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  1. To help your cravings.

  2. http://www.tmz.com/2017/08/22/dallas-mccarver-dies-bodybuilder-chokes-on-food/ A sad day in the world of bodybuilding as we lose one due to a possible freak accident.
  3. http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1678929/thor-ragnarok-is-looking-for-beefy-men I don't need to explain what this article is about as the title explains it all and the rest of the details are in this link.
  4. mystery7

    Incredible Hulk

  5. mystery7

    Incredible Hulk

    I would be surprised if Lou knew him and chose him for the part.
  6. mystery7

    Incredible Hulk

  7. mystery7

    Incredible Hulk

  8. mystery7

    Incredible Hulk

  9. Nice job on the working out.  Going for a bodybuilding show?

    1. John200


      No way. I'm purely recreational. 

    2. mystery7


      Doing good still.  Wish I was that size.

  10. mystery7


    Anyone who starts a goal at the gym, what is the best one for beginners?
  11. mystery7

    Incredible Hulk

    Wished they had a clip of BEFORE they did the hulk outs. You know, before they call action as Lou prepared himself.
  12. I swear your profile pic is almost like Iskander from Fate Zero series.

    1. Luxen


      Haha, surprisingly this is the first time I get a comment like that about my main oc.
      I've made this guy years before I even knew or saw Iskander, though I do love that guy a lot.

    2. mystery7


      Yeah who say no to Iskander.  If fiction was reality to some of the characters I seen.

  13. If you want to talk on Skype or Yahoo let me know.


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