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    Extremely huge transhuman muscle gain. both fantasy and reality. chat with guys who like me are into getting huge beyond human scale. Encouraging and being encouraged.
  • What are your stats?
    5'10 220-222. Have stayed at this weight for a while now, would like to start gaining some more mass, but I want to stabilize first. I had a major bout with mono a while back and have not felt 100% since until recently. But I will get back to it.
  • What are you seeking?
    Growing bigger again. Still want to be mega huge. I can be slowed down but I cannot be stopped!
  • What are your dream stats?
    INFINITE! Starting with 300 PLUS POUNDS OF LEAN MUSCLE.To expand into all the space around me and cram it full of my muscles! Really as much as possible no end to how megahuge I'll grow.
  • Favorite Stories
    GROW YOUR OWN GRAVITY- this was the first muscle story I ever read. That story was what inspired me to grow from 160 to over 200 pounds. A New Kind of Power Source- Great story about truly cosmic growth! Any story about super huge muscle and size gain, especially if the guy is determined to get as huge as possible, then even bigger.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Growinguysf, Branch Warren, Markus Ruhl, Ronnie Rockel, Ed Van Amsterdam, Jay Cutler, Lee Haney, Mike Francois, Evan Centopani, all the guys who got or will get superhuge
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Cosmically huge muscle growth, my own and others. Totally fixated on becoming a cosmically huge MUSCLE GOD.

    contact:[email protected]

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  1. expandingmuscle

    External Motivation

    We all have periods of lower and higher motivation. I use several ways to get past it and one or more of them work usually. 1: One is the fake it til you make it strategy. This means going through the motions just to maintain, but at a lower workout frequency or shorter more basic workouts. This was my only strategy for a while, but 2: I started to write down my feelings about lifting motivation and make written promises to myself to keep going. Bodybuilding is not a sprint, it's a marathon. I also started watching a lot of bodybuilding and muscle video on youtube, in fact, that's mostly the only TV I watch now. 3: I find it easier to keep on track if I weed out other activities from my routine/schedule. I used to do a lot of different things, softball league, book club, going out to shows and bars. I don't do those things now. They don't leave enough time for bodybuilding. Someone once said that to build muscle you've got to get obsessed and STAY obsessed. I took it to heart- any activities that interfere with building muscle have got to go, and stay gone. Some of my old friends say I've turned into a musclehead. I just tell them thank you for the compliment. I really care more about gaining muscle than almost anything. If I didn't have to work, ALL my time would be devoted to it. 4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP! EAT ENOUGH PROTEIN! 5. Take time to enjoy the feeling you have in your body when you make some progress. Look in the mirror and see your gains, and then close your eyes and imagine how you will look and feel when you grow more muscle. 6. Define yourself as a bodybuilder. Plain and simple, You are a bodybuilder. Your life is about building muscle. Muscle is your goal and reward all in one. Don't do anything that interferes with building muscle. As much as possible, you should confine your activities (other than work) to the following: Getting and eating food and supplements Lifting and other exercise that promotes muscle growth Sleeping Taking care of personal hygiene Focusing your mind on growing muscle and more muscle, excluding anything that distracts you from building your body. Sex with someone(s) who likes your muscles and is into you gaining more muscle 7: Spend all (or at least most of) your time with people who have similar goals or want to help you achieve your goals, at the gym, eating, etc. and BTW this forum is a great motivator! You can get encouragement and moral support for muscle growth here. Thats what this place is about. DUDE, just forget about other things and dive headlong into building your muscles HUGE! When you have a huger more muscular physique, you will be glad you did. Every minute your body will remind you of how great it is to be muscular, and to be growing bigger muscles.
  2. expandingmuscle

