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    Muscle worship, growth, forced workouts, transformations
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    Gym buddies, chat, skype - I love veiny, shredded, cocky dudes. But I'm really into any fit guy, from lean to muscle beast.
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    Always bigger
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    The Jeff series by ShreddedFreaksLover
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  1. LilBuffGuy

    Jeff: Ab workout

    Any chance we'll be getting any more in this series?
  2. What are the chances we'll ever get more of this story?
  3. LilBuffGuy

    Jeff: Ab workout

    @ShreddedFreaksLover, It's as though you took the most visceral, brutal parts of my sexual fantasies--the parts I didn't even know were there--and you brought them to life in this story (as with your other Jeff stories). I love the way you describe the mental shutdown of characters that are faced with a man that's both nature's horrifying mistake, and who's, at the same time, more masculine and sexual than anyone past or present. And I love even more how you describe the primal urge Jeff has to bring spectators to that point of madness. You've painted this main character so perfectly with your words that I can see Jeff perfectly in my mind, despite having no real reference for what he'd actually look like. This story in particular really had an effect on me. Something about how you describe Jeff going beyond even his own expectations, fueled by his own blinding lust for himself....your descriptions were perfect. You've done something to me with this story and character that has never happened before. This is the first time, honestly, where I've cum entirely handsfree, just from reading the narrative. Not a little pre-leak, mind you, but a full, powerful eruption, without any physical aid whatsoever. So thanks for that! PLEASE keep these coming. I can't stand the wait until your next story!
  4. This story was hot as hell, man! Any chance you've got another one to share?
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