squealed loudly as he bent the metal back to its original shape with his hands. He suddenly picked up something with his super-hearing, then buzzed quickly inside a bank a block away. Some kind of hostage situation had started. There was a guy with a shotgun pointing at the people who were throwing themselves on the floor. Another guy was harassing a cashier with a bag, asking her to fill it with money. The guy with the shotgun just saw a huge man appearing in front of him, and hesitated with the surprise. This gave Jorge time to seize the shotgun from the guy's hands, then with the easy and confident movement of his powerful arms he bended and twisted the barrel until it was just metal crap. He picked up the guy like a scarecrow, the other guy was too busy with the cashier and when he turned around to see his partner it was too late, Jorge was in front of him and had grabbed him. He had to leave the bag and the money. Then he heard a car starting outside and rushed powerfully out carrying both the burglars in his hands. He appeared right in front of the car, it had already started and crashed in his knees which prevented it from advancing. The driver pushed the accelerator but it was to no avail, the wheels turned and turned against the pavement and soon the smell of burned rubber was in the air. Jorge lifted a foot and trod violently in the car's front with it, making a huge and deep dent and completely destroying the engine. This took the wheels to a stop, the driver was paralyzed, the big cop put the two guys inside the car, then picked up the vehicle and flew it all the way to the nearest police station. “Another job well done”, he thought. It was evening and he flew back home. Once there he helped his wife fix some dinner, while the kids were doing homework. “I'm concerned about Amanda”, he said to Susan. “Well, I'm a little concerned too, but I think she'll be alright” “Mmm, she's talking on the phone now, with a guy” “How do you know?, Do you read minds too?”, Susan asked in surprise. “Heh, no, I have superhearing, remember, I can hear everything they say” “And what do they say?” “His name is Brock, she says him 'honey', and they talk about how they're gonna be kissing.” “Isn't that romantic?” “He says he's coming to pick her up in about half an hour.” “Don't worry darling, I know the way we raised her, she knows how to take care of herself.” “I hope so.” They continued with the dinner, then several minutes later Amanda came down the stairs. She looked at her father with despise and went in front of the TV. Jorge walked close to her. In the screen there was a report on how the drug problem was disrupting life in town. There were interviews with the parents of the drug addicts and they showed images of street fights and drug rehab clinics. “Honey, I know you're dating with a guy” “It's none of your business” “I know he's coming now, I'd like to meet this guy, would you introduce him to us?” “You were spying my phone call? What do you use your powers for, gossiping?” “Well, know what Am, if you don't let me talk to the guy then I won't let you go with him.” “You can't forbid me to go, I have age to live alone already” “Yes but you live at my house and you go by my rules, is it clear young lady?”, he said this while putting his hands in his hips and expanding his torso, Amanda had to admit being intimidated. Then the doorbell rang. She stood up and rushed to the front door. Jorge whizzed quickly and appeared in front of her, his gargantuan figure covering her whole eyesight. “I'll open”, he said down to his daughter, turned around and opened the front door. The guy was outside and almost fainted when the door opened and all he could see was a huge muscled torso in a tight shirt and enormous bulging arms turning the door for him. He looked up at the large fella and couldn't believe it was the new supercop everyone was talking about in town. Jorge beamed him with x-rays and noticed he was clean, no drugs, weapons, knifes or anything unusual. “You must be Brock, come in”, Jorge said with his deep earth shaking voice and gave a good look at the guy, Brock was almost a head shorter than him but pretty well built and very good looking. “My name is Jorge, I'm Amanda's father”, Jorge boomed at the kid and extended his huge meaty hand. The boy took it and Jorge gripped at him pretty tight making the kid's hand crack. Jorge was pleased at the look of concern in the boy's face but he didn't really want to get his bones broken so he released and Brock took his hand out quickly, then the youngster tried to take the soreness out of it by shaking it in the air and massaging it. “You got a pretty good grip in there, Sir” Jorge smiled and closed the door behind the guy. “So you ride, uh?”, Jorge said to the guy regarding the harley that was parked outside. “Yup, Sir” “Be careful with that one, specially when my daughter is on it... And, what do you do?” The guy trembled and hesitated, “I... I work at a warehouse, Sir” “Uhm... at a wharehouse?” “Yeah, ya know, I move cargo in and out, that sorta thing” “Maybe I can help you move the heavy load some day, don't you think?”, said Jorge while bending his right arm into a ball of dense superpowerful muscle. “Wow sure”, the kid replied. “Ok, we'll see, and where are you two going?”, Jorge asked. “Enough Dad! It's none of your business! What are you trying to do, control us?”, Amanda replied furiously. “W.. we are going to the cinema, then for some dancing, ya know... nothing out of the ordinary.. Sir”, Brock said. “The cinema, mm.. it's ok”, Jorge smiled. “I hate you”, Amanda says. Jorge tried to ignore his daughter's strong temper, “Ok, well, have a good time”, Jorge said to them, then extended his hand to Brock again with a smile. Brock took his hands away and smiled “Woow, I prefer not to, Sir!” Jorge said “It's ok” between chuckles and patted at the guy's shoulder, this took Brock off balance but within a few seconds he recovered, then walked away massaging his sore shoulder and rode on his bike, Amanda rode behind him. When they were already speeding up, Amanda asked him “Why did you have to tell him where do we go? I mean, you don't have to do it, we're adults” “Am, did you see your dad lately? The guy is a fucking colossus, his upper arm is as big around as my rib cage, he could crush me like a grape if I refused to talk to him”. Amanda kept quiet and they sped away quickly. At home, Susan got close to Jorge, he said “I'm going after them and see where they go”, as he was motioning out of the house Susan said “Stop! Honey... you must trust your daughter, you're going to make things worse if they realize you know where they'd been, I'm sure they didn't lie”. He thought she was right, but he also thought it was a good night for air-patrolling anyway, maybe he'd find some drug dealers. He went out flying and took a pretty high spot above town. There he couldn't help but give a brief look at his daughter with his vision powers, they didn't lie, they were entering a cinema as they had said. He then decided to fly down into a pretty abandoned spot in town, where he clearly saw a guy selling drugs. He descended behind the drug dealer, the buyer saw him and quickly run away, Jorge let the buyer go and grabbed tightly at the dealer. It was just a kid, he almost pees in his pants at the look of the supercop. “Hey buddy, caught ya”, Jorge said to the kid. The boy tried to mumble he wasn't doing anything illegal, Jorge smiled and picked him up by his jacket's collar then looked at him with x-rays and put a hand in a pocket where he took out several packets with crack. “I guess this is illegal”, Jorge said and the kid didn't reply. “Tell you what, you tell me who sells this to you and I let you go”, Jorge proposed confidently. “They'd kill me if I do that” “I will protect you, otherwise I have to take you in”, then Jorge put the guy down but was still grabbing him. The kid looked concerned, he wasn't sure what to do. “The way I see it, you don't have many options little pal” “Ok, I'll tell you”. The boy told him who was dealing the drugs for him, Jorge flew there, still carrying the boy in his arms, just in case he gave a false address. He x-rayed the place and found clear signs that they were dealing drugs, then let the kid in a far spot to protect him and went back to the place. It was an apartment in a fancy spot in town, nothing that looked suspicious. He entered the building in a conventional way, supersped stairs up, and got to the 5th floor, there he knocked. He noticed with his x-rays that the door was of reinforced steel but made to look conventional. Despite his powerful knocking nobody came out. He shouted “Police! Come out! You're under arrest!”. He knocked a few more times, “If you don't come out I'll have to enter by force”, screamed Jorge with his rumbling voice. Inside the guys were busy trying to hide the evidence of drugs, they had been doing some splitting up and a couple kids were there waiting for their part to sell in the streets. Suddenly they heard a loud crack, the door and part of the wall ripped away, held firmly by one of Joe's mighty hands. He gave a few earthshaking steps in and threw the door and the piece of wall away casually. “What do we have in here? I'm afraid, you're all under arrest” “It's a mistake, Sir, you won't find anything unusual in here”, said the guy that looked like the boss (more like a capo mafia), since there were no drugs or anything like that in sight. “Guess having a little alcohol constitutes no illegal act”, the man said pointing at a couple bottles of beer. Jorge smiled and walked towards a big metal trunk, heavily locked. He picked it up with his hand (it weighed 200 pounds the least) and with the other he grabbed the big lock, pressed, and turned it into bits, then opened the trunk and flipped it upside down letting packets of cocaine and crack fall on the floor. Jorge then threw the trunk away and proceeded to call for reinforcements. “While my partners are coming, I want to know a couple of things”, he walked confidently towards the guy who looked like the leader, grabbed tight under one of his armpits lifting him up almost inadvertently. “First of all, I know you're just an intermediary, I want to know who's selling to you” “I don't know” “You're kidding me?”, Jorge tightened his grip and lifted the guy off the floor. “No no, please, take me down, I met this guy in the Internet, he told me to leave the money in a trash can in Rivadavia park and he would send one of his guys to take the cash and put the merchandise in, I've been doing this for a couple of months” Jorge took the guy flying away through the window “you're gonna tell me just the right spot”, they flew above the park and the guy pointed at a trash can “this is the place”, they descended, “Mmm, it's ok, hope for your own good you're not lying to me”, Jorge replied, “Now you're going to jail and I'll know where to find you in case you lied” “It's the truth, Sir” “And when is the next delivery scheduled for?” “We do this once a week, today was the one for this week, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait” “You better not lie”, Jorge didn't yet trust the guy but flew him back to the apartment where the regular cops had arrived, and gave the guy to them for arresting. Joe returned home, all through dinner he looked upset, and he answered just yes or no to his kid's and wife's questions. He sat on the couch, which squealed by the weight of his heavy physique. He picked up the remote control to watch some TV, unable to find a channel to please him he flipped through the buttons, “how boring” he said, and in a rush of anger crushed the remote between his fingers. Susan got close to him “Honey, what's wrong?” “It's nothing.” “Come on, I know you, I don't have x-ray vision but you can't hide your feelings from me.” “Well, I thought I was going to end this whole drug traffic thing tonight” “And what prevented it?” “I can't really find the main source of the drugs, with all this powers and I can't find it, they seem to have found a way to hide it from me” “Don't you have a clue or something?” “Yes, well, if I climb up the ladder of dealers I know I will find it but it will take time.” “Well, you know honey, you're incredibly powerful, but you're not a god; you're being too hard on yourself.” “Yes, could be” “Besides, You know I've been missing you all this months you've been away”, with this Susan started massaging his husband's pecs and caressing one of his enormous shoulders “maybe I can help you relax”, she added. “Honey, uhmm”, Jorge felt uncomfortable. “Last night I did a lot of effort to refrain from jumping on you, you're looking so hot; and don't think I didn't notice that your dick is easily twice as big and fat”, she said taking a hand down to his crotch, noticing that his husband's dick was getting hard. “I'm sorry honey,” he motioned her gently away, taking her hands away. “What's wrong?” “It's not that easy sweetheart, there are certain risks to take into account, I'm maybe too powerful to get laid with you” “What do you mean?, you love me, you wouldn't hurt me!” “That's true honey, but I make a lot of things without even realizing, my prostate gland is so powerful I can dig a hole in a wall with my ejaculation, when I thrust my dick back and forth I gain a speed you won't be able to take” “And what if you slow down just for me?” “I can't guarantee I will be able to do that... until I find a way to have safe sex with you I'm not going to touch you honey, I'm sorry.” “We'll overcome this, we'll find a way” “I want you to know that I will understand it if you find substitutes” “How dare you! I'd never do that! May we kiss, don't we?” “Yeah, I guess there's no danger in kissing” And they did so. The following days Jorge patrolled the city trying to find new clues regarding the location of the main dealers but to no avail. In the back of his mind, the subject of sex with Susan persisted and kept worrying him, he thought he'd better ask for advice in the superman's Internet forum that had been recently open, maybe his superpals could help him, he thought he mustn't be the only one with a wife to please. In the forum every other supermen told him they were refraining from sex with their wives until further notice, some chose to jack off or have sex with other supermen. Jorge had even arranged meetings with a couple other supermen who remembered him from the Academy and were eager to fuck with him. Then, when he wasn't expecting it, a private message appeared in his screen, they said there was an experimental device that could help him and they needed supermen for testing, he had to fly to the supermen's headquarters for further details. He thought he had nothing to lose so he sped away to the headquarters, flew across the country in about half an hour. When he appeared he met another superman who recognized him and instructed him were to go. He got into a lab where other supermen were working. “Hey, I didn't know this place”, he said to the men in lab coats, these guys were supermen scientists obviously because their tight labcoats couldn't hide their enormous physiques. “Hello Joe, pal, How'd things been going lately?”, said one of the scientists. Joe recognized him finally, it was Tancredi, one of his pals from the academy. “Hey man! What's up! What happened to you I thought you were a cop!” “Yeah, well, they wanted to create a team of super-scientists and they enrolled me... you know I always liked science and with this super-intelligence we have everything seems so easy now... Hey! Look at you! I bet you look bigger than last time!!”. “You think so? Think I might be growing?” “I'm sure man, you're taller and more muscled, I wonder just how strong you must be” “More than I would like to, sometimes. But, geez! What do you guys do?” “Certainly much more than regular scientists, we already found the cure to almost every illness, including AIDS” “Amazing” “We've also thought about the problems other supermen could have...” “Well, you know, this issue is bothering me...” “Oh yeah, well, we have something here that could help you” “Really?” Tancredi's voice instructed the computer to open a locker, inside it was a spherical device, it was made out of chromed steel, very shinny and seemed to have a red button. Tancredi took the thing in his hands and showed it to Joe. “Well, I'm going to show you how it works, but I must warn you it won't feel good”, with this Tancredi pushed the red button, the device shone and hummed slightly. Suddenly Joe felt a little weary, he moved his hands and then his legs and realized he felt his limbs heavier. “Hey!”, he exclaimed. Moving his hands took some effort actually, he was used to effortless motion. “What's this?”, Jorge said, he looked around trying to use his x-ray vision and also checked if he could get flying thrust, but he couldn't. “Feels awful, doesn't it? This is what this device does, we've found a special secret combination of electromagnetic wavelengths that cancels our powers” “What the fuck!?” “It won't kill you, but it will just take out your superstrength, invulnerability, visual capacities, fly capacities, making you just like a big and strong but regular man” “This means I can have sex with regular people?” “Yes” “That's right, well, isn't this dangerous? I mean, there were no means to take our power away before, not even kryptonite” “This is the only device in existence, it was made to be effective in the range of a small room only, and if someone tries to disassemble it in order to find how it works it will destroy itself” “Now please turn it off!” Tancredi pushed the red button again and the device stopped glowing. Both supermen found their strength coming back. “Wow, feels much better”, screamed Jorge. “Now take the device and give it a try, but be careful, nobody must know this exists!”, said Tancredi and handed Jorge the apparatus. “Thanks buddy”, with this Jorge flew back home with the device in his hands. That night after dinner, Susan found Jorge more cheerful and talkative than usual, she also realized he was physically much closer to her, touching her now and then like he used to do before his transformation. He picked her up and took her to the couch where they sat by each other, she was surprised, he enveloped her with his huge arm, she caressed it. They turned the TV on, there was an aerobics teacher bouncing in the screen, behind him a bunch of athletic guys were mimicking his moves. “Geez, they look so hot!”, she said. Then Jorge remembered, “Hey! You know that guy