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    Extremely huge transhuman muscle gain. both fantasy and reality. chat with guys who like me are into getting huge beyond human scale. Encouraging and being encouraged.
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    5'10 220-222. Have stayed at this weight for a while now, would like to start gaining some more mass, but I want to stabilize first. I had a major bout with mono a while back and have not felt 100% since until recently. But I will get back to it.
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    Growing bigger again. Still want to be mega huge. I can be slowed down but I cannot be stopped!
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    INFINITE! Starting with 300 PLUS POUNDS OF LEAN MUSCLE.To expand into all the space around me and cram it full of my muscles! Really as much as possible no end to how megahuge I'll grow.
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    GROW YOUR OWN GRAVITY- this was the first muscle story I ever read. That story was what inspired me to grow from 160 to over 200 pounds. A New Kind of Power Source- Great story about truly cosmic growth! Any story about super huge muscle and size gain, especially if the guy is determined to get as huge as possible, then even bigger.
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    Growinguysf, Branch Warren, Markus Ruhl, Ronnie Rockel, Ed Van Amsterdam, Jay Cutler, Lee Haney, Mike Francois, Evan Centopani, all the guys who got or will get superhuge
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    Cosmically huge muscle growth, my own and others. Totally fixated on becoming a cosmically huge MUSCLE GOD.

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  1. I'm still trying to figure out whether I can extend this story.
  2. Thank you! I appreciate feedback, especially when it's as encouraging as yours.
  3. Part IV Jakk's brain was bombarded with the constant sensation of his vast, immense muscle mass, accelerating to a more and more massive scale every fraction of a second. He could barely process it all. I don't have to comprehend it though, Jakk was thinking, I'm just going to BE it. I can just let go and grow, let my body have everything it can. Human understanding doesn't matter. I just need to grow and grow, let it overwhelm my mind. BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER! This revelation stripped away all limits to Jakk's lust to consume everything. Just at that moment, the orbital laser platforms had focused all their energy perfectly in one spot, digging deeper and deeper into the planet's crust. The area where the platforms were geosynchronized was rotating around into daylight. The sun started to charge them up. They spread the beam, that was cutting into the planet, into a line about five degrees long, still just as intense as the point had been. Jakk began to grow even faster. Then the beam array intensified, slicing deeper and deeper through the crust. Jakk began to grow even faster. Jakk felt the energy of all the transformed matter blasting into his body faster and faster, pumping every muscle with more mass density and power, and he felt his frame continuing to expand to make room for even more mass. Waves of orgasmic ecstasy packed his mind to the point he thought he might never be able to think again. His whole brain felt like a constantly expanding pleasure container being stuffed with intensifying sensations of power and size and growth that blasted and blasted their way deeper into his psyche. His growth and power and size were the only things. The world was becoming his body, more and more every minute. Just then, the lasers tore through the bottom of the planet's crust and into the mantle below, immediately shooting through miles and miles of it, quickly transforming vast amounts of it into energy, and beaming all of that power into the matter transformers. Suddenly Jakk felt what seemed like an overload. The sturdy little matter transmitter balls in his gut started to churn out cubic miles of nutrients, and Jakk thought he might explode! A beam of light shot at his head from a nearby satellite. It came in at about a sixty degree angle because his head was already so high above the surface. His head was bathed in light, and his stomach seemed filled to the maximum tolerance. He screamed and roared with pain as the pressure on his gut increased. But his head was still bathed in the warm blue light, and it seemed to penetrate right into his brain. He felt his whole head begin to hum and buzz with pleasant electricity, enough to distract him from his overpressurized gut. In a few minutes, maybe minutes? sort of minutes? Jakk started to feel more control. His mind was suddenly able to do more, he could direct things around him, manage them, re-orient them. He figured out how to channel all of the matter forming in his stomach more immediately into his body's growth. His mind was now linked to all the processing power in a more visceral way. He felt his billions of tons of muscle heaving and bulging. Jakk started to grow even faster, and he wanted even faster growth. He concentrated