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    lifting weights, reading books, laughing, music, cyborgs, cultural studies.
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    Deadlift: 405 lbs x 1
    Squat: 330 lbs x 4
    Bench: 225 lbs x 5
    OHP: 135 x 4

    Six feet nuthin'. As of March 21 2015, according to DEXA scan: 194.7 lbs, 14.9% bodyfat.

    Arms: 16.25"
    Chest: 45"
    Waist: 33"
    Thigh: 26.5"

    I gotta instagram if you care to look: https://www.instagram.com/michaelmcmikey/
  • What are you seeking?
    Mutual muscle appreciation? A momentary diversion on the road to the grave? How long is a piece of string? I want to get huge and I like guys who want to get huge or have gotten huge. Semantic dissociation surrounding the word "huge."

    I really enjoy roleplaying. Tell me, in great detail, how huge you're going to make me, and I'll basically melt.

    If anyone is physically proximate and wants to trade flexes, I'm always into that.

    Through my very scholarly approach to most things I seem to have become more knowledgeable than many regarding PEDs. So I'm always happy to trade knowledge, anecdotes, experiences, etc.
  • What are your dream stats?
    300+ lbs, just generally freaky big. I have a tiny frame (wrists just over 6") so in all honesty and speaking realistically I think a lean 240 would look amazing on me - BUT WHY STOP THERE, the fetish-monster roars from the corner.

    In all honesty, my desire far outstrips what is even remotely possible, so let's just say: I wanna get as big as I can get. And in my most extreme fantasies that's like, quadruple digits, very easily.
  • Favorite Stories
    Most of bbmikenj's ouevre, The G, Myophile's old stories (Pincushion, Immobilization of Jake). I like stuff that's written with imagination and heart, but that also shows some familiarity with the actual mechanisms of real world muscle growth (just expanded and accelerated a little beyond what is actually possible). Magic potions that make a guy swell up in minutes with no effort - meh, not so much.

    Excessive violence is a big turn off for me. I want muscles that are mostly for peace and love and only occasionally for tossing someone around (onto a mattress, of course, always!) ;)
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    far too many to list.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    I have side interests in gaining (not on myself, but on others), ridiculously huge cocks, and ASFR (basically: sexy male robots/androids/cyborgs). I have a complicated, fraught relationship with the leather scene.

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  1. This is so fucking hot. I hope you finish the next part.
  2. Mikeytron

    Work Muscle Buddy Part 11.5

    Have you never heard of an open relationship?!
  3. Mikeytron

    Work Muscle Buddy Part 10

    fuck! can't wait for the next part!
  4. Mikeytron

    Work Muscle Buddy Part 9

    I've been enjoying this series! I especially like the parts where they ingest just... ridiculous quantities of semen, and the growth that follows. I hope there's more of that to come.
  5. Mikeytron

    Bitten by the Growth Bug

    Hey, thanks. Yup, priority #1 is making the fantasy into reality. But I've got this little story all plotted out in my head, I promise I'll come back to it.
  6. Mikeytron


    DAMN WRONG FORUM! meant to put this in advertising. Help mods - delete the thread?
  7. Mikeytron


    sorry sorry sorry - posted in the wrong forum by accident!
  8. Mikeytron

    drop sets advice

    Training the muscle in question to failure / muscle exhaustion is the point of a super-set or a drop-set. Lots of bodybuilders use sets of 15 or even 20. Some muscle groups really love high volume - smaller muscles like biceps and shoulders, but also legs, in my experience. Don't be afraid of high rep sets. Think of speedskaters and track cyclists. Think of how monster-huge their thighs are.
  9. Weight stuck around 187 for a couple of weeks. Up calories from 4k to 4.5k /day. This morning: 185.4 lbs. MY BODY IS TROLLING ME.

    1. TheOnceandFutureFreak


      Give it a few days you know that. 

    2. viennabeef


      I know that feeling quite well. Just keep at it and eventually your body will admit defeat and start growing again. Force it to submit to your will!

