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  1. Thanks for the follow!

  2. http://www.technologyreview.com/news/542371/a-tale-of-do-it-yourself-gene-therapy/
  3. Love a good leg day...I'm exhausted

  4. New profile pic #swolefie

    1. Mdlftr


      Very impressive!

  5. Ripped another shirt

  6. I need more foam rolling in my life.

  7. Legs = dead. Happy leg day everyone!

  8. It's funny. My yoga instructor says we don't hear things until we're ready to hear them. Every day the dialog is (almost) exactly same, but once day *BOOM* something clicks and you hear a word or phrase that changes everything. It all makes sense and you progress. You were probably always progressing, but you break through these plateaus with things like this. I guess what I'm saying is that you've almost certainly read of or heard of holding the contraction when doing shrugs before, but you never actually caught it. Maybe you weren't ready. Maybe you were working on other things. Maybe you thought you were making good progress. Who knows? Exercise and nutrition is still much of an art and only an infantile science where we are our own laboratories. I find I'm constantly struggling to keep an open mind to new things, but also staying on track to see results from the workout and diet plan I've adopted. Thanks for sharing your insight. Others may have known this, but I guarantee you there's someone like yourself who hasn't really heard it before. Congratulations on your insight and here's to the next!
  9. Gold's > Washington Sports Club

  10. Good chest workout feels good

  11. Getting sick sucks

    1. the6ft8beast


      Feel better bud :/

    2. Bigredbeef


      Sorry to hear that. Feel better man.

  12. Wants to live in the gym

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