don't you? You two shared a class, didn't you?” “Oh yeah! I've seen him now and then... think his name is Nathan” “Just now and then, uh?”, Jorge interrogated suspiciously. “Yes, I mean...” “I understand honey, you don't have to hide it, so many months without me and you got these athletic looking guys available” “You know I wouldn't do that to you Jorge! I'm not that kind of girl” “Know what, I don't care what you've done in my absence, cause tonite I will show you what a real man is”, then he bent his right arm in front of her face. “Is Nathan's as big as this one?”, he asked. “Honey, you know he's not”, Susan chuckled while massaging Jorge's big upper-arm. “He's not even a fourth the size, is he?” “He's not even an eighth, sweetheart, he's not even in the same league as you” “Would you like to fuck with this mammoth of a man?” “But you said...” “Well, I have a surprise”, he put his hand under her butt and stood, lifting her up, she grabbed his huge shoulder for balance and he took her to their bedroom. He let her lay on the bed, closed the bedroom door and took the sphere device out of a drawer. He pressed the red button and put the thing over the night table. Darn, it didn't feel well at first, but within a few minutes he grew accustomed. He laid himself on the bed next to her. Darn, he wasn't super now, but he was still big and heavy to make the bed squeal, and with his size, even as a regular man he could easily win any strongman competition. “What's this honey?” “This thing turns me temporarily into a regular man so we can fuck” She immediately jumped over him. It caught him by surprise, though even as a regular guy he could easily take her weight, as a superman he wouldn't even budge. Then she started punching at his huge pecs as hard as she could. “This is for making me wait so long”, she cried. “Hey, hey, stop it, you're hurting me” he said between laughs. Even without superpowers his wife's punches didn't hurt him, but he had forgotten how pain felt, no matter how little. He grabber her, he could get ahold as hard as he wanted now, he wasn't going to squeeze her, and they began fucking. Amanda came home, she was walking upstairs to her bedroom when she heard the moans and groans of her parents orgasm, she thought it was disgusting, then she realized there was an unusual glow and humming sound coming out of the bedroom. “How disgusting of you too! Is everything alright?”, she asked and knocked at the door. None of them could notice her, even Joe without his powers could be easily caught by surprise. The bedroom door was unlocked, so she easily entered just when they had finished their orgasms. As they saw her, they tried to hide grabbing their sheets close to their bodies. “Amanda! Go away!”, Susan screamed authoritatively. Jorge remembered about the device that was glowing and reached for it and turned it off quickly. He felt ecstatic as his powers came back fast, making him feel a million times the man he'd been a second before and he couldn't help but shout a loud “Wow”. This caught Amanda's attention but she didn't mention anything about it. “Ok, sorry I guess you're adults, can do anything you want”, and she went away wondering what that weird device was for. During the week their lives went on as usual, only difference was they had sex every night. Nor Tom or Juan cared about it, they thought their parents deserved to do it, nor they cared about the faint glow coming from their bedroom while they fucked. It was the day of Jorge and Susan's second sexual intercourse, Tom and Jon shared a single bedroom, which was in the opposite side of the house, Amanda's bedroom was next to their parents' so she got all the groans and moans. Their shared bathroom happened to be next to Jorge and Sue's room. In the middle of the night while the glow was coming out of their parents' room Tom woke up in desperate need for a pee, he got inside the bathroom and began to piss, darn it felt good. But it wasn't just the piss, there was something more, something made him feel real good. When he grabbed his dick to direct the stream, he could swear it was a little thicker, “what the fuck!”, he thought, but he was still a little asleep so he didn't care much, he folded his dick back and turned back to bed, once there he was feeling the same as usual and his dick felt the same size as ever, he thought it may have been a crazy dream. Amanda wasn't home that night, she was laying in a field with Brock, looking at the stars and talking. “Know something? I saw something weird last night”, Amanda pointed to her boyfriend. “Weird like what?” “My parents were having sex” “What's unusual about that? They're supposed to” “Yeah, I know, but since my dad had come back I'd never noticed them fucking” “That sounds reasonable, imagine this... a superman must have super orgasms, maybe your mother can't take them” “And how do you know so much?” “I don't know, I just suppose”, replied Brock. “But apparently, they've found a way to disable my father's superpowers, cause they sounded like they were having sex like crazy” “Really?”, Brock seemed interested. “Yeah, I saw something weird, you know like a metallic sphere, it glowed and all, my dad turned it off quickly and it stopped glowing, he just screamed like he was relieved”, she said while knotting it all in her head. “Maybe it's some kind of device that takes his powers away”, Brock completed. Amanda's eyes seemed to light up in the night. The day has come, a week had passed since the last merchandise delivery. Jorge was hovering among the park, he had taken care the money was carefully deposited in the trash can as usual, and was waiting for the guy to come and take the drugs. Then a suspicious fella appeared, carrying a bag, he looked like a vagabond, he walked directly to the trash can and perused inside with his hands until he took the money and put the bag with drugs. Jorge appeared quickly from behind a tree, descended and grabbed the guy. It took the man by surprise, he was not an old vagabond as he first looked like but a big healthy young man disguised for the task. “Hey! What the fuck!” “Gotcha fella, now you better take me where your boss is” “I don't know anything” “Are you sure?”, Jorge had lost his patience, he grabbed the guy at his upper-arms, picked him up and pressed him with his hands to make him feel his power. “You better tell me, I'm not gonna be nice”, and Jorge gripped tighter, some cracking sound was getting heard. “Ok, ok”, said the guy in suffering, then Jorge loosened his grip a little. “There is a guy”, the man continued, “I don't know his name, I could never talk to him directly, I go to his office, and a few of his employees give me the merchandise to carry for a small fee, I make my living out of it”, the man said almost in between sorrows. “Ok, you're going to take me to this guy's office”, and Joe took the guy for a flight. At home, Amanda sneaked inside their parents' bedroom, she knew they were not that careful, and left everything unlocked so she easily got in. She tried to open the drawer where her father kept the device but it was locked indeed. Nothing she couldn't handle, Brock had taught her how, she took a clip from her hair and bent it, played around with it inside the drawer's keyhole until something seemed to snap in, and “voila!” it was opened. The nice shinny metal sphere was there as expected. Amanda took it and quickly got out of the room trying no to be seen. Tom was casually getting out of his bedroom “Hey! Am, what do you have there?” “None of your business, idiot”, and she ran down the stairs and outside the house. Tom thought there was something odd about her. Jorge flew down with the guy in his hands, it was an old building, he checked it with his x-rays, there seemed to have been an office but it was abandoned now. It looked more like a computer center than the office of a dealer. He got in with the guy, the guy said it was the place, he didn't know why they'd left. Apparently a spy had informed about Jorge's moves and gave them time to leave, but it looked like they'd left quickly, the computers were on and Jorge was sure they had information on where to locate the place where they kept the drugs for distribution and where the main leader of the gang was hiding. He tried to hack on them but it was impossible, he was not a computer expert and all the documents had codes and protections. Jorge flew with the “delivery boy” to the main police station where he got him jailed; He went for Sarah at the counter, “Sarah, do we have a computer technician on duty?” “Yes I'm sure we do, Officer Lorny, office 26” “Ok, I'll pay him a visit” Jorge got into the guys' office, he was busy typing in the computer. Jorge took a few mighty steps towards Lorny. The geek looked up at the huge man, he couldn't believe his eyes, Jorge's huge thighs' distinct muscles ballooned as he stepped on the ground, the extraordinary barreled torso's pecs bounced up and down erotically, his arms stretching the t-shirt's fabric impossibly, and the look of the fists Jorge liked to put in his hips while he spread his upper-body showing off his lats. Lorny regained composure and stood up quickly, he greeted in formal way. Jorge greeted back, “I need your service, there are a couple computers I need you to hack” “As you say, Sir, give me the address and I'll be there shortly”, the small guy said. “There is no time for that”, and Jorge caught the nerdy guy from under the armpits to his surprise and took him outside, quickly arriving to the dealer's office by flight. He sat the guy in front of one of the machines “Can you access this? I need to find where do they keep the drugs and where do they hide” “Well, I'm familiarized with this type of system, they usually have a backdoor you know”, the guy tried on some key combinations but it was useless. “We might try brute force, you know...”, Lorny said and smiled, then added “bet you have a lot of brute force in there” and grabbed one of Jorge's huge forearms. Jorge gave a cocky but firm look at the guy , “Just kidding”, Lorny said, “we should try entering some password, maybe we're lucky, usually female names work best” “I see, ok, well, let's try Susan” Lorny typed in but nothing... “Don't you know another, maybe a longer one, I don't know” “Mmm, I dunno, why don't you try 'Amanda'”. The geek entered the name in the keyboard and after a few flashes a long stream of information passed through the screen, the computer went blank. “Oh geez! This kind of protection sucks! Now we lost all the data, sorry, nothing can be done” “That was enough Lorny, the text said where the dealers are”, “What? You were able to read ...”, before the geek could finish the sentence Jorge had flown away. In a few instants he was hovering over a warehouse, it seemed pretty regular, he checked it with his x-rays, inside were big bags full of white powder with the mark FLOUR on them “How smart, that's how they cheated on me”... he thought. He also detected that in lower levels there was a basement where they kept the real dealer's office and that hiding inside the building were about eight gangsters with all kinds of weapons. Joe descended on the ground slowly, the guys looked tough and if he'd been a regular cop he would have asked for reinforcements, but now he wasn't the least intimidated, he actually thought he might be too much for them. He turned on the radio anyway and reported his position, saying he would call for reinforcements if needed. By the moment he didn't want to risk the life of the weak regular cops while he could easily take care of the matter all by himself. He felt confident and didn't surprise at all when the gang appeared. He walked towards them, the men were intimidated by Jorge but they tried to hide it. One of the guys looked pretty tough and stood in the center of the group, carrying a machine gun in his hands, “Hey stop there ya cop, this is as far as you go” “You're supposed to stop me?”, said Jorge defiantly, “Come on then”. One of the guys got close to him with a baseball bat, he hit Jorge in the head with it as hard as he could, Jorge just looked down at the smaller guy while the bat broke in two pieces without the cop even feeling it. The guy looked puzzled at the piece of bat in his hands. Almost simultaneously another guy came in with a crowbar, Jorge got rid of the bat guy hitting him with his elbow, the guy flew like ninety feet away, while with his remaining hand easily caught the crowbar the other guy was hitting him with. He bent the thing in his hands in front of the second guy's face and threw it away, then hit the guy with the back of his hand in the head, the guy fell in the ground and slid away a considerable distance. Jorge was being careful, like when playing with kids, he didn't want to kill the guys but he couldn't help getting them spread all over with his coups, they were so light! One of the guys tried to cut him with his knife but he quickly seized his wrist, forced him to throw the knife and gripped so tight the guy went on his knees moaning with the pain. Another guy that looked pretty big, thought he was going to take care and approached him, then tried to punch him in the belly, big mistake, the guy must have saved the mightiest blow of his whole life for Joe, but when his hand hit Jorge's skin his bones certainly broke, he screamed and threw himself in the ground while Jorge was barely feeling a slight tickle in his powerful ab muscles. There was a guy who looked like a martial arts fighter, tried to impress him kicking all over around him, Jorge just looked at him completely still and unconcerned. When the guy tried to kick Jorge's head the big cop grabbed his leg and held him upside down, he shook the guy a little just to make him know who was the boss and then threw him away. A remaining guy was carrying a steel pipe, Jorge faced him giving him a severe look, then beamed his heat-vision at the pipe, immediately it turned red and the guy dropped it on the floor where the steel melted. The guy was so scared he ran away. The leader of the band was still there, looking much less confident now, watching around to see if he could find a way to scape, he knew he couldn't escape the supercop. Jorge walked towards him and the guy began shooting at him with his machine gun, bullets bounced in Jorge's powerful chest without him even budging as he walked. When the supercop was close enough he reached with his hand the tip of the machine gun and bent it over with his fingers so it wouldn't bother anymore. The guy dropped it. Jorge just stood in front of the guy without even touching him, his fists in his heaps and his torso all spread out. “So, you're going to tell me who is your boss now”, Jorge affirmed. “Hey cop, calm down, I don't have no fucking boss; besides..” “WoWowow”, Jorge interrupted taking a few steps towards the guy who answered taking a few steps back, “first thing I'm not 'cop', to you I'm Mr. Officer or Sir, and second, watch your language when you address to me”, he boomed at the guy with his deep commanding voice while he extended his index finger to the guy's chest and lightly pushed forward while advancing towards him; enough to make the guy retreat in fear, “Is it clear?” “Yes”, the guy replied, almost trembling. “Yes what?”, Jorge's muscled figure seemed to increase in size as he grew tense and moved forward some more. “Yes, Sir”, the guy murmured. Jorge relaxed but still looked at the guy pretty tough. “So, now, who's behind all this?” Then he noticed a motorcycle approaching, Brock was riding it and Amanda was behind him, they parked in front of Jorge and the guy. Brock rode off The guy pointed at Brock and said “him”. Brock quickly took the sphere out of his jacket and pressed its button, when Jorge had noticed what the young man was about to do he wanted to avoid it, running superfast towards him but his powers were already gone by then and he stumbled. “You can take care now, he's not superstrong anymore!”, Brock shouted at the guys. The leader of the gang smiled, jumped on Jorge and landed a kick in his shoulder, destroying his radio transmitter. It was a big commotion, it had been a long time since he felt anything like that, and Jorge was astonished. Then the other men who had recovered from Jorge's (maybe too careful) reprimand, threw on him, punching and kicking. Jorge couldn't believe it, it was so easy before to beat the crap out of them and now there was nothing he could do. The big guy with the broken right hand even managed to bring him to his feet and punched at his face with his left hand saying “this is for my broken hand, idiot”, Jorge almost fell unconscious but the rest of the guys grabbed him “Take him inside”, Brock ordered coldly. The eight guys were in the task. Jorge tried to resist, and it was no that easy for the guys to take him in because he was still a pretty big and strong guy, but not a superman anymore, and Brock took care it remained like that walking very close to him with the device. Once there the men tied Joe's limbs to huge gridlocks chained to a wall, once tied, some even spitted on him and insulted him. Jorge was used to easily break from this ties so he at first tensed and pulled with all his might, but it was useless, he couldn't break free without his superpowers. Brock left the sphere on a table close to Joe, Amanda embraced Brock, cheerful, “Haha, now this is a lesson for you, huh!”, she shouted at Joe while she caressed Brock, “I can't believe you're doing this to me”, said Joe to Amanda, looking firmly into her eyes. Amanda ignored her father. “We did it quite good, didn't we? Now I don't think my dad is going to piss us off anymore!”, she whispered to Brock's ear. “Yes, I'll take care of that, baby”, Brock pulled out a gun and aimed right at the middle of Joe's chest. Tom and Juan were talking in their bedroom. Susan appeared, “kids, do you have any idea why dad didn't come back for dinner?” “I don't know mom”, replied Juan. Susan walked to a window, opened it, and shouted at the sky “Jorge, come over!” amplifying her voice with the palms of his hands. She waited for a couple moments. “Damn! He should pick this up with his superhearing”, she pointed. “Are you sure?”, asked Juan. “Yes, normally it takes just a few seconds for him to appear when I call him this way, what could be happening?”, she looked worried. “Mom, I don't want you to worry but I think he could be in danger and maybe Amanda is involved, I've seen her walking away with the device”, Tom said to his mother. “The device? Do you guys know what it is?”, Susan was puzzled. “Of course mom, I mean, it's obviously some sort of thing that takes out dad's powers so you both can fuck”, Tom confessed. “Why don't we go to the station, maybe they know where he is?”, suggested Juan. The family then went to the police station, once there they explained the receptionist Jorge could be in danger but everyone hardly believed them at first, Sarah, the girl at the counter said “what could possible put him in danger, he almost rips this counter away with his hand the other day” “Why don't you try and call him on the radio?”, said Tom. “Fine. You'll see he's ok!” Sarah maneuvered a radio in front of her, “Joe, this is Central Station, do you hear me?”, then waited for the response, but she just got an electronic hum. “Repeat, Central Station calling Joe, do you hear me?”, but nothing happened. “I know there's something wrong, if he were right you wouldn't even need the radio to contact him”, added Susan dramatically. “It's ok”, said Sarah, and walked towards the chief's office, carrying a folder in her hands. A moment later she said “a patrol is going to the position were he reported for the last time to check out”. “Thanks”, Susan said. “Wait”, added Tom, “we wanna go!”