on the orbital laser platforms, making them slice deeper into the planet's mantle, and spread the width and length of the beam. He spoke aloud: Now I will consume this world into myself. The planet will become ME! My muscles will eat the whole thing! If you can hear me, you should celebrate, because you will soon be part of the greatest thing ever, ME! Don't bother to complain or resist. Don't bother to worship me, because I will have all that you have been. All the matter and conscious awareness of the world will become energy to make my body grow even bigger, even faster, even more. MORE! MORE! I can feel the planet dissolving into my food! I'm going to be INFINITELY MUSCULAR! INFINITELY POWERFUL! INFINITE ME! The spherical shape of the planet started to collapse like a deflating balloon. Now the platforms were orbiting Jakk's head, dragging the remains of the world along as they dissolved more of it. Jakk was cosmic in scale now. He was bigger than the whole planet had ever been, because the magma of the mantle and the plasma of the core held so much energy that they could build phenomenal amounts of biomass. As the last scraps of the planet were soaked into Jakk's body, he wanted more, MORE! Jakk turned the platform guns and aimed them at the star the world had orbited. This is my next meal, he thought gleefully. The mere thought of consuming that much made him shudder with pleasure. His whole vast body flexed, and he felt the sensation of all his muscle exploding in his mind. He kept flexing, and in a few minutes the beams from the lasers reached the star's surface. I'm going to be millions of times bigger soon, Jakk thought happily as his muscles kept pulsing. Soon he felt the star power begin to flow into his body.
  4. I look forward to seeing that.
  5. This is the beginning of the new section of the story. It could still be revised I suppose, but here is how it stands for now. This is not the last part, but it could be a while before any more is ready. I look forward to feedback and observations. Thanks guys. Part III Over the tops of the small university town's buildings, Jakk saw the people beginning to stir. Lights were coming on in windows, vehicles were starting to move. People were lining up at the rail stops. He knew that the lights and the trains wouldn't keep going much longer. The systems that allowed them to work were being hollowed out by his nutrient synthesis program. The system was learning as it went along. It was starting to actually attack elements of the power grid instead of just waiting for them to become idle. The program was growing and adapting, finding ways to corral more and more of the power grid. By causing overloads here and there, it created shutdowns of distribution. The power was never able to be restored to those systems. All that power was being set aside to build Jakk bigger and bigger. The cascading failure of the power grid meant more food for Jakk. He was giddy at the prospect, and determined to make himself even greedier as fast as he could. A couple of hundred people were staring up at Jakk in awe and shock. The idea that anyone really would grow so huge had never been imagined by the people in his academic community. He wondered how many of them recognized him. He wouldn't actively taunt them, but neither would he be swayed at all by any of their appeals to reason. His brain had grown and changed too. His cognitive abilities were shifted toward his agenda, without any concern at all for anyone else or what they wanted or needed. Jakk would become an even more gigantic muscle god, and then more. He soaked his awareness back into himself again, feeling his frame and all of his muscles swell and bulge with greater and greater ferocity, his nervous system a ruthless amplifier of sensation and acquisitive capacity. He wanted to grow faster, to dominate everything and use up more and more of the power on the planet. He wanted to consume all of its energy into his vast and burgeoning body. He knew that once he reached a certain degree of control over the grid, he would be unstoppable, and then he'd be able to grow even faster. Jakk felt the nutrients forming more of his body faster and faster. The grid was now seeming to pump itself directly into his muscles. He arched his back and raised his head toward the sky. He roared unabashedly, and terrified all of the people in the town. Since they started watching him just after dawn, he had grown another 150 feet taller, and was now 250 feet tall, his wildly hypertrophied physique was over seven million pounds. Jakk's head had grown too, of course, to accomodate all the new nervous control, but he knew that his head was incredibly small compared to body's scale. As he looked from side to side, as much as he could turn his head, he marvelled at how vastly wide his body was. He figured that his shoulders were as wide as 10 buses placed end to end, and he could feel his lats protuding out even further from his back, both to the sides and further back as they thickened. He roared again, celebrating the sensation of his muscular mass, which was growing bigger and bigger every second. Jack concentrated as hard as he could, to