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    Boston, MA
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    real profile.
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    5'1 125lbs athletic
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    My goal isn't to be huge since I like the big size difference but I still like to be in shape. I'd love to find a daily gym buddy 😍
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    um worshipping muscle, being lifted and thrown around.. choked.. love general displays of strength and size differences lol

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  1. Actually I need to update that I'm in Boston now.. but I'd be willing to travel... And yes!! Send me a DM 😍
  2. How do I meet youuuuu
  3. Whats up, Bro?

    1. vtesco


      Doing well man. Yourself?

  4. Thanks for the follow mate.

  5. vtesco

    New Theme, Shoutbox, & Upcoming Logo Contest

    I personally preferred the previous theme too. I'll guess I'll avoid switching back though until that name colour deal is fixed... I will say though I like the new Shoutbox and everything else though!
  6. vtesco

    Strength Feats

    Oh I see you completely skipped/abandoned me lol
  7. vtesco

    Strength Feats

    *sigh* well I GUESS I could go through the trouble of volunteering LOL

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