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    All things MUSCLE
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    174cm 67kgs @ 10% bf.
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    big muscles and steroids
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    185cm 150kgs @ 7-8% bf
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    Natural: Myself.
    Juiced: Anyone ripped, huge & smooth. Bigger the better, though huge slin-guts suck. Love a bit of gyno too. (What's with people/sheep always bashing it? Puffy/bigger nipples are hot, just like bigger muscles are! Juicers; leave that gyno alone!)
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    muscles, muscle worship, human-lifting, flexing/working-out in just a gstring...

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  1. Stop confusing your FAT for MUSCLE. They are 2 different things! Weighing more each day/week (without PEDs) doesn't mean you put on more MUSCLE. My GRANNY can put on 50lbs and get "bigger" arms too. That's NOT bodybuilding, that's FATadding! No drugs = no bodybuilding! Stop being delusional FFS.

    1. Jocaflo


      Could you please start a thread on this? No drugs = no bodybuilding! Thanks.

    2. IWantSteroids


      I would, but then I'd have to argue with delusional idiots + I've been suspended from posting because some people on here are too sensitive, and I must "acknowledge the warning" given to me before I can post but refuse to do so.

  2. To all you bodybuilding noobs getting the wrong info/advice on how to get jacked from all the fake and fat "bodybuilding gurus" on here: Bodybuilding = drugs. Not genetics, not protein shakes, not special diets, not eating 6+ times a day, not training for over an hour a day... It's all bs/lies spread by the lying juiced-up asshole bodybuilders who claim they're "natural". HTH

  3. You're a bad guy if you say the truth and try to help people these days -and vice versa. It's weird, funny and sad.

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