    Muscle growth generator

    After reading a spell, expandingmuscle shoots up continuously into a herculean bodybuilder with a fat bulge, and wants to outgrow the cosmos. Pretty accurate, I'd say😃 Here's what the giant creator said: expandingmuscle will grow 6000 feet tall in a span of 11 days and wants to enslave everyone. Kind of a sequel actually, although I wouldn't want to enslave everyone. I'd just want them to WANT to submit, and 6000 feet is only the beginning:🌎🌗⭐🥄👄💪
  3. expandingmuscle

    Bigger, Blockier Abs

    Abs have always been a little troublesome for me. It seemed like any exercise that made my abs grow always made them protrude and look just like a beer belly in clothes. Recently though, I tried some cable crunches after seeing a guy in the gym do them. Didn't seem that great- UNTIL I saw a youtube video of Scott Herman explaining how to make the mind muscle connection with them. Since then, I've been heading in the direction I want- thicker and blockier abs that are defined and don't make me look like I have a "steroid turtle gut." It is surprising how much weight you can move on these, even though you still have your abdominal wall sucked in pretty good while doing them. Scott suggests using something other than the triceps rope for a handle. I use a v-handle that was designed for close grip lat pulldowns, holding it behind my head, knees on the floor, not letting my ass go back toward my ankles while crunching down and in- trying to get my head as close to my knees as possible- awesome ab pump when finished. I do these every time I deadlift, and any days I'm not doing super heavy legs (sled/squats) work. This ends up being about 3 or 4 times a week. My abs are getting thicker, even though my stomach sticks out less now. Give em a try!
  4. expandingmuscle

    Today's Gripe: Gym Etiquette

    I don't think anyone is going to fault you for that! Especially if it only takes a few seconds. But, if you have a camera crew setting up right in the middle of the cable crossover, . . .
  5. expandingmuscle