. “Of course you're not going”, said Sarah, then called for the unit on the radio and told Joe's position out loud. “That's all we need”, Juan said and pulled his brother's arm, Tom followed him outside. “Wait kids!” Susan shouted. “Hey! We never talked about this!”, Amanda said while jumping away from Brock. “Babe, what did you expect? Have a cup of coffee and remain friends? This is real life”, said Brock to her while shaking his head mockingly. Then Brock aimed again and as he was pulling the trigger Amanda jumped on him making him fall on the ground while the gunshot hit the wall. “This is the end now”, Brock said while taking her violently away. “I'm done with this kids play, I knew from the start you didn't have the guts; you two grab her!”, said Brock and the guys did as ordered, Amanda was puzzled, she shouted and insulted Brock. Suddenly, the sound of a cop vehicle's siren could be heard. Outside the warehouse, the cops parked and descended from the vehicle and walked towards the entrance. Inside Brock pointed at two of his guys for the door. To their surprise the cops found two guys coming out of the warehouse very well armed. One carried a big military machinegun and the other a shotgun. The guy with the machinegun began shooting, bullets hit the cop's legs, making them fall on the ground. Inside, Joe could catch a glimpse of the scene through the door and twisted trying to break free, if he only could get a hold of the device and turn it off! He would give those guys a lesson! Brock was pleased. One of the cops called for reinforcements on the radio just before the shotgun fella shot him pretty bad, killing him. The other cop was laying there, grunting from the pain; one of the bullies approached him and began kicking at him. Tom and Juan descended from a taxi cab a few blocks away from the warehouse then ran the whole way to it. “I think we should be careful, they might be expecting someone to come and rescue him”, said Tom to his younger brother. They sneaked in very cautiously, trying to cover with bushes and trees that surrounded the area. They got close enough to one of the lateral walls of the warehouse so they were able to catch a few glimpses of what was happening inside. They saw the two guys attacking the cops and could overhear how Amanda insulted Brock while he just seemed to laugh. Suddenly, buzzing from the sky the kids saw two big supermen who landed in the area, one of them looked really big, he was Pablo. Pablo first tried to get close to the guys, but one of them began shooting him with the machine gun. At first bullets bounced off his body but as he got close he began to really feel the pain from them until he saw some blood pouring off his skin, this forced him to walk back, his skin cured immediately. The other superman tried to beam with his heat-vision at the machine gun but it was pointless, the heat ray seemed to diminish its power in the vicinity of the power-cancelling device. Both big men were clueless and tried to remain distant from the area, they could be of no help. A couple patrols came in too and regular cops appeared, they shielded with their cars and began shooting with their guns at the bullies. The men retreated a little but then Brock came out to a window carrying Amanda, he was almost strangling her, he put a gun in her temple and shouted at the cops “You better keep your distance or forget about her and her dad!”. This momentarily kept the officers from attempting further actions. Behind the bushes, Juan was eager to go and help his dad, Tom was grabbing him. “What are we waiting for?”, Juan demanded. “Don't be an idiot, do you want to get us both killed?!”, Tom shouted at his younger brother. “Don't be a coward!!”, Juan screamed and released from his brothers grab. “Wait!”, shouted Tom and ran after him. Juan reached the wall of the warehouse and couldn't avoid being detected by the two guys. The shotgun guy began to move to his position. In desperation, Tom ran towards his brother. As he got close to the wall he felt really odd. Juan was looking at his brother unable to believe what he was seeing. Tom couldn't understand the situation at first but for the look in Juan's face he realized something was going on. Suddenly, he began to feel really powerful, as he got close to the warehouse he could feel a surge of strength coming into his body. Juan could clearly see the way his brother's physique began to change. In a few instants Tom was getting taller, his body was growing wider and muscles began to spring madly all over him, destroying his clothes that shred into bits falling over the ground. When Tom reached Juan he looked completely different: from his 5'9” (1,75m) his height rose to 6'1” (1,85m), he was huge like a 280 lbs (125 kg) bodybuilder and he looked manly as hell. His only clothes were a pair of tight shorts that could resist the transformation, his huge chest was bare, heavily muscled and coated in dark blond hair. “What the fuck!”, he screamed while looking at himself, his voice had changed too, it had lost any trace of childishness and became the voice of a big full grown man. The bully appeared in front of them and aimed at Juan with his shotgun. The guy shot, but Tom quickly stood in front of his brother and the shot bounced off his chest. Then grabbed the shotgun off the puzzled guy an bent it in his hands. The guy got close to him and tried to punch him but he was faster and pushed the guy away with his hand about a block. Tom had understood he would now be able to control the situation. The guy with the machinegun approached too, shooting pointlessly at Tom's impenetrable chest, and the new young superman was able to get rid of him just as easily. Then Tom turned around to face Juan and grabbed him from his belt, “This is for your own good, bro”, Tom said and then threw his brother away to a straw pile pretty far where he softly fell; there he could be safe. Tom threw himself over the warehouse's concrete wall, destroying it with the power of his new body; in between crumbles entered the place. Joe was shocked, he thought it was another superman, but that could not be possible, since the device took away anyone else's powers as well as his. When dust settled he could clearly see his son's face on top of that muscleman's body. “Tom!”, Joe screamed, “What ...!” Before he could finish the word Tom had already taken away Brock's gun and freed his sister from his grab, then held Brock pretty firmly, enveloping his neck with one of his now powerful arms. “Tom, disable the device and go away, I don't want you to take risks!”, Jorge asked Tom, pointing with his head at the apparatus that was laying on a table in front of him. The other guys from the gang were puzzled but they had guns in their hands. Tom knew that if he disabled the device he would be lost. Brock, feeling threatened, ordered the guys to shot at Joe and Amanda. One of the guys aimed at Joe and the other at Amanda. “You better let me go buddy, or your sister and father are both fried!”, Brock said Tom. Tom sped away like a blur, took the device and the guy who was aiming at Amanda before he could pull the trigger; then, grabbing both firmly in his hands and at a speed only a superman could see, he ran throw the warehouse making a huge hole in it and going far enough so the device was out of the range of his father. Joe quickly felt his powers coming back. The guy who was aiming at him finally pulled the trigger but when the bullet hit Jorge it was too late, Joe's chest was invulnerable. The big man easily broke free from the chains, once he stood on the ground he took a deep breath and blew powerfully at the guy, this created such a hurricane the guy flew away like a kite. Brock was trying to grab Amanda but Jorge quickly appeared in front of them and grabbed him, easily lifting him off the ground. The regular cops and the other supermen came in. Jorge gave Brock to the regular cops who would jail him. Pablo greeted Jorge affectionately, he was really happy his friend was alright. “Hey Jorge! What happened to ya? Couldn't handle a couple little fellas?!”, Pablo mocked between chuckles. “Haha, I'd like to see you in my place”, said Jorge laughing and punched at Pablo's shoulder with a strength of about fifty tons the other supercop had no problem to handle. “Just kidding fella, look at you! You're really big!”, Pablo pointed cheerfully. The third supercop said “Ouh”, and suddenly the three supermen felt real bad. Tom approached to them superspeeding, carrying the device in his hands. He had already given the bad guys to the regular cops. “Tom, could you please turn this off?”, Joe asked his son. “Aww... it just feels so good!”, Tom said and then pushed the red button in the device. “For Christ's sake!”, said Pablo, the three men felt relieved when their strength came back. Quickly, Tom's muscles got depleted, his physique shortened and narrowed back to his original self. Jorge took the device off his son's hands and turned it into bits with his fingers “this is not going to bother us anymore”, he said while the device seemed to disintegrate itself. “You did a good job there, kid!”, Pablo congratulated Tom. Juan arrived and stood next to his brother. “Well,” Tom looked at his brother, “it's not just thanks to me, if it wasn't for Juan I would have never had the courage to get close to the warehouse in the first place” “Then, congratulations you too little pal! You've been very brave and we'll make sure there is a good report about your actions in the Supermen Council!”, said Pablo to Juan. Meanwhile Amanda was pretty nervous, being counseled by a police psychologist. Another patrol arrived, Susan got off quickly from it and ran to her husband. They hugged. “Oh honey!”, she shouted you're finally alright. They explained to her how Tom and Juan had rescued him. “Baby, finally I had to destroy the device, it was too dangerous for us”, said Jorge to his wife in an embrace while gently touching her chin with his fingers. “Oh, don't worry love, we'll find a way!”, she said still happy for him. They all, including Amanda, went back home. The following day Jorge woke up in the morning, darn, it felt good to have the powers back. He felt real bad he wouldn't be able to have sex with Susan, but also he wondered how Tom must feel now he tasted what being a superman felt like, he should be feeling awful. He walked down the stairs then Tom walked behind him. “Tom, how are you feeling this morning?”, he asked while affectionately embraced him with his immense arm. “I feel good, ya know, just... normal” Jorge began to prepare breakfast. Some time later the kids and Susan all came down the stairs and they sat at the table, having their most important family meal. While they were eating Amanda came down shyly. “Amanda, come sit with us!”, Jorge said from the table. She walked hesitantly and sat by them, then Jorge served some food for her. “Dad, I know I've been a idiot”, she said almost about to cry. “It's ok honey, it's ok”, Jorge tried to calm her. “I'm terribly sorry for what I've done, I've been such a fool” Jorge got close to her and let her head lay in his immense chest while he gently caressed it. “It's ok Am, I know how kids are, I'm not mad at you”, Jorge's superman-modified mind was completely full of compassion; maybe it was because he felt so powerful he couldn't help see the rest of the people as helpless. “You've been so good to me, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry...”, she kept repeating while crying. “It's ok”, said Jorge, “We're all going to eat and have a nice morning, I get to work, we go on with our lives, nothing to worry about!”, he finally calmed her down and let go from his chest. The radio beeped at Jorge's shoulder, “Jorge reporting” “There is a message from Supermen's council, Sir” “And what does it say?” “You must go immediately to the Central Superman Training Camp and carry your two sons” “Understood”. “Well kids, looks like we're for a trip this morning”, said Jorge as he stood up. “How are we going there?”, asked Tom. “I'll take ya”, then he grabbed Tom's belt and picked him up, then did the same with Juan. “See you later, we're going to the Superman's Central”, said to Susan and Am, then flew away carrying his two boys. In about an hour and a half he had crossed the whole country to the Central. He could normally do it in just fifteen minutes but he couldn't fly so fast in fear he could hurt his kids with the excessive friction of the air. When he descended, he found a modest congregation waiting for them, Tancredi, another scientist and Pablo. The guys greeted them and they walked together to the labs. “Jorge, we have good news”, said one of the superman-scientists. Jorge was intrigued. “We've found a way you can have sexual intercourse with regular people without any risks”, the scientist said. “Really? How is it possible?” The scientist perused his coat's pocket and picked out a ring. “With this! This ring is a micro power-disabling device, you will wear it all the time so nobody can take it away from you, and it gets activated with your thoughts, and only yours so nobody else can can turn it on even if it's stolen” “Amazing!” “It has another advantage, the field it generates only affects the wearer so there is no risk for other supermen in the vicinity even if they touch you, wanna try it on?” “OF COURSE!” And the scientist handed the ring to Joe. Joe put it on, then closed his eyes and took his strength away, “Darn! Feels awful, but it's ok!”, then he returned his strength. “Feels good to have the control, Thank you so much!”, he said cheerfully to Tancredi. “There is another thing, Jorge, I need you to step in this platform”. There was a round metal platform. Jorge did as asked. The computer began beeping. “We've noticed that your powers have been increasing since you left the academy.” “Well, I must admit I've noticed it too”, Joe replied while bending one of his arms and feeling the peak. “Now we developed a system and a scale to compare the power of supermen. The computer is now cataloging your abilities and determining where in the scale to put you”, the computer continued beeping as Tancredi finished the sentence. “There it is, come look at this”, he said to the other scientist. “Amazing!”, the other super-scientist exclaimed. “What's it?”, Jorge said trying to look interested. Tancredi turned away from the computer and said “You're 14.6 in the scale, Jorge” “Is that good or bad?” “Hella good! Let me explain, we created this scaled based on Clark Kent, the original superman, he is 10” “This means I'm stronger than him?” “Way stronger, this means you're among the strongest supermen and it seems you're still growing” “I've always been a late-bloomer” “ You're 6'4½” (1.94m) now, you grew an inch in height since you left the training camp, and you were 430 (193 Kg) pounds... forget about it you're 495 (222 Kg) pounds according to the computer” “What!?” “The computer doesn't lie, according to our records, when you left the academy you were already an excellent l1.3 in the scale, this is a dramatic increase and the studies say that you're still growing, very slowly but still growing” “Wow, I didn't expect this”, Jorge said. “Hey, our dad is the biggest!”, Juan shouted. “You already knew this?”, Jorge said to Pablo. “Well, I didn't have all the details but I realized you were getting really big”, he replied “Your friend Pablo now is 12.7 in the scale, Jorge, just as powerful as when he left the academy”, Tancredi said, “you're both incredible specimens, the normal for a graduated superman is around 6 or 7 in the scale”. “This means I'm twice as strong as the standard?”, Jorge asked. “No, the scale is exponential, it means you're 2 exponent 7 times stronger than a 7 point superman, that is around 128 times” “Jesus!” “There is more”, Tancredi said. “Let me continue”, Pablo asked the scientist. “Come over here Tom” Tom did as ordered. “I intervened with the high supermen council and thanks to my report they decided to award you with a prize we hope you will appreciate, Would you please, Tancredi?” The scientist pulled out a box and inside there was another ring. “This is for you, Tom”, Tancredi said and handed the ring to Tom, “it's just been configured with your mental patterns and will work in your body without risks to the rest of the supermen”, the scientist added. Tom put the ring in his finger and it seemed to fit real nice. “Just think about activating it, but may I suggest you take your clothings away”, Tancredi explained. Tom did so, took out his clothes and just stood there in a pair of shorts. He thought about activating the ring and very quickly his figure began to magnify, he felt the strength and the power coming to him, his muscles bulging and his frame widening and getting taller, his face turning more mature and handsome, until it stopped. He felt awesome. He was still smaller than his father and Pablo, but almost comparable to the scientist. “This is awesome!”, Joe screamed. “Jesus Tom, you look awesome!”, Juan shouted loud. “Well, let me explain this”, said Tancredi, “there is a strange mutation in your constitution that makes you react with superpowers to the ring's electromagnetic waves, we've studied the effect and it's not as strong as when supermen are really converted, but we've realized with your genetic material you'd be an incredibly powerful superman if you get a real conversion, that is if you turn into a cop someday”. “Oh I understand, can I have the superman sign on my chest?”, Tom asked eagerly with a deeper voice.. “I'm afraid that will be possible only when you turn into a cop”, said Pablo. “Wow, anyway, this is great, how can I thank you?”, asked the young man. “Hehe, there is no need to say thanks”, said Pablo, “you're now an official superman apprentice and side-kick, your father here will be your tutor”, Pablo explained. “Would you please stand in the platform, Tom?”, asked Tancredi and Tom did so. The computer beeped quickly. “Here we are, not bad, you're 3.7 in the scale boy” “Ow, I expected it would be a bit more” “Don't worry son, we have time for improvement!”, said Jorge. “Let me tell you 3.7 is great”, the scientist added, “ all you did the other day you were 3.7 all the time, a 3.7 can pick up an airplane”, Tancredi explained. “Ok, that sounds good!”, Tom said. “Now, the three of you must come, we have another surprise”, said Pablo. All of them walked outside to the central yard, there was a big meeting of supermen, even Jorge's wife Susan was brought there for the occasion. “Get over the stage”, Pablo said Jorge, Juan and the new transformed Tom. The place was neatly decorated with S signs all over. The Sarge, Majors and a couple Captains were in the stage already. The Sarge took the mike and talked to everyone about the bravery Juan and Tom had shown, congratulated Joe for having such great sons. Then called Juan next to him. When Juan got close he said “for your bravery, we know that thanks to you the life of a superman and most important the safety of the city of Buenos Aires were preserved; we give you this special medal”, said the Sarge, Juan inclined and the big superman put the huge heavy platinum medal around his neck. Juan was incredibly happy. And the Sarge added, “we know that you inherited your father's genetics as well as your brother, if you ever become a cop you will honorably be converted into one of us”. Then the Sarge gave Juan the mike and the boy thanked everyone. Then the mike was given to Tom, he said with his now manly voice: “Well, I have nothing more to say but thanks, this is an amazing gift you're giving to me; I commit to help my father and the supermen in general to maintain safety and justice. I'm convinced that from now on our lives are going to be very different.” Hand claps were heard all over.
