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    Nearly all things nerdy/geeky, muscle/weightlifting, bodybuilding, and medicine
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    5'9" 260 lbs.
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    Nerdy conversation, possible training talk. Slowly getting into flexing sessions, but life keeps me too busy unfortunately (medical grad student)
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    5'9" 300, ~10-15% bodyfat.
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    Always changes
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    Always changes
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    Eh, not really

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  1. dragonknight

    Am I too sexually addicted to muscle?

    Probably what you wouldn't normally hear on a site like this, but I'd honestly recommend getting in with a therapist/counselor (one that's lgbt firiendly of course.) I say this because situations like this can lead to internal anguish and down the road to clinical depression. An outside 3rd party that's not biased in the situation can be really helpful for most anyone.
  2. dragonknight

    Big Guys into Small Guys?

    Hell, I've gotten pretty decent sized in the past couple of years and still don't feel big enough most of the time. My clothing budget recently says otherwise lol
  3. Thanks for following me.

  4. Thanks for the follow, big guy!

  5. dragonknight


    It's pretty fun. Story is ok, but music, graphics, and combat are some of the best in the series. Voice acting is really good too. Took a chance and played the game with the English as opposed to Japanese voice actors and was very pleased with how well it was.
  6. dragonknight


    Haha, some of my favorites in there. Always enjoyed JRPGs, currently finishing up Tales of Zestiria
  7. dragonknight

    Sailor Hulk

    After watching Sailor Moon Crystal the past few days, I had a different picture in my head of Sailor Hulk when I saw the title. Definitely glad my initial thoughts were not the case haha.
  8. dragonknight


    Sadly PS4 will be waiting till after graduation/job secured as well. Grad school is pricey when supporting yourself, so dishing out a few hundred bucks is difficult to budget unless I make that my entire non-necessity budget. We shall see though.
  9. dragonknight


    Gaymer here and debating grabbing FF XIV, but sadly would have to grab it on ps3 as opposed to PC. Not enough money to build a new computer as clinical rotations equate to full-time work I am paying for, so don't have time to get a job till after graduation this Summer/Fall
  10. dragonknight

    Pleasure Growth 6

    Another phenomenal chapter
  11. dragonknight

    "mike Wants More!" - By Musclegod300

  12. dragonknight

    Work Shift

    Always loved this story

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