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    Devoted to shirt-bustin' muscle growth, bodybuilder worship, muscle mass and feats of strength, muscle exhibitionism and power. Love Martial Arts fantasy as well as having a muscle power show / fix. Poweflifters, MMA Fighters are all included. Real men - hyper masculinity, Alphas.<br /><br />
    The Name comes from a huge muscle monster in the Hulk series in Marvel comics in 1973... I was a real slip of a kid then but monster male muscle knocked me over
  • What are your stats?
    Measly 181lbs...32w...44c...15.5a at the mo
  • What are you seeking?
    Guys to chat with, network & share ideas, our "fixes" or fetishes / fantasies. Monster muscle worship
  • What are your dream stats?
    Reality - 210+ and looking like I do more than lift!<br /><br />
    Fantasy - Big enough to walk through walls and smash everything
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    WARREN, Bautista, Haney, Matarrazzo (RIP) Duval (RIP), Pudzianowski and of course Paris. Add Lorenzo Becker..the man wants to lift the Planet! (pity he's just been arrested for trying to smash up his girlfriend) Justin Rhys (RIP handsome man) New on the scene - Josh Maley - now that's huge for ya. and so is Martyn Ford....6ft9 and 330lbs - yes please!
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Masculine muscle, muscle, more muscle & muscle on muscle, and even more muscle on muscle on muscle. You getting the jist?..lol Ultimate muscle size and power RULES

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  1. Woof Londonboy...you certainly have class when it comes to men

    Ginger muscle

    All you have to do is mention they are ginger muscle guys and I just bone straight up..... I was struggling by the middle of the story...lol

    Gym Daddy

    Love that...hes massive in every way and super masculine..I would get off watching him rip that little gym rat apart

    Strength Whore

    It was just a wrench that time Wolf...he will go onto bigger things which will take more power to destroy
  5. GREAT profile!  no limits size and power is the only way, man!  bring it!  let's chat sometime.  i'm usually in the chat rooms.  Let's see how powerful you are!

  6. Love the avatar.... you would LOVE what goes through my mind when I see it. I can imagine him as a real muscle monster with immense strength....

  7. As Toolshed said...was ok till he started annihilating everyone..I'm not really into that - the potential by having so much size and power to crush and kill is fine, he can be so strong as to bend the cell bars and smash through doors and wallls but splattering everyone did take the shine off it. sorry to upset the more gore hungry of you..lol
  8. Sup Bro , MASSMANN here , I'm lookinn for huge muscle growth RP !  I love BB contest scenes 2 big guys being arrogant & cocky with each other ,.. Flexing and wrestling getting in each other's face with proving who's the champ as they FLEXXX they start to grow bigger !

  9. I think my mind has become too small to accommodate all the muscle I'm thinking about... I'll have to explode and smash something

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cutlerfan


      It's okay I could take care of you after you become a massive muscle man and can't think.

    3. SMASHOR


      oh big heavy things ...lets start with next doors car

    4. Paarke


      Good plan. Nice to hear metal screaming when it's tortured by muscle.

  10. I think my mind has become too small to accommodate all the muscle I'm thinking about

    1. Welshmusclefan


      I know what you mean - just can't get enough!

    2. Gymaholic84


      Haha true story. It's no wonder I just blank out at work sometimes. There's no room left up there amidst all the muscle thoughts

    3. expandingmuscle


      Your mind isn't smaller, its just that the amount of muscle you are envisioning and how hard you are thinking about it is using up a lot more of your brain. YOU'RE TURNING INTO A MUSCLEHEAD! AWESOME!

  11. can't seem to stop muscle men growin monstrous in my mind

    1. Paarke


      Sounds good to me. The bigger the better!

  12. can't seem to stop growing muscle men in my mind...


    1. muscledoz
    2. WorldOfMuscle
    3. expandingmuscle



      Get bigger than your avatar!

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