make it happen even faster. Within a few minutes, all of the power grid within about 200 square kilometers except that in the computer lab, which was feeding him, was shut off. He expanded the nutrient circumference in his stomach until he felt like he couldn't take any more pressure. Suddenly he started to grow like never before. His height shot up by more than fifty feet in just a couple of minutes, and even as that was happening, he grew more muscular than ever. He felt amazing. He concentrated again. This time the grid shut down over 700 square kilometers, and although he was already growing much faster than before, Jakk forced the issue again with his matter broadcasters, building the pressure and size of the nutrients in his stomach until he felt very uncomfortable, on the verge of pain. Now Jakk was growing so fast it was almost disorienting. His body soared up higher and higher into the sky, and became more and more packed with muscle. I'm going to turn the world into my muscles, he thought, filled with lust and joy at the prospect. The lowest level of clouds seemed almost close enough to touch. Soon he would be able to stir them around with his hands. He focused again and knocked out the power for 3000 square kilometers. Most of the province. Jakk spoke to those down below. "Now I'm going to grow into your God." he said calmly. he began constantly expanding the nutrient density and circumference inside himself, but it didn't hurt any more. He was more efficient now. He began to explode with size. He was bigger than a mountain within just a few minutes, and growing faster and faster. He felt the power blasting into him, his body was literally growing by orders of magnitude now. Even a small fraction of the pleasure he was feeling now would kill a man. Jakk wanted more. He was determined to grow billions of times bigger. He could already feel the inevitiblilty of it, of himself consuming everything, converting more and more and more into his muscles, his cosmicly huge body. He started laughing again, the glee overcoming him as he kept on exploding with size and mass and power. "MORE!" he roared over and over. On the other side of the planet, his program had gained control of a group of orbital laser platforms. They immediately started to blast down onto the surface and melt everything into a plasma, which was being collected by phantom beam power and fed into the grid to be used to help Jakk grow faster. They kept eating away at the material of the surface, digging into the ground and consuming the land. in an hour, hundreds of cubic kilometers of earth had been vaporized. Suddenly, Jakk became aware of what was going on with the laser platforms. This is serious, Jakk thought. The system is starting to eat the planet and feed it to me. There will no going back once this gets very far along. Jakk wanted to jump up and down. He was eating the world! I'm going to cram it all into my muscles! I'm going to turn EVERYTHING into ME! His growth kept accelerating, faster and faster now. The planetary defense systems had been brought under his control, and subverted to feed him the planet. Jakk looked around the grid with his mind and discovered six more groups of laser platforms. He immediately took control of them and duplicated the process. Now he was consuming seven of the nine continental plates on the planet. I will empty those plates, but I need to get started on the other two as soon as I can figure out a way. Jakk's body was visible for thousands of kilometers in every direction. His body was changing the weather, and his weight was warping the surface of the planet. The grid acquisition program was starting to manipulate the atmosphere, so that it was deeper around Jakk, and not as thick anywhere else. It was also comandeering desalination plants and parsing the ocean minerals. For miles and miles along the coastlines, mile high batteries were collecting electrochemical energy and feeding it into the grid. More for Jakk. The laser platforms focused on areas with the most to offer, minerals, material that would give the most energy. More for Jakk. An entire mountain range had already been leveled on the far side of the planet, and what was left looked like matte finished glass, about 300 feet below the surrounding elevation. More for Jakk. There were whole islands that were gone, whole cities wiped off the map, entire ecosystems evaporated. More for Jakk. More for Jakk. More for Jakk. Jakk knew what was happening to all of these places, and he was happy about it. He wasn't interested in being sentimental about things that could become his body, his frame, his muscles. The orbital platforms continued to blast the surface, but they were moving in orbit to form a circle in one particular area of the globe. The southern hemisphere near a rift between two plates. The tectonic plates were moving apart there, leaving a gap which produced a string of volcanoes and fissures. Jakk knew what was about to start. All of the lasers trained on the planet's largest volcano, Mount Nolvodus, on the end of a chain of volcanic islands. The Volcano began erupting but the magma and lava was being vaporized and converted