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  1. I would love to! I'm a big fan of your stories! You're my favorite author~ Will check The Bet for sure, Idk how many times I've read that story of yours lol, it's pretty arousing XD Will check that, man, thank you
  2. I wonder if any of you guys know any muscle growth stories which involves some kind of spreading (basically involves lots of characters), be it from virus or chemical, via airborne or body-fluid, I prefer something that has a cause, don't really like stories where the characters grow just because he can, out of nowhere. A good example would be something like Hulk Pill or The Swimming Pool by JayPat
  3. It's actually not that one, but it's a hot story! Thanks for sharing XD
  4. I remember reading this story where Superman got affected by a kryptonite and it causes his cum to grow anyone it touches, there's a scene in a bathroom where his cum landed on a guy and the guy grew massive. Anyone know where I can find this story?
  5. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/wordshop/breeding-stock-01.html
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