  14. I wrote this story back in 2004 and posted it to the evolution forum, so I thought it'd be nice to post it again in this new forum. I will try to post all of my stories so they're available. This story consists of 4 parts, the first 2 which I wrote and a 3rd part which was written by an italian buddy Alfonso, and then a 4th part continued by me again. This evolved in a relatively long period of time, with years of difference between the parts being written and it's a little bit of a pastiche at some points. This story is for those interested in muscle growth and strength and how a mature grown up man increases his masculine power and presence. It contains a lot of strength and power feats but it doesn't contain sex, and most romantic interactions in the story are straight. Sorry if there are some difficulties in the use of the english language, I'm actually from Argentina and the other author is from Italy and I had to translate his part, so we're not antive english speakers. Father's pinkie stronger than son's body PART 1 (written in 2004) Derek was a farm boy who had moved to a big city in order to advance in his career, he was a bodybuilder. When he started lifting he was a regular 1.70 (5'6") 17 year old boy who weighed about 65Kg (145 lbs); he was good looking though, a nice nose, blond short hair, with green eyes, he was very handsome as a whole. During the year, he was away from his real home, his parents' farm, but he returned every summer vacation, it's been six years now he's been doing so. Every holidays his parents would meet him again, but it was a new experience every time, because their son was bigger and bigger every vacation. Not only he had increased in height unexpectedly, growing from 1.70 to 1.83 (6') at the age of 23, but he'd also grown bigger and incredibly muscular and buffed up. Every year he had to tell his parents he had to give away the clothes they'd gifted him the year before because they didn't fit anymore. They understood this, because they saw his changes and they enjoyed comparing old and new photographs: his shoulders grew wider, his arms grew thicker with biceps bulging more and more all the time, and muscles appeared in his forearms they were unaware of, his chest seemed to expand more every year; not only he had bigger pecs, but also the rib cage and lungs were growing, he could hold more breath, his father would ask him to inhale very deep and go amazed at how long it took to fill his son's lungs at full capacity. Also his legs grew thicker, and new striations appeared, when he walked around in shorts, everybody could see how the muscles in his legs worked and moved like a machine. He liked showing his legs off to his childhood friends in the farm land, all of them had either remained as thin or as fat as they were while in school, but he was stronger every summer and he would beat them when they played an ocasional rugby match, and his friends were all amazed at how powerful Derek had become. This year he would really blow them off; he was bigger than ever, he'd reached the 130kg (290 lbs) mark, he was looking like a pro; well, a little fatty maybe, off season, but most people would still be surprised at how big he was. While he was driving he thought about all the stuff he would undergo the following days. The usual welcome, his father Tom remarking how big and strong he looked this year, his mother Lisa who would say he's more handsome every time she sees him. And then, after a meal, his dad would ask him for some help at the yard. As usual for a farm house, they had a big yard, besides the field where they planted everything. This yard was always a mess; he knew, because they'd told him on the phone a couple months ago. They'd ask him for help with the old rusty useless tractor that had been laying there for years, he also thought they may want him to demolish the old warehouse that nobody used anymore; maybe installing the second windmill they'd bought but could never set in place, also moving up the parts of old metal trash that were stacked in a corner, and he couldn't forget the house that needed some fixing because it looked like it would crumble any time. This year he was a little worried too, because he'd heard in the news there had been bad storms and lightning in the area, but as nobody called him to tell him anything bad had happened, he thought everything was ok. The moment came, he was approaching home, he drove slowly and parked his car in front of the gate. He took a look at the front of the house while he retrieved the car keys, but then quickly he took a second look, astonished, everything was different. The place was looking incredible good, someone had removed all the rusted stuff from the front yard, there was a rose garden where the old tractor was, there was grass all over and mowed. There were trees placed in a decorating fashion, but not like the new thin trees you plant expecting them to grow later, someone had planted trees that where huge already, he recognized some trees that seem to be ripped off from the surroundings and planted into his yard. He found the second windmill was in place, and the biggest surprise: there was a pool installed at the front!! He was shocked, he investigated more, went to the back of the house and found that the old warehouse was not there, it had been demolished, and big chuncks of thick wall that may weigh 200kg (450 lbs) each were stacked in a corner. He also found balls of compressed and twisted metal trash lying on the floor of the back yard, "these must be the old metal stack nobody took away for years", he thought. He lowered to grab one of the balls with his hands, but when he tried to lift it he couldn't, these were really heavy ones, must be around 700 Kg (1500 lbs) each or more. The old tractor was laying vertical, and the big shovel had been ripped off from it and was laying near. He neared the porch of his home, he was surprised to see that the structure of the old house was secured with several tree trunks that were incredibly wide, he wondered how many people were needed to move those. He knocked at the door, and waited for some minutes, Lisa peered through the window, smiled, and opened the front door. "Son!!!, you finally came, we were expecting you so much!" And he gave his mom a big and strong hug. "Oh, It's been so lonesome here without you, though I was entertained anyway I must say..." She looked at him from top to bottom. "I missed you so much too", Derek replied. Derek looked at the living room and saw all the heavy old furniture was rearranged in a better way, it all looked nicer. At the same time he was wondering why she didn't coment on his body this year, he thought she'd go crazy about how good he was looking now. Derek spun around while saying "so... what do you think?" "Uh... oh... I see, seems you've grown a little, son", replied Lisa. "A litte?!, Mom, I'm fucking huge, added 19Kg (42 pounds) this year!" "Well, not bad, at least not bad for a boy your age" Derek was puzzled, he just went into the house and they closed the door. "And so, where is dad?" "Oh, guess he's freshening up, he'll be here in no time!" Then a silence built up between the two. "things have been changing up lately", the mother said. "Guess so!! Who did all the work in the lawn?", asked Derek. "Me...", replied a voice from the door that led to the kitchen. It was not a normal voice, at least not one Derek recognized, it was like Barry White had been taking male hormone and his voice was twice as deep and loud. When he looked towards the door he almost peed in his pants. The man standing there was huge, he covered all the doorway, must have been like 1.98m (6'6") tall he thought, and wide as he's never seen anybody wider, and he have seen many big guys in his career. He looked at the titan from bottom to top, the giant was wearing tennis shoes with short socks, that tried to cover thick ankles, connected to the most bulging calves he's ever seen; on top of them, the biggest quads he's ever found in a man, wide in all directions, protruding to the sides of the legs that were almost tearing the black shorts the man was wearing. Those shorts fit really snug, because the glutes were also big and rock solid; and in the crotch area he could foresee a python hiding, the dick and balls all made a huge bulge. The waist was the exact size a man this size and development should have, it was wider than a regular man's back, but it had good proportion compared to the rest of this SUPER man he was seeing now. He went up to the abs that were covered by what must have been a grey XXL T-shirt that also fit very snug on the guy's upper-body. The abs looked also firm, though this man was puffy like an off season bodybuilder, so he didn't have much ab definition, but sure looked solid; actually, the guy was better there than Derek was at the moment! He thought. He saw straight up and found the enormous lats, the back that was wide like 3 regular man and a half's backs put together, about 40cm (1'4") wider than his own. And the chest that was so bulging because the rib cage was hyper-expanded, "this man must have incredible strength, powered by those incredible lungs", he thought, but not only that, he had the most massive pecs he's ever seen, stretching the t-shirt in a way he never knew before. And when he saw him inhale the chest expanded even more, Derek was shocked at that sight. He finally rested his eyes upon the man's shoulders, basket ball sized, and then on the upper-arms, even bigger, balooned and stretched the t-shirt's fabric. The biceps and triceps together in his upper-arms were bigger in size than a bowling ball, in resting position you could see that they not only bulged to the front of the body, but also were thick and wide, if there was a way to exercise the arm to make it grow wider, this man surely knew it, there was nobody with arms so big laterally. It seems he's been working his forearm because it had striations all over and bulged bigger than most men's legs; connected to wrists that were the thickest Derek ever saw. To put it in perspective, this guy looked like he had the added size of three pro bodybuilders in off season state. He thought "who is this man?", and went straight up to the face, he couldn't help but see the amazingly developed deltoids, big as rugby balls, connected to the thickest neck in the history of human race. And at the end of that astonishing neck, was... his father's face!!! He recognized him, though he was looking better, he had strong black short hair all over the head, and was not balding like before; and had a thick but short black beard, meticulously cut (maybe that's what took so long). Tom, his father, was looking down at him with his loving green eyes. "What happens son?, mice ate your tongue?", boomed his father's incredible voice while approaching Derek. "Dad! It's amazing!! what happened?" "Well, it's a long story, kid!" "I can't believe it! I understand why mom wasn't impressed by my body", and with this he flexed one of his biceps, stretching the L T-shirt he was wearing. When he saw this, Tom smiled and flexed his own arm. "Fucking incredible!!!" yelled Derek. His father's upper arm was twice and a half as big as his own. "How did you grow so big!?, you must tell me" Tom directed his son and wife with his strong arms to the living room couch, "let's sit and I'll tell you what happened". "We were here at the sofa, watching you in the bodybuilding contest on TV, the weather was stormy and there were thunders all over. Then we started losing the signal, we thought there must be something wrong with the satellite transmission, and as we were so intrigued to see you, your mom asked me to go to the roof and try and move the dish wondering if it would fix. Well, I went there and tried to move the parabole, but it was really well fixed into position; when I was holding it a lightning struck me and the dish, blowing away the dish, me and the TV. I was unconscious, next thing I remember I was in hospital; a couple of hours later, the doctors said I was fine, I had no inner burns or anything; it was like a miracle, so your mom and me came back home and forgot about it, and went to sleep. The next day I woke up with itch and pain all over, your mom tried to call the doctor but I stopped her because I thought it wasn't that bad, just an itch. What I really suffered from was hunger, I was starving so I asked Lisa to cook a big meal, I ate like a pork, I'd never eaten so much before. At night that day I was so tired and all my body ached I went to sleep, and woke up the next day refreshed but still in pain and starving. Lisa was worried, but I told her to cook a big meal for me anyway. When I woke up from bed I felt different, with all the stuff I ate the day before, I didn't look fatter, but I felt heavier, I weighed myself and found I'd gained 5kg! (11 pounds) It felt funny, I thought, if those kilos hadn't gone to fat then they must have gone to the muscles! And I really felt tighter all over. That day I thought if I ate more I'd grow more, and besides, my body was aching, and I found if I ate more the pain diminished. So I asked Lisa to help me cook big meals, I ate so quick as if I'd been out in the desert for a year. The next day I gained 7Kg (16 lbs), I really could see my muscles were bigger, and I also felt I was taller! I measured myself and found I had grown 1,5 cm (3/4 an inch) in just two days! I knew now what the process I was undergoing meant, so I started sistematically eating and eating, and realised the pain was nothing more than growing pain, my muscles and bones where increasing their size so quickly, that was expectable. In one week I'd gained 49kg (108 pounds) of muscle and bone going from 71Kg (157 lbs) to 120Kg (266 lbs), I thought I was looking just like you or bigger, I was also taller than before, I'd grown from 1.75m (5'9") to 1.80m (5'11"). I didn't know when this was going to stop, I still felt growing pains, and kept on eating and growing, the following week I reached 1.86m (6'1"), and was weighing around 169Kg (375 lbs), I was becoming a muscle freak, I didn't have time to enjoy my new body though, as I was always in pain, and because I spent the whole day eating and eating. Your mother was doubtful at first but when she saw the results of my growth she would cook and cook all day to feed me bigger and bigger. The next week I grew too, my height rose to 1.92m (6'4"), I felt like a tall man, I always wanted to feel like that, I enjoyed it so much when I walked around, but I wasn't only tall, I was huge too, I weighed like 218 Kg (480 lbs), so much I wondered if I could walk, I was still in pain, and the growth would not subside!!!! I wondered when would it stop!! Finally, the fourth was the last week, at the end of that week I felt the pain was diminishing; but still in pain and digesting the tons of food I'd eaten, I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up feeling as good as I never felt before! The pain was all gone, and I felt for the first time the wellness of having huge muscles all over that were painless and responded to my command. I woke up from bed, when I stepped up it was like somebody was holding me, I was supersuperheavy and still I felt I was light as a feather, that's probably because my leg muscles are very very strong, far beyond I had thought before. I weighed and measured myself and found out I'd finally grown to my current 1.98m (6'6") and 270kg (600 lbs). I spent hours and hours in the mirror, flexing, expanding my chest and lats, checking out my arms and legs, I felt amazing, so invigorated, also saw that my balding head was sprouting new hair! I was in awe. I told your mother the pain has stopped so the eating all day was over, that doesn't mean I don't need big loads of food to feed this huge body I have, I'm sure I eat twice as you Derek, hehehe". "You must be very strong too!", Derek said in awe. "Well, I was coming to that part... The next thing I thought after looking at myself in the mirror was that I should be a very strong man now... And