into power. Jakk felt an amazing surge of even faster growth. The lasers kept boring away at the volcano. Several other nearby volcanoes began erupting violently. water from the ocean began to fall into the hole being drilled by the lasers, sending up immense plumes of steam that started the rotation pattern for a cyclone, then another, and another. soon there were three powerful hurricaines swirling about the south seas, further south than would ever happen normally. The lasers kept drilling away at the volcano's coordinates, even though the mountain was long gone. Soon a long crack formed in the area, and all of the erupting vocanoes and the islands around them shook dramatically, triggering tsunamis that spread out across the ocean in every direction. before another hour passed, the crack opened wider, and all of the islands fell into it, followed by vast roaring swaths of ocean water, making a bigger plume of steam, that reached out beyond the atmosphere into space. Jakk was growing so much faster now, it was dizzying, but he just wanted more and more and more. More for Jakk. More for Jakk! Jakk was taller than any mountain, and nearly as wide, stuffed with expanses of muscle bigger than whole regions of Aminoterre. He reveled in the sensation of his size and power. His consciousness migrated around in him, fully feeling all the immensity of himself, and the way his body kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. He could never get tired of feeling himself grow. It was the most compelling, addictive sensation imaginable. Jakk knew that he would never have even thought about this kind of thing before the experiment, but now it was the only thing that mattered. Was he even the same man? No, he thought, and why would he ever want to be, when he was now becoming cosmically huge, with a mind so supremely capable, entirely focused on growth and mass and power. "I am all that matters!" I am everything!" Jakk exulted. He knew the next step was going to make him bigger than a world. "Yeah, ME! ME ME ME!"
  6. I hope to get it done in the next few weeks. I didn't really have an idea for it until I revised the old story, but I'm working on it as time permits. Menwhile, I hope people are enjoying the revised version of the existing story.
  7. Well, here is the Part II revision, I have begun writing an entirely new Part III, but that will take some time. Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy this part of the story. Part II Once he got to his lab, Jakk set up the entire capacity of the university supercomputing network to switch over to production of the culture blend whenever it became unassigned to previously running tasks. Then he patched the output into a powerful matter broadcaster in the lab. He assigned a tag localizer to the broadcaster output instructing it to constantly surround a tiny nylon coated arrow indicator receptor with whatever amount of the culture was needed to maintain a four inch sphere, so that no matter how quickly he digested it, the culture would always keep delivery pace. This broadcaster was interfaced to a global satellite net, so there would be no limits on movement, and consumption would be uninterruptible. Jakk swallowed the receptor and switched on the system to full capacity. Just at that moment, he had been 7'5" tall, and weighed 1140 pounds. Instantly, he started gaining thirty-five pounds a minute. Jakk felt his body pulsating with power as it found faster ways to turn the relentless source of culture into more and more of himself. The system had already sequestered the capacity to supply several hundred thousand times the flow that his body was now taking in, and there was also another sixty percent capacity that would link up as it became available. Jakk's growth was beginning an upward curve that would never top out. He went to the physics lab to weigh himself for a while. As he stood on the big platform and watched himself in the glass, his muscles grew like time-lapse photography. He felt wonderful as he saw more and more of himself coming into existence. A continuously building wave of rampant hypermasculine power overwhelmed his mind. The POWER! The unfathomable surging explosion of self-glorifying biological power was filling and filling and filling him. He would be endlessly powerful, endlessly muscular, bigger and more and better! Although Jakk was enthralled with his body reflecting in the mirror, he was most of all determined to expand himself as fast as possible. To that end he went to the nearest terminal after noting that he now weighed 1835 pounds, and created a loop extention that, when inserted into the program, would allow him to expand the supply rate and feed circumference just by pushing a button on his cellphone. He inserted the loop into the program, and then built a tiny remote that allowed him to expand the supply without using the phone. He bonded the remote to his left thumbnail and immediately pressed the dot with his left index finger. Jakk started to grow faster and faster. His ability to absorb the culture could improve as fast as needed. His digestive tract was growing stronger and was now able to absorb the