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    Big aussie, getting bigger every day. Love working out and living life.

    Originally skinny (55kg) and now not (93kg) I'm a huge fan of transforming myself and really pleased and a bit proud that I'm able to do it. Only thing is, I've come this far, but I just want more and more growth.

    Love knowing that off the rack clothes are rarely an option anymore and always looking to make that problem worse.

    I like chatting to people, i don't like RP (so don't waste your time).

    I'm going to live the best and biggest life possible. I love that this intimidates most people.

    Say hi though.
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    33yo - 5'9 - 205lbs
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    Encouragement, support, advice, friends, likeminded guys
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    5'9 - 250lbs (realistic) and would LOVE 300!

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  1. Ha I was hoping that someone already had it figured out for me so that I could get a head start on my shopping list and get excited about the prospects
  2. Hey guys - thought I would ask the experts. Does anyone know about great supps / and other 'things' that I could get in the USA that aren't generally available elsewhere (especially in Australia)? I'm going to be spending a bit of time in the USA and hoping that I can use my holiday to test drive some great (but still legal) stuff! Hope you can let me know, MB
  3. Hey guys, thought I would reach out and see if anyone else has similar experience. I had a blissful 3 weeks where I was able to eat, train eat and train whenever I needed (obviously, I wasn't working) - This was fantastic, I gained like crazy and felt awesome. Custom made suits, shirts and other clothes were required and I loved it! Fast forward a couple of months and I have been back at work - working full time in a fairly demanding office job. Lots of travel, bad nutrition and long hours without opportunity to eat like a BBer. So... I find it a challenge to keep getting big, keep training like I want and eat huge while balancing a full time career. Anyone got the formula right?
  4. Hey guys, I'm heading back to work tomorrow after a 3 week layover from work - and I've been fortunate enough to spend most of it in the gym YES!!! So, here's hoping that I am; - Disciplined enough to wake at 5 to down my shake and head to the gym - Pump hard and honestly - Enjoy a great pump for the morning when I head to work Be my cheersquad guys - I will continue my results!!
  5. This really resonates with me too - I get comments and it is really hard for me to accept it. Mainly because I don't feel big enough to deserve the comment - However, I am starting to really really enjoy these comments and the more the add up, the more that I know that I am really making progress. I don't BB for the attention, I do it for very very personal reasons to me, that I probably don't fully understand yet - But compliments are now more welcome than ever.
  6. Thanks man - only just realised that someone else posted the same thing previously - whoops. Shame my mum doesn't tailor Appreciate you comment though - Cheers. B
  7. Nice reply man. Appreciate your thoughts and am definitely happy I'm not average. Ha
  8. aussiegrowinbig


    Hey again guys, I've gone from being someone who can wear very very fashionable clothes (read: skinny) to someone who has very limited choices now (if I still want to look good). I have a lifestyle that requires me to wear a suit 9 - 5, look like a 30'ish life in order guy on the weekends / after work and obviously a beast in the gym . I refuse to resort to tracksuit pants / elastic to remain comfortable - and I still want to remain fashionable. So far I have experienced problems in the suiting area (of course) and have some serious tailoring requirements - and casual clothing is starting to take a strain as well (I really do like slimfit - but not that much!!) So this is just a general chat if anyone else has experienced this - what did you do about it? Did you give up? Is there a niche in the market that I should fill? Talk soon guys, B
  9. Hey guys, Just wanted to share my experiences over the past 2 weeks pushing through twice daily workouts. Typical split is like this; - Monday - Chest and Bi's - Monday PM - Back / Tri's - Tuesday - off - Wednesday - Legs - Wednesday PM - Shoulders - Thursday - Chest and Bi's - Thursday PM - Back / Tri's - Friday - off - Saturday - Off - Sunday - Off This was really exciting for me, but I have gotten a lot of things WRONG, but made some noticeable gains and feeling great. I have noticed though, my energy levels have depleted in the last week - I don't think my nutrition has kept up with me. I am in no way one of those bbers who measure everything - however apply general principles to things. I think I've outgrown this method, so need to start getting more serious about my nutrition and training. Keen to hear your thoughts, B
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