  10. Can I just said amazing story so far I love the self reflection in the story and something every lifter should ask himself when things are plateaued does the fire burn the same?

    1. Mikeytron


      Very much appreciated! I do tend to write from personal experience, the heart, etc - obviously fictionalized and then exaggerated into fantasy. I hope you like where things go.

    2. TheOnceandFutureFreak


      I love where it is going. These factors aren't really considered when lifting but can make a huge difference 

  11. Mikeytron

    Bitten by the Growth Bug

    Two A few weeks have gone by. The first gym with Mark was a success, or at least you thought so at first. You wore a tanktop that showed off your pecs, the notched valley between them, and a pair of shorts that flattered your assets, so to speak. Not that you needed to reel this fish in - he was well and landed - but you wanted to see the look on Mark's face as you got a pump, when veins started to coil their way down your hairy 17" arms, when your already bubbly butt inflated further, rounder, pulling the fabric of your shorts taut. Well. You thought you didn't need to reel this fish in. After the workout, you introduced him to your trainer buddy Ryan. Got him set up with a package of 20 sessions. Then - right when you thought you'd seal the deal, when you were about to fulfill the erotic promise of months of glances and office flirtation - Mark seemed to get cold feet. He turned down an invitation back to your place. Fair enough, some guys don't move that fast. But, despite swapping phone numbers, there were no texts from him in the days after, no flirty messages, nothing. You're not the type of guy to chase after someone, especially not a skinny twink, no matter how cute, or how nice his ass. So you don't text him, either. Days turn into weeks. You don't see him in the awful food court at your work anymore, either. You actually start to worry. Is he avoiding you? Did you come on too strong - freak him out, maybe? Some people can't take the raw animal sexuality, but, well, you were pretty sure he was digging your vibe.... Eventually you message Ryan, your trainer buddy, the guy who was supposed to be training Mark. "Hey Ry, that guy Mark ever come back for any of his sessions?" "Derek, buddy, he's an animal, I just re-upped him. I've never seen a newbie take to the weights like this. He's here every night. I told him to take the weekends off, but I caught the little bastard in here last Saturday, doing bicep curls in the corner like I wouldn't notice him." You always lift in the morning before work. So your paths would never cross. A twinge of something - is it jealousy? but what are you jealous of? - stirs in your chest. "So he's making progress?," you text back. "Blowing up like a balloon. I tell him not to get used to it, it's just newbie gains." Your cock throbs in your work pants despite yourself. You want to see this cute twink "blowing up like a balloon." To be honest, you still want to nail him to your mattress with your cock. You tell yourself to cool it. You can have a different guy every night of the week if you want to - it's easy for you. Still, though. Once again, Mark is a no-show in the food court where you always used to see him. Your shitty grilled chicken pita with extra chicken that you eat every day tastes especially bland and styrofoam-like, and the blue-white flourescent lights make all the other office drones look ghoulish. After work, you go to the gym, despite having already done your workout that morning. He's there, executing perfect squats, Ryan standing back and watching, nodding. He's only got 195 lbs across his back, but, well, he was squatting an empty bar three weeks ago... "Derek!" Ryan calls out across the gym floor, performing the loud exuberant jock. Mark turns in your direction, flushed, dripping, breath heaving. He's definitely thicker. His t-shirt is definitely hanging on him in a different way, pushed out a little by budding pecs, clinging a little on baby delts. He grins at you like everything's cool. The stupid thing is, any sourness you felt melts away at that smile. He's so enthusiastic, so clearly happy to be here, to be ground into a thin paste by Ryan's famously punishing leg workouts. Ryan looks at his charge. "Wipe that smile off your face, buddy, you've still got two sets left." He glances at his phone. "Fifteen seconds until go time. Get your ass ready." You stand and watch the next two sets, done rapidly, with minimal rest. Mark's already nice butt has definitely added some meat to it. And his lats are just gently pushing out the sides of his t-shirt in a way they didn't before. For the sake of propriety, you take a spot on an elliptical and do some steady state cardio, low and slow, watching the rest of Mark's workout unfold. He really is an animal, like Ryan said. Never hesitating to dive into a set, running at the proverbial wall each time. Not holding anything back. You remember having that intensity when you started lifting, when everything about the gym was new and exciting and you couldn't wait to get huge... you wonder what happened to it. You love the gym, yeah, of course, but it's a steady sort of flame, warm, not hot. You're committed but not... lustful for growth, the way Mark is. When he's done he comes over. Panting, chest heaving. Cloudy drops of sweat collecting on his cute little nose, on his chin, splashing on the black rubber floor. "I don't see you at lunch anymore," you say. It isn't what you meant to lead with. It makes you sound needy. Desperate, even. Why the fuck is this little guy - and he is still a little guy, despite these impressive newbie gains - why is this little guy putting you off guard so much? "I'm surprised I ever saw you at lunch, big man. Ryan has me on a meal plan. I tupperware it every day. Two lunches, 11:00 and 2:00. I just work through the noon hour now." You grunt. It's true. You've let your meal prep slide. You used to be on the tupperware brigade. You used to be one of those guys who ate multiple meals at odd times, occasionally attracting a stare or a remark from a coworker. What happened? A little voice inside. How long have you been stuck at 205, 210....? Had you become... complacent? Had you stopped pushing? Were your abs blurrier than they used to be? Your arms a little smaller? "You're looking bigger," you say, to change the topic. "Heh, yeah!" Mark grins, unable to mask his enthusiasm. "I'm up 18 lbs." "18 lbs!" you squawk before you can stop yourself. You do the math. It's been... 24 days. "Mark, that's..." "Yeah, Ryan tells me it's exceptional. 155 lbs to 173 lbs. He says it's gonna slow down real soon. I hope not, though. I love it." His grin widens. "Thanks so much for introducing me to the gym, Derek. I should have started this years ago." He sniffs, as if suddenly noticing a bad smell. He leans his face toward his right armpit and inhales more deeply. "Woah, I'm ripe, I should get out of here. I'll see you around, big guy." And with that he was gone, gone before you could embarrass yourself further with some stupid remark. Some remark like "text me!"
  12. Mikeytron