culture and nutrients better if placed under increasing pressure. Jakk began holding the dot down constantly. He was now gaining two hundred pounds a minute. He almost immediately grew to fifteen feet tall, and over six tons in bodyweight. He felt the vastness of each of his muscles, allowing his mind to shift totally into the muscle, reveling in the orgasmic swelling and bulging of each of them, cell by cell by cell . . . In a couple of seconds between his muscle-distributed awareness, he realized that the room was seeming smaller and smaller. He would have to go outside or the building would be destroyed. Soon his body would no longer be a private pleasure, but a spectacle of power. Jakk was starting to feel eager to become an object of awe, adulation, and even worship. Once he got outside, Jakk took a gigantic breath and relaxed again. He noticed that he grew even bigger when he wasn't tensed up. By the time anyone figured out how he was expanding, he'd be unstoppable. He would never stop stuffing his superhuman physique with more and more muscle! He took another long very deep breath and as he let it out slowly, he allowed his mind to drift totally into his rapidly expanding mass, feeling himself thicken faster and faster, every muscle bulging and pushing out, thicker, thicker, thicker. He let himself revel in his accelerating growth on a deeper and deeper level, internalizing the sensation of his exploding power and expanding will to gain even more power, intentionally transforming his consciousness to maximize his urge to gain and expand himself exponentially. He was blasting up and out in all directions. Bigger and bigger, faster and faster. Not even thinking, just feeling the glory of his body exploding with size and power. His brain was converting more and more toward a state of consciousness that was endlessly fixated on his growth, feeling his growth, orchestrating the acceleration of his growth, and expanding his lust for more and greater growth, the endless expansion of himself by orders of magnitude upon orders of magnitude. As dawn began to break he was standing in the public square growing and growing and growing ever faster. At that moment he was eighty feet tall and weighed about 240 tons. He was flexing and posing and had a huge grin plastered on his face. Watching the reactions of the people was going to be fun- their shock at how huge he was, and the second shock as they realized he was growing bigger at a rapidly accelerating rate. Jakk's body had become the dominant feature of the town's landscape, and it was a dynamic feature because of how fast he was swelling and bulging with more and more hypertrophied muscle, and inching taller and taller every few seconds. The thought of people seeing him grow made him laugh with joy, and as he did the booming sound of his voice filled the town and startled everyone from their slumber. They were awakening into a different world than the one they had known the day before, a world now dominated by Jakk's rampant growth into a more and more gigantic, more and more hypermuscular post human. Jakk thought about this too, and realized that as he grew endlessly more gigantic and muscular, he would displace the ecosystem that had supported life, and his formerly fellow humans throughout his planet's history. He doubted whether they could survive as he continued to expand. It was a fleeting thought though, nothing that could be allowed to deter Jakk from bearing down on the acceleration of his relentless growth. He visualized himself gaining orders of magnitude every minute, and knew the time when he'd actually be doing that was only a few hours in the future. Jakk grinned and started to grow faster and faster. As people began to wander outside to see what was going on, Jakk reached 100 feet tall, and was crushing the ground beneath his feet with his one and a half million pounds of phenomenally dense muscle mass. His muscles were dense as steel. He could feel the energy of the whole planetary grid start to reroute itself into his body more and more. He felt glorious! "Bigger! Faster! MORE!" his voice boomed. He didn't really have to think about it any more. Everything was set into motion. He could just revel in feeling himself grow and grow. The size and growth were increasingly euphoric as he continued to swell up and out over the landscape.
  8. He went in the Army and moved around a lot, including to Korea and Germany. I kind of lost track of him, but I like to think he is still out there bodybuilding.
  9. He went in the Army and moved around a lot, including to Korea and Germany. I kind of lost track of him, but I like to think he is still out there bodybuilding. I sometimes even consider that he might show up on this site, but I really don't expect him to be on here. Actually Jerry was a good workout partner, because we both had the same drive and motivations. That was when I really started to think seriously about how to build muscle.
  10. I will post Part II sometime today.
  11. About similarities to Mass Hose- yeah I sort of have a one track mind. Part 2 will take things a little further, but Part 3 will be entirely new. Just starting on that.
