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    174cm 67kgs @ 10% bf.
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    big muscles and steroids
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    185cm 150kgs @ 7-8% bf
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    Natural: Myself.
    Juiced: Anyone ripped, huge & smooth. Bigger the better, though huge slin-guts suck. Love a bit of gyno too. (What's with people/sheep always bashing it? Puffy/bigger nipples are hot, just like bigger muscles are! Juicers; leave that gyno alone!)
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    muscles, muscle worship, human-lifting, flexing/working-out in just a gstring...

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  1. Stop confusing your FAT for MUSCLE. They are 2 different things! Weighing more each day/week (without PEDs) doesn't mean you put on more MUSCLE. My GRANNY can put on 50lbs and get "bigger" arms too. That's NOT bodybuilding, that's FATadding! No drugs = no bodybuilding! Stop being delusional FFS.

    1. Jocaflo


      Could you please start a thread on this? No drugs = no bodybuilding! Thanks.

    2. IWantSteroids


      I would, but then I'd have to argue with delusional idiots + I've been suspended from posting because some people on here are too sensitive, and I must "acknowledge the warning" given to me before I can post but refuse to do so.

  2. To all you bodybuilding noobs getting the wrong info/advice on how to get jacked from all the fake and fat "bodybuilding gurus" on here: Bodybuilding = drugs. Not genetics, not protein shakes, not special diets, not eating 6+ times a day, not training for over an hour a day... It's all bs/lies spread by the lying juiced-up asshole bodybuilders who claim they're "natural". HTH

  3. IWantSteroids

    Your Preferred Protein Powder?

    Hey, calm down my friend. Don't stress please. Stay positive and well. 2kg of meat daily? 100 grams of beef = 250 calories. 100 grams x 20 = 2kg 20 x 250 calories = 5,000 calories. So you're saying that eating 5,000 calories a day worth of meat alone is okay for a 200lb guy and not extreme? Interesting. Please tell us more.
  4. IWantSteroids

    Your Preferred Protein Powder?

    If you're over-fat, eating too much, adding protein shakes to your diet will just make you fatter. If you're over-fat, replacing meals with protein shakes to take in less calories, that's unhealthy. So you lose either way (with protein shakes).
  5. IWantSteroids

    Your Preferred Protein Powder?

    I disagree. Steroids and other PEDs are "wonder drugs". They are amazing. You can build (a bit of) muscle on them without even working out. See aids patients and compare natural men to natural women (more test, more muscle). You can even build muscle while on a calorie deficit. See tren. You can even eat any "junk" food you can think of and still be ripped to shreds. See hgh, tren, primo...and steroid/bodybuilding forums/posts. They can turn a petite female into a huge muscle freak. See Colette Guimond, Suzy Kellner, Rene Campbell, Shannon Courtney, Georgina McConnell, Kashma...thousands of others. And what kind of bodybuilder doesn't work out anyways? It's like saying "you must breathe to build muscle, you can't do it without breathing".
  6. IWantSteroids

    Your Preferred Protein Powder?

    Yeah but we aren't talking about "adequate quantities" of protein we're talking about excessive. Like eating a high protein diet already (or just a normal balanced diet) and then adding protein shakes on top. Protein can make you fat easily when "take much from them without training" too. You are under the assumption that all the protein you eat goes to your muscles just as long as you "train heavily". Well that's not true.
  7. You're a bad guy if you say the truth and try to help people these days -and vice versa. It's weird, funny and sad.

  8. IWantSteroids

    All About Legs!

    1) Strength doesn't have much to do with the size of your muscles. There are juiced-up women who are smaller than me yet can lift 2-3x more than me. 2) Guys build monstrous thighs with drugs and high volume. Drop the weight, do full rom, 20+ reps for lower body and don't expect to get huge without drugs.
  9. IWantSteroids

    Torn Biceps After A Deadlift

    Too long, didn't care to read past the 2nd line because it's "you". Lifting weights isn't a sport. HTH. oh and.. feel free to destroy your spine. Don't let me get in the way of that. Go for glory!! 1000lb deadlift baby!
  10. IWantSteroids

    Torn Biceps After A Deadlift

    You just admitted that deadlifts injured you.. TWICE. There is no need to take ANY risks when lifting weights. How much muscle did you build from deadlifting? 10 grams? 100 grams? What muscles exactly does deadlifting target, which you can't target without deadlifting? And I would say deadlifts ARE for pussies.. who try to be hardcore/alphas. All an ego thing. Just like those who own pittbulls and guns, who think they're tough/alphas/hardcore.. when they're just pussies. How does deadlifting xxx amount of weight make you more of a man? A baby can deadlift. Let's see a baby do 15 pullups.
  11. IWantSteroids

    Your Preferred Protein Powder?

