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    Nearly all things nerdy/geeky, muscle/weightlifting, bodybuilding, and medicine
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    5'9" 260 lbs.
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    Nerdy conversation, possible training talk. Slowly getting into flexing sessions, but life keeps me too busy unfortunately (medical grad student)
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    5'9" 300, ~10-15% bodyfat.
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    Always changes
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    Always changes
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    Eh, not really

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  1. Thanks for following me.

  2. Thanks for the follow, big guy!

    1. dragonknight


      You're welcome!

  3. After watching Sailor Moon Crystal the past few days, I had a different picture in my head of Sailor Hulk when I saw the title. Definitely glad my initial thoughts were not the case haha.
  4. Another phenomenal chapter
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