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    Muscle, learning more about lifting, growth, meeting like minded and non judgmental people, especially if you're in LA
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    Friends, chat, rp, advice, whatever comes my way
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    Growth, vascularity, not super into hair

    Love to chat or rp HMU on Kik: MaxOverSaiyan

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  1. HavelRockSolid

    Dominant teen destroyer

    It sounds like a teenmusclegod/soccerstud story. (I don't remember all his screen names, he used a few on the old forum) maybe if there's an archive of his work?
  2. HavelRockSolid

    Muscle suit version 2

    suit looks fantastic, and so do you, gives me fond memories of the weird science muscle suit episode Think you'll make a bigger version?
  3. HavelRockSolid

    The Testosterone Effect (Part II)

    Great work! I love the tone and style, fun to read

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