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    I'm a masculine gay, bodybuilder, dedicated to maximum muscle growth in real life. I want to be a beast on two legs and will do whatever it takes to get there. Chat me up or email me any time!
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    5'10" 200# and growing. I have plenty of self and progress pics on my journey from 135# to where I am today.
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    Advice on muscle growth and social time with guys dedicated to growing their bodies and guys who enjoy worshiping us.
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    dream stats 5'10" 250-275# of lumbering juiced beef
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    anything involving transformation (skinny guy to muscled or man to anthro beast) and sex
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Art Atwood, Dallas McCarver and any other of the growth chemed pros
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    sports gear, underwear, anthropomorphiic (animalized) guys, exhibition sex

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  1. MuscledHorse

    First time you saw huge muscle!!

    First time was one of my swimming coaches. He was built and really filled out his speedo. I knew I wanted to look like that. Other guys I'd see at the beach or the pool plus shows like the Incredible Hulk just reinforced it.
  2. As a skinny kid with asthma, this was the moment i knew what i wanted and what i wanted to become. And so I did.
  3. Sent some. Have plenty more. Let me know what you'd like to see.

  4. Hey MuscledHorse, I wanted to tell you how awesome your profile is. I am learning a lot as I peruse your posts. 

    1. MuscledHorse


      Thanks! Glad I can be of help!

  5. MuscledHorse

    How Early Is Too Early?

    I am not a morning person. There was a period of about 9 months my lifting partner at the time and I had to lift at 5am. As soon as we didn't ahve to we stopped. Frankly, it's just too damn early. I usually lift in the afternoon/evening (4 to 8 pm if it's at my bodybuilding/powerlifting gym) and midday (noonish) if it's at a commercial gym so I can avoid what I call the After Work Social Club from 4-7pm that ties up everything).
  6. Wow! When I escorted when I was in school i was always careful to bring my own bottle of water with me and never drank anything given to me for this very reason.
  7. MuscledHorse

    Advise On Training

    for building muscle you need to do two things. 1) Expand your lifting so that you focus on one body part per week. Why are you repeating chest twice in 4 days? 2) Don't do a routine routine as your body slides into a comfortable groove of knowing what's coming so it won't be forced to grow. Mix up what body parts you do on what days and the number of sets and reps as well as different exercises. Nothing kills growth more than chest day being on the same day ever week with the same exercises in the same order or same sets/reps. For cutting fat you need to expend more energy than you are taking in and for that you need to look at your diet and get rid of high sugar crap (i.e. sodas, vitamin water, gatoraide, etc.) first and foremost and focus on clean non-fried foods (i.e. chicken, turkey, brown rice, baked/sweet potatoes, etc.)
  8. MuscledHorse

    Good Form Vs. Macho Poundages

    Pro bodybuilders will always tell you the weight doesn't matter, ii's the result. Some even refuse to answer the "how much can you bench" question on those grounds. When I train in a commercial gym I always see at least one person doing bad/awful form on something. Most often it is high school/college guys who think/do things loading up the squat bar and then barely bending your leg counts as a squat. Form is the most important aspect of weight lifting whether you're a power lifter, bodybuilder or some other type of athlete. Proper form ensures the correct muscles are being developed with the exercise and minimizes risk of injury and mis-development (i.e. secondary muscles becoming primary in the exercise).
  9. MuscledHorse

    Time Under Tension

    TUT does a great job at sparking growth. My trainer applied specifically to one of my two big problem areas: my calves. The TUT process worked. But, it is not all we did for calves though we made TUT a frequent calf exercise: 3 minutes set starting and holing in full dorsiflexion (that's toe up/heel down) and at the end of 15 seconds a full rep up to plantarflexion (heel up/toe down), then back down to hole for another 15 seconds. It may not seem like much at 12 reps over 3 minutes (1 every 15 seconds) but trust me by the last minute your calves are screaming. Very effective results.
  10. MuscledHorse

    All About Legs!

    And here are some of my favorite leg and body shots.
  11. MuscledHorse

    All About Legs!

    AS my trainer always says, "legs wins competitions," as they are the most demanding part of the body when it comes to development. Best developers for overall strength include squats and leg press sled (as well as deal lifts). For hamstring focus nothing beats the hack squat machine and leg extension (or leg press sled with the feet really close together), For hamstrings, leg curls, lunges and dead lefts are excellent. Make sure on the hamstring work that you are completely opening up the leg before contracting again (think of them as the bicep of the leg in that respect). For quads/squats, make sure you are going down to at least thighs parallel to the floor (on hack squats go deeper if you can).
  12. MuscledHorse

    Clothing For Body Builders

    I just gave up and got my dress shirts, jackets and lab coats tailored. Pants are generally not a problem unless I"m buying jeans and then it's finding a pair that accommodates my thighs and I can sit down in (curse you skinny jeans fad!).
  13. MuscledHorse

    Does Anyone Have Any Tips For Beginners?

    And most of all: A) don't rush. Be patient. The muscled up body is NOT going to happen in 30 (or even 60) days in spite of what the commercials say. be consistent but not repetitive. Hit the gym regularly but don't do the same exercises in the same order with the same number of sets and reps each week. Your body will quickly adapt to such repetition and your growth will slow. C) is about the muscle development NOT the weight. People--especially younger guys--get si hung up on how much weight they can lift they compromise muscle development and even real strength gains because they wind up doing it wrong. Which brings things to D) FORM is more impotent than anything else in weight lifting. I'm not talking about cheats on the last rep or two of a set, I'm talking about the entire set. If you don't do the exercise correctly you're going to compromise muscle growth and development and/or worse: set yourself up for injury.
  14. MuscledHorse

    Diet Myths

    Yes this is a great article that exposes a lot of misconceptions (I, for one, am sick of people telling me they are eating healthy because they are eating gluten-free. Not unless you hace Celiac disease does the gluten free thing matter.) The article does stop short in a couple places in address the original position from which the falsehood grew out of. This is best evidenced in the no eating after 7pm misconception. The original fact this grew out of was the American tendency to eat a small or no breakfast at all. Ditto that for lunch and then they eat a huge dinner...and of to bed. Bigger meals should be your earlier ones. Plus you slow your metabolism by eating few meals.
  15. MuscledHorse

    Trap Training

    Shrugs are probably the best trapezius builder. I don't do whole bunches as I was blessed with nice thick big traps and in exchange I was given a slim frame in the shoulders department so we've had to put a ton of work into widening me and really developing my lateral deltoids so everything matches decently.

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