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  1. Honestly and truly my new favorite story on the forum and by you. Long time fan now and forever
  2. If any older muscle reading this let me know to make this happen.
  3. I’m not crying ? you’re crying. God I love you Londonboy. One of my absolute favorites getting a storybook ending
  4. Sequel please and prequel. Just more.
  5. Another masterpiece, @londonboy
  6. *screams into my pillow* Oh my god you're killing me man. I'm literally smiling at this story. Oh my goodness and I'm such a hopeless romantic too so this hits me from so many spots. Ughhhhhhhh. Yayyyyy. Booooo. I'm going through a lot of emotions LOL
  7. I’m looking for a story where a younger brother torments his older smaller brother and he steals some of his essence to get his size but it won’t work as it was his to start with? Are there any additional chapters to it as well?
  8. Oh my god I love this seriously so good
  9. Hey man really a big fan of older gearheads would love to chat

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