    To hell with protein powders/shakes. Unless you're juiced to the gills, have HUGE muscles, are struggling to eat (either no appetite or no time to cook/eat)...protein shakes are a complete waste of money and are also bad for your kidneys if you already eat a high protein diet. Just a total SCAM by the corrupt, lying, shitty bodybuilding industry who have brainwashed the world into believing they need to drink protein shakes. There are even (MANY) fat mothers & other females out there drinking shakes, thinking they'll get ripped by swallowing more protein on top of what they already eat (just check out MyFitnessPal whatever it's called and you'll cringe)! I personally know some and tried telling one to stop, but she didn't want to hear it, even though I'm ripped, and she's fat! People are that far gone/brainwashed. You won't get bigger by drinking more protein shakes on top of what you already eat. You'll just get FATter (unless you're on PEDs, not eating enough...). No natty who eats a normal balanced diet should bother with protein powders. You are throwing your money away. Pissing/shitting it down the toilet. This whole "you need excess protein to build muscle" thing is bs. I believe it's fucked many bodybuilders. Not the steroids.. but excessive protein. Building muscle isn't about excess protein.. it's about excess hormones. Hence why men are naturally more muscular than women.. because we have 10-15x more test than they do/produce on average.. it's not because we eat more protein. Without PEDs, you'll just shit half of that excess protein out and the other half will go to your gut (ratios are not exact). Call me negative, but I see it as; trying to save you from wasting your money, health and helping you get in shape. I'm the good guy. The bodybuilding industry are the bad guys who are fucking you over. Think off how much you've spent on protein and other useless supps over the years. Do you think they really made a difference to your body/muscles? Think they were worth it? You think you wouldn't look the same right now if you didn't buy/swallow all that crap? You'd probably be leaner and fuller looking.
  12. IWantSteroids

    Overcoming Panic/Anxiety Attacks And Depression In The Gym

    I've never felt that way (and I'm far from big), have no reason to feel that way, and there should be no reason for you to feel that way. We're all different. Yeh there are many guys who are more muscular than you, but you're also bigger than many too. When you see big muscular guys, just think "big deal, they're on steroids and I'm not. I'm normal and I would be their size if I was taking the same drugs they do and they would be my size without drugs". It's all in your head. I think it started off as a random thought.. then you kept thinking about it each time you entered the gym.. it got worse.. and now it's bad and hard to shake off because it's become a habit. I think you should just keep going to the gym, not focus on others, focus on your muscles, think to yourself that you don't look bad (which is true), that there are many others who look far worse/weaker/smaller than you, think of all the positive comments here, pump away.. and before you know it, you'll get over it. Try to boost your test levels too. More test = less you give a fuck. Get some sun on you, eat the right foods, listen to aggressive music, be aggressive...
  13. IWantSteroids

    Torn Biceps After A Deadlift

    When will people learn.. "schwermarko" is that you in the clip? What do you get out of deadlifting? How exactly does it improve your body or life? I see deadlifts as 100% pointless, stupid and dangerous. I'd say around 5-10% of people who lift have back problems/injuries.. caused by deadlifts and ego training, and not everybody deadlifts, so the percentage of people getting injured from deadlifts is probably 50%. I can't imagine EVER getting injured while lifting weights. It's just something that should never happen. This deadlifting thing has to stop. If I owned a gym (or all of them) or was president, I'd ban it. I was gonna say it's good for nothing.. but it's pretty good at fucking-up peoples backs and muscles.
  14. Am I the only person on the planet who can do this? I've never seen/heard anyone chat about it. I can get a mild arm pump (and most likely other muscles) using only my mind. I'll concentrate hard on my biceps, imagine the blood rushing into them, my veins popping, trying to feel my heart-beat through them, my arms getting bigger.. and a few minutes later.. it happens. I've only done it a few times while in bed. Haven't really bothered much. Figured if you can make your blood rush into your penis (when aroused) and face (when embarrassed) using only your mind, why not other muscles? Tried it. Done it. Try it out and let me/us know how you went, or if you've already done it before.
  15. IWantSteroids

    When Your Significant Other Does Not Like Muscle...

    Something tells me that the real problem she has isn't him lifting weights & getting bigger (which does not extend your life btw).. but him starting steroids and admitting it to her.. which freaked her out. Just read that the OP and his wife broke up.. Congrats.

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