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  1. Nice, fresh, new approach to this genre. Love it.
  2. Got interested but got lost about 100 words in. :-( Paragraph breaks, please.
  3. For me, continued or multi-part stories tend to be like Movie sequels. Either peaking at episode 3 or never surpassing episode 1. Just more of the same in any episode beyond the peak. The unique thrill is gone after the peak. I much prefer a single part story that is well written, and intense with visionary 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person descriptions, and short on conversations. I don't care about the characters, just in what happens to them.
  4. A man after my own heart!
  5. A man after my own heart.  :-)


  6. Hello again CMiller

    Glad to see your forum is back up without major problems.

    I thank you for posting my signature name "LeatherGryphon" is included in the DNPL "Authors" list but is not included in the "Artists" list.  Please add "LeatherGryphon" to the DNPL under the "Artists" category.  Thanks.

    Daryl Crandall (LeatherGryphon)

  7. As far as I know this story by FanTCMan was never directly continued. But as mentioned above, the "Twelve Steps Back" series of stories take place in the same fantasy universe. You can find a very complete collection of FanTCMan stories at http:/pridesites.com/omelissokomos/index.html in the "Stories" section. I'm not sure if you have to be a member or not.
  8. "way back in the 1990's"... OMG, I've got underwear older than that! :-o
  9. As said by Yachirobi above, this is almost word for word a FanTCMan story. Many of us here have very long memories and FanTCMan was (is) one of the first and best writers of this type of story. I know that it seems to have become acceptable by today's youth to blatantly copy someone else's work and either deliberately or naively leave the impression that it is your own, but it is not OK. It's not OK with recordings, it's not OK with images and it's not OK with stories. Especially when it's a well known work by a famous and respected artist. If the excuse is you didn't know it was a famous story then you now see the reason why people put "by-lines" and signatures on their work and why copying without citing the source can be at least embarrassing if not illegal. All that being said... It's good that some of the quality stories are being rediscovered and made available. But please respect the artists.
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