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  1. I answered you about threads on individuals.

  2. Wow....what a GREAT series! It instantly makes me........well, you know....
  3. What a great series, Joey!......well worth reading, and re-reading......and always an awesome erotic charge! ?
  4. I agree too, in theory, but how exactly would he access the authors? They only go by an anonymous screen name (usually), so Google would not help. How would he obtain their email addresses?
  5. I'm sorry to see this great story end, but hundreds (? thousands) of guys will have it saved on their hard drive, to be "enjoyed" (wink, wink ?) for a long time to come. Thanks so much!
  6. calhoun

    The Show

    Everything you write is super-hot and boner-inducing! Thanks so much for this new one....look forward to more of it.
  7. Awesomely hot story! Thank you so much. Forgive me for being nit-picky, but shouldn't the last post be "Three."?
  8. Very different and very creative! Hope you continue....
  9. calhoun

    Jeff: Ab workout

    So glad you included an abs story in your repertoire! Abs are my favorite muscle and you nailed it......HOT!!
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