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    Travel, languages, sport, music, muscle - especially love the idea of naked bodybuilding contests - all that muscle, cock and oil !
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    6'3" 230 lbs
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    Friendship with other guys into the same fetish - happy to chat and share
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    I don't know
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    anything involving huge muscles, wrestling, body worship, cock growth etc- and definitely "The Twenty" by Joeysilverado
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    Serge Nubret, Mike Mentzer, Lee Labrada
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    Wrestling naked in oil, huge muscle growth, cock growth, and any scenes set in the ancient world, such as Greece or Rome. I also love muscles under stress - for example, huge naked musclemen forced to turn a grindstone threshing corn under the hot sun, or used as dray slaves or litter carriers - maybe forced to work naked in the mines pulling huge trucks of raw materials or building the pyramids - there are many permutations !

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  1. Joey has written a fantastic muscle epic in "The Twenty" and deserves much greater support from all muscle fans. I cannot wait for the next chapter of this superb story and if it were on Amazon as an E book, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Thanks for your tremendous writing Joey !
  2. Hi there Joey - I am really sorry to hear that you are considering making this move, but totally understand why. I think that "The Twenty" is a fantastic story and would be more than happy to read it on my Kindle. Thank you so much for such a wonderful muscle epic !
  3. That is an absolutely fantastic chapter Joey - well worth the wait - and brilliant writing as always. I do hope that Casey and Moster get to pose completely naked and side by side in a future chapter ! Thanks so much for this wonderful series.
  4. Excellent story - well done ! Presses all my buttons for sure.
  5. This is yet another superb chapter in this great saga - wonderful build up to the session that is about to take place. Thank you so much Joey !!!
  6. This story is absolutely tremendous and each chapter is exciting in itself. I cannot imagine what will happen to Casy in his future adventures, but it is sure to be steamy ! Thanks so much for all your efforts Joey.
  7. Yet another fantastic chapter in the continuing story of Casey Rockland and the adventures of "The Twenty". Thank you so much to Joeysilverado for such a wonderful imagination, great dialogue and such incredibly horny material - superb !!!!
  8. This is a tremendous story and huge congratulations to the writer for providing such stimulation to so many of us muscle fans. This kind of a group of men is something I have often thought about, and joeysliverado must definitely be a good mindreader because he read mine perfectly ! I am looking forward very much to reading about the continuing adventures of Casey Rockland ! Thanks so much once again.
  9. Another great chapter in this incredible muscle saga - and very much looking forward to the battle between Abdul and Casey. Really hope the match at least ends naked with them both covered in sweat and muscles bulging.
  10. Another two great chapters in this unfolding saga - more huge congratulations to the author ! I am looking forward to seeing how Casey fits in to the setup.
  11. Another very good chapter in this developing saga and I am really enjoying the way this is going. A huge thank you to the author - excellent stuff !!!!
  12. I love the way this story is developing - full marks to the author ! I am sure that Casey will fit in very well to the Project and soon be matching muscles and cocks with those other huge men.
  13. This is an outstanding start to a story - excellent reading !!!! I am looking forward very much to how this develops and the muscle action which will develop within the compound. If only real places like this existed !!!!
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