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    Muscle, learning more about lifting, growth, meeting like minded and non judgmental people, especially if you're in LA
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    Friends, chat, rp, advice, whatever comes my way
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    Growth, vascularity, not super into hair

    Love to chat or rp HMU on Kik: MaxOverSaiyan

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  1. Sounds like it could be a tendon. You tend to notice muscle or bone stuff constantly in my experience
  2. It sounds like a teenmusclegod/soccerstud story. (I don't remember all his screen names, he used a few on the old forum) maybe if there's an archive of his work?
  3. suit looks fantastic, and so do you, gives me fond memories of the weird science muscle suit episode Think you'll make a bigger version?
  4. Great work! I love the tone and style, fun to read
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