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    Bodybuilding, film, music.
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    5ft 9inches - 250lbs
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    Folks that want to help me grow as massive as I want to be...eventually want to be a massive muscle bull...other dudes who are getting big...also looking for admirers and worshippers 💪🏻

    KiK: w_c_p
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    300lbs lean
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    Kyle Blevins, Durrah, Joshua Taubes, Big Ramy
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    Me, growing big as hell

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  1. wcp27

    Lower Back Injury Help

    Hey dudes, So...a few days ago I was trying for a PR on Overhead Press. Went a little too heavy and wasn't bracing my core enough (part of an overall problem I need to address, strengthening my lagging core)...and pulled a muscle in my lower back, only on the right side. The pain isn't terrible, I'm just stiff and lifting anything more than 15lbs causes some discomfort. Do any of you have any tips to help myself heal? I'm taking a break from training for the week... I feel that its the right thing to do. Any stretches or movements I should be doing or avoiding to help heal? Thanks for any and all help guys
  2. Thanks for the follow big guy!! 😃

  3. wcp27

    Muscle suit version 2

    Do you ever wear the suit in public?
  4. wcp27


    PSN: Pratt_sandwich Switch: SW-0508-7599-9967 Kik: w_c_p 🤓🕹🎮
  5. Thanks for the follow. 

  6. wcp27

    Chat on Kik

    Kik: w_c_p Love talking about my gains and progress on my muscle journey/hear about other dudes progress. Hit me up :3

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