    Today's Gripe: Gym Etiquette

    Some behavior guidelines I try to apply, and encourage others to use as well: First, some background on my gym: It's a decent place but the free weight room is not huge and lavish like a Gold's or anything. It has a very large locker room, a pool, a steam room and sauna, and a small whirlpool tub. There is a big room full of machine weights with pins. In the free weight area, it has one squat rack with a pull up bar attached, one sled, one smith machine, two flat benches with weight racks, one incline rack bench, one decline (don't ask me why), a seated overhead press rack, lots of dumbells (up to 120s) and some loose benches, and two hammer plate loading chest machines, a cable crossover station, a hammer biceps curl, a donkey calf machine, and a couple of hammer delt and lat machines. This free weight area under ideal conditions can accomodate about twenty or so people lifting at the same time. But they have to observe some manners to make it pleasant: 1. Cell phones, gloves, clipboards, and drink bottles do NOT get their own benches/seating! Find a place for that stuff that isn't going to be in someone's way, unless the whole gym is deserted- Even then, someone might come in and want to use the outer thigh machine that you mistook for your shelf. 2. Talking on the phone/texting/using instagram-facebook-tumblr-twitter/ watching youtube are not reasons to occupy any machine, seat, or bench. Better to leave your phone in your locker, or at least step away from equipment if you have to take an emergency call. If you aren't lifting for more than a minute, get the fuck off the machine/bench. Texting does not count as part of your arm workout! You should be concentrating on making a mind-muscle connection, even between sets, not on your digital social media zombie personae. AND we don't want to hear your personal playlist from your phone. USE HEADPHONES if you want to play that awful [insert any type of music here]. 2B. (Or preferably NOT to be!) Don't make the weight room your captive audience. We don't want to hear your soulful renditions of "Just My Imagination," "Champagne Supernova," "It's Not Unusual," "Oops I Did It Again," "We Ain't Goin' Out Like That," or operatic solos (Yes, I've heard ALL of these "sung"in the weight room). 3. Everyone should allow enough time to workout, but not waste time goofing off in the gym. If your workout is going to involve supersets, drop sets, or giant sets, don't waste time, and don't pick the busiest time of day to monopolize several pieces of equipment. Show a little flexibility. Some people, who were raised to have manners, will not interrupt you if you're cycling five different exercises on the squat rack. But they'll still think you're a douchebag if you tie it up for half an hour. If you work out this way all the time, be ready to let people work in, or go to a bigger gym, or show up when no one is around. 4. Put ALL of your plates, dumbbells, clips, and other things away WHERE YOU GOT THEM when you are done using a bar or machine, unless someone says they want to use the same weight you just used, or unless there's a convention at the gym to keep one set of 45s on all the bars, which can be handy, but don't assume it if you're unfamiliar with the gym's unspoken rules. Look to see how the plates are stored. Don't fuck with the system because you're lazy or think your way is better than how they are already doing it. Just do it. 5. Less talking, MORE LIFTING. Don't run your mouth at someone who is lifting. I don't want to chat while I'm trying to FOCUS on moving weight. The worst thing is when some blowhard thinks YOU are rude because you are ignoring his running mouth while you do a set. Keep comments and chatter short and infrequent, and not directed at anyone who's actually working. This also applies to unsolicited workout advice: Unless you genuinely fear that someone is about to hurt themselves or break a piece of equipment, don't offer advice unbidden. For all you know, you might be talking to a kinesiologist, so mind your business, which should be YOUR LIFTING, since you are at the weight room. 6. Don't leer at people or look them up and down suggestively like a predator. It's creepy, which has a limited appeal, and could lead to incarceration, or to their partner deciding to kick your ass. 7. BE SAFE. If you are new at this or have had a long layoff, establish working weights for each lift. Don't assume that you should be lifting the same weight as anyone else. Don't attempt maximum lifts without a spot. if you lose control of the weight, you could badly injure yourself or someone else. Be smart and don't make me have to interrupt my workout to drive you to the ER. 8. Don't leave your greasy sweat all over a bench when you finish. Not everyone finds this form of sharing attractive. Wipe it off! Better yet, keep a big towel with you to put on the bench before you lay your sweaty greasy skin, or dirty beard or gel ridden hair on the bench. Even the Y has spray bottles and paper towels. Just like the fancy hipster gyms. 9. Soap and Water! If you sweat a lot while working out, that is to be expected, but if you already reek of noxious body odor when you arrive at the gym, take a shower beforehand! No one wants to hear how you fell asleep on the couch after you were cutting the grass/went camping/[insert other sweaty malodorous activity here], and then came to the gym figuring you were going to shower anyway after you lift. We don't want to have to wear gas masks and walk around saying "Are you my Mummy?" to make you get the point. And if your clothes smell like you used them to clean up your pet monitor lizard's toileting accident, hitting the laundry before dressing for the gym is a viable option too. Wear clean clothes that will make your workout comfortable and not ones that will interfere with lifting, or cause the CDC to descend on your gym and quarantine it. (And BTW, haven't we already had to look at enough flourescent "camouflage" leggings and other workout gear? -'You can't see me, but I'm a tripped-out badass!'- It's hard to lift when you're trying to suppress a laugh or shock reaction.) 10. Speaking of water, if you refill your GALLON or multi-liter water container from the water fountain while people are waiting to get a drink, it shows that you have no home training. A good solution is to pop that jug in the freezer on its side about 1/3 full when you get home from the gym, then take it out and top it off before heading out to the gym the next time. It will be cold and you will be cool instead of being the tool who hogs the water fountain. And more water: After you take a shower or leave the pool, dry yourself off BEFORE you go back to the lockers. no one wants the water from your drippy ass all over the entire locker room, soaking into gym bags and clothes. That's why there are towel hooks near the showers. Similarly, if we all rinse our bodies off in the shower before we go in the sauna or steam room, these places won't mutate into stench-filled alien pod incubators. The only thing that should be growing at the gym is your muscles!
  6. expandingmuscle