  12. Im always hoping Goremeridian will decide to work on it again. Maybe if we keep talking about it, he will.
  13. Let me know what you think about this one. I can't pretend I have any critical perspective on it. It has sentimental value to me, because it was written not long after I told the co-author, who lived in the same dormitory hall, about my obsession with growing hugely muscular to a superhuman degree. I had never mentioned it to anyone before Jerry, and I wasn't even sure I could articulate what it was about. And I expected him to be completely freaked by it, even though we'd been lifting together for a few months by then, and both were into bodybuilding, not just fitness. I was shocked to find out that he was of a similar mind! He had daydreamed about being a hugely muscled giant, but like me had never talked about it with anyone. Not long after that I approached him with the idea of a short story about someone becoming a muscle giant. As far as either of us knew, there were no other bodybuilders who had these kinds of extreme ideas. So the story was just for our own amusement. It was years later when I stumbled across the previous version of this site, and found out there were a few other guys with similar desires. I'm editing the second part of the story and hope to have it ready within a day or two.
  14. This is an old story that I nearly forgot about. The original version I actually collaborated on with my workout buddy Jerry in college, years ago. I brushed it up a bit and got rid of at least part of the stylistic awkwardness (I was the plot guy, he was the science guy, we both identified with the character, a lot). Any way I hope you all like it. This is the first part of it. The Accident at Thucinian Part I Jakk had always been a very thin guy, who although of medium bone structure, had a very inefficient metabolism, which caused his difficulty putting on any muscular weight. Jakk had adapted to this fact, and made the best of his physical abilities, limited as they were- he became a moderately good track and field athlete in high school. But despite his interest in sports and physical culture, he knew he would never make a career of such activities, so he applied himself in chemistry and biology. When he finished at Primus Thoracius Academy, at only 15 years old, he was already accepted and place in an accelerated program in Sheerashth Colleguim (sciences) at Thucinian University, the best in East Aminoterre. He quickly gained the respect and friendship of the factulty and graduate staff, and became involved in numerous important research projects, some of which earned him a fine stipend, rare for undergraduates. One night after exercising extensively at the gym, Jakk went to the lab to work on an experiment in bio-nanite hormone regeneration, looking for a way to provide a cure for the GCV1(gene chaos virus) that accidentally escaped in Flagurota. He noticed that someone had left the room seals open, and the original imprint sample had been exposed to radioactivity during the nanite mapping process, making the whole culture useless. He would have to start a new batch. He got himself some protein drink to recover from his workout, and began to dismantle the old experiment at a leisurely pace. He set aside a sample of the old culture to cryostore for reference, and was getting ready to burn the rest of the liquid when the vial dropped on the counter next to his drink, and the culture ran out onto the floor. He didn't panic, since the nanites would soon self-destruct outside a sufficient lipid culture mass, so the culture was harmless. He cleaned up the mess and finished his drink, then made some notes for a new try tomorrow. Jakk noticed he was especially hungry, and got a couple of sandwiches and some milk. After he finished at the lab, he was already hungry again, as if the earlier snack was digested instantly. "I guess I must've burned up more calories than I thought lifting today he said to himself. "I'm famished!" He got home twenty minutes later and accessed two ethervids of old movies to watch. He knew he wouldn't go to sleep early, he was feeling restless for some reason. He kept the foodmaker busy all evening synthing snacks that were loaded with protein. Finally before bed, he sat for an hour constantly stuffing himself with food, trying to eliminate his gnawing hunger before he finally felt sort of full. Fortunately he hadn't been wearing anything except gym shorts, because he knew his pants would've burst at the waist his stomach felt so full. Before getting into bed, Jakk noticed his stomach was bulging out several inches, and that his body seemed to be showing a lot more veins than he had seen before. He fell asleep puzzled by this strange overeating binge. Maybe his metabolism was changing, he thought. Not unusual during adolescence. Jakk woke up feeling great, as if he could take on the world. He opened his eyes and looked to see if his stomach was back to normal. Something between shock and ecstasy overcame him slowly as he surveyed himself. His body had somehow miraculously improved from it's previous condition. His chest and arms were denser and