    Bitten by the Growth Bug

    I've been having this kind of recurring fantasy in my waking hours the last week or so, so I figured I might as well write it out. Here's part one. More parts to come as I have the chance to add them. This is just set-up, so far. Once the growth gets going, I'm intending to take it pretty far. You didn't know him that well. He was the guy whose eye you sometimes caught. Glances exchanged in the food court in the basement of the office block where you both worked. Maybe three or four times a year - the slender guy with the cute face and the good hair and the nice little butt just curving out the back of those skinny-cut grey trousers, you'd think. The hot guy with the widow's peak and the jutting pecs whose wide shoulders are putting a hurt on the seams of that dress shirt, he'd think. Mark, you think his name is. You spoke once, in the elevator. Miraculously alone together, briefly, fleetingly. You traded names, a remark about the goddamn weather. Then - "I've seen you around." "Yeah, I've seen you around, too." That flush of heat where you both know you want to dive in, suck face, rip the clothes off your heaving bodies, nail that fucking twink to the mirrored wall with your steel-hard cock, but it's 1:00 on a Tuesday and there's meetings to attend, conference calls to join, quarterly reports to be revised. That kind of bullshit. But your eyes meet, and both of you know. And then the elevator dings and the doors open and the spell is broken and dull crushing ordinary life resumes. But the sexual energy flashes in the distance even still, like far-off heat lightning on a dry summer night. At least, that's what you tell yourself. Every now and then, that inner voice of doubt - Derek, settle down you're full of shit. Well - maybe so. But a fantasy's a fantasy, right? And then one day he comes over, in that damn soulless could-be-anywhere foodcourt, and asks if he can sit across from you. Well - naturally - you say yeah. Kid's nervous, you can tell. "Kid." He's maybe 25, 26. Just two or three years younger than you. But he's running his hands through his coiffure, he's fidgeting. You decide to cut to the chase - why let him twist in the wind? "You gonna ask me out, bud?" He looks shocked, but not offended. "Well, uh, kind of, actually. I was wondering... um. Your body... shit." "Yeah, it's a pretty good body," you say, leaning back a little, feeling the fabric of your shirt stretch and strain over your lats as you rearrange your posture. 5'11", 210, lean enough for abs. "I'll bet it is," Mark blurts, face flushing. "No, damn, I'm doing this all wrong." "Relax, bud," you say, not actually wanting him to relax. You enjoy how flustered he is. "Your body," he resumes. "You obviously know your way around a gym. I want.... I want to bulk up. I don't mean a little. I mean, at least as much as you, maybe more. I know I'm skinny as hell, I know it must sound ridiculous. But I thought maybe you could point me in the right direction, tell me which gym to go to, what trainer to hire, I don't know. No one I know is into it. They all think muscles are creepy and gross." You smirk, not unkindly, and lean in close, let your voice shift into something a bit more bedroom-y. "But you don't." "I don't," Mark gulps. "Fuck, man, I'm so nervous, just saying it." You consider him. He's probably your height, but he can't weigh more than 155 lbs. His clothes are well-cut, and you can see the suggestion of a good structure underneath. Good bones to build on. "I'll tell you what, Mark. You come to the gym with me this weekend, and I'll give you a little intro, just as a favour to a friend. You definitely wanna work with a trainer. It's expensive but hey, you're in this same corporate hell as me, right, you can probably throw a few thousand a year after this, right? I think I know the guy for you...."
  13. Mikeytron