as there were so many heavy... well, I kinda forgot what heavy means", he said this as he looked at his arms and upper body, "as I said, there was heavy stuff in the garden, I tried and see what I could do with it". "Oh, I see, and that's how you did all the hard work on your own!!?", asked Derek. "Hahaha, yes, I went straight for the tractor, you know how much it bothered me to have that rusty crap there, well, I held it and tried to lift it, just like this", he did with his arms as when he lifted the tractor, his bi's and tri's flexed and bulged, together with his pecs, "I didn't thought it'd be so easy!!! I didn't have to make any effort at all, I could just grab the thing that weighed a couple tons and put it up, no hassle, just walked while holding it over my head, like I wasn't bearing anything at all, and dumped it in the backyard". "Wow!! And what else have you done?" "Well, when I fixed that up, I checked out the place and found that metal trash pile in a corner, I wanted it removed, I grabbed a steel rod that must have been 7cm in diameter (3") and hold it with both my hands and clammmm!, bent it like it was clay or something; I was so pleased; then I wanted to play around, see what I could do, so I took some shattered metals in my arms made some pressure, and all the stuff started to compact, I then felt I could compact it more and more, it seemed easier than crushing a piece of the thinest paper, the tempered steel seemed unable to bear the strength of my arms. And that's how I made those balls you should have seen in the backyard. Did you try to lift them? Cause they must be very heavy, I can lift them with one hand though". "Wow!! I couldn't even move them... I wonder how strong you must be!", said Derek. "Well, I must be very very strong cause I haven't found anything I couldn't move or break yet. Also, I found it was very easy for me to demolish that old warehouse, I just had to punch the wall and it would break like it was a pile of chalk, I then grabbed those light chunks and put them in a stack". "And what did you do next?" "Well, when everything was cleaned up I found out the yard looked so empty, your mother did a great job gardening, she put some rose bushes and flowers, and we sowed grass all over the land; she suggested we could buy some trees to plant, they'd grow nice. I said, why should we wait for them to grow? We can use the big trees that are scattered around our property. I went in her company to find the best trees around, I think you've seen them, see how thick and huge they are? Well, I kinda had no trouble ripping them off the earth; just put my arms around any one Lisa liked and the roots would be beat by the might in my arms and legs. Then I could hold them in my arms and take them here. When we arrived I realized I needed to make a hole for them; so I tried with the usual shovel I'd used before; haha! I found out that digging a hole is very easy when you're as strong as me!!! But it was still taking too long, I knew I could do it faster and better... so I went to the backyard and saw the big shovel that was attached to the caterpillar tractor; I put one hand on it, and while holding the tractor with the other I simply ripped it off! I also find that the big shovel was the right tool for me, played around with it and realised I could handle it perfect with one of my hands... With that tool I digged the big holes for all the trees, in only one move, quick and easy. When all the trees were set in place, task that didn't take too long for a man like me, I still found there was something missing, I thought we always wanted a pool, and having that shovel in my hand, and as I wasn't tired at all with all the work; I just digged the yard so they'd be room for it. That didn't take more than 15 minutes... the next day I had a pool all set up". "You also did a good job with the living room", Derek looked around. "Haha, yes, it's easy to tidy things up when you can lift a sofa with one finger!". "Oh my god, I still can't take it, all this you said is amazing, but I think I still need you to show me your strength live, in person". "Ok, son!! Let's arm wrestle, whatcha think?!" With these both men went to the table, Lisa was smiling, looking at them. When Tom sat, the heavy wood chair looked puny as if going to break in pieces. Derek sat in front of his father; Tom put his arm on the table, extended it and opened his hand, Derek gulped, that arm was something to behold!! that was definitely a big and strong hand; Derek took Tom's hand with his own, that looked tiny compared to his father's. Tom gripped. "Awwww, dad, it's ok!!! you're crushing my fingers!!". "Oh my god, sorry boy, I thought I was being gentle!", he let go a little. Lisa approached and put her tiny hands in the men's big hands, she caressed them a while and then said "Start". Derek started pushing, he was twisting his whole body, frowning, exerting all his force to move Tom's hand, moaning with the effort; Tom was amazed, he didn't have to strain at all, he just held his hand not making any special resistance, he started smilling, "Oh god! seem I'm way stronger than I thought, I must overpower you by many many times", Tom said in his bass thundering voice. Derek tried with both his hands; then stood up and aplied the combined force for both his arms, chest and legs, still Tom's hand didn't even move a little; "Son! Just my arm and my right pec are way stronger than all your body!". With that Tom decided it was time to lower his hand, when he did Derek's body was not resistance at all, he found it was impossible for him to keep up his father's hand; if he wanted, it was going down. When it was all over, Derek was gasping. "Did I hurt you Derek?", Tom asked. "No dad, I'm just a little tired with the effort"... "Sorry, it was not my intention, I must be the strongest man on earth". MMmmm, let's see something, "I'll stand up and you'll punch me with all your might!" With that the huge man stood up; when Derek had recovered, he said "mmm, are you sure?! I have a very strong punch!!". "Haha, son, have no consideration for your father, try and kill me with only one punch, here in the belly". Derek cocked his fist backward and backward, to punch like he's never done before; then with all his strength and a loud scream landed his fist on Tom's stomach. Tom looked at his son's hand in his stomach, and said "just as I supposed, I didn't even have to flex my abs to hold your punch... just my regular muscle density is enough to absorb the power of your best coup". Derek felt as if he'd punched a sand bag, it resisted so well. "Did your arm hurt son?!, you're lucky I didn't flex down there, or you'll be really harmed". "No dad, it's ok, a little sore maybe...", "Heh, my belly is like new, I didn't feel a thing", Tom said. "MMmm... why don't you take off your t-shirt, son? Let's do some comparison..." "Do we have to?" "Come on!", and Tom took the bottom of his son's t-shirt and pulled up. "Ok! Ok! Dad!", and Derek removed his tee. The son's torso was amazing, he's put a lot of work in it, maybe also some growth hormone and testosterone, but it was mostly hard work. Then Tom took off his t-shirt, Derek froze the moment he saw his father's upper body, it would have made a gorilla look puny!!! It was all pumped and bulging everywhere, he also had some heavy black hair in the chest and in the belly area. Lisa was watching everything, she was in total amazement. Derek made a double biceps pose, Tom stood behind him and copied his son's movements, it was put in evidence that Tom was more than twice as big as Derek, his biceps peaked higher, his back was wider, he was taller, his legs exceeded his son's by several times. Then Derek turned around and made a lat spread, Tom did the same, still standing behind his son, it was like a little child flexing in front of a man!! Tom's lats where much wider, thicker and his back was definitely the winner in the comparison. Then Derek turned to one side and flexed his quads; Tom turned to one side and did the same, Tom's calves were almost the same size as his son's quads... and his quads were as big around as his son's chest. "Son! You'll have to spend more time in the gym if you want to match your daddy's body!" With this Tom laughed out loud, and pat his kind in the shoulder. "Ouch! That hurt... Dad, hold your strength, you're too powerful" "Ok, sorry kid..." And he put his t-shirt on again. Then the doorbell rang. Who may that be, Lisa approached the window and saw two fat big men standing outside. "Looks like the guys from the loan"... said Lisa. "Dad! You didn't pay the loan?!?", asked Derek "Well, It's been a couple of months I don't pay, because I'm willing for a renegotiation; I've been researching and the interests we were paying were usurious; I talked to our creditor on the phone but he wouldn't want to fix that, so I was going to see him in person and stop paying until the thing was all cleared up". "Uh, you know these guys can be dangerous!", Derek said. "Well, I don't think they could do much now!!", Tom said as he looked at his body and smiled, "I'll receive them, you just relax" said in a sure tone. Then Tom opened the door and saw the two guys: they weren't there to negotiate, they were the typical big guys, mostly fat all over, they thought they could do anything they wanted, one of them had a steel rod in his hand. Tom wasn't afraid the least, he just stepped in the doorway, he was taller and bigger than both of them. The bullies looked at Tom and just gulped, they hadn't seen anyone so wide and big before, just filling the whole doorway! "Let me see, Mr. Stingyshark has sent you, didn't he?", asked Tom and then crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Yes, he sent us!", said one of them. "We'll kick your ass, idiot!", said the other. "I'd suggest you to leave now, if you don't want to be harmed", Tom replied, very tranquil. One of the guys approached him with the rod. "That rod is for making some damage in my property?, mmm", Tom said. One of the guys tried to move him, grabbing him by the arm, trying to take Tom away from the door so they could get in. Tom looked at him and did nothing. It was useless, The guy would use all his might but Tom wouldn't even move an inch from the doorway. Tom looked at the guy with the rod who approached and hit him with the steel rod. Tom didn't even feel any pain at all, as if the rod was made of rubber or something. Tom put his hands in his hip, like a superman pose. "Why don't you leave? I don't want to hurt you, just tell Stingyshark I'll be seeing him soon", said Tom. The guy with the rod hit Tom again. Tom was pissed off, he grabbed the fatass by the shirt with one hand and lifted him up 1m over the floor (3 feet), then took the steel rod with the other hand and gripped strongly using his thumb, the steel rod bent like it was soft. Then he let go the bully and let it fall on the floor with a loud thump. The other guy was frozen but still was trying to move Tom. "And you! Stop tickling me!!", with this he grabbed the bully, lifted him and threw it in their van, then did the same with the other. "And, don't come back! tell Stingyshark he'll see me!" The bullies got on the van and drove out of the property in fear of Tom. PART 2 (written in 2004) After the encounter with the bullies, Tom entered the house, crouching to fit through the door. Lisa looked at his husband and asked him if he was ok. Tom laughed, "Yes honey, what could they do to me?", smiled and lifted her up with one hand, she huged him and he kissed her in the mouth. Lisa was a good looking blonde woman, although she was in her forties she was still in good shape; Derek got his good looks from her. Tom let his wife gently stand in the floor again, and suggested they could give the pool a good try, the afternoon was quite sunny... "I'll take care of the loan guy tomorrow!" he said. "Great idea!" Lisa replied. "Wait for me, I'm gonna put on something more comfortable", with this Tom headed to the bathroom. In the bathroom Tom stripped himself, it was hard to get the clothes off through all those big muscles; when he achieved it he looked at his reflection in a big full size mirror. He was completely naked. He hit a few poses, he started with a double biceps pose, all his big arm and shoulder muscles stuck out, he smiled, looked at his bis and then changed the pose, he stepped just like a boxer, with his legs flexed and his fists in front of his face. He could now see his fists were really big, he jumped a little and could see how his quads bulged at his command; then he gave a few punchs at his reflection and was surprised at how easy it felt, as if he'd trained boxing his whole life. He tried and see how fast and strong he could punch, his first punch was so fast he was surprised, but in his second and third he realised he was doubling his speed with each hit, he made a few more punchs, "holy shit!" he thought, he began to realize his arms performed at sound speed like there was no air resistance at all, actually the air began to buzz every time he punched. He stoped punching and stood with his hands in his hips, beholding his proud chest. "Not bad for a farm man, guess I could beat Mike Tyson off the stage!" he said to himself while smiling broadly, "If these loan shark sends me his guys again they'll go straight to hospital!" He gave a severe look at the mirror, "hehe, I'll scare the wit out of them!!"... After this, he couldn't help but direct his eyes to his fantastic dick, it was soft yet it was about 13 cm (6") long and thick as a regular man's waist. He reached with his hand and massaged it a bit, very quickly it erected, reaching its 25 cm (10") full, thick as many men's forearm. He turned to a side so he could see his dick better, he thought it was almost frightening, "I could use this to fight too!". He threw some cold water from the sink over his dick so it would go down to its soft size; then he picked up a pair of huge black briefs and put them on, they fit snug. He resumed his posing routine to see how sexy he looked, flexed his abs, checked out, turned around and made a lat spread, his reflection exceeded the mirror; "Not bad for a 46 year old farmer!", he thought; actually he was looking better than at 20! "Would be better to buy a new mirror" he said to himself... He took a towel and got out of the bathroom, his heavy treads trembled around the living room; he went to the front yard. His wife and son were already in the pool, floating around. Derek looked amazing, he was in his best shape ever, thick all around and looked more mature and masculine than ever; he was hitting a double biceps pose for his mother, Lisa was caressing his bi in amazement when they saw Tom out of the house. Derek almost petrified; he hadn't seen his father's body in full glory, "Oh! my god!" he exclaimed, he felt so puny when he looked at the hypermuscled hugantic stud his father was now. "What happens, mice ate your tongue?" Tom said and laughed, then approched the pool and dive into with a lot of style. He swam a while and dived inside as if he was a professional swimmer, he dove out with a splash and said "hey!! this swimming thing is not that hard when you have the right muscles developed! and all of my muscles seem developed!" with this he examined his pecs, flexed his right bicep and pivoted his flexed arm around his shoulder while holding it with his other hand, as if he was checking his joints were properly oiled. Lisa approched him, and hugged him, he grabbed her happily. Before the amazing change he'd experienced, Tom felt he was losing the Edipo battle, his wife seemed more interested in his son's with all the big muscles than in him. Now he felt happy Lisa payed little attention to his son, he began to feel he was the man of the house again. Derek went closer to his father too, and grabbed one of his arms, caressing it, checking its full round power... "My little kid!!" Tom said, "Want to be big like daddy!? You'll have to train very hard!" Derek began to punch him at the chest, Tom laughed and grabbed one of Derek's arm, keeping it in total control "You don't want daddy mad, do you?!", he laughed. Derek laughed in unison. The next morning, Derek and Lisa were having breakfast at the kitchen when Tom arrived prepared to go and see the loan guy. He was dressed in a white short sleeved shirt, very snug to his body that showed off his big arms; and a pair of jeans that seemed also very stretched. He approched them with heavy tread. "Today, this Stingyshark is going to hear me!" "I bet he will!", Derek replied. Tom sat at the table in front of a huge breakfast that was already prepared by Lisa for him... "Guess you'll need energy, honey", Lisa said. He thanked her. "Please be careful...", she continued. "Don't worry darling, this will be a cakewalk for me now!!", he replied with a grin. They started eating, Derek was trying to open a tar with strawberry marmalade, tried with all his might but the cover was too tightly screwed even for his big hands and developed bodybuilder arms. Tom saw his son struggling and asked "Need some help with that?" Derek gave the tar to Tom; Tom took it with his left hand, put only the index finger and thumb of his right hand around the cover and unscrewed it easily while looking at his son with a mix of a concerned look and an arrogant grin. He felt great he was stronger than Derek, but also felt sorry the difference in physical power between them was so abysmal, particularly because his son had worked out so much to get big and strong, and he achieved it without effort. "Sorry boy, I put the cover yesterday, I seem to have forgotten how strong my grip is compared to other people,...anyway, just had to apply a couple of tons of torque strength from my fingers and it's open". Derek felt a little ashamed. "Do you want me to help you with Stingyshark, dad?", Derek asked. "No boy, you stay here, I don't want my LITTLE KID harmed", he replied with a fatherly tone. Once Tom finished his breakfast he couldn't help but see the looks of concern in his son and wife. "I'll show you something so you won't worry any more, follow me"... with this he stood up and went to the garage, Lisa and Derek followed; there, he took a huge hunting rifle and handed it to Derek: "Remember when I taught you how to shoot?" "Yes dad!" "Come with me", Tom went to the front yard and stood in the middle of it. "I'll stand here and you'll shoot me right here, in the chest", Tom said to his son. Lisa was shocked. "Don't worry honey, I've done this before", Tom