more thickly muscled, and his abdomen was rippling with thick muscles. When he weighed himself, he discovered he had grown from 138 to 155 pounds, seventeen pounds heavier Jakk immediately figured out that his "ruined" experiment must have splattered into his protein drink, and thrived in the milkfat that was in it, until activating and having great results on his body. He ate for two and a half hours and then went to the lab. System modeling proved his hypothesis, and a longitudinal model showed no harmful effects could result. He revived the rest of the culture and set half of it into production to make more of the musclebuilding substance. He mixed the other half into a protein drink and guzzled it. Then he went home and pulled out his weight set and did a full body workout. Lifting enhanced his appetite even more quickly than it had in previously, and he had at least twenty-five times as much of the culture in him now. He reset the foodmaker for constant production and began to gulp huge chunks of textured protein, and each bite made him want a bigger bite to follow it. He figured out the most efficient swallowing technique to max out his consumption rate. This time he couldn't really get full even after seven hours, and his stomach didnt stick out- he was digesting it all as fast as he could swallow each bite. Jack literally felt his muscles expanding and increasing in strength. After nine hours of continuous gorging, his seemingly relentless appetite slowed down enough so he could think. He weighed himself, and found he had reached 263 pounds. He looked in the mirror and admired the gargantuan musculature covering his 5'11" frame. He had always wanted big muscles, but not this big. Now however he was elated about his thick bulging body and wanted to grow as big as possible. He admired his huge bulges for a few minutes, and then he started to feel empty again. The ease with which he had developed super muscularity made the idea of even bigger muscles irresistable. The bigger he grew the more he desired even more immensely massive power. The generator had made a huge supply of the culture, and Jack used it every hour to increase his appetite and gain mass even faster. Five hours later he was up from 263 to 379 pounds. His muscles were constantly swelling ever huger with power. His chest was mountainous, and his back and shoulders bulged alarmingly with great round muscles that jutted out from his hulking torso. His arms grew so fast he couldn't get the same measurement twice. Jakk's mind reeled with the intensity of the physical rush of ecstatic energy flowing through him. He could feel each muscle growing faster and faster, each minute accelerating with power. Finally, he reached the point when he could NOT control his muscular lust another second. His muscles began to actually speak, actually SHOUT at him, commanding him to allow even faster growth, and in an almost orgasmic second, he drank three gallons of the pure culture, leaving just enough to start a new one. Then he began to eat ever more ravenously, knowing somewhere in the back of his mind that he would be eating every waking moment for weeks on end. His ego was feeding too, anticipating the quantum leap in musculature and power that would result. He was consciously aware only of exploding size and power, and of the fact that every second would bring more size and strength to every muscle in his body. Every pound gained fueled his lust for even more superhuman power and gigantic mass. While guzzling from a 3 gallon jug with one hand, Jakk used his other hand to feed the culture into the replicater/storage system of the foodmaker. He then paused just long enough to patch the house netframe exclusively to the food system, leaving all other systems in interim holochip mode. He finally instructed the turboconfigured foodmaker to churn out 75 percent power culture in a 25 percent protein base at maximum rate. He hooked up a tube that would easily reach anywhere in the apartment to the food maker, and to a mouthpiece on the other end. Then he changed his mind and decided he could ingest the culture twice as fast if he didn't have to pause to breathe. He put a special tip on the end of the tube and fed the end of it down directly into his stomach. It felt funny at first, and he had to breathe only through his nose, but he quickly adapted to it. He hit the start button, expecting initial feelings of bloating. They never came, because his digestive tract absorbed the stuff as fast as it spewed into him. This was perfect. The culture was both growth/appetite stimulant and food in one liqiuid, and he was ingesting it effortlessly, moving about the house as he pleased. He walked to the big picture window in the living room. It was night, so the glass reflected like a dim mirror. Jakk struck a double biceps pose, and stared at his pulsing bulging biceps. As he watched his huge body in the glass, he could barely fathom himself. It was beyond his psyche's points of self-reference. He almost thought he had turned into another man. He now weighed over 550 pounds. When he activated the floor scale, he could see that he was gaining almost