    Electro Stimulation Gyms

    I'm sure if it was better than, or even comparable to, traditional weightlifting techniques, then many of the pros would be doing it, which does not seem to be the case.
  14. Mikeytron

    Forum Mission, Purpose and History

    So I've been lurking on the various iterations of the forum since... gee, 2001 or so? I hesitated from participating for a long time (up until this year) for a number of reasons. There's one male muscle growth forum on the internet: this one - even though the fetish is not all that uncommon, I've come to learn. How many members did the forum have back in the day when it was explicitly male muscle only? It was a LOT more than 500, and there are more people online now than there were then. I think if female muscle growth became more prevalent here, I'd probably stop visiting, unless it was kept in a separate subforum, or some sort of filtering was possible. There are other places online that cater to FMG, and really no other place that caters to MMG. This forum feels like a bit of a 'safe space' the way a gay bar also feels 'safe,' if that makes sense.
  15. Mikeytron

    Hiring a pro coach / trainer

    Three years ago, I hired a personal trainer, and he revolutionized my gym-going (best thing a newbie can do, in my opinion). I started seeing actual results for the first time. As time went by, I became more independent in my training for a variety of reasons. Love the guy, still lift with him sometimes, but we're basically on the same level now (in fact, I squat and deadlift a bit more than he does), he is young and has never been more than 'fit', has never trained a client from not-huge to huge, and, most importantly, we no longer have a gym where we can work together as trainer and client (and we haven't for 18 months now). I still got great results flying solo, but I feel like I've been stagnating for the last six months, and I'd like to hire a pro or pro-equivalent coach or a trainer to take me to the next level and beyond. Has anyone done this before? I feel paralyzed by choice. There's a trainer who freelances at my gym. His body just astounds me and when I see him lifting his tecnique and intensity are just fantastic — so I've thought about hiring him (bonus: he'd actually be able to train me, not just coach me from a distance). Two of my bodybuilder buddies have hired Greg Doucette (an IFBB pro) to coach them, and his programming and diet is incredibly thorough, tailored, and one-on-one. Regan Grimes sells custom training packages off his website, and I admire him a lot. And Ben Pakulski's Mi40 program keeps popping up on my radar, too. And these are just four of the seemingly endless options. Have you done this? What was your experience? What would you recommend?