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    Devoted to shirt-bustin' muscle growth, bodybuilder worship, muscle mass and feats of strength, muscle exhibitionism and power. Love Martial Arts fantasy as well as having a muscle power show / fix. Poweflifters, MMA Fighters are all included. Real men - hyper masculinity, Alphas.<br /><br />
    The Name comes from a huge muscle monster in the Hulk series in Marvel comics in 1973
  • What are your stats?
    Measly 181lbs...32w...44c...15.5a at the mo
  • What are you seeking?
    Guys to chat with, network & share ideas, our "fixes" or fetishes / fantasies. Monster cock and muscle worship
  • What are your dream stats?
    Reality - 210+ and looking like I do more than lift!<br /><br />
    Fantasy - how heavy is that skyscraper you want moving?
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    WARREN, Bautista, Haney, Matarrazzo (RIP) Duval (RIP), Pudzianowski and of course Paris. Add Lorenzo Becker..the man wants to lift the Planet! (pity he's just been arrested for trying to smash up his girlfriend) Justin Rhys (RIP handsome man) New on the scene - Josh Maley - now that's huge for ya. and so is Martyn Ford....6ft9 and 330lbs - yes please!
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Masculine muscle, muscle, more muscle & muscle on muscle, and even more muscle on muscle on muscle. You getting the jist?..lol Ultimate muscle size and power RULES

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    Black Hyper Penis

    I'd just give him the job if hes going to get that out on a regular basis...lol

    Foreskin Fascination

    I think its all nonsense.... there is evidence that there are fewer instances of penile cancer in cut men. I was done at 6 weeks and I couldn't care less. I love huge cut cocks because the bell ends seem bigger not that I turn down uncut you understand....

    Ginger muscle

    All you have to do is mention they are ginger muscle guys and I just bone straight up..... I was struggling by the middle of the story...lol

    Logan Paul - woof

    doesn't do much for me...I'd woof the tattooed bearded man with his arm round him

    Instant orgasm content thread

    Have to say the best cock growing moment is at 2:52 when Dixon uses those huge hairy muscles to rip off that shirt to reveal those powerful hairy pecs..Grrrr

    Gym Daddy

    Love that...hes massive in every way and super masculine..I would get off watching him rip that little gym rat apart

    Incredible Hulk

    If you look at the girl at 1:06 in the audience clapping she looks like she's about to swallow her gum and the man with the microphone at 1:48 seems to have had something inserted into his pocket...or is that something else? considering the year this was he was the real Hulk

    Incredible Hulk

    At 1:12 I thought he was having an orgasm watching him pump up and rip through those chains...what a body eh?..

    Incredible Hulk

    The beautiful Lou in Hercules.... don't tell me you don't get a boner watching him...

    National Masturbation Month

    Oh come on...I've been having a masturbation lifetime....and I always end up playing with the spam javelin every time I come on this site, and it isn't anything to do with playing cards..... I've had the best eruptions on here - its better than watching gay porn reading the stories and looking at the muscle monsters.

    Strength Whore

    It was just a wrench that time Wolf...he will go onto bigger things which will take more power to destroy

    First time you saw huge muscle!!

    Quite a few on here know this (because I've told them) When I was 8 I went to the Barbers after school for my hair cut. There were a few others before me and there were magazines on the table you could pick up and read while you waited. I remember mum left me to go to the shops next door so I had a look through the magazines and papers. There was a musclemag with a huge man flexing on the front and I was fixed straight away. I opened it and it was full of competition photos and individual men showing their muscles. I couldn't put it down and I slipped it into my schoolbag. I kept it for a while but thought it would be found. You can guess I've had a male muscle obsession since then - even having a dry orgasm when I was 10 until I started buying Marvel Comics and loving the damage the hulk could do..... I also remember looking in a Newsagents shop and being mesmerised by a copy of Health and Strength, which, apparently, gay men used to use as jack off material..

    Dallas McCarver's 23" Holiday gift to us all

    He is enjoying measuring that bicep FAR too much.... oh...I'll do that again....wasn't really in the right spot.... wants to try to get it t 24".. he wishes
  14. GREAT profile!  no limits size and power is the only way, man!  bring it!  let's chat sometime.  i'm usually in the chat rooms.  Let's see how powerful you are!


    Too many non-bodybuilders

    Its because its not just for bodybuilders Tim...its also for those who admire or worship muscle. The previous site said it was male muscle but seems to have widened out into female as well once the new site was constructed. I'm a worshipper and a lifter. If a muscle guy far bigger than me stands over me he's going to get worshipped.

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