a pound of muscle every minute. He grinned gleefully at himself- he had an idea! He went to the phone and ordered two more food makers charged to his account, along with three mini matter broadcasters and tag localizers. Within a few minutes they were delivered to his door. Jakk quickly hooked up the two food makers to the netframe chain, and entered the culture file from the old one. Then he attached the transmitter modules of the mini matter broadcasters to the two new foodmakers, and swallowed their marble sized receiver modules, and started the two foodmakers into full production, broadcasting directly into his stomach. He immediately felt the wonderful flow of more culture into him. He reluctantly shut off the old system long enough to relpace its tube with the third module, and swallowed the last receiver marble. He could feel his muscles begin to surge with more and more power as they inflated with stone hard mass even more rapidly. He was now ingesting at four times his previous rate. He turned on the floorscale again, finding that he weighed over 680 pounds, and was gaining six pounds a minute. He stood very relaxed in front of the window and watched himself swelling and expanding, exploding with muscle. Now he didn't even have to think about eating as long as he was within ten miles of the home netframe. His body was being fed constantly, and would continue to feed even as he slept. Since his building had two power supply back ups, even a power outage couldn't stop his muscular expansion. He kept watching his immense body in the glass for a while. Finally he closed his eyes and let go of normal consciousness, feeling an orgasmic wave engulf his body for a while. In the half hour that had passed since he swallowed the receivers, he had grown to 900 pounds. He began to tense his muscles in various bodybuilding poses he had seen on video. His body was fantastic, he thought to himself, as he saw the gigantic bulging muscles that totally obscured his thickening frame of bones. Every bodypart was tremendously hypertrophied: His completely cross-striated and vascular traps were over twenty inches thick, and bulged up past his ears. His deltoids were the size of inflated beachballs, and each of the three sections was distinct and chiseled sharply. His back was covered with muscles so big they constantly shoved at each other even if he bent over and extended his back. Rows of canteloupe-sized muscle bunches crowded over his spine, covering the ridge of vertebrae completely behind them, the pressure only accelerated their growth. His lats flared down and out, and out , and out, and finally up from just above his waist, quintupling the overall width of his back. His pecs were mountainous muscles thirty-four inches thick, completely cross-striated, immensely global and writhing with heavy veins that throbbed constantly as his upper torso gorged ever bigger with a will of its own. His pecs seemed more likely to blow up every second. His abs, obliques, and intercostals, nearly as thick as his chest, were huge columns of bulging, pulsating, glowing muscle. Most impressive of all were his limbs. Each bicep was more than four times the size of his head, and his triceps were even larger. His upper arms were so big that their length was negligible compared to their width. His forearms were covered with slabs of muscle that bulged straight out from his wrists, then tapered up into broadening masses that rammed against his upper arm muscles. His legs were even more extremely developed, and were bulging relentlessly bigger as the seconds ticked by. His hamstrings blew out and up, pushing up his super thick glutes, which pulsed rhythmically as they swelled with sinew. His quads were so thick that they were slammed into his obliques, abs, and even lats. Only the increasingly ithyphallic mass of his penis allowed it to squeeze out between his legs. He stood with his knees over three feet apart, yet he couldn't seem to make enough room for his increasingly hypermasculine stance. Just when Jakk thought his body couldn't support any more muscle, something excellent happened. His bones thickened a lot more, and his structure broadened out to accommodate more mass. Then he grew taller until he reached 6'7" tall. All the while his muscles kept growing bigger. Now Jakk knew there was no limit to his body's adaptability to growth, There was no reason he couldn't further accelerate his expansion. Jakk connected to the supercomputer at the campus, and transmitted all the needed data and materials to the biolab at school. Since it was late, no one would be in the building, and he could walk there undisturbed and unnoticed, without leaving receiver range. As he stepped outside, wearing only an improvised jockstrap made out of his canoe's stretch casing, he felt the late evening air blowing gently over him, tickling the whole surface of his body as he kept swelling with power, making him aware of how much of him there was, the expanses of his skin tightening as his physique blew up into a full body erection while he lazily and comfortably swaggered to the lab.
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