    If I understand this correctly, people can go on posting stories in the Stories section, unless they choose also to include stories (or quotes from them, or links to them?!) in their journaling in the blog space. I perceive no problems or complications arising from this pleasant and helpful idea. I hope this is done; it would be an asset to the site.
  7. expandingmuscle

    Scotland's Place in the world

    New Labour indeed? What sellouts! If labour had stood with the working class in the first place, none of this would be happening. Here in the US, the Democrats have also abandoned their labor roots and become a technocratic party. Blair and the Clintons were both hopelessly unprincipled, and lived in fear of losing personal political power. Their lot need to be cleared out of the partys' power structures so we can get back to doing the peoples business.
  8. expandingmuscle

    pec bounce

    I can do it but I'm slow at it, and my left pec responds way better than my right one, even though they are symmetrical and I'm right handed. I probably should start spending more time on it, like practicing while I'm on this site maybe? Yeah. I'm gonna start working on it now.
  9. expandingmuscle

    How big do you think I 'll become

    You seriously need to wait on that, since you have lots of headroom left for natural growth. Don't get impatient. Unless you've already screwed up your hormones and metabolism with juice, you can grow a lot bigger than you are now without it.
  10. expandingmuscle

    Mass Hose, Parts 1-4 repost from old forum

    THANKS GUYS! I'm glad to see ongoing interest in this story from a few of you. I'm finally working on another series, but it will be a while before it is ready. (It has to take a back seat to my workouts and eating.)
  11. I kinda forgot how much fun it is to totally obsess about eating all day long! I've been doing almost nothing but eating and cooking and making protein shakes since I got up this morning. I'm kicking off my 6K Calories/day diet (which is intended to last through at least Feb.), but instead of taking time to acclimate, today I'm just eating as much as I can all day long. After that 6ooo calories should be easy. I've already had seven meals in the last eight and a half hours, and I'm not stopping. (digestive enzymes are helping). I'm actually really getting into being engorged with food and protein all day long. It's been too long since i did this! THIS IS GREAT!

    1. Gra


      What's your diet? I'll like to try it too. My dream it's eat about 30,000 in one day for two weeks

    2. expandingmuscle


      Pounds and pounds of chicken. brown rice, green veg, fish, and 9 servings a day of Hydrolyzed whey protein, plus BCAAs, some creatine, glutamine, and a hand full of vitamins and minerals. MOST IMPORTANT: at least a gallon of water a day (about half of that during lifting). for the past 2 weeks I've been close to 8000 Calories a day, but it all ends after March 3, when I will drop down to 4700-4800 Calories a day for six weeks or so, then back to mega calories again. I've already gained 12 pounds since Christmas, and I'm MUCH stronger than I was. I hope I can keep the massd and strength going when I cut cals.

  12. expandingmuscle

    Mindful lifting

    I still want to lift as heavily as I can, but only with weight I can completely control. And there is definitely something really important about keeping your mind on your muscles moving while you lift. If I forget to focus like that, I never get as much out of a workout. I saw a cool shirt a kid had on at the gym the other day: "Less Talky, More Lifty."
  13. expandingmuscle

    3 meals or 6 meals

    Right now, my question is 6 meals or 8 meals! I'm trying to get 6000 Calories, It seems like I'm fixing another meal as soon as I finish eating. Honestly, I like it, but I don't do much else these days.
  14. I had an amazing back workout today! Since I started doing deadlifts again, my back is responding better. I've also increased the overall volume of my back workout. I'm BEAT when I finish, but I'm getting much stronger. Starting Christmas Day I'm going back to eating 6000 Calories per day. My workouts are going well, and I think they'll get even better when I eat more (I've been on 4200 C recently). I'm pumped (pun intended) to get bigger on my new eating and lifting routine. I'm starting to set my sights on 240 pounds, then 250, then . . .

    1. argomac


      Good luck to ya! you can do it !

  15. expandingmuscle

    Expansion: A Story Inspired by 'Expandingmuscle'

    When will the next chapter be posted?

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