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  1. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Sometimes, I Drink My Dad's Cum...

    I agree completely with iluvmassivemusl it came out of nowhere with some material we usually don't look for and was worth the read. Can't wait to see where you want it next
  2. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    uncle's jailhouse muscles

  3. Also interested in sponsorship 

  4. lol I'm so anxious for chapter 3

  5. check out dork to beast you'll love it.


  6. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Setting Things Right

    I remember reading this on the old site. Please please make a follow-up.
  7. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Outgrown By Dad... Main And Side Stories

    Reviving this post @HarbieBoys is there anyway we can get the personal side stories here?
  8. Into muscle dad and son here

  9. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    That's a built in bias rule but use it as you see fit. If i don't like where a conversation is going I can use that tactic I feel like this site has gotten real nazi-like about the wrong things. This is my final topic on the matter you clowns can have it. Backing up a mod who overstep and cited a non existent issue is obviously more important than calling him on his BS
  10. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    You created the tension lol
  11. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    Please show me where it got heated in here. I have been the fiercest poster and that's because it was a tame discussion and you came in here with the respecting people's opinion garbage like republicans usually do but by doing so don't respect other people's opinions. It's a double standard and tiresome
  12. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    I think they are. They aren't spamming these guys they came to a place away from them to share their opinions and if they choose not to or choose to follow someone based on that. It's up to them. I think are assuming the worst and need to be constructive instead of your holier than thou approach you're currently using.
  13. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    I can't wait for the next chapter.
  14. TheOnceandFutureFreak

    Little Mouse - Part Eight

    Just amazing. I couldn't have imagined it any better. I'm glad he figured out the difference between love and lust. It's a fine line and we can trick ourselves into one when it's really another. I'm still very interested in what Tommy did to get where he is and why he had to give up his size although it's kind of a moot point because he has someone who loves him