said to her, while he removed his shirt and handed it to her. "Are you sure daddy?!", Derek worried. "Yeah, sure, don't worry!", Tom replied, "Give me your best shot". Derek was about 30 meters away from his father, he aimed like a professional at his dad's broad and bare chest (it was an easy target anyway). He hesitated a bit but finally shot the big hunting rifle bullet at his father. After the blow they'd expected the worst. Lisa put her hand in her mouth in amazement. Derek put the rifle away and saw in a shock: Tom was still standing there, smiling broadly, looking at his chest that didn't have a dent, burn or anything. Tom kneeled and picked up the bullet that had just bounced in his chest, came closer to Derek and Lisa and showed the bullet to them, it was bent in the middle. "See, I'm invulnerable, much like a superman or something, there's nothing to be afraid", he said with a grin. Then, he put on his shirt again and went to his van in the garage. Lisa and Derek followed him. Derek wondered how could his father fit into the old van now. When he saw it, he knew the answer, Tom had literally dephormated the driver's cabinet with his bare hands to fit his size and be comfortable. "I did some room in the van as you can see", Tom said when he saw the surprised look of his son, with this, he got on the van and drove outside of the garage. "Be lucky dad!" "I don't need luck, boy! hehe", Tom felt so self confident now, he wasn't afraid of anything. A few minutes later he arrived at the front door of a big mansion. Stingyshark had a huge house with a large garden and a wall all around. Tom got out of the van and could clearly see two men dressed in black suits guarding the entrance, they had machineguns. When the guys saw him they gave notice through a walkie-talkie to Stingyshark, he ordered: "If he comes closer, begin to shoot". Tom began to walk very patiently towards the entrance, the guys saw him and started fire, the machinegun bullets all bounced in the impenetrable chest and arms of Tom, barely damaging his clothes. He continued walking until he was in front of one of the guys, took his gun and bent its tip with his hand; then pushed the guard away to a side, the guy fell to the floor some meters away. The other guy was still shooting at him, he took the tip of his gun; "I don't feel like playing today little man", he said; and bent the cannon with his fingers. Put a hand in the guy and without being too rude he threw the guy away, making him fly a couple meters in the air (he didn't want to kill anyone). The first guy recovered and jumped over him, "Oh, you're persistent", Tom said. "You asked for it boy", with an arm he hefted up the guy and with little effort on his behalf threw him what would have been 5 to 6 blocks away. Now he got rid of them, he looked at the huge entrance door, "Mmmm, thick steel, not bad", he said. The door was made of hard thick steel, used for bank vaults and such, Tom put his hands in the joint between the two sheets of the door and pushed outward; the steel began to crack and bent easily until the door was completely open and crushed. Tom stepped in confidently, like he owned the world. Stingyshark was in his office, watching everything from the closed camera circuit, complaining about the lousy security he had. "Now it is time for the real artilliery!", he said to the two bullies that were his personal bodyguards. Tom was coming closer to the big mansion; when he saw something he couldn't believe: a WAR TANK was heading toward him. "Jeez, this guy must have some good contacts!"... Tom thought. The war tank threw him a cannon shot from afar. It landed in Tom's chest, caughting him off guard, throwing him a couple meters away and destroying the remains of his shirt. Tom looked at his chest, "Mmmm, they want to play, uh!?" he said to himself. The tank shot again but Tom dodged it. Then grabbed the steel sheet remaining from the front door and used it as a shield; the tank shot again and again, all the shots landed in the steel plate and Tom could keep it up without problem, while he approached the war tank. Once he was near enough he put one hand under the front of the vehicle and tilted it with his tremendous arm. The tank driver couldn't do anything, he just looked in awe. Tom put his other hand under the tank and lifted it up over his head, he was smiling at his power. He began to shake the tank, the guy inside was shaking too, hitting against the driver cab. Tom then threw the thing away, making it fly through the air, landing half destroyed and tilt to a side; the tank was useless now. The guy in it opened the little door at the top and hurried away for his life. Tom neared the house; "Is this all you have?!!!! you make me laugh!", he said at a security camera. The house entrance had a heavy oak wood door, inside the big living room it was heard Tom saying "Knock! Knock!" from the outside; and the door sheets blew into pieces punched by Tom's mighty arms. Tom entered the room, apparently there was nobody in, but he didn't trust, "this old sucker is full of surprises", he thought to himself; so he cheked out; lifted up a heavy wood sofa with one hand to see if somebody was hidding under it; but there was nobody; so he threw the sofa against a wall, making a huge hole in it. "Oops!" he said, and smiled. Then, there was his surprise, a ninja dressed in black was looking at him. "Oh well, now this", Tom said. The ninja took some "steel stars" and throw them at him, they landed and bounced in his chest; Tom looked at the ninja and just stood, he wasn't afraid the least. Realizing his previous attack was useless, the karate man approached him and hit a karate punch at his delt with his hand; for Tom it was like being caressed softly, he watched the ninja with an arrogant face. The ninja kept trying, hitting him with his legs in the stomach several times, punching him, but Tom just stood there watching him and grining, he was solid as a rock. At last, the ninja tried to punch Tom's face, but he was quicker and enveloped the ninja's hand with his own, "I don't want you to ruin my hair cut", Tom said and began to crush the ninja's hand with his fingers. "Mmmm, certainly a strong grip, don't you think?", Tom said while looking down at the ninja. The guy began to cry in pain and kneeled; then Tom let go his hand and the guy was smart enough to run away. "Is this all you have!?", Tom said to the walls. In his office Stingyshark was pissed off, he complained all his workers were a bunch of incompetents; including his bodyguard bullies. "Damn! I should have hired a dozen ninjas, if only they weren't so costy!", he screamed. And pushed a big red button in the desk with his fist. Tom was walking through the big living room, expecting something, when he heard a loud crack and the whole place began to crumble. The walls were shaking and a big column fell over him, luckily he was quick enough to take it with his hand and toss it aside easily; "Not bad!", he said... "Is this your last resort?! not bat at all..." Then huge pieces of roof began to fall over Tom, at first he could stop them with his hands and throw them away, but soon there were millions of them and he was covered in a heavy pile of bricks and wall chunks. The whole place was destroyed. In his office, Stingyshark was screaming in happiness, "Finally! I got rid of that fucker!!", the bullies were happy too. "Prepare my limo!!". A few minutes later the old usurious man was getting in his limo. But of course it wasn't the end of Tom, the pile of bricks began to move, and in the blink of an eye thousands of pieces of wall and roof were thrown away with tremendous force. In the middle of a cloud of dust and stone there was Tom standing, without a scratch, his chest and legs bare, the only remaining of his clothes were the jeans with the leg fabric all turned into shreds. Tom saw the limo was leaving the place and hurried to it. Put a heavy hand on the back of the car and it stopped moving, the wheels were still turning and the bully that was driving pushed the accelerator but all the cars' 300 horses of power couldn't beat Tom's arm's strength. While still holding the car Tom went to the front of it and punched hard at the engine; making a huge and deep dent in it. The car stopped, and smoke began to appear. Mr Stingyshark was petrified inside. The bullies got out of the car and tried and face Tom. This time Tom wasn't in a good mood... he just knocked the two guys with a punch in the head, enough to make them sleep for a week. He then went to the seat were Stingyshark was and ripped the door off, took the old man from the seat and kept him in the air with his hand. "Well, I guess we must negotiate now", the old man said. "Negotiate!?", Tom was mad, "This is not a negotiation anymore". "Ok, I suppose we can deduct some interests"... Tom calmed down and laughed "Ok, I'll tell you my terms", and he lifted the old man some more in the air. "I already payed almost double the amount you lent me, so we forget about the loan, what do you think"... "Oh well..." the old man was doubtful... Tom put him closer to his face, Stingyshark began to shake in fear. "Ok, ok, let's forget about the whole thing"... "I want it on paper", Tom replied. The old man took a paper from his pocket. "This says you don't owe me any more, let me sign it" "Fine", Tom answered and put the guy down gently. Stingyshark took out a pen and signed the paper, handed it to Tom with a trembling hand, Tom examined it. "See, it was just a matter of talking like civilized people", Tom said while folding the paper and putting it in the pocket in the remains of his jeans. Stingyshark almost fainted in the floor, he was so scared. Tom then left, got on his van and drove away. When Tom got home Derek and Lisa were expecting him. He parked and went close to them. "Oh honey! what happened to you!", Lisa was concerned when she saw her husband almost naked and with dust all over. "Don't worry my love, I'm ok, I'm not even hurt the least, look at this", and Tom handed them the paper, they entered the house, examined the paper and jumped of happiness. "Finally dad! you got it!!" "We must celebrate this", Lisa said bringing a champagne bottle from the kitchen, Lisa gave it to Tom for opening, Tom gave it to Derek with a "No no, it's your turn to open this stuff"; while Derek opened the bottle easily Tom grabbed his wife lifting her up, hugged and kissed her, Derek filled up some glasses and they had a toast. Then Lisa said she'd remembered about something and left the room. "Dad, I'm so proud of you, I don't care you're much stronger than me, in fact, I feel great you're bigger and stronger!", Derek said. Tom was surprised at that, he thought his son was jealous. Then Lisa came with a letter, "This arrived today, it's from your brother Jeff". Tom took it and opened it and began reading. "Uncle Jeff, the cop?!", Derek said. "Yes", Lisa answered. "He says he's just moved to a new city and he's inviting us to his house for a couple of weeks...", Tom said. "Cool!", cheered Derek. "It's a long time I don't see my brother... He says he has a surprise! Guess I'm the one who will surprise him!", with this Tom flexed his chest and arms in a double biceps pose and grinned. PART 3__(written in 2008) Tom spent his days in absolute calm, now that he din’t have to worry about his debts, his beautiful house and his family were his only interests. Derek had built a personalized gym for their training, when father and son trained together you could see the enormous difference between them, but for Derek being so close to his dad and to who was for him the strongest man in the world was an inspiration, he wasn’t jealous but in total admiration. Derek and Tom trained everyday together, for Tom it was too easy, he hand’t found yet anything he couldn’t lift or squish, but he wanted to help his son improve his physique, knowing that Derek had worked so much to have it and he’d become huge just because of a fortunate accident. But everyday, Tom’s curiosity regarding his brother Jeff’s letter increased. “What could be the news my brother have for me? Maybe he switched jobs? (Jeff was a reputed manager in a big corporation), maybe a new... how can this be? Tom decided he couldn’t wait any longer and also he was anxious to see his brother after so many years, his big back, that big brother who’d always defended him, guided him through life’s choices and saved him at very early age thanks to an organ donation. Tom called Derek who was at the garden and when he entered the kitchen he said to Lisa and his son he had decided to go meet his brother, he wanted to show him his changes. Lisa was very happy to see Susan, Jeff’s wife, again and to be able to make a trip with her husband, despite she enjoyed being with her husband everyday, it’s been years they didn’t go somewhere else away from their farm. Derek was very happy to be able to hug again his cousin Chuck, who had been a friend all his early years before he was moved to the countryside, and be able to see what he does now, if he’d continued being this technological superbrain he’d always been, before he’d lost contact with him when he’d started his career in ingeneering. A week after the trip was organized, all the family decides to finally part and meet Jeff, they’d try to surprise him. Wherever Tom and Derek walked by, eyes oggled their bodies, for Derek it was very amusing to feel the people’s comments about his dad and the enormous son. He was very proud of his father and him for being big, not like his dad, but wanting to become like him. Even Lisa thought she was very proud and fortunate and she didn’t dislike the people watching. When they entered the plane, Lisa sat in between these two mountains and felt happy for having such a huge husband and a big son. When they arrived they went to a car rent to get one of the biggest and most resistant cars they could find, so they will be comfortable with their big bodies. After a lot of searching the seller was happy the’d found a car Tom and Derek liked. Tom wanted to play a joke and easily lifted up the chosen car with a single hand and said “Yes, this one seems resistant” The seller exclaimed “Oh my god, how is this possible?!” “You can do anything you want with these arms”, Tom replied the salesman. “Mind if I touch your strength?”, the seller asked. “Touch the real strength”, said Tom as he bent his arm and crouched so the small salesman could be able to reach his biceps. “It’s like touching the hardest steel ever” “Hahaha”, laughed Tom, “you make me laugh” “Your son seems strong too but he doesn’t play jokes”, said the salesman as he saw Derek silently lift the car with both hands, not as high as Tom could, but with a lot of arm resistance. “Oh, my son, my blood”, Tom said with love towards his son, “he really amazes me, he’s getting stronger everyday”, he said as he got close to his son and hugged him. “It’s only thanks to you dad, I have the strongest man in the world as an example” “Derek, you’re really a source of admiration, you build day after day real man’s strength”, Tom says in deep emotion. “Since I train with my dad I must really say I feel my body more invigorated every day, I can train with twice as much weight than I could just two months ago in the gym, I’m big like a pro bodybuilder Mr Olimpya contestant, don’t know for what reason I feel stronger every time”, says Derek unable to believe his own words. Tom hugged his son again “I’m happy, even I don’t know what’s the reason but I’m happy you’re growing strong like your dad, because when something good happens to your dad, I hope this is something good for you as well, my son”. “Yes, I’m happy for this”, answered Derek excited. After asking the seller for directions to find his brother’s house and paying for the hired vehicle, Tom and the salesman sealed the deal with a handshake, Tom got a little too carried away with the grip strength of his huge hand and the crack from the seller’s hand bones could be heard all around the parking lot, Tom let go immediately and apologized, “I’m sorry, guess I got too carried away by the conversation we’ve just had, all these emotions together”, then checked the seller’s hand, “it’s just a squish nothing is broken, the pain will stop in a few minutes”, then he said “bye bye” and was about to pat on the salesman’s shoulder but when he saw the look of fear in the little man’s eyes he just stopped his hand and instead waved at him, then they stepped on the car and left. Tom was really courious about seeing his brother and what he had in store for him, and also he was anxious to show him his own surprises, which will surely be a shock. “Let’s go to see your uncle and see what’s so surprising, and maybe we can amaze him too”, they flexed their huge biceps at the same time and laughed. Then Tom starts the car and the journey to uncle Jeff’s house begins. Following directions given by the car salesman they took a route in the middle of the forest, Tom drove the big vehicle through the woods when he had to stop. There was a huge log that had fallen over the road. Luckily Tom had amazing reflexes and perfect eyesight and halted the car several feet before anything could happen. “Oh sweet, then what are we going to do? Turn back?”, Lisa asked, sitting next to her husband, as she caressed his enormous shoulder and upper arm. Tom looked at her to his side and grinned, “Sweety, don’t worry, these two strong men here can handle a little log like that” “Hey, dad, let me take care”, Derek said “Of course son, go ahead”, said Tom and smiled. Derek got out the car and walked to the log. The thing was big, a very big old tree that had rotten and fell over the motorway, it weighed easily 5 tons. Once in front it, the young man crouched and put his hands under it, then he tried to stand, groaned heavily and you could hear the wood cracking. He kept excerting force and grunting and was able to lift the log a little but only less than two inches from the ground, then had to let go, exhausted by the tremendous effort. “Oh, honey, why don’t you go give Derek a hand!”, Lisa suggested Tom as she ran her fingers through his enormous chest. “Sure”, said Tom and got his immense physique out the car, he walked to his son who was going to try it a second time, but felt the heavy hand of his dad in his back. “Let me try, buddy” said Tom in his deep masculine tone, Derek knew when to let go and moved to a side. Tom simply crouched a little and put a single hand under the enormous log, then he effortlessly stood up carrying the log playfully in his right palm. Derek amazed at the sight, there was a long way to go if he wanted to be as strong as his dad, he thought as Tom walked his huge body to a side of the road and easily and single-handedly got rid of the log, throwing it away with tremendous force. Then Tom walked to the place where the log was and noticed it had left a huge dent in the road, that could damage the rented car if they tried to pass, so he just walked to the car with Lisa in it, put a hand under it and easily picked it up over his head, took it past the dent and gently put it on the ground. Both men got in the car, “See honey, all solved!”, Tom said to his wife as he wiped up his hands and found his place next to her. “Oh, geez, that was fucking amazing!”, Lisa said in ecstasy, and gave Tom a kiss and run her hands all over his enormous body. “Yeah, so bad I coudln’t handle it”, said Derek “Oh son, you picked that up a couple inches, for what I felt in my hand that was around 5 tons, no regular man would be able to even move it, I’m very proud of you, among the regular men you must be the strongest”, Tom cheered up his son, “let’s go now, Jeff’s house is very close”, powerful Tom said and they resumed their trip. After roaming a little around the city looking for Jeff’s house, they arrived. Tom gets out of the car with big emotion but also very self assured, Derek contemplated the emotion in his father’s face, happy to be able to hug his brother, Lisa gave him a kiss “Come on my big man, go ring the doorbell, don’t worry, Jeff will be happy for sure!” “Ok, my tresure, I’ll go”, said Tom, he stood a little to watch the incredibly beautiful house Jeff had built, very big and really cosy. As he walked, Tom thought “you’d better ring Lisa, me and Derek are going to hide and see what happens”, both big men got hidden besides the front door. Susan, after hearing the bell ring went to the front door and open “Oh my god, Lisa!”, both women hugged each other with energy, “it’s been a long time Susan, I misse you really a lot”, said Lisa, “why is it that you’re alone, did something happen?”, asked Susan. Lisa, laughing, said “Yes, something has happened, but something really good, men come out now!”