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    Big aussie, getting bigger every day. Love working out and living life.

    Originally skinny (55kg) and now not (93kg) I'm a huge fan of transforming myself and really pleased and a bit proud that I'm able to do it. Only thing is, I've come this far, but I just want more and more growth.

    Love knowing that off the rack clothes are rarely an option anymore and always looking to make that problem worse.

    I like chatting to people, i don't like RP (so don't waste your time).

    I'm going to live the best and biggest life possible. I love that this intimidates most people.

    Say hi though.
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    33yo - 5'9 - 205lbs
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    Encouragement, support, advice, friends, likeminded guys
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    5'9 - 250lbs (realistic) and would LOVE 300!

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