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  1. I've only read the BuzzFeed article so far but wow. I don't know how to feel. NoodlesandBeef's muscle growth drawings were one of a handful of things that first awakened my desire for growth. And he always seemed like a nice (sub-ish) guy before he became a dom and took on pups. Having witnessed some of his transformation from small kid to huge bear (and having identified with him to a certain degree), I'm left wondering when and how did he change. Or has he always had these tendencies and his size/clout just brought them to the surface? It's sad and disappointing on several levels. My heart goes out to all his current and past victims and their families.
  2. I think it would be ok writing your own continuation without permission, but it would be considerate to ask the author before posting.
  3. I really enjoy the children's story/oral storyteller style. Very well done! I look forward to more adaptations in the future.
  4. "Continue" after Bear Shaman defeat displays all potential outcomes at once. Looks like that wave function needs collapsing.
  5. southmonster

    growth N.U.M.B.

    Nice story. Big bald muscle guys in fundoshi totally made me think of Kaatsu! (and Orge in the Storeroom but I like Kaatsu better) by Jiraiya. Actually, come to think of it, Jiraiya has a lot of comics with bald muscle giants in fundoshi...
  6. Love the game! No suggestions, just a question: are you imagining that this game will have a central plot that can be completed at one point or as a muscle growth sandbox? Both are awesome, since so few MG games exist period; I'm just curious. This game has also reminded how much I dig interactive fiction and especially old school text adventures and now I might write a MG-themed text adventure of my own.
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