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    Freakish roided mass monsters to ripped musclemodels. Love training and becoming as big and freaky as I can get
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    5'6, 180lbs, 45c, 33w, 16a, 24q 18c
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    To become the biggest muscleslut and devote myself 24/7 to muscle
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    5'6, 250lbs, 52c, 29w, 21a, 28q, 19c
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    so many.....Cutler, Ruhl, Schlierkamp, Molnar, JP Fux, Kjellstrom, Lesukov....list is endless
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    Huge pecs. Big guys who are totally dumb.

    I want to be turned into a dumb muscleslut for someone's pleasure.

    Musclegrowth; muscle theft; muscleworship; hypnosis/mind control; domination/submission

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  1. Thanks for the follow man. Can't wait to see and hear your progress as become a muscle giant! ;)

  2. smuscle

    Anyone into big dumb jock

    love big dumb muscle jock chat..dream of being turned into one
  3. hey man how are you?

    just wondered if you'd like to meet sometime. I'm only in potters bar so not too far!

    look forward to hearing from you



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