. Tom and Derek showed themselves, after a moment of silence Susan exclaimed “Oh my god!, huge men! this is a whole family of huge men!” and jumped to hug Tom and salute his huge nephew. “Oh my god, I still can’t believe how big and handsome you’re as well”. Tom seemed doubtful and thought how was it possible that Susan didn’t seem that amazed about their bodies. “Please come in, take a seat, you must have had a long trip”, said Susan inviting them in. Susan couldn’t take her eyes off Tom, she couldn’t believe what had happened, how lucky this familiy was. She also marvelled at Derek’s splendor and growth but her eyes were just for Tom. Seeing this huge man and so rejuvenated, surprises weren’t finishing, Susan was happy to see this muscled family. “You’re petrified”, said Tom “No Tom, excuse me, I’m just a little surprise at seeing you like this, I promise you’ll also be surprised at your brother” “Come on tell us!”, Tom demanded. “No Tom, if I tell you it wouldn’t be the same and Jeff would get upset”, she replied. “Oh, ok I’ll wait!”, said Tom a little disappointed. “Dad, did you notice how big the chairs are, made out of steel and also this table looks so heavy”, said Derek. “Yes, I see that maybe they wanted to style the house with steel, like those statues done with iron pilars and those railway beams bent over at the front-yard”, thought Tom. “Really, a beautiful house”, answered Derek. “Should I bring something to drink, you big men must be thirsty for sure with this heat” and Susan went into the kitchen and turned back with two beers and two cups of tea. “Oh Tom I still can’t believe it you’re so big and handsome and very strong I guess”, said Susan. Tom pulled out his arm, bent it and flexed his huge bicep, Susan got closer without fear and touched the huge muscle mass, caressing it softly. “Lisa, I’m very happy for you to be this lucky”. Lisa with her eyes full of joy said “Yes, my husband is the strongest man in the world and my son is on his way”, as she spoke she touched her son’s arms and the hugged her husband’s huge arm. “Sure, one of the strongest ones in the world, but there are other men who are very strong as well”, said Susan laughing. “I doubt anywhere as strong as my Dad”, said Derek, “I haven’t seen anything that can stop him yet”. “Sure, he looks very strong”, said Susan. After a little silence, Tom streched himself out and said “But Susan, when is my brother turning back home?” “Oh, in about thirty minutes I think” “I’m really looking forward to seeing him, I’m courious to see his surprise”. “Don’t worry Tom when Jeff arrives you’ll both be surprised for sure”, said Susan, “and also Chuck, the superbrain of the family, is coming this evening from the university, he’ll surprise you both too”, said Susan with her eyes full of joy. Susan took Lisa to show her around the house, then went to the kitchen to cook lunch. Derek said, “Dad, I think aunt Susan is quite a beautiful woman despite being older than Lisa”, said Derek. Tom said, “yes I think my brother and I are very fortunate to have them”. Back at the kitchen, Lisa noticed that Susan was cooking very big meals, similar in size to those she’d started cooking after Tom’s growth and when Derek began to train with his father. “Susan, aren’t we cooking too much, with all this food we can feed tens of people”. “Don’t worry Lisa, big men have big food in this house, you have to know that you’re not the only lucky one, destiny has given us both the same fortune”, said Susan smiling. “I can’t believe you, is Jeff as big as Tom?” “Yes, but don’t say anything, let’s keep it a surprise”. “But, how did it happen?” “Jeff was watching TV at night and started feeling bad, suffered from back pain, chuck had injected him an experimental serum against pain he’d been developing, but Jeff lost consciousness for a couple of hours, and after he’d rested, he woke up very hungry, this hunger lasted more or less for a month, I was worried, but then I began noticing that he was growing bigger and bigger every day and after that he’d became a big man just like your husband, I think, dunno if they have the same strength but Jeff is also huge”. “Impossible! The same thing has happened to Tom as well, he was struck by lightning and then the same as Jeff, so strange, that’s the reason why you weren’t that amazed, we’re very lucky women” “That’s true Lisa, we’re probably the luckiest there are, our husbands are not just the strongest ones but the most handsome! But just keep the secret with your husband!” “Ok, I want to see what happens too, when my son saw his father, despite he was big as well, was completely amazed, but afterwards he got really happy and now he’s growing even bigger thanks to their relationship”. “yes, the same happened with Chuck, he couldn’t believe it and after that he’d also grown big thanks to his father’s blood and his own invention, the serum, I’m really happy with my family”, “Me too, Susan, so much!” “Lisa, it seems Jeff has arrived, I think I heard the garage door, let’s see now what happens”. The front door opens, Tom stands up from the couch knowing that in seconds he will be able to hug his brother. “Dear, I’m home”, says a deep booming voice from the hall. “Your husband has come”. Tom couldn’t recognize the voice, but after a second he couldn’t even recognize who was entering the door. It was a huge body, he covered almost all the doorway, he must have been like 1,90m (6’3”) tall, almost like Tom, was also almost as big, looked just a little bit smaller, until now Tom hadn’t seen anyone even close to his size. The big man was wearing a tight black sweater covered by a very elegant jacket, smart black trousers that looked like about to burst any moment, in the dick area he could see a python hidding, his dick and balls created an enormous bulge. The waist looked like the same size as Tom’s, surely bigger than any regular man’s but in good proportion compared to his body. His arms looked also enormous, where covered by the jacket that was stretched to maximum level, these arms looked really strong. Tom asked himself who was this man as big as him, he focused his sight over the man’s face and despite he it was covered by a beautiful gray beard he could reconognize his brother. “oh my god!” Tom exclaimed, “I can’t believe it”... “Neither do I!”, Jeff exclaimed. Tom hugged his brother with tears of job, grabbing him incredibly strong, it was a very thrilling scene. “Hey! Don’t squish so tight, despite I’m strong too you can strangle me!”, said Jeff in a playful tone, but Tom didn’t want to let go his brother, he didn’t understand how he’d become that big, but most of all he was happy to be hugging his brother. After Tom has let his brother go and cleaned up his years he ammired his brother from head to toe, while Jeff did the same, and both asked almost spontaneously: “But, how did you become this big?” “Let’s get comfortable”, said Jeff, Lisa and Susan were so happy to see both brothers joining again that they too almost cried. Jeff began to explain, “It was night, I was in front of the TV, suddenly I’ve felt a fire in my spine and began to feel really bad, Susan quickly called Chuck who was at the garage, I was laid on the floor, couldn’t even move, and Chuck, seeing how desperate and in pain I was, injected me an experimental serum he was working with, I instantly felt better but I lost consciousness, and after a couple of hours I woke up over my bed, and I couldn’t even move, Chuck thought it was the effect of the medicine and adviced me to take rest, the following day I woke up famished, I’ve been always hungry for a month, then I began to feel well and here are the results”. Jeff showed off his biceps but forgot to take out his jacket and the fabric tore appart giving way to the bicep. Susan heard the tearing from the kitchen and shouted “It’s the fourth time this month Jeff! Please be careful!”, Tom and Jeff laughed madly, Tom said “it also happens to my, it’s difficult to contain all this”. “And you big nephew don’t say anything to your uncle?”, said Jeff joking. Derek was stiff by the surprise, two men, two brothers, the biggest men on earth, “oh my god”, he said a second time, “uncle, you’re really huge like my dad”, and got close to hug him, “You too my nephew, are quite big and strong, congratulations”. Derek bent his arm and showed his biceps to his father and his uncle, “but this is nothing in comparison to you too, you must have equal strength I think”. “I don’t know, I’ll take out my jacket and we’ll see”, said Jeff but it was difficult for him to take out his shirt with all those muscles, Derek helped his uncle and remained seated to see what was coming next. “Take out your sweater too”, said Tom who had already taken out his, seeing this was really spectacular, uncle Jeff looked just about a little smaller and shorter than Tom, but surely very strong. Derek was like a competition judge, “double biceps”, “back”, “lats”, “most muscular”, “arm”, he was in front of the biggest and most powerful bodybuilders, he stood up and walked close to the two giants and touched their biceps, he stood in the middle and flexed his biceps as well. “Then, who is the winner?”, kids Jeff. “mm I think my father is a little bit taller and more muscled” “hahaha the little brother bigger than his elder, Tom have you found anything you can’t destroy with your hands?!”” “I don’t know, not yet”, replied Tom “I thought so, me neither! But let’s wait no more, let’s try our strength, do you agree?”, asks Jeff “Sure”, replied Tom, “let’s armwrestle, so we can see real strength against real strength”. “Ok, I’ve always wanted to try, hopefully we’ll have the same strength”. Tom and Jeff at their sides in front of the metallic table, seeing this men was impressive, “1, 2, 3 goo!”, shouted Derek. At the beginning the two arms didn’t move at all, then their biceps began to swell bigger, Derek thought these men’s nutrition had to be huge, their biceps were really enormous, much bigger than a bowling ball, then the arms began to move, it was a terrific spectacle, how much strenght could these two men be excerting at that moment was out of any calculation, and after about ten minutes Tom finally wins. “Awesome Tom, it’s been very nice to be able to use all that strength, despite it was not max power it has been good to find something as hard as your arm” “I was also looking forward to this moment, the true steel that is inside your arm”, said Tom and with this they flexed their pumped biceps, now looking a lot bigger, Derek touched both and they were pride of their strength, the women got out of the kitchen and saw the sweated naked torso of their huge men, they put the dishes and caressed their husband’s huge biceps and kissed them. Chuck’s Arrival After lunch Tom and Jeff continued to measure their strength, the two titans challenged each other to armwrestling, fought for hours in the garden and bent over huge metal beams Jeff had collected, after each inhuman effort the huge men touched their biceps, marvelling at the extent of their strength. Watching their muscles making an actual effort when they challenged each other was satisfying to them, seeing their strength growing, Derek remained amazed, admiring the excersizes of his dad and uncle without even saying a word. He watched in awe at how their muscles resisted the strength involved in their games, as if their bodies were growing with every effort, with every new level of resistance. In the evening the men decided to take a bath in the pool, and women remained inside deciding what to cook for dinner, Derek was already playing with his dad and his uncle but it was useless to resist to these men, Jeff picked him up and thrown him up in the air to the pool, he went so hight it was as if he was jumping from the height of an olimpyc diving board; but as he was going down he saw flashing the figure of another huge man that was coming closer to the pool but when he got his head of the water he saw nobody. Derek thought it was his immagination, but suddenly he felt behind him something pressing him very tight in the back, he applied some resistance and could free himself, so he knew it couldn’t be uncle or dad cause it was no way he could’ve freed himself, he turned around and couldn’t believe his eyes, “Oh my god! Chuck! But what a change! I can’t believe it, also mi “super scientist” is working out at the gym, you have a very good body!” “Wow, you too Derek, you’re handsome, look at those big arms, to say the truth Derek I’m not going to the gym, you know I’ve never been much of a sport lover” “Nahh, are you taking roids man? Please don’t...” “No Derek, this is not thanks to steroids, this is true strength, this is thanks to my potion” “Your potion...”, behind the two young men the two older emerged silently and thrown both youngsters in the air at the same time, inside the pool Chuck noticed uncle Tom, “Hey uncle you’re also a huge man, how did this happen? You don’t have my potion, how is this possible, I wanted you to come to give you the potion, to share my new discovery, but now I see that you don’t need that, oh my god! You’re really handsome and big, your arms are so hard and thick, you’re a titan like my father, please let’s get out of the pool I want to see your muscles”. The men got out of the water, Derek noticed that the body of his cousin was smaller than his own but grown without even making any effort. It was a huge change, his cousin had also leg go his glasses, had a muscled body and an attractive face, Derek was really happy to see someone his size in the family, but the one who was really stupyfied was Chuck. “Uncle, you’re gargantuan, I can’t believe it, my dad is also big but I can’t believe this, I’ve never seen a man like you, I thought I was the only one with the strongest dad on Earth, but Derek your father is huge like mine, uncle can I touch your muscles?” “Of course you can”, replied Tom Chuck began to touch his uncle’s body, after having touched his huge chest, he stopped at the big biceps, “Uncle can I touch the strength of your arms, flex your biceps for me” “Of course Jeff, feel the power in these arms”, said Tom proud as his nephew grabbed his arms. “Oh my god, you’re really huge, you and my dad are really strong, what a muscled family, haha!” “I can’t stop thanking you my son, just because of you I can be this big and strong”, answered Jeff. “Let’s go back home men, I want to explain how we got to this”, said Chuck. Back inside the house, Chuck explain the reason of the letter and the invention of his serum: “I was working in a medicine to relief pain in people and fix small damage to bones or muscle tissue, seeing how my dad was suffering that night, despite it was in the experimental stage I had injected it, needless to say his body changed, you can see the effects, and after having studied his changed I had also injected the serum in me, I had convinced my father to call you also uncle, because I wanted to share my discovery and give you this fortune as well, but now I can see there’s not need”. “Chuck I don’t know how to thank you, I feel lucky already, and double fortune because I have such a considerate brother and nephew”, said Tom, got close to Chuck and gave him a hug. “I have the serum right now, I want this discovery no to be ever revealed because it can end up in the wrong hands and what this to remain as a treasure only to our family, I want to perfect this serum just to help the world as a medicine, and non as a formula to become big and muscled, now Derek I have the serum specially prepared for you and your father, I don’t want to put it to waste so do you like me to inject it to you, what do you say cousin?” Derek hesitated but after given a little bit of a thought he said “Not at the moment Chuck, thank you, I still have to think about it, I still want to compete in bodybuilding and if they discover I’ve taken this I will be disqualified, also with the help of my dad as a training partner I’m growing a lot by regular means, now let’s enjoy dinner, I’m hungry!” “We too!”, the giants of the house answered in chorus. PART 4__(written in 2008) After swimming in the pool the four big men decided to go out and hit the street, Jeff lived in the suburbs of a quite busy town so they decided to go and take a walk, see what was the reaction of the people to so much beef walking by. When they arrived they strouted proudly around, people watching them amazed at their size, they could see people were making comments whispering in each other's years. A girl even dared to ask Tom to show her his bent arm and she touched his massive biceps. Chuck directed the men to a big and tall shop, he said it was the best place to buy clothes for men like them, and this particular shop was really cool. Inside the shop there were four shopkeepers, two girls were piling up some crates next to a corner and two guys that were setting up the display at the front. When Chuck came in everyone turned around to see, not everyday they saw a gorgeous guy like that in the shop, quite big, muscled, handsome but also with intellectual looks. Most of the time it was just fat guys, some quite tall and big but mostly so fat they couldn't get clothes anywhere else. The boys that were at the display looked at the each other and smiled and one of them turned around, the girls looked at the guys sorta like “Don't even dare”, and the two boys resumed working. The youngest of the females motioned herself towards Chuck but her partner almost barked at her that she was the one with more time in the company and she got the good looking guys. So she went to Chuck and asked him what he was looking for, Chuck wanted some nice underwear for him but “also for my cousin, hey buddy!”, he whistled at the front door. Then Derek's astounding figure came in, if Chuck was good looking, Derek was gorgeous, if Chuck was well muscled Derek was a stallion of muscle, almost like a pro bodybuilder. Derek treaded in wearing his usual tight clothes and everyone in the place was delighted at the sight, he stood next to Chuck and the clerk couldn't but exclaim “aha...” and grin, “who is taking care of this young man here?” the older girl asked. One of the guys was about to leave his tasks and go to Derek but the younger girl flashed a hatred look at him and hurried towards Derek, “Looks like I'll be assisting you today...” “Derek”, replied the young stud. “Derek, ok! Nice name! So you practice some sports don't you?” “Yeah, a little bit of bodybuilding”, said Derek and bent his left arm, flexing his bicep tight. “Oh, I see!”, the eyes of the little girl were wide open. Derek wanted some casual wear for dinner time and such so they moved to another corner of the shop while the older girl showed Chuck some hot swimwear. Then they heard a deep voice at the door saying “oh come on, it'll be fun!” and a quite loud thud, like something heavy had bumped into the floor, then another thud, it was Jeff's 180kg (400 lbs) figure stepping on the wooden floor of the store as he was going in. When they saw this moleman coming in the guys at the display gasped, the girls turned around to see and were so distracted Derek and Chuck had to remind them what they were doing. The guys at the display looked at each other and one of them just said “Ok, it's all yours, I'll survive honey”, with a sigh. The other guy hurried towards Jeff, next to that guy Jeff was a true behemoth, almost two heads taller and more than twice as wide, could fit both of the guy's legs in the width of his arm. “Hello Sir, can I be of any help”, said the guy with a bit of a tremble. “Yes you see, I've been looking for some nice business suit that would fit me but they don't seem to make them my size, I figured maybe here I could find some”, as Jeff spoke his bass voice made the little guy shiver. “Oh of course Sir, we...”, then the little guy literally froze. He fixed his eyes at the doorway while Tom was getting in, “oh my god”, he exclaimed. As the enormous man stepped thuds even louder than those produce by Jeff could be heard, you could also see the wood bending and squealing with the 250kg (550 lbs) of Tom's physique. The 6'6” fella was wearing short pants and a T-shirt that looked painted on, it was muscle on top of muscle, and of course everyone couldn't but keep their eyes on him. Tom stood next to Jeff who now didn't look as impressive, and playfully let his heavy hand slap his older brother's enormous shoulder, that made Jeff shake quite a bit under the tons of weight. “So bro, are you looking for some sexy stuff for Susan?”, Tom joked, his voice was as deep as Jeff only with a younger feel, not so worn out. “Know what? I wonder if they have those big suits here, for people like us”, Jeff said. “Bro, I get mine taylor made, but... what about, you know, I always like to play games with Lisa and have some fun, I'd like to have like a soldier's suit, a navy captain suit, something like that, you know just for the fantasy”, said Tom and enveloped the clerk's shoulder with one of his enormous hands. “Costumes for your size?”, the young guy wondered, then his partner came in “I'll take care of this gentleman if you allow me, come with me Sir, I'll show you our collection of specially taylored themed suites for men your size”, said the second shopkeeper very politely. Jeff’s shopkeeper took him to the business clothing section, there were the most amazing suits made of the most luxurious fabrics, and in the biggest sizes. The clerk offered some suits and shirts to Jeff, who picked the ones he liked the most and tried them on, most of them fit really tight, so they had to try several different sizes. Jeff didn’t like those that were too snug on his thick muscles, but he didn’t dislike a little tightness though, so he chose the ones that were loose but still were tight enough at the arms and the pecs so everyone would be able to tell he was a big muscleman. The salesperson also introduced him a new line of jackets specially made for bodybuilders, the difference with regular jackets is that they were really wide at the shoulders but narrower below the lats, these one looked amazing in Jeff. The first pants that were offered to him looked painted on, Jeff agreed they looked sexy but he wanted something more appropriate for a business meeting so he went for looser ones, but still tight at the butt and also when he bent his legs. At the other corner of the shop, the other guy was offering Tom what looked like an enormous version of an outfit from the captain of the Titanic, even the hat was included. “Would you like to try it on?”, said the little guy trying to spread the white navy style shirt with his hands as wide as he could, the thing was enormous. “Yes of course” said Tom and immediately took away his T-shirt, the sales guy was kinda shocked and for a few moments speechless, Tom had the most enormous torso he’d ever seen, his lats were two tremendous slabs of meat, his shoulders were like watermelons and his upper arms bigger than bowling balls, his enormous pecs and abs were full of manly black hair, all bulky and excessive. “Hand it to me… hey!”, Tom had to wake the guy. “Uh, ok, sorry!”, said the guy and gave Tom the shirt. The big man tried it on, it had a tight fit, but that was what Tom wanted it was like the Titanic’s captain all muscled up. He tried the huge pants, -painted on- and then put on the hat as a final touch. “How do I look?”, he asked the sales guy as he expanded his chest to the point the fabric was just short of ripping. “I w.. would definitely go in the ship and have a trip with you, Sir”, said the guy and blushed. Tom laughed and asked “Well, I’m definitely going to keep this” “Something else?” “Yes, I was thinking maybe…” “What about a cop’s suit?”, the guy suggested. “Excellent!” “We have exactly what you need”, said the little guy and brought a huge policeman costume. “Mmm looks good, let me try this on”, so Tom took away the sailor costume, the movements of his delicious body followed closely by the sales guy’s mezmerized eyes. The colossus didn’t seem to feel any shyness to show himself in his underwear in front of this guy and the little fella was surely enjoying it. Tom put the policeman pants on, darn it was snug, and then he put on a pair of black shinny boots that were a perfect match. He then struggled with the black shirt but it fitted just right, because it was taylored for a muscleman just like him. The shirt had short sleeves that revealed his huge upper-arms and a badge and looked very real. This costume also came with a hat and a stick so when those accessories were in place Tom looked like a real cop, well in fact he looked like three or four cops together. As Chuck was being shown some underwear by one of the girls he felt something cold in the back, “Hands up you two!”, said a burglar behind him. Chuck turned around and wanted to take the gun off the guy but the thief was too fast and gave a couple steps back while still aimed at them. “Now lady you’ll go to the counter and give me all the money”, said the thief, he was not a small guy, at easily 1,80m (5’11”) and quite built. The place was big, divided into different rooms and everyone was far from them so nobody was aware of what was going on. The girl was panicked and let out a muted scream, this caught everyone’s attention. Derek was the first to come out and when the burglar saw the big guy he gave a few steps back and seemed to hesitate but he still aimed and threatened them, “everybody stand still and do as I say or I’ll start shooting!” The screams caught also Jeff’s attention who was at the other section, he advised the sales guy to stay put and went to the other room to see what was going on. Jeff’s enormous figure caused quite an impact in the thief, “Hey you, put the gun down!”, ordered the big mature man. His powerful way of walking, the gigantic tight suit he was wearing and his booming manly voice made him look so serious and full of authority that the thief just turned around and started running. But as he motioned himself out he bumped into something big and hard, he didn’t know what it was at first because he was caught by surprise but when he gave a few steps back he could see the huge cop that was in front of him with hands in his hip, it was Tom. “Darn it”, he thought and knew he was busted. Enormous Tom grabbed the guy from the belt of his trousers and picked him up like a scarecrow as he took away his gun, as the guy was held high he showed to his face how he twisted and bent the steel of the gun like modelling clay between his fingers. “It’s not a very good idea to come and rob in a Big and Tall shop, little guy, because it’s full of big and tall men who can snap you like a twig”, Tom scared the guy. “Would you take care, Jeff?” “Of Course!” Tom walked and handed the thief to his brother who held it just as easily. “Let’s take these clothes off me and call the real police”, said Tom and went to the other room to get his regular clothes on while one of the girls called nine one one. Jeff was holding up the guy who was almost petrified by the big man in business suit, when the police came in, a cop approched them, was quite skinny and not even tall, so much so Jeff couldn’t believe guys like that could be policemen. “Oh, well! You’re a big man! I see you have the situation under control”, said the cop as he saw Jeff and the hanging thief. “Yes Sir, here is your man”, said Jeff and easily dropped the burglar on the ground while still holding him. Two cops that were bigger came in and took the thief, escorting him to the patrol. “That’s one strong arm!” the skinny cop pointed and patted Jeff’s huge arm, then walked around the place and found the gun in tatters squeezed and bent, he picked it up and asked Jeff in surprise “Did you do this to the gun?!”, “No, I could have but I didn’t, it was my bro..” “I did” said a deep resounding voice from the huge man that was coming in. The skinny cop’s jaw almost dropped at the sight of Tom as he walked towards him, dressed in his tight short pants and t-shirt revealing his muscled body. “Oh my god, Sir, what an impressive body you have!”, said the cop. “Do you think I’d do a good policeman, officer?”, said Tom as he made a double biceps pose, making the huge 70cm biceps (28”) peaks stick out. “Hell yeah!” said the skinny cop. “Hey, don’t forget about me”, said Jeff and removed his jacket and his tie that was pressing his thick neck. When the policeman saw Jeff’s upper body through the tight silk shirt he couldn’t keep his manners and screamed “Holy crap! You’re two fucking stallions!” He grabbed Tom’s arm while the giant bent it just for him, and then caressed the biceps peak, his hand looked so tiny amidst all that mass. Tom didn’t care, he even liked it, he let the cop put his tiny hand in the middle of his huge pecs and caress his montaneous chest, then the cop also caressed Jeff’s huge torso, delt’s and shoulders, the little man pounded a few fists over their torsos as if he was checking if they were hollow or solid. The big men smiled and Jeff said “you can punch all you want, we’re solid as rock”, then grabbed the guy from his belt single-handedly and gently picked him up and put him back on the ground. Derek and Chuck were already outside and Tom and Jeff were joining them when they heard an emergency call on the radio. “All units please report immediately, we have a situation with the intercity line rails, two formations out of control are going to crash against each other”, the cops panicked. “Did you hear that?”, Tom said to his brother as he grabbed his enormous shoulder. “Yes, but what can we do about it?” “You’re kidding? The two of us together can stop those trains! I have already stopped war tanks and it was very easy for me, judging by the strength you showed, I’m sure it must be easy for you too!”, said Tom. “Sure I always said I feel like I can stop a train, so let’s try it!”, replied Jeff cheerfully. The skinny cop was distracted near his car when Tom got close to him and grabbed the little man’s shoulder, “I heard about the train crash, do you have any idea where are they supposed to collide?” “We don’t know for sure but maybe near the central roundabout where all the lanes join” “But that would be a disaster!”, said Tom and hurried to his brother “We gotta stop it, let’s run to the roundabout and we’ll see from there”, Tom then started running and Jeff followed behind. The huge men’s legs were so full of powerful thick muscle that they could run faster than and olympic medallist, when they reached a place close to the rails they could see the trains approaching in the distance, Tom instructed his brother to take the train to the left he would take the one to the right, then they split running at amazing speed each one to face one of the formations. When Tom reached his train he stood in front of it and leaned forward, extended his arms expecting to clamp the impact a little so nobody would get hurt. As Jeff got close to the train he decided to run alongside it, and put a hand on one side of the machine, as he diminished his speed so did the train, until it was at a safe speed and he stood in front of it and received the impact. The people in Tom’s train felt the vehicle crash against something very heavy but it wasn’t a big shake so they weren’t hurt at all, immediately the speed began to drop, Tom was being pushed along by the force of the train but he managed to get his huge powerful legs to support all the force and divert it to the ground and that made the velocity diminish every second. Jeff was doing the same with his vehicle, only difference was that he was wearing the suit’s pants and leather shoes that were going to cost a fortune, nonetheless he was getting his also huge legs well rooted in the ground. Both train’s wheels squealed and sparkled furiously as the giant supermen were putting them to a stop. A few minutes of struggle and the trains approached each other but now almost at 0 speed, finally the two men were dragged together more and more at slow speed by the inertia while each of them was still holding the front of the train just in case. Then the brother’s butt and backs touched and they ended up in a kind of sandwich between the trains. Both Tom and Jeff laughed, their enormouse rib cages pressing the steel. Fortunatelly it looked like the trains’ fuel was depleted and the engines finally stopped. Tom easily pushed forward with his arms and the whole train moved backwards enough so the men could free themselves and get out of the railway. When the two huge men walked out, they were dirty and their clothes partially ripped to shreds, Jeff looked at his shoes, they were destroyed, and he said “oh shit!” Then a flash of light blinded them for an instant, and in a few seconds a whole lot of reporters where aiming cameras and microphones at them. “Do you come from kipton?!”, asked one of the reporters. “No, we’re from this planet”, said Tom and laughed. And then continued asking questions about who they were and what else they could do. Everybody was watching them on TV and it didn’t take long until the two brothers became very famous. Tom and Jeff were invited to talk shows, news reports, interview programs where they flexed their muscles for horny hosts, compared physiques, performed strength feats, fought against famous wrestlers (beating the crap out of them of course). Despite all that exposure, neither of them revealed the source of their power. It didn’t take long until they got the attention of the richest people in town. Sitting in his dark living room, Mr Tancredo was watching Tom in the TV, at the screen the big man was single handedly playing tug-of-war against a hundred men, Tancredo’s eyes opened wide as Tom cheerfuly pulled and all the men stumbled, then let the rope go and his brother Jeff greeted him and beat him playfully as they laughed. Tancredo was sitting in a wheel chair and in the dim light looked at his assistant. “This is why I brought you here, look at these incredible men, they have physical abilites beyond anything I’ve ever seen, see how strong they are, how could it be that these men have become so powerful? We have to find out!” “I understand Sir, but do you think they weren’t born like that?” “This information you will have to collect, and If there’s a way for me to become a such a super strong man, I want it! I’m fed up with this fucking wheel chair, dammit!!” “Yes Sir, as you wish…” Tancredo was a tycoon, a very rich man in his late fifties who has been disabled since his adolescence after a car crash. His assistant, Mat Corina, received a huge monthly fee just to take care of whatever it took to make Tancredo’s wishes come true. He gathered a group of scientists to investigate a cure to his boss’ paralysis, the